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The Celtics Are Over The Kendrick Perkins Divorce

Rajon Rondo

You can’t feel bad for Rajon Rondo and the Celtics. They brought this all on themselves. The same characteristics they rode to a title and a second Finals appearance – love, family, brotherhood, appreciation, sacrifice – ultimately did them in last year. They wouldn’t admit it. Neither would their fans. The team had won games without Kendrick Perkins to start the year, they all said. The real issue is Shaq. Maybe that was true. But the swagger and the spirit, the stuff that made Boston who they were all along, was quite obviously diminished once ‘Perk left town.

Rondo finally admitted it. At last. The Boston point guard told Yahoo! Sports:

Rondo refused to use injuries as an excuse for losing in the second round of the playoffs to the Miami Heat. But he also believes the trade of Perkins, his closest friend on the team, affected the Celtics “more than it should have.”

“It wasn’t like the man passed away or something,” Rondo said. “I think we put too much emphasis on it. It’s a business. He got traded. He’s very happy where he’s at. We still talk and I’m always going to have his back. It shouldn’t have affected us the way it affected us.”

Rondo might only be 25, but he’s flanked by guys who are teetering on the edge of relevancy. As Yahoo! wrote, Boston has six players under contract for next season (Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jermaine O’Neal & Avery Bradley). They’ve been linked to Tyson Chandler and to Samuel Dalembert. They’ve contemplated bringing back Jeff Green and starting him in front of Pierce.

But it’s going to take more than a few new faces, especially when realistically, Boston will only find bench players to fill out their roster. They’ll need a new identity, or at least something to separate themselves from Perkins. They’ll never win another title if the media is allowed to continuously talk about Perkins…how they miss him…what happened once they traded him…how it wasn’t on the court, but in the locker room, mentally, how the team was worse off. The first step is admitting there was a problem, and then moving on. We always thought Rondo was the last guy who would’ve done that. He was best friends with Perkins, a moody character who seemed to always fall in line with his buddy behind him when it counted. Watching the Celtics in the final few months last season, even die-hard Boston fans would admit: the point guard seemed depressed, or at least out of it.

We’ve argued before that the defense never wavered. Since KG started wearing the green, no one in New England ever had to worry about the defense. It’s the offense, a problem that has been growing in each of the past three seasons. Rondo can’t shoot. Ray is crossing over into late-shooter-career mode. Garnett lost most of what inside game he had.

But now that they’ve admitted they did miss Perkins too much, perhaps they can move on. Sounds a little weird for a basketball team right? But Boston was family. That’s what made them great.

Now they need to find a new spark.

What do you think? What players will Boston sign before next season?

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  • hahn

    respect to rondo for being honest about it.

  • Steve

    2nd coming of Stevie Franchise and Cat Mobs?

  • ctkennedy

    They need to trade Rondo while his value is overrated…its gon drop like hell when KG retire n Allen moves on …..Josh Smith 4 Rondo is a good trade…i rather have Josh Smith than Rondo has my best player once the big 3 breakup

  • control

    Celtics need to keep rondo. I will feast on the tears of boston’s fans when rondo is leading the team to 15 win seasons. It will be hilarious to see the excuses made for him when, 3-4 years from now he can’t hit a free throw or a jumper outside of 10ft to save his life.

  • yentron

    yeah i gotta agree with control
    i have too many people sayin outlandish shit like, rondo should be mvp, or rondo can be the #1 option on a championship team, or rondo will be able to deal with double-teams once everyone else retires


    You guys are underrating Rondo as much as the media overrate him. He is a good starting PG… easily starting quality… easily.

    Is he CP3? No of course not, he isn’t any teams even #3 option but he is easily good enough to start on a NBA team.

    I think the Celtics had a waste of a draft where they tried to supplement a dying group of players rather than picking BPA.

    KG needs to retire, they need to trade Allen to a LEGIT contender put Pierce on the bench and build around Rondo & Green. They shouldn’t trade Rondo unless they’re getting an overwhelming offer. He can D up a lot of the problem PGs in the L and the only thing he’s really bad at is shooting. If they keep this core together expecting they can win then they’ll end up being terrible again for 5 years.

  • Promoman

    The Celtics were built to win now and they’ll be looking like Cleveland when they finally breakup. Kendrick leaving had a Shawn Marion effect on them. He supported KG defensively and the Celtics didn’t have shit after those two in terms of interior defense. Unless Boston can pull a miracle deal like they did to get Ray and Garnett there, they’re just circling the drain and the ride won’t be long either.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Boston seriously has to make some moves, if not they’ll be looking like the Suns, for real.

  • paul

    There’s a lot of Rondo hate here, I notice. Rondo is the type of player who makes everyone around him better. He will step up and play a bigger role this coming year.

  • doc

    I cant wait to see Rondo as the star.15-67 here Beantown come!

  • Ryan

    y hate on rondo so much? his shot is as bad as DRose’s assist game lol

  • Rainman

    The NBA’s “toughest team” looked liek the NBA’s biggest puss!es after PErkins got traded. I called em out on it back then,all their crying , and whining, and no1 playing well, (especially rondo, smh completely out of it) if they woulda just played some damned basketball, it woulda turned out pretty okay.