Video / Jul 28, 2011 / 1:00 pm

Making Of A Fashion Icon: Dwyane Wade Documentary Trailer

We don’t know much, but this much we can tell you: Dwyane Wade is the subject of an upcoming documentary titled, Making Of A Fashion Icon. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

What other NBA players would you like to watch a documentary about?

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  • jmg

    that was so Elton John-ish LOL I aint mad at DWade though, at least he has his own fashion style

  • bobby stew

    Don’t get me wrong, sagging is played out and so is wearing tall t’s that are 6 sizes to big, but I can’t get with all this extra tight fitting stuff. Reminds me of early 80’s basketball

  • control

    Wade dresses like a lil bitch…is that what is considered fashionable now?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Hopefully, he gets a better handle on his affairs off the court.
    True Story – ordered a sweet -Marilyn Monroe wearing a DWade jersey- tee from DWade and his boy Mike’s site: Purpleheartclothing or somethin like that.
    One month later, no shirt, no reply from the company to my emails. Make a long story short, I had to get Paypal involved.

    Shoot, lucky it was a surprise for my lil cousin who’s a Heat fan(he don’t know any better) so he won’t ever have to find out, but I let DWade know how I felt about lendin his name to shady business practices on twitter.

    Done ventin…

    p.s. Ordered a tee from Lamar Odom’s RichSoil site n got my shit nice n quick.
    Lakers, baby!!! Just more reliable lol

  • Celts Fan

    @k dizzle – funny bro, usually it’s Bron that doesn’t come through when you need him

    Just putting this out there, but I have a buddy who works for a company marketing to homosexuals. He’s straight but most of the office isn’t. it’s generally agreed upon in his office that DWade’s gotta be gay (“they’re the experts,” he said when I said no way.) I have no proof of this, and goddamn if Gabrielle Union ain’t better than a paid-off cover up, but the experts seem to be leaning a different way…

    OH, AND CAN WE NOT CALL THIS GUY A FASHION ICON PLEASE. FOR FUCKSAKES, HE ONCE WORE THIS: http://api.ning.com/files/NDwE34dUVkXpeIDxMkLpGsZeM9LQYVjMzW8s1*R-7vZNXI5na5ysxX7BoJDH4p*qc54z9uM-b-85peXxrCIxEWEF2btVtYgk/Wade3.jpg

  • Celts Fan


    for the record, I liked DWade before he cheap-shotted Rondo. i’d be taking these pot-shots at Kobe or Bron if i wanted to make shit up…

  • control

    Celts Fan

    So, what you are saying is you don’t like Wade because he was nearly a victim of Rondo’s attempted cheapshot that got himself hurt. If you started disliking every player that Rondo tried to pull on himself, or push, or hip check into a scorer’s table, or gave a blow job too, you would literally hate the entire league…

  • Roja

    That was hilarious. I will never in a million years understand how someone who walks into a Gucci store and buys stuff off the rack could be considered a fashion icon. A fashion icon should be someone that creates fashion by other means than “buying expensive clothes”.

  • flavur

    Dwade is dope and everything but, did anyone else hear that epic voice crack 1:42 hahaha shit had me rollin