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Shaquille O’Neal Officially Joins TNT; Say Happy Birthday To Twitter

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

We told y’all about the news earlier this week, but yesterday it became official: Shaq is a part of the squad at TNT and Inside The NBA. He’ll be a full-time analyst. Okay, lets take bets: who’s the first player he takes a shot at? Kobe? D-Wade? Steve Nash? And how often will they play that clip from the Barkley/O’Neal fight from back in the day? Once a show? We’re assuming C-Webb gets the boot, but that’s alright. He’s a better-than-good commentator who was being overshadowed in the studio. Kenny Smith has already taken to calling Shaq “The Big Analytical” … Shaq also said he will be very disappointed if Dwight Howard doesn’t win two or three titles because the big man has literally no competition whatsoever. The only problem with that is he’s not winning anything when he’s flanked by Hedo Turkoglu, Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson. Howard’s smart. He realizes if things in Orlando don’t turn around soon (as in the next 10 months or so), then it’ll only get worse. Out of the three 2012 superstars who have chances to be free agents next summer, who do you think is most likely to be traded/leave: Howard, CP or Deron Williams? … Jason Richardson says he wants to sign with a contender. He only has a few years left, and as someone who’s been yanked around so often the last few years, we hope someone throws a three-year deal his way. The Bulls are constantly mentioned because of their glaring hole at the two. Is that the best place for him? … Two Warriors – Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright – both said they are very interested in playing in China … Somehow, Mickael Pietrus failed a physical and won’t be able to play on France’s squad for Eurobasket 2011. If HE failed, then how did Boris Diaw pass? … If you didn’t get a chance to peep Jordan Hamilton‘s sneaker game, you need to. He showed us some heat. There are some real sneakerheads in the league, and then there are some pretenders. Jordan definitely isn’t pretending … And today’s the birthday of Twitter. It’s officially five years old. Thank God for tweeting or else we wouldn’t have heard first about Shaq’s retirement, we wouldn’t have gotten to see Spencer Hawes planking on water and there would be no such thing as @agentzeroshow (probably one of the greatest new things in the last 20 years). This lockout has actually taken Twitter to a whole other level. Athletes aren’t just tweeting What up or I’m chilling here, bout to go work out or Should I drive the Lamborghini today? No, they are going to the next level. It’ll only get crazier from here …
We’re out like TNT’s competition.

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  • trollne1

    Chris Webber is an annoying and obnoxious analyst. So glad to have Shaq on board. Even if 90% of what he says will be hard to understand/off-topic, at least it’ll be funny.

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    im not trying to go in on DIME but when you get all giddy about reading what another nigga says he’s doing, you sound like bitches. All about the gossip. I know it makes you job easier, because the stories come to you instead of having to create them, but i’m just sayin (typing)

    Also Kevin McHale won’t be with TnT because he is COACHING THE HOUSTON ROCKETS. Or did something change between now and last month?

    While Dwight doesn’t have all star front line surrounding him, lets not forget that he did used to have Rashard Lewis who was an all-star and very young when he joined the Magic. Like i’ve been saying
    (posting) for the last 3-4 yrs, SVG is a horrible coach. Once ORL gets rid of him and bring in a real PG (maybe get CP3 or Nash for the end of his career), then they’ll be a top 5 NBA team. until then, i hope they suck and he comes to Chicago.

    and MOTHERFLUCK Jason Richardson. Chicago better not offer that bum any money. Knowing them, they probably will. I mean they did try to sign JJ Reddick for $20mil (OMG i still can’t believe that shit). I could imagine what JJs playing time would look like with the defensive minded Thibs as his head coach.

  • AnyoneHomeMcFly?

    Who’s writing this?
    “The move also probably kicks out Kevin McHale, but that’s alright. He just wasn’t good…”
    Does anyone there follow the NBA? Pretty sure he was already out when he signed on as head coach of the Houston Rockets….


    Great, now I have to deal with that over-grown monkey on a nightly basis.

  • Promoman

    People may start seeing how two faced and shady Shaq’s ass is now. He’s a not-so-closet asshole and is one of those people who’s great at fronting like they’re cool while the truth is that they’d fuck you worse than the Booty Warrior on a viagra bender if the mood strikes them or if it’s to their benefit.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Pietrus is an embarrassment. Really, dude? You failed the physical for a summer tourny? I hope his non-NBA bro makes it just to hold it over his head…..weak

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Sir Charles in Shaq’s fight was a classic.


  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Sir Charles and Shaq’s fight was a classic. They were both ejected from that game.


  • alf (from melmak)

    The combined weight of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley alone can make them the new WWE Tag Team Champion.

    On the serious side, is TNT stockpiling on overweight former NBA superstars? If I were a eight year old kid and see them on television together, what message would that be sending me? Would that mean, it is fine for me to eat all the junk food in the world and be the fat kid on the neighborhood?

    Nothing against Shaq and Sir Charles because they are witty and very knowledgeable on the game. But, please, get fit and lower your weights a bit.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Anyone wants to make travel plans to the Philippines on July 23 and 24? Ever imagined how it would be like for Chris Paul wearing a Lakers uniform. This is not exactly an NBA all-star team but I would travel and pay to watch this even if its against teams from the Philippines.

    This is what I get from searching for any news on the NBA. Please follow the link.


  • Zetdeuen

    I’m sorry, but Webber is creme of the crop analyst and basketball-mind. He is more insightful and has broader understanding of the game than Kenny and Chuck combined.

    Shaq definitely brings lols to the studio – the problem is that this role is already filled by Chuckster. No way Shaq’s gonna meet the level of basketball analysis provided by C-webb.

    I’m curious how this congestion gonna be resolved.

  • tyler burns

    March 21 was the 5th birthday of Twitter.

  • OverPowered

    @Chicago, i actually liked that they tried to sign JJ…until they went out and got Korver too…JJ’s an upgraded version of Korver, if he could stay healthy, he just doesn’t get any burn in ORL b/c of SVG

    no real opinion on JRich…he should give them some scoring but not much else…what’s a better 2 out there that’ll fit in with the team and give them what they need? i can’t think of any

  • heckler

    i still have NO IDEA how to fuckin tweet. never seen twitter, never used it. useless if ya ask me. unless you wanna follow your crush to the underwear store.

    Shaq on TNT. hmmmm. we can barely understand what the hell Chuck is talking about…now they wanna ad Shaq? TNT is gonna have to use subtitles or bouncing balls on screen…

    Jason Richardson is a decent player; good but no great. if he could get to another 2 notches, he could have been a Sprewell type of baller. aint no real contenders out there for him. I think he might actually be good in New Orleans. they need a real 2-guard more than the Bulls do.

    Pietrus failed a physical? hahahaha. you know damn well thats a front and his ass just didnt wanna go to France. them french chicks dont shave during summer.

    if your over 30yrs old and you still get giddy over sneakers, GROW THE FUCK UP. put that $120 towards your kids. and if your over 30yrs old and dont have kids, nevermind sneakers, you gotta explore why your allergic to p*ssy

  • Sean Sweeney

    @tyler burns twitter wasn’t officially launched to the public until july 15, 2006.

  • http://www.nbaplayoffs2011.org NBA Playoffs 2011

    Awesome: Kobe playing kockout against Matt Barnes:


  • JBaller

    Alergic to p*ssy, now that’s funny

  • jdizzle

    Wait…so twitter came out in 2006??? I thought it came out in like 08 or 09. Meh…

    Inside the NBA just got even more hilarious with the addition of Shaq. Can’t wait to see what pictures they super-impose his head into lol.

    @heckler lol but I will say that jus cuz you over 30 years old and don’t have kids doesn’t mean you’re allergic to the trim, you’re just allergic unprotected sex, buying diapers and baby formula, or (if you’re a deadbeat) child support

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I have never used twitter, and out of the 5000 times I’ve seen the name or heard it used, 4900 of them have been on this site. You guys keep doing you, but I don’t really see it as that big of a deal. Aim had away messages, Facebook has status updates…Twitter isn’t anything new.

    Pietrus failed his physical for the same reason he missed the last dozen games of the season: injury to his leg. He had surgery on it. Unless Diaw had surgery on his stomach, ya’ll shouldn’t be baggin on Pietrus.

    Of course J Rich wants to play for a contender. Let’s see…had a good early career…got a big/overpaid contract…huge sense of entitlement…yup, trying to play for a contender is next on the “good but not great player” checklist.

    Chicago could use him, though, at least off the bench. I don’t see why Bogans is so bad, especially on such a defensive minded team.

  • SoulChorea

    Chris Webber is a BAD commentator. He’s gotten better over the few years he’s been at it, but in no way is he a “better than good” commentator. Wow.

  • control


    You just described like 95% of americans…

  • Big Island

    I like the Webber/Kenny/Chuck/Ernie combo. Kenny and Ernie play it straight, Chuck is the funny guy and Webber tries to keep it straight but always loses it when Chuck starts talking. Sure, Shaq is a bigger name, but the dynamic is good. Maybe put Webber back with GP because they were pretty funny together.

    Crap, I just analyzed a frigging announcing crew. It’s a slow summer boys.

    I love sneakers. I do. But at a point there is just better shit to spend your money on. Now it took an “intervention” from my mom at one point to make me see it, but at the time in my 1 bedroom apartment with $10K in shoes sitting around, I didn’t know any better. I feel sick just writing that. What the fuck was wrong with me. I kept my Jordan XI’s and AF1 Puerto Rico’s though. I couldn’t bring myself to give those away.

  • control

    What do people like about the Nike AF1s? I think they might be the most hideous shoe made, and signaled the point in which Nike went from making well designed, good quality shoes to making shoes that are the equivalent to stepping in dog shit barefoot.

    I just don’t see the appeal of them, it’s like trying to follow the curves of a embarrassingly huge fat chick…you can see the lines and where they go, but when you put it all together in your mind, your cock shrinks and you want to curl up and cry.

    Holy shit the offseason sucks…

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ control – I partly agree. I really don’t see the reason for the obsession.

    Laughed at your comparison, although I wouldn’t go that far…

  • Big Island

    control – LOL!!!! I got the AF1 simply to wear with jeans, and it was a low cut shoe. Blue shoe, red trim, white swoosh. It is the only pair I’ve ever had. Looking back at it, it was retarded. But then again, I have both arms sleeved, back, side, and shins are tatted up. I put 10 into fixing a 37 year old truck, that gets 5 mpg so I am just dumb.

  • Turn

    WOW. There’s ALOT of HATE in this Comment Section. You guys need some Female company or something. Lol

    I’ll be enjoying the NBA on TNT as I do every year & I hope the Bulls pick up Jason Richardson!


  • jdizzle

    @control Clearly you don’t remember the Shaqnosis’