Smack / Jul 6, 2011 / 12:00 am

Some Think Kobe Is Cockier Than LeBron; And Dale Ellis Thinks He’s The Best Shooter Of All-Time

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Contrary to public opinion, Kobe‘s still the same. He never changed, never mellowed or dried himself up. He’s still arrogant, cocky, believing he can’t be stopped, won’t ever be made mortal. Somewhere along the way, LeBron took his place as the most hated in the game…expected actually, because every great player has to go through this. It all peaked last summer. LeBron, the guy who was always fun-loving, down-to-earth, adored by his teammates, the class clown, the young kid who was mature beyond his years, who took all of the attention in stride, is on his own stand now, belted constantly by people who believe he’s too full of himself. But yesterday, Dallas’ Ian Mahinmi, the Human Foul, told Basket USA: “Kobe is super arrogant but everybody loves him. To me, Kobe is more arrogant than (LeBron James).” At the height of their Most Hated days, who do you think had it worse? … Now that we’ve started our one-on-one tournament with the 16 best soloists in the L, the first round will continue the rest of the week with two matchups a day. Winners will be announced in Smack so stay tuned. We might be in for an upset already … Andrew Bynum is continuing his quest to reinvent himself as the NBA’s Million Dollar Baby this summer. The Big Elbow, who found himself in some trouble for a few cheap shots he threw this year at both Michael Beasley and J.J. Barea, tweeted: i hope yall had a great 4th! I just got done with 2 hours of ring work! I’m tried as hell!! and I got a two a day tomorrow first road work in the morning, then back in the ring in the afternoon! I’m going hard yall! … Best moment yesterday was Dirk telling Der Spiegel, a German publication, that he doesn’t do well with all the added spotlight from the championship, admitting he isn’t cut out for moments like that: “Well, at the very least I don’t behave terribly competently. I feel ashamed when the entire focus is on me. I think people can see that. In public appearances, I am stiff as a board.” That’s like saying Public Enemy‘s stage performances sucked. Nowitzki will never live down his epic “We are the champions” chants. Never … Miraculously, Rudy Fernandez will be staying in the NBA, turning down a huge offer to go back home, become a rock star again and play in front of the Spanish fans. This means we don’t want to hear anymore complaining from Fernandez’s camp about not fitting in, not getting time, no one appreciating him. He had threatened to leave for the last few years and instead stayed. He’s got to be thinking the same thing we are: that he’ll thrive in Dallas … Over the weekend, Dale Ellis told the Boston Globe that he still believes he’s the best shooter of all-time. While it’s never fun to hear old-timers talk like that (most of them are just in denial, tired and angry, or all three), Ellis was the truth (sixth all-time in threes made). He’s definitely in the conversation. Our top five shooters of all-time: Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Mark Wahlberg, Larry Bird and Shooter McGavin … The Indiana Pacers will officially announce the promotion of Frank Vogel to full-time head coach today. Vogel was a revelation as Indiana’s interim head coach during the second half of last season, and in the playoffs helped the Pacers give the top-seeded Bulls all they could handle. When we last talked with Danny Granger, he was confident Indiana was moving in the right direction with Vogel. And now apparently, everyone is … If you missed it yesterday, DeMarcus Cousins spent his holiday weekend picking up a T in a summer league game. We can’t say we are surprised … Gilbert Arenas meanwhile, spent his holiday having to watch fireworks from a couple of blocks away because he’s on probation … Kemba Walker is the first player from this draft class to get a shoe deal, signing yesterday with Under Armour. Who’s next? Anyone? … And as long as he is healthy, Dirk says he will play for Germany in next month’s Olympic qualifying tournament in Lithuania … We’re out like the Casey Anthony verdict.

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  • Nola

    Ian… who?

  • beiber newz

    news news yum yummmm basketball newss i crave…the preciousssss basketball newsssssss munch munch yummmmmmmmmm

    lockout’s bad….it’s driving me insane.

  • control

    Lockout really hasn’t affected news yet…it IS the off season eh? Start whining about it in like 6 months when it’s fucking shit up.

    Only good thing about the lockout will be the fact Fat Fuck Davis isn’t getting paid, that guy don’t deserve no fucking nba money, that fat fuck.

  • JBaller

    Casey Anthony references in the NBA…

    I love this game!

  • alf (from melmak)

    In alphabetical order — Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Jeff Hornacek, Allan Houston, Vinnie Johnson, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Steven Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, and Andrew Toney. Is that top 10 list of shooters good enough?

    Oh, and LeBron fun-loving? Down-to-earth? Adored by his teammates? Class clown? Mature beyond his years? Is this Dime’s way of starting a debate and have more traffic to its website? This is a heads up. Hope no one bites.

  • beiber newz


    you guys will definitely find this video interesting in some way. 99% sure, lol

  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    I was a fan of Dale Ellis but he wasnt even the best shooter in the team’s history (talking about Seattle)

    As far as who is more hated, I still have a disdain for Kobe Bryant to this day but at least I respect him and his game

  • Ian

    kobe isnt in that group. wheres ray??

    please lets not start with whos ian to call kobe arrogant because if we go by that only a bunch of spurs/lakers/celts/dirk can talk shit about each other.

  • Promoman

    Kobe definitely wins the Most Hated over LeBron. Kobe was catching hate from Day 1 when he went to the NBA. Shaq led the locker room for years rallying against Kobe. Kobe used to have to dress in the training room for awhile. Then there was Eaglegate and it got even worse. Unlike LeBron, Kobe had to work to get to be #1 on the team and to attain superstar status. For all the flak Kobe got/gets towards his treatment of teammates, it’s largely understandable. We all know how lazy Shaq was, but take Andrew Bynum for instance. It took him years to figure out that he has to at least attempt to work on his game and half the time he’s getting press, it’s when he’s doing a dirty assed foul. A lot of teammates/co-workers do catch feelings when it comes to somebody other than themselves standing out but they almost never catch them enough to put in work and energy to elevate themselves. Their energy goes to acting shady and sabotage-minded. It doesn’t occur to them that they either won’t accomplish anything or that they won’t accomplish as much as they could’ve had not gone the way of the Bitch.

  • pipdaddyy

    Dime, its a little lame that you really cannot mention 5 great shooters getting stuck after Ray, Reggie and Bird. Anyone old school?

  • Ghostzilla

    Top 10 Snipers:

    1. Bird
    2. MJ
    3. Reggie
    4. Ray
    5. Jerry “Logo” West
    6. Drazen (RIP)
    7. George “Ice Man” Gervin
    8. Dirk Nowitzki
    9. Glen Rice
    10. Chris Mullin

    Others to consider: (Mitch Richmond, Mark Price, Nash, Hornecek, Alex English, Rick Barry, Microwave Vinnie, Toney, Pistol Pete, Dale Ellis, Kobe)

    Future Add: KEVIN DURANT

  • Ghostzilla

    MJ wasn’t all that from behind the arc, but deadly from everywhere else.


    I have never disliked Kobe, his cockiness/arrogance comes from somebody who wants to win and wants to be great. Lebron’s comes from him being a spoiled child. Kobe demands respect, Lebron demands attention. Kobe strived to be great, Lebron thought he was the greatest from being in high school etc. I respect Kobe, even if I don’t particularly like him. I didn’t have any hate for Lebron at all but his behavior this past season was pathetic, he even seems to have dragged Wade down with him.

    Dale Ellis deserves to be in that discussion of Top 5, definitely Top 10 shooters of all time… he is not #1 though… Ray Allen is, this is not open for discussion.

    Ah The Seattle Supersonics, it’s funny that in the 16 years I have followed the NBA I have been a supporter of two teams and David Stern got rid of them both… now on my third. Anyone think Stern’s success during the Jordan era (because of Jordan) has kept him in a job way longer than he should have been?

  • Bear

    Kobe was hated more than Lebron. Kobe would say things in the media that wouldn’t endear him either (still does now, but it’s more funny now because we know Kobe more). Lebron always sounds like he’s just wrote down all the correct things to say (except a couple of times, like calling a question “retarded” etc). Kobe was and probably is seen as more arrogant, but he’s not hated as much now because after all the trade demands, rape allegations and general dislike, he carried on playing, getting his scoring title, scoring 81, getting 2 more rings without shaq. He made us take notice, no matter if you hated on him, you respected him and still felt he was the best (or at least top 3) player in the nba during this period.

    I’m not making this into another “lebron isn’t clutch” debate, but he has all the tools to be unstoppable, but (in the finals, at least) seems to wilt in the pressure. I know LBJ lovers are gonna say about him in boston series or chicago, but that wasn’t on the biggest stage. Lebron was only hated for a whole season, Kobe got alot more than that.

  • Bear

    Oh yeah, greatest shooters in NBA, depending on if we’re talking about volume scoring shooters or just shooters, either way i think Ray-Ray, Reggie, Bird, Chris Mullin, Jeff Hornicek (I don’t know if i’ve spelt horny’s name right),Dell Curry, Dirk and probably Mark price and Steve Nash in there. They are the only players that i’ve watched and thought it’s going in nearly every damn time they shoot. I used to be more worried about Detlef Schrempf shooting than Ellis’ when he was at the sonics, but he was still a fine shooter. I’d also like to give honourable mentions to Wesley Person, Steve Kerr, Peja and Tim legler (Ha ha). Stephen Curry will probably make the list by the time his career is over. Ooooo Stockton had a nice shot as well, but get’s overlooked.

  • Bear

    Glen Rice was nice in his prime too, but maybe more a scorer than shooter…….. Same as Mitch Rich

  • suferinknick

    World B.free has got to get an honerable mention,and what about Pistol,or West.Only youngsters on this sight

  • JAY

    iCARNACKi: “I have never disliked Kobe, his cockiness/arrogance comes from somebody who wants to win and wants to be great. Lebron’s comes from him being a spoiled child. ”
    ^ Yup.

    Best 3-pt shooters that I’ve seen, in no particular order.
    Bird, Reggie, Allen, Ellis, Nash, Glen Rice, Dell Curry, and a shout-out to Drazen Petrovic (RIP).
    I don’t care if Petro only played 6yrs in the NBA. He still is one of the best from long distance that I’ve ever seen. Anyone who saw him play, can’t argue. Dude was lights out.

  • Celts Fan

    Any 10 best shooters ever list missing mark price, rick barry, and jerry west is flawed.

    The other 7 we already covered. Ray, reggie, nash, dirk, dale ellis, steve kerr, and bird

    At the height of their hate, Bron has it worse cuz he just switched teams, but did it super arrogantly. Kobe deserved the hate more cuz he ran shaq outta town trying to be the #1 (shaq aint without fault but kobe flatout told the cops that shaq paid women off to not be in the colorado situation kobe found himself in. Stop snitching kobe!) Hes been an awful teammate most of his career and is def more arrogant than Bron. And dont come at me cuz im a Cs fan. I hate them both. Itd be like asking a jew if they hate the nazis or kkk more. The answers” fuck them both”

  • FedEx

    Nowitzki will play for Germany in the European Championships (EuroBasket), it is NOT a specific Olympic qualification tournament, although top 2 teams qualify for the Olympics.

    I’ve seen the name of the tournament falsely reported on US websites all the time.

  • ToAn

    @FedEx…yeah, wanted to say the same. and btw european championship is definitely worth watching for every basketball fan. the intensity in the later stages of the tournament is always off the charts. i’ve read today that first 6 teams (not only the top 2) qualify for the olympics but i need to check that again.

  • JAY

    “Itd be like asking a jew if they hate the nazis or kkk more. The answers” fuck them both””


    BRUCE is sitting somewhere feeling offended… cuz he’s both.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I always liked Jeff Malone – his mid-range game was sick

    Dale Ellis was great………UNTIL he got to the Spurs, then he dropped off.

    Craig Hodges was pretty much money from the baselines.

    @Ghostzilla – MJ’s 3 point shot wasn’t shit until one off-season where all the critics said he was the best in the game EXCEPT he couldn’t shoot threes. He came back the next year and either led the league or was near the top, then he said “Fuck Y’all – now what?”

  • That’s What’s Up

    …and has anyone mentioned Peja, Dell Curry, Hersey Hawkins, Chuck Person or Dennis Scott yet? …or would they be on the JV team?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ TWU – ha nice. Lots of great names today. Who would be the anti-team?

    Dennis Rodman, Chuck Hayes, Ben Wallace, Rajon Rondo…?

    And how many poor shooting shooting guards have there been that still managed to stick in the league for a while?

  • McSimon

    Croatia owns yo ass!
    See ya in finals

  • Ian

    Nice list I was gonna say something about mj but u made it clear at the end. Good to see the iceman there.

  • Big Island

    It will take me awhile to pick a top 10 shooter list, but there are some good names here.

    Kobe is a dick, everyone knows he’s a dick, he knows he’s a dick, that girl in Colorado got to know his dick, he’s a dick. But he doesn’t give a crap, and goes to do his thing. He wants to be known as the best basketball player ever. Whether you think he is or not doesn’t matter, that’s what he’s always wanted.

    Lebron is a douche. All he wants is the fame and money, he doesn’t care about being the best. He uses his basketball “talent” to go after what he actually wants. Like CARNACK said, he’s a spoiled child. He has more talent, in a physical package that we haven’t seen before, but he’ll never be the greatest because he doesn’t want to be that. Everything about his personality is crafted to be marketable and that’s what matters to him.

    In short, fuck em both.

    On another note, I thought that the 1 on 1 tournament thing would be super gay. Beyond gay. Gayer than me around Dirk gay. But so far I haven’t been able to avoid the gayness and I admit to really enjoying it. I even have to pick guys I hate (Wade) to win their round. I didn’t pick Pierce yesterday though. And whoever picked Amare (I’m too lazy to go look at names) was high. No way he beats Lebron.

  • LakeShow84

    I think Amare is one of the only players who could keep up with Lebron lol

    But ima hater..

  • LakeShow84

    Oh and i didnt even answer the question lol

    Kobe is WAAAAAYYYY more cockier than Lebron lol

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    7 Finals? 5 wins? Hell yeah, Kobe’s cocky. As a Lakers fan, I damn near demand it. U know how some random player says some stupid ish n we all fall back like “Shouldn’t have said that. (Player X) gonna put 50 on your head….
    Well after Mike, Kobe’s Player X.
    Ian Mahinmi? Lol.

  • LakeShow84

    LOL KDizz

    i was going to elaborate on WHY HE SHOULD BE but thought id keep it short but for real tho,

    Who SHOULD be more cockier??? lmao

  • beiber newz

    it’s funny how any kobe mention will garner so many comments compared to other subject column out here on dime. just keep the kobe news coming dime and your people shall come.

  • LABaller

    lol anytime we mention kobe i know dizz and lakeshow are gonna be on it..shit i dont even have to post anymore for that reason!

  • beiber newz


  • R.l.

    1. Reggie
    2. Ray Allen
    3. MJ
    4. Kobe
    5. Bird

    I never saw Wilt play so I can’t say but to score 100 points in a game he was prob #1 but didn’t see so can’t say….

    That is just pure shooters not inside/outside just pure shooting talent !!!!

  • Shag

    Bullshit. Jerry West is the best pure shooter of all time. Kobe forces up too much bs.