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Stephon Marbury: NBA Stars Aren’t Prepared To Play In China

Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury

Thank you Derek Fisher for saying what every fan already knows: since the NBA went into a lockout, all we’ve heard is crickets. Fisher thinks it’s been oddly quiet ever since June ended. This week’s negotiating will deal with many of the “system” issues at hand, not necessarily the money. We like that approach. Get the fundamental stuff down first – like whether a hard cap could actually work – and then figure out the money. Talking money does nothing, outside of making everyone crazy. Make some progress people … Aaron Brooks to China? It could happen. Brooks has an offer from a team over there, and will undoubtedly be one of the more popular players (he played with Yao Ming…which nearly makes him a God in China). Even if he takes the offer, we believe he has some unfinished business in the NBA. He fell off HARD once he came to Phoenix (actually even before that, he started off 2010 shooting a pathetic 35 percent for Houston), and never adjusted to playing either behind or next to Steve Nash. Brooks was a terror for the Rockets for a few years, and back in college at Oregon, he was one of the few players that you had to actually gameplan around because of his speed and quickness. When he’s on, it changes the whole tempo. You would think Phoenix is a perfect home for him. Why hasn’t it worked out? … And Stephon Marbury acting as the voice of reason for other players? No way. But somehow, it’s happening. Starbury said yesterday he doesn’t think Amar’e and Carmelo are ready to play in China; he doesn’t think they can handle the “grittiness” of the basketball scene over there. It’s a different world. But do you really think these guys haven’t done their research, don’t know what they’re facing? There’s no way some NBA players are that naive. It would be an amazing experience, something different. But the adjustments on the court could be difficult … There are a few hidden gems on this top 10 plays of the week, including a between-the-legs dunk that rivals any we’ve seen outside of Desmond Mason (his joint in the 2003 Dunk Contest is unparalleled. We don’t care who else you bring up. That’s a perfect dunk) … How hard do the Bulls push it? So hard that even their coach had knee surgery. Tom Thibodeau underwent a knee replacement surgery earlier this month and says he’s feeling much better. Thibs might have to now change up his game. We’re thinking no more down-on-one-knees, no more squatting. You never know how these guys come back from those major knee injuries … Some of the Dime crew was in the City of Brotherly Love yesterday for the Red Bull King of the Rock one-on-one tournament. James “Jim Bob” Pope ended up taking the crown, winning in the finals over DeSean White. He’s on his way to Alcatraz, and his first words after the game ended? “Where’s my money?” But Antoine “Doo Dirt” Brown has the respect of everyone there. Our man played two games AFTER fracturing his hand. That’s love. That’s real. The few times we’ve fractured bones in our fingers/hands, it’s been brutal. We still don’t have a clue how Doo Dirt did it … We’re out like Rodman singing Pearl Jam.

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  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    At the rate the negotiations are going, with these long layoffs between meetings, I don’t expect any basketball for the rest of the year (unfortunately)

    Brooks fell off so bad, I forgot he was even on Phoenix.

    It doesn’t matter how much research one does, you can never really know what it likes to live somewhere until you spend significant time there. Starbury might be batshit crazy, but in this case, he has a point.

  • Promoman

    Aaron just had some bad luck. He got hurt and lost his spot to Kyle Lowry. Steve Nash plays such heavy minutes that it’s no surprise that Aaron’s not going to do much.

  • Big Island

    I’m going with Starbury being a hater. He’s right, probably, but still, hater. You know he wants to be in the NBA, but since nobody wants him, he paints himself as a trailblazer. From anyone else it would hold more weight.

    Brooks was good when Houston just let him run. Nobody else says “just go and turn it loose” so his production slid. He is what he is, but he only puts up numbers when he can just run and shoot. When he can’t, he doesn’t.

    I had to go bail my buddy out tonight. Good times. I love spending $$$ for no reason other than your friend will get raped in the most roodeepoo (Thanks Rock) jail ever. Seriously. Google Calabasas jail and see who panics being in there for a night. Sadly, my buddy is such a fig, he would get raped there.

  • beiber newz

    random, dime good job on articles during the lockout


    NBA players should dominate the Asia landscape. Speed, Quickness and maybe 3% of those GOOKS can dunk. If Big Baby played for the Chinese, he will be a fat god. They will treat him like Jordan, free Dim-Sum on the daily!

  • YC

    Hey fag u know what gook even means? Stfu

  • Bear

    I don’t think Brooks fell off, regarding his game, just the fact that had his injury then didn’t like the fact he was coming on behind Lowry then at Phoenix he couldn’t adjust. Like Big Island said his production is big when he can just go out and ball, a couple of seasons ago he was pulling all kinds of game on the lakers, that kind of game doesn’t go just like that (Unless his injury was a lot more serious than anyone thought). I reckon if we don’t see 2009/10 brooks thsi season (IF there is one), then definately there’s a fall off.

  • superfreak6


    Obviously none have you have stayed in china for an extended period of time. Going from private jets and 4/5 star hotels to what they would go through in china is no joke. When Melos riding in a bus for 5-7 hours and living in the so called “hotels” he’ll know whats up. Starbury might be bitter, but that man speaks the truth.

  • JBaller

    Starbury is a joke, but he’s been there. I lived in Asia for a year teaching English and it was interesting, but not clean. The standard of living, the social norms, the bathrooms; they are all very different there. It won’t be easy to take a shit in an Asian toilet for a 7 footer; you have to squat over a hole in the floor! Lets see big baby pull that off!

  • JBaller

    I played ball on dirt courts there in the middle of the fifth largest city in the world. The day I got there I met a guy who spoke enough English to tell me he was a power forward; dude was no more than 5’6″!

  • jdizzle

    @DarkWing yea its kinda like the owners and the players association took the playoff scheduling and brought it to the board room. Game (meeting)1 on Monday, Game(meeting)2 on Saturday

  • rkirby

    Stay classy @Bruce

  • hahn

    @YC how are you gona confront a guy that uses a derogatory word by calling him another? i’m not defending him bc im korean, but come on.