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The Come Up: Brandon Jennings Says It’s Time To Be An All-Star

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings (photo. Under Armour)

Brandon Jennings says it’s back to basics this offseason and we’re glad he’s tending to his weak points. Brandon can be quite exciting to watch but aspects of his game leave much to be desired. He never looked comfortable after nursing his foot last year so here’s to him bouncing back. Jennings has a tendency to chuck anything at the iron in hopes of hitting the bottom of the net. It’s all good when he’s actually hitting shots but his itchy, misguided trigger finger stalls Milwaukee’s offense. A smarter shooter’s sense will go a long way for his mid-range game since he already has the quickness to skate by defenders. He has to go through the growing pains of gaining a J before he can gain a reputation as a key offensive player. But his laundry list shouldn’t stop there. Dude’s court vision and directing ability need attention too. Dime opportunities are rare in Milwaukee but he’s yet to fully embrace his role as a floor general. We’re not asking him to be John Stockton overnight but he could stand to get more assists, especially off of driving opportunities. We may be tough on his shortcomings but, by Scott Skiles‘ estimation, he’s got the focus to become more than a scorer. Do you think Jennings will listen or is he stuck in streak-shooting limbo? He’s planning to become an All-Star. But he could’ve hit a plateau early. At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see if he can rise in the ranks … We’re still having a hard time believing this Brian Shaw/Lakers story. If you missed it from us over the weekend, the Lakers showed Shaw no juice on his way out. Meanwhile, Mike “Show Me What You Got Big Fella” Brown, a solid defensive mind, doesn’t have a good track record in making adjustments in crunch time or quelling egos. L.A. could implode or explode. Brown must’ve had a heck of an interview to swiftly and unexpectedly grab the vacancy … With word spreading that Besiktas tried to reel in Kobe Bryant with a deal worth around $500K a month, Marc Stein tweeted that 24 was actually looking for $1 million a month before the club’s funds were frozen by an investigative probe. When we first heard that number, it shocked us. Then we remembered, hey Kobe made nearly $25 mill last season. This is pocket change for him … Bryant and Shaq once made up one of the most lethal combos to ever walk the NBA hardwood. As our commentator Arshdeep put it: Did anyone see the 2001 Lakers playoff run? If you put 2001 Kobe and Shaq together, they’d be able to handle any other duo. Yeah, they were nastier than a mid-’90s Nas/Mobb Deep collab during that playoff march. Try these numbers on for size: O’Neal- 30.4 ppg, 15.4 rpg, 3.2 apg. And Bryant- 29.4 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 6.1 apg. Those two can make a case, but are they the best one-two punch ever? You can make your case here, and the best answers will make our next issue … Imagine how good Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill could’ve been together? Now, they’re both looking for one last title shot. We all know how Hill will handle the spotlight of a contender, but could playing on a great team change T-Mac? If he was surrounded by guys used to winning, used to playing defense, used to going hard all the time, could McGrady have some type of late-career revelation? … Check out the illest kicks we’ve seen in a minute … And if you want a shot at an ultra-exclusive Dime x WEST x Red Bull King of the Rock t-shirt, tell us about the best player to ever come out of the Big Apple … Minnesota’s Anthony Tolliver recently became the co-owner of Active Faith Sports, which is a support program that was started by former University of Houston player Lanny Smith. The motto is “In Jesus Name I Play” and the brand provides a platform for Christian athletes as well as athletic apparel … And if you need a laugh at the office, check out this NBA Mashups blog. Hi-la-ri-us. Who knew Bob Marley and Michael Beasley would look so good together? Or that someone could somehow awkward-out a picture of MJ & Pippen? Next, we want to see a mashup of Brian Cardinal and Allen Iverson … We’re out like John Holland.

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  • Skeeter McGee

    Would love to see T-Mac revive his career a la Grant Hill but I just don’t think Mac is durable enough anymore. Backs aren’t something to f*** with so as much as I doubt he’ll be even a former shell of the Orlando scoring machine, I really hope he finds a way to prove me wrong…

  • beiber newz

    i have a question, random…
    icarnaki…do you still think jonas valuciunas is a stiff? has your impression of him gotten better? i am just wondering, because a while back you weren’t sold.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Stockton to Malone.

    Their combined numbers would never equal Shaq and Kobe, Jordan and Pippen, or Magic and Kareem. They did not even won a championship.

    But name me two players who are always mentioned in the same sentence more than any duo? Name me two players that kept a team in playoff contention for more than 15 years. Name me two players that remained loyal to one team for a very long time.

  • ctkennedy

    Brandon Jennings for players who get legit minutes …lets say around 28mins a game or better…he one of the 10 most overrated players in the NBA

  • Seven Duece

    I can’t see Jennings cracking the All Star spot ahead of DRose, Rondo or Jimmy Wall. Best of luck to him, but he’s gotta improve TREMENDOUSLY – and the 2 of the others have to backslide (we know it won’t be Rose) in order for him to supplant either one’s stronghold of back up All star pg. And that’s not even taking into account everyone’s love fest of Kyrie Irving or Jeff Teague’s coming out party vs Chicago in the playoffs, signaling something greater soon.


    @ Beiber Newz

    It wasn’t necessarily that I thought he was a stiff but more I thought he was extremely overrated. I think he’s soft and the last thing Toronto needed is another soft, European big man. His play this summer has definitely made me think more positively about him in terms of him adjusting to the NBA but I still don’t think; he was the right pick for Toronto or that he’ll be a double double threat in the NBA. I think he is way too finesse to go up against NBA centers. I still prefer Vucevic over him. In short; my opinion of him has changed but I’m still not sold.

    Jennings really needs to improve as a PG and drastically cut back on his shooting/chucking tendencies. I don’t think Milwaukee is the right place for him to achieve his potential… maybe the situation will improve now Stephen Jackson is there but last season… where was he meant to be getting all these mythical assists from? No one on The Bucks can score consistently.

    Someone needs to give Brian Shaw a shot (No homo) they will look like geniuses if he turns out good… I think he can be a solid NBA Coach.

    Grant Hill and T-Mac are the two biggest ‘could have beens’ in NBA history… granted they are still excellent players but what would they have been if it weren’t for injuries? We’ll never know but I’d still like to see both of them get a ring… just because.

  • http://www.nbadunks.org Timur
  • First & Foremost

    Hey alf, how many games did Stockton and Malone miss over the course of their careers? Amazing, right?

    Jennings will need to post multiple 40 point games. Then average 8+ assists to have a chance. Rose, Williams, & Rondo take the PG spots.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Lol @ “Jimmy Wall”

    I like Jennings, but he gon need to take Milwaukee to a top 3 spot in the east by the all-star break with numbers better than 18 and 8 to get a legit all-star look.

    Just cuz I’m bored, my offseason-preseason-maybe no season-should be all-stars if business is as usual:

    Joe Johnson
    Pierce or Allen or KG

    Gonna be a tough road, BJ. Good luck tho…

  • Jzsmoove

    Yeah, “Jimmy Wall” will be an all star. he plays for the Bullets right?

  • north

    Jennings is only saying these things because the Bucks just traded for a player better suited to start on the team they’ve got. Beno may never be an All-Star but I’m sure Bogut would rather Udrih be running the point so he actually gets some touches.

  • Big Island

    I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Jennings as an all-star? He’s been watching too many of the Dime videos of himself.

    I wish my name was Jimmy Wall. Jimmy. JIMMAYYYY!!!

    TMac and Grant Hill are the same but totally different. Both of them were complete beasts. Grant Hill in Detroit was absolutely FILTHY, until Doug Collins ran him into the ground to save his job. Injuries kept him from getting better. TMac kept himself from getting better, and injuries kept him from playing longer. It simply seems like TMac could’ve avoided some of his injuries by working a little harder.

    And my gf left this morning for 2 weeks. She’s going out of the country for work. It took me all of 13 seconds to start looking at Dirk pictures and listening to him sing “We are the champions”. Fuck yeah.

  • jdizzle

    Everybodys talking about how good TMac and Grant Hill woulda been (and rightfully so), but what if TMac never got traded to Houston? How ugly would TMac and Dwight Howard have been?

    And those mashups had me LMAO!! Karl Malone looks like a pedophile and Stockton looks like Manny Pacquiao in a 70s porno flick

  • Big Island

    Blake Griffin/Delonte West and the Dwight/Van Gundy had me dying. I look a little too much like the Jason Kidd/Nick Collison picture to laugh at it though…


    Jennings would be a bench warmer on any other team, he hasnt showed any skills other than shooting the ball. for him to be an all star, lets face he has to get out that small market or they are going to have to be number 1 in the east. we all know that aint happening, but hes a kid, let him dream.

    most people dont understand, basketball is generational. the young guys dont know about the player who played in the 70′,80’s or for that matter early 90’s. the young kids know of shaq and kobe. if u a little older u know of pippen jordon, or karl and john, magic and lou,

  • JDish

    What would life be like without the NBA starting now?

    There would be a wave of NBA players going overseas and dominating those foreign leagues. You would see Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook do their thing on a spanish team or italian team, or you probably see Dwight Howard dunking all over opponents in China… crazy.
    BUT then what…? What happens when those foreign teams start having to pay big money to these new and improved best players in the world…a la Kobe getting 25 million a year. This whole lockout is about money, overpaid ball players, and rich fat-cat owners. Those overseas markets are not like the NBA. I don’t think paying 2 or even 3 former big-name NBAers big money would be financially wise for many of those spanish, italian ..etc.. teams, they would go bankrupt.
    Shout out to all NBA players and owners: Can’t you all just get a new contract agreement worked out already. All you are gonna get payed at the end of the day anyway. And who pays you guys salary, WE DO, the fans. Millionaires just can’t stand the thought of taking a small pay cut, DO IT FOR THE FANS GUYS, C’MONNNN!

  • Skeeter McGee

    ^^ So you’re asking people who don’t even know us to take a pay-cut for us? Easy for you to say till you are in their shoes. I understand they are loaded, but you can’t take anything for granted in life, so if they don’t want to take a pay-cut after working years to get to the position they are at, by all means, don’t take one. If I were an owner, I’d be doing it for the sport, not for the fans that will turn their back on you in a heartbeat…

  • Doc

    Jennings got All Star potentail.Ive already seen him kill Rondo overhyped ass.Hes the new Tony Parker.People acting like he’s the reason they winning when really he can just run amuk and do what he want because he got greats on his team.As soon as the BIG 3 fall off.Boston is done and Rondo will average 10 points and 9 dimes on a 35 win team.Just like when Timmy hit the Zbo wall in April.Tony couldnt help because he was getting baked by Mike Conley of all people.And Stockton and Malone are nowhere near greatest duo ever.Yall not gonna hype them up for making the playoffs a lot then bash Bron for doing the same shit.They got cooked by better duos every year.That means u not the greatest.Now Kobe Shaq 01 version.Thats a duo!

  • JDish

    Whether they know us or not is not the case. The fact is the NBA is a business and entertainment for the public. And rememeber, they are making MILLIONS of dollars. I’m not saying they should come back down from their hill top and all of the sudden get paid minimum wage, no. I’m saying they have the opportunity to take a couple of million of their paycheck to better the financial process of working out a new contract agreement. I don’t think it’s asking for an arm and a leg for players who are going to earn $5-10 million to help in shaving off 1 or 2 million off of what they will get paid to help in bettering the financial side of the NBA for years to come. Is it so hard to ask for that. Yea ok you are an owner and you do it for the sport, but where would you be without the fans? Thats what owners and players in the NBA have to live with, fans that love you one minute and can hate you and leave you and not attend games because your team stinks, but when your team is all of the sudden winning games and getting to the playoffs the gym gets packed.

  • First & Foremost

    Part of being great is going toe to toe with Father Time and losing at the wire in a split decision. Stockton and Malone played great together in 3 different decades. Stockton averaged 10+ assists when short shorts were cool, out of style, and then worn as undershorts.

    They played together longer than most people stay married. They don’t have the heavy hardware of hellacious highlights to back up their greatness as a duo but they had the humility to not go public everytime they had an argument. A Duo works well together, not just 2 dude who played on the same team every night trying to go out and get theirs to prove that they don’t need the other person.

    My choice is the pick n roll all day everyday and away games on Sunday.

  • First & Foremost

    How long does the average player play? How long does the average player live? What is the likelihood the average player gets a good job after his average career is over?

    He can/should make as much money as possible during his brief playing days. He is always an injury or bad performance away from not getting that next contract. Most of these guys “attended” college/high school but they really weren’t mentally there. So after they leave the league guys have made $20M… MAYBE. That is assuming your entire family abandoned them before draft day and they always shot blanks.

    The MAX contract players can have a lower cap which affects the value of everyone else but you can’t outright ask every player to take a 15-20% pay cut. Not everyone makes Lebron James money.

  • Doc

    u take the pick and roll. ill take the chips

  • LakeShow84

    How about this.. match them up, both duos got a guard and a big..

    Stockton and Malone


    Kobe and Shaq

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm call me crazy but Kobe and Shaq crackin they skulls.. and it could get ugly lol

    But then again Shaq is a NOTORIOUSLY HORRIBLE P&R defender..

    But then again THATS ALL Mailman and Stock got goin for them lol

  • First & Foremost

    It is an open ended argument. The question was best duo. That is like asking people what the best car on the road is? Shaq & Kobe were nice. They reached the top and won multiple times, can’t argue against it. However, that pairing had short term success. They could have done so much more and didn’t because they couldn’t check their egos.

    Fine, put them in a 2 on 2 situation in the middle of the summer. Shaq just finished making a homemade pron movie and shows up to the court out of shape. Kobe watching highlights of himself vowing not to pass the ball. I’ll take the teamwork over the superior talent.

  • Doc

    Thats how u know who better.U makin up porn movies and all that but bottom line is whatever court they play on Kobe and Shaq 01 version is better.Utah fans will trade 15 years of playoffs happily for 3 straight chips

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    “.Utah fans will trade 15 years of playoffs happily for 3 straight chips”

    That says it all right there.

    Congratulations of 20 years of gettin along, but Michael Jordan gave Steve Kerr black eyes then got him 3 rings too. Phuck gettin along, get rings.
    As a Lakers fan, I’m not happy that Kobe and Shaq couldn’t make it work forever, but I’ll take the 3 rings and shut my mouth…

  • Ian

    ewing was as good as the admiral?? gtfoh with that shit.
    mvp robinson
    scoring title robinson
    all nba first team from 89-95 robinson 4 ewing 1
    defensive player of the year robinson
    quadruple double robinson
    titles robinson

    if the admiral had played for the knicks or lakers who knows how high the man would be alltime.
    funny how ewing has a big donut on all the things i mentioned.


    and what you just said about jordan is stupid sir yeah he got into shape to get in the nba but he LOST.

    use some logic? please kid its all about matchups in the nba. just because you lose in the first round doesnt mean you have 0 chance against a second round team and you are telling me to use logic?

  • Ian

    woops wrong article

  • beiber newz

    oooo @ icarnacki, thx for the answer, jus curious

  • beiber newz

    i actually asked on another post but i gess u didnt c it, so i jus copied it here