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NBA Basketball Is Back In Seattle

H206 Charity Basketball Classic

Call it a spoon-feeding. A Costco free sample. But when your NBA team is swiped away like a waiter prematurely assuming you’re done with your meal, you’ll take anything. (Thousands of Sonics fans simultaneously nod their heads.) This Saturday, an exhibition game known as the H206 Charity Basketball Classic will take place at KeyArena in Seattle featuring over 20 NBA players broken up into two separate teams – the “Seattle Team” and the “League Team.” Trust us, you want to be there.

The rosters will look like this:

Seattle team: Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, Spencer Hawes, Will Conroy, Isaiah Thomas, Martell Webster, Avery Bradley, Brian Scalabrine, Marvin Williams, and Michael Dickerson.

League team: Michael Beasley, Klay Thompson, Brandon Jennings, Dorell Wright, Nolan Smith, Kyle Singler, Pooh Jeter, Jason Kapono, Troy Bell, and Marcus Banks.

The exhibition match will tip at 6:30 p.m. ET – kicked off by a three-point shootout, skills competition and half-court contest an hour before. During halftime, a ceremony paying homage to the 1979 Seattle Supersonics and their championship team will take place. Lenny Wilkens, Fred Brown, Jack Sikma, Gus Williams, Paul Silas, and Wally Walker were all invited to appear.

Should be a exciting and memorable event – not only for the players involved, but for the fans and the city of Seattle. It’s the least they can do.

You can purchase tickets HERE. Proceeds benefit the A PLUS Youth Program.

Will you be going?

Source: The Oregonian

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  • BigStick

    This is a really cool idea…folks of Seattle deserve it.

  • http://www.dimemag.com/author/kevin Kevin Zimmerman

    Michael Dickerson lives!

  • Dennis Rodman’s Nipple Ring

    Brian Scalabrene and Jason Kapono.. Sounds like a duel for 2nd worst player in the NBA.

  • JB

    No Nate Robinson on the Seattle team?

  • Celts Fan

    Im calling bullshit. Brian Scalabrine is not an NBA player.

  • da real “RONDO”

    NYC Streetball legend Homicide is being flown in to spice things up. Jennings and Homicide up top, WOW!

  • s.bucketz

    jus watched seattle vs man u the other night and i coodnt believe how great of a fan base seattle had…LA vs real madrid was jus like a lakers game..the fans came out to see the stars but kno jack shit bout ther own squad (people wer only cheering for real..more specifically ronaldo)

    seattle fans were booing anything close to a bad call or flop on man U and really gettin behind their team..if any place deserves some sports..its seattle

  • AirKaris

    Nate Robinson scared what Clay Bennett would say if he supported this??

  • DarkHorse

    Hahaha good one, AirKaris! What about Terrance Williams? He would look like an all-star in this type of setting with his athleticism and flashy passing ability. What about the champ, JET? Speaking of U of A alums, I’m glad to see Michael Dickerson is still balling. What happened to him? He was doing his thing in the League, and then he just…disappeared? Did he have like a heart condition or something? Anyways, it’s an awesome thing for Seattle. I’ve never been to OKC, so I wont shit on the city, but the way Clay Bennett just shitted on the beautiful city of Seattle was not kosher. It must be painful watching Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook blossoming into winners after supporting the team through the lean years.