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Lil Wayne Talks About Partying With The Dallas Mavericks

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

In the new issue of XXL which hits newsstands today, cover guy Lil Wayne talks about the release of his highly anticipated new album, Tha Carter IV, in addition to his retirement plans, Drake and Nicki Minaj‘s success, and why he’ll never record with Justin Bieber. But in addition to all that, Weezy takes us back to Sunday, June 12, when he was spotted partying with the Dallas Mavericks at LIV in Miami Beach. If the NBA made a commercial with a talking Larry O’Brien Trophy, this is what it would say:

“We had fun,” says Wayne of his night with Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, and team owner Mark Cuban, who brought the trophy to the club. “Y’all know I’m a Laker fan. They knocked my Lakers out pretty terribly. So, you know, I’m coming from the old school. I’m old-fashioned. Can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Before the postseason, people ask you, ‘Who you pick?’ I picked the Lakers. When your team loses, they say, ‘Who you pick?’ You pick the team that beat your team. That’s who I’d picked. I had picked Dallas in six. They did that. And like I said, they were in the club last night. We chilled. We had fun with Dirk. We did. We kicked it with Mark. The trophy came around a few times to our section. We took a few pictures with it, you know, all in fun. Everybody just had fun, enjoyed themselves.”

If you were Lil Wayne, would you have partied with the champs?

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  • That’s What’s Up

    it’s a toss-up between him and Dirk as to who is the worst singer

  • thegame101

    wow this dude said he a lakers fan i havent seen him courtside at one laker game i thought he was a hornets fan then got mad early in the year cuz bron and wade didnt say hi to him birdman bet 2 million on the heat now they lose and he party with the mavs smh

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ 1 – hahaha cosign.
    @ 2 – cosign.

    Career has dropped off big time. Claims to be an NBA fan, then reps 3 teams, all in the same Conference, 2 in the same Division.

    Wears ugliest hat of all time.

    Talks about retirement on the strength of things he’s done before 25 while millions around the world struggle with unemployment/hunger/poverty.

    Won’t record with (like it or not) one of the hottest things going, J Bieber, who business-wise is similar to him.

    Talks about the success of his proteges, neither of whom are very good and are borderline “turn off as soon as they come on”.

    /vomits in mouth

  • s.bucketz

    weezy ruined rap

  • Davros

    Not being an American what is is about Weezy that makes purists hate him?

  • suberzat

    @dagwalker i wouldnt say all that i mean drake and weezy got a pretty strong fan base and i know alot of rappers saying that they wont do a song with bieber. Also weezy been wanting to do a song with em for the longest but just got around to doing about 2 years ago. Plus y would wayne need to do a song with bieber anyway dude is pretty much at rock star status as a rapper (not many are). And last thing, dude slowed down on the drugs so he not going as hard on the songs as he use to… shoot em not going hard has hard as he use to and he slowed down on the drugs but weezy not even in my top five fav rapper maybe bottom ten but dont hate on him if u dont know about him or u just hear a few song from word of month… cause he do have a few nice a** songs one off the top of the head is “tie my hands”

  • Nyeme

    Not of fan of Lil Wayne (his music is overall trash to me)but as a his Fanhood pass should’ve been revoked. OK, you’re a Lakers fan, y’all (or Baby did) bet on MIA, he was wearing HEAT hats, yet he still goes and parties with the Mavs like that’s his squad? LMAO

    Lets not even talk about Vikings, GB, New Orleans in the NFL. He was a Saints fan when they won the Superbowl, went on to be a Vikings fan (cause he said he a Favre fan), then was saying his squad GB won the Superbowl. Same conference and 2 in the same division

  • BigStick

    Is Wayne kidding? He rooted for Miami the ENTIRE series…

  • LakeSho4Sho

    he is a lakers fan, hes always rockin laker gear, i seen pics of him at the heat-mavs finals game with a lakers fitted n a lakers shirt..and he made a song about kobe bryant and i saw pictures of him at lakers games..his teams for sports are lakers, packers, bruins and and the red sox

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @suberzat – I’ll definitely allow that Lil Wayne, Drake and Minaj all have strong followings. So does Justin Bieber, though – does that make him a legit musician? They’re both at the top of the game when it comes to followers. Neither of them puts out anything that a musical “purist” (not that I’m claiming to be some great critic) would give 5 stars to.

    He’s always saying he’s all about money…why wouldn’t he want to do a song with Bieber?

    I’m not “hating” him. I don’t know him, the same way that 99% of all the readers on this site don’t know him. I just know that he uses the same rhymes in many of his songs, uses his own name in many of his songs, rhymes the same word with itself in many of his songs, lets the beat carry his songs rather than his lyrics, and so on. Drake and Minaj do the same things. Just not my style, and I’m not alone.

    And that’s just music. I don’t know him, but he’s claiming he’s a Laker fan right there in the article. Doesn’t root for his hometown team? Gets upset when his boys on another team don’t wave to him during games? THEY’RE NOT EVEN ON YOUR TEAM, dude.

    There’s a lot of things that bug me about him is all. Could be the nicest guy in the world, maybe we’d get along fine. Just saying.

  • jstud

    “life is beach, I’m just playing in the sand” “You know you are on top, when heaven is right above ya” Right Above, Weezy song… tight lyrics
    The jam with Mary J. Blige “someone to love me” is killer!
    “I walk around the club, f*#$ everybody… You know I got that heat like Pat Riley” Wayne
    He is something different that is for sure… if you can get by his voice and stupid metaphors, he does rap some funny dookie.