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Vince Carter Wants Some Love

Vince Carter

Vince Carter, Dime #21

Vince Carter may realize that his time in Phoenix is pretty much up – how short it was – but he still wants to play ball. Not overseas. Not in a rec league. In the NBA. At 34 years old, Carter wants to eventually do some commentating, but for now he wants a few more years with a contender. If you’re the Mavs, the Lakers, the Thunder, the Celtics, the Heat, the Bulls, the Spurs, the Hawks, the Magic or anyone else who wins a decent number of games, would you sign him? The big thing with VC is, most teams would welcome having a vet who can still get you 20 here and there, and you know you can count on him to give you 12-15 a night off the bench. That’s a luxury in pretty much any case. But that’s assuming the vet will play hard on defense and do the little things that most sixth or seventh men do. That’s where the real question marks come into play. Carter has NEVER been asked to do that stuff during his career. Can he change now? … The first 12 players chosen for the Boost Mobile Elite 24 have been named, including Dime/2k Sports All-Americans Shabazz Muhammad, Perry Ellis, Tony Parker and three-time participant DaJuan Coleman … With the NFL nearing an agreement, players’ union president Derek Fisher admits it’s dealing no added pressure on them. Two totally different situations. In fact, Fisher says he can’t stand to see how NFL players are treated, as if they don’t know what they’re missing out on. Using the example of LaDainian Tomlinson – San Diego rode him unbelievable hard for nine seasons, milking the back for everything he was worth, and then releasing him at the first sign of slippage – Fisher reiterated no one is backing down. The players deserve a fair shake. It’s got to be a fair deal or no deal at all … 2k Sports finally released the covers for NBA 2k12 yesterday, first leaking a Michael Jordan cover that had everyone hyped again (even though it was nothing new). But just minutes later, two more covers started making the rounds and we saw what 2k had actually announced: that there will be three covers with Jordan, Magic Johnson & Larry Bird. It’s obvious the company is looking to dig into the kid in all of us…you can’t say no to history. If they keep this up though, next year you will be searching to grab all 12 covers, one for every Dream Team member. Christian Laettner covers anyone? … So now what will NBA Elite come up with to try to top it? … And the family of Lorenzen Wright is suing officials in Germantown, Tennessee. It took the cops nine full days to find the body of the former NBA player, after a 911 call had alerted them, and by that time the elements had reportedly reduced the weight of the body from 225 pounds to 57. Wright’s family is convinced if the cops had just used a computer program that would’ve allowed them to track the 911 call, they might’ve saved a life. The cops lost their internet privileges for some reason (hence why they couldn’t rely on the Internet). Hm, wonder why? … We’re out like “Otis”.

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  • Promoman

    I think some of the flak Vince catches is unwarranted. When Orlando traded for him, the idea was to upgrade perimeter scoring, while still having Dwight as the first option on offense. Stan Van Gundy still had stretches where Dwight didn’t get the ball. Just look at the Atlanta series. Dwight could’ve had 60 that game. I don’t understand how you bring in a guy who can still score at a good clip to help with scoring, knowing that he’ll have to curtail his shots to not rock the boat, still freeze out your best player at times, and then act surprised when things go down the shitter? He came off the bench in Phoenix without a complaint even though he’s still starter level talent. Somebody will likely get him.

  • control

    Part of the reason Vince catches flack is because the guy COULD have been one of the greatest ever. The guy had the talent, athletic ability that was at that point, completely unseen or unheard of, and the tiniest little heart possible. I was sold on that guy for years, he was my favorite player by far, he was Dirk to my Big Island, haha.

    Kind of sad now though…

  • Big Island

    I like Vince. I even dug when he went to his UNC graduation and got a ton of crap for it. If you could get him on the cheap, and don’t need him for defense, why not? If he’s pricey and you need hustle and heart? Nope. Sorry VC.

    I feel for Lorenzen’s family, but come on. The phone tracing isn’t even internet based. Were they going to google map it? Look, it’s terrible that he died, it is, but it’s gonna happen to everyone. The only thing anyone can leave with is dignity, and whatever dignity he had is going to vanish when people start slinging mud in a lawsuit. Just bad all the way around.

    Between the NFL, NBA, and the Dodgers needing a new owner before I can even think of supporting them, I am just going to be a sad dude. There isn’t even a good UFC until the end of August! The NFL can eat a dick as far as I am concerned, I have been killed by the constant coverage of it. On a higher note, I think Dirk’s only chances of repeating, and by doing so giving me a decade long mega boner, is if there is like a 9 game season and the Clippers, Minny, Sacramento, Cleveland, Toronto and Detroit all make the playoffs. Actually, that’s not a very high note.

  • Big Island

    Damn Control, I feel for you. When Dirk starts hitting the skids, my heart will turn cold and black. (insert Sporty-J momma joke here)

  • pipdaddyy

    I knew Vince would not make it all the way when cousin Tracy started to outshine him. If that didn’t light his competitive fire, than nothing can.

    But I agree with Promoman, Vince has been getting a worse rep than he deserves, mostly because of the incredible hype he could not live up to.

  • Promoman

    The police likely couldn’t have helped Lorenzen. The call playback had gunfire in the background. Lorenzen was either a victim of a drug deal that went south unexpectedly or a planned jacking that got him clapped since accounts imply that he was pushing weight. Even if neither were the case, Lorenzen needed help before he was even on the horn. It was defying the odds already that he even had much time. It’s fucked up, but only the Flash works on an instant response time frame.

  • Bee4Three

    seems like you dont know that there will be no NBA Elite /Live this year!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    They are going to release a Russell/Chamberlain cover if this legend things keeps going on. I am so getting a Larry cover though.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Random question of the day: Why are the kids of retired NBA superstars unable to duplicate the success of their fathers?

    On top of my head are the kids of John Stockton, Rick Barry, and Patrick Ewing. Am not yet counting the sons of Michael Jordan and Doc Rivers.

  • Bear

    I think Vince can still do a job for a contender, as long as he takes veteren’s minimum. He’s earned enough cash over the years and with a minimum contract there’s no expectations with it. Look at all the players over the last few years that have signed with teams (Especially Boston, Marbury, Sam i Am, Shaq, etc), people thought they could help bean town but not pressured to (Hence Rondo still starting and Perk, when heathy). I think Vince would benefit at the Bulls, and they would to. Ray ray was never considered a good or even average defender before Thibs got hold of him, and now……Jeez that boy tries! (Look back at the finals ’08 and ’10 on Kobe if you don’t believe me). He’s not a lock down defender but great at team D and you never know Vince could end up trying in Thibs system.

    The reason, i think, some players kids don’t do as well is because of…………
    Pressure- The media hypes up players just because of who their fathers are, which can make the kids go either way. Where as the fathers try not to hype them up and see if their competitive fire is there to want them to be players like their dads.

    Jordan always said he was never going to push his kids into ball, so Jeffrey and Marcus are just playing, not trying to be the best (Where as Mike just wanted it more than anybody else). Jon and Brent were decent players but again living in the shadow of their dad why should they try and always be compared to him, they were complete different players in a diffferent era. Pat Ewing Jr, decent player but is nothing like his dad (body type, skills, etc).

    Austin Rivers is good but to be honest Doc was a decent player and a great coach, so Austin didn’t have to live up to all the hype, same with Stephen Curry.

  • Bear

    Vince could still do a job for a contender. Give him Vet’s Minimum and he would be worth it, whatever he’d bring. The bulls could be a nice fit, he might even play a bit of team defense. Ray Ray wasn’t considered any kind of Defender before Thibs took him under his wing and now Jesus is a nice defender (Look at him guarding Kobe in ’08 & ’10 finals), not a lock down defender but does well within the system Boston had. Vince could end up doing the same (Especially knowing that if he don’t at least try D Thibs is gonna bench his ass).

  • Bear

    What the hell?!! My internet’s screwy!! It showed i didn’t post then original is up and the one i just done……. My bad.

  • First & Foremost

    @Alf – The return to the mean. If Usian Bolt has kids they will probably run a 10.2 100-meter. Not all talent and attributes get passed down. Also, the elder probably had less entitlement which fueled their desire to get better. The younger is expected to make the hall of fame before being potty trained.

    If tons of money didn’t motivate you, if constant scrutiny didn’t motivate you, if being called out for a lack of defense by a team that generally plays little defense doesn’t motivate you, what makes people believe that him playing for the average joe salary will finally motivate him? He’s played for contenders already. Also there are cheaper & younger options out there.


    To be quite frank, Vince Carter chose his path and now he is dealing with the consequences. If he wanted love later in his career he should have earned it when he was in his prime.

    I’ll buy NBA 2K every year no matter what, they have earned my trust and custom. It’s a guaranteed buy every year. I’d still get it on release day if they had Ed O’ Bannon wearing a gimp mask on the cover… no homo.

    The NFL DO treat players (Especially running backs) like workhorses and then throw them away… it is harder to sympathize with Ladanian Tomlinson when the Chargers made him a multi millionaire though. In the end it is a business, take a look at someone like Jason Peters; Buffalo sign him as an undrafted FA, he shows promise, they give him a long term (5 year $15 deal), he plays the next season and makes the Pro bowl, refuses to play anymore on his current contract and inevitably forces a trade to Philly. It isn’t just teams that act like douche bags. Although the way Kansas treat Larry Johnson was terrible… they ran him into the ground on a nowhere team and then chucked him away.

    I think contracts maybe need to drop a little bit but they need to cut all the incentives away and the contracts should be ALL guaranteed money and have no wiggle room on either side… you sign a contract, you play/pay the contract.

  • Mavs All The Way

    NBA News?


    I’d like to give a shout-out to Manny V, Pangilinan and his team who made this thing happen. Thank you. props to y’all. Mabuhay!

    Now, let the games begin!

  • First & Foremost

    @14 – Contracts have to be tied to performance. I suggest[ed to Ted Leonis in a ‘teach me how to dougie like John Wall’ class] that the league needs to reduce how much players make per year but keep the contract length but tie the contract directly to team and individual success. Most contracts escalate due to inflation but if a player has a bad year, why should the owner pay him more than the year before?

    Start with a base salary, if the player/team does not improve his pay will be reduced. If the team/player get noticably better, so does his salary. If the team/player stays even so does the pay.

    No more paying Rashard Lewis $3M more per year to average 3pts fewer every year. Gilbert Arenas, the worse he performs the less toxic his contract is to the team.

  • M Intellect

    @16 – That’s dumb. Imagine how people would ball-hog.

  • M Intellect

    @16 – That’s dumb. Imagine how people would ball-hog.

  • First & Foremost

    Well actually, it is game theory – prisoner’s dilemma. If one player ballhogs and the team success drops, everyone gets paid less. When the team comes together and wins more games the team success rises leading to everyone getting paid more. The players have a greater incentive to win while working together, rather than one player ballhogging. Those that do hog the ball are easier to point out and the lockerroom would have no problem getting rid of said player.

  • heckler

    Vince Carter is a BUM; always has been, always will be. Ive NEVER been sold on him as anything more than an upgrade of Jerry Stackhouse. dude has amazing talent (he’s a much better passer than people think, he just doesnt pass often enough), but he has ZERO fight in him. no heart. no desire. and it showed early on in his career.
    He should either go to San Antonio or Charlotte. maybe even New Orleans. but if none of those 3 teams has use for him, he might as well retire. yeah I said it. get the fuck out the league and stay out Vince. you werent shit anyway.

  • JAY

    @ M-Intellect
    The NHL does something similar to what F&F is suggesting. Call it dumb if you want, but it works there. The process still favors the players but at least it gives owners a tool to save money if a player is not playing up to their expectations.


    For those of you who don’t click on anyone’s links, here are some highlights from the article…
    – players must play at least 4 years before being eligible for arbitration
    – both players and teams can request arbitration, however a player can only be taken to arbitration once in their career. and can never receive less than 85 per-cent of his previous year’s salary
    – there are no restrictions for many times a player can ask for arbitration.

    The evidence that can be used in arbitration cases:

    – The player’s “overall performance” including statistics in all previous seasons.
    – Injuries, illnesses and the number of games played.
    The player’s length of service with the team and in the NHL.
    – The player’s “overall contribution” to the team’s success or failure.
    – The player’s “special qualities of leadership or public appeal.”
    – The performance and salary of any player alleged to be “comparable” to the player in the dispute.

    Evidence that is not admissible:

    – The salary and performance of a “comparable” player who signed a contract as an unrestricted free agent.
    – Testimonials, video and media reports.
    – The financial state of the team.
    – The salary cap and the state of the team’s payroll.

  • JAY

    And if you think players will ballhog, it’s not just about stats. The NHL arbitration process speaks to the player’s “overall performance” and “overall contribution” to the team. If players who feel like they deserve a bigger contract start to hog the ball and put themselves before the team, the team can just bring that up to the mediator.

    It’s not stupid. It works.

  • JAY

    And DIME… don’t get me started on Vince. That fukker.

  • s.bucketz

    quick question…if the NBA isn’t allowed to use the players names or likeness’ (like on NBA.com)..how are they allowed to release a game wit all the players in it?? or they gunna do it like a NCAA game til the lockout is done?? #3 passes to #6 cuttin down the lane who dishes it off to #1 who fumbles the pass and is on the floor crying

  • datdude

    Anybody dat hates on Vince for personal reasons is a straight bitch, u ask non blogging everyday hoopers who play the game n they will let u know dat vince was dat nigga and inspired the game..dat man lived a life God intended for him too for one, Vince was given da God Given talent and did exactly wit it wut it was intended for, stop vince hate for real its getting old, and he damn near in the hall of fame. Haters Fail Again, and thats always a good look. peace.

  • First & Foremost

    @s.bucketz, I would like to say it has more to do with the players union than the owners. The union makes licensing agreements so all player names, numbers, shoes, and tats can be used in the game. Jordan never bothered with it for so many years which is why his likeness was rarely used in video games.

    You could play with him vs Larry Bird but not in Live 97′

  • First & Foremost

    I’m not sure Vince gets into the HOF. The argument against him would be that he was ONLY a stat collector. Yes he has highlights for days but people will ask the question, did he play to win or was he just out there playing? I’m not going to have an objection to him making it or not but I find it reasonable either way.

  • jdizzle

    @F&F so is that why Barkley is never in any games? I think the last game I saw him in was NBA Live 00

  • s.bucketz

    vince gets in the HOF cuz of the fredric weis dunk alone

  • JAY

    @sbuckets: “how are they allowed to release a game wit all the players in it??”

    I’m pretty sure the game companies work out deals with the Players Association for all their games, not just the league themselves. I think that’s how they get around it.

  • JAY

    @datdood: “vince was dat nigga and inspired the game.”

    I guess that’s why the league is filled with a bunch of divas today. We owe Vince for inspiring the younger generation.

    Thanks Vince.

  • CLAW

    Vince Carter could “help” someone? I’m in PHX and VC sucked! His D is terrible and at the beginning of the trade they had him in the 4th to produce points but he would disappear. By the end he wasn’t even get off the bench in the 4th, dude is basically done he’s a 7th or 8th guy on a team. Grant Hill was making fun of his eating habits saying “He eats way too much sugar”.

    In his prime he was electric but he is nowhere near that now, its the same guys that thought Tracy McGrady would actually play well last year – its over!

  • control


    I thought Tmac actually played pretty decently last year, the guy was KILLING me in 2k…

  • Skeeter McGee

    Vince came out and basically said he didn’t give it his all everytime he stepped on the court, going back to his T-Dot days. If I am supposed to respect someone who gets paid millions to not even fully try at his/her job, then y’all can blow me (no homo). I’m sure there are kids somewhere that think “my God-given talents can get me paid, so why try harder than I have to?”

    The answer: because others without as much talent will work their ass off to be better than you. And could we all agree that circa Toronto days Kobe and Vince had the same talent, same skill set (sort of) but Kobe decided to go “like-Mike” mode in the offseason and do work. Can’t say the same about Vince, why do you think he was hurtin’ all the damn time?

  • Big Island

    datdude – that was probably the worst written supporting argument I have ever seen, and I have written some pretty bad ones myself. And I hope I don’t sound like a dick in saying this, but articulate hate comes across better than illiterate support. Everyone knows he was a highlight reel. Everyone knows he had game. Everyone knows the stats. IF you look at it objectively, he is missing that killer instinct. He catches too much crap for leaving Toronto. Everyone left Toronto. And it’s funny that he catches crap for not going to the basket anymore, while T-Mac and other guys catch crap for not adding to their game by getting a fadeaway (which is all Vince can do anymore). He isn’t “dat nigga” anymore, and he isn’t HOF. I’d still sign him if he isn’t too pricey.

  • JAY

    Good post Big Island.

    Nobody can hate on VC’s skills. He’s probably the most naturally gifted 2-guard I’ve ever seen… including MJ. He had everything… size, natural strength, unworldly athleticism, body control, shooting ability, passing ability, etc. You name it, he had it. But you know how everyone says basketball is 10% physical, and 90% mental? Most of Vince mental game was not there.

    It’s funny, basketball fans from cities where VC hasn’t played still think he’s a baller… then he plays for their team and they realize “wtf is wrong with this cat?” I’m from T.O. Nuff said. I have cousins who live in NJ who loved him in the beginning… until the honeymoon phase wore out and they were stuck with a no-effort big name. Then he was supposed to be they key in Orlando… but all Vince did was make the Magic fans miss Hedo. <– you know you're shit when….

    "but articulated hate comes across better than illiterate support."
    ^ Yup.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Once again, anybody who even thinks Vince MIGHT be a HOFer needs to slap the ish outta themselves…

    Like JAY said, dude had God-given talent, but a bitch-made heart.

    Sorry, just how I feel…

  • JAY

    LOL @ “bitch-made heart”. Nice

    My shirt says “Made in USA”
    Vince’s heart says “Made by Bitches”

  • Brown

    I’ll be happy when VC and TMc, two of the biggest prima donnas in basketball history, retire with no championships and no real playoff memories. Vince had a couple 50 point games, that’s it. Both of them are career losers.

  • Kyle

    People need to stop comparing Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady. One never tried and actually went full throttle, the other guy had injuries(usually playing hurt.) Vince Carter had so much talent that he should have been one of the top ten players of all-time, but McGrady constantly in his last 4 years of his prime was dogged by injury after injury. And he did play hurt, cause Yao would have been lost for the season or something else. Neither one of the guys focused on keeping in shape to have a really long NBA career. Dirk, Nash, Kobe(though his knees are breaking down), Howard, LeBron(he may not add anything to his game or a go-to game winning shot, but he’s freaking fit), Kidd, KG, Ray Allen, and a few others do what it takes. Before guys like Jordan, Pippen, Bird, Rick Barry, Stockton, Malone and obviously more knew what it took to stay in perfect shape aside from a real injury that would stop them from being elite.

    Vince Carter is basically Dominique Wilkins without awesome fitness and the ability to push himself no matter what. Both ended up not coming close to the players they should have been, but one is still a top 50-65 player. Vince Carter isn’t….

  • VCsuxA$$

    I must agree with almost everyone that VC chose the fate of his reputation. As a Toronto Raps fan (don’t hate, every team deserves some love) I can whole-heartedly say one thing: Karma’s a bitch! This is what happens to spoiled brats with no heart, no work ethic, and mommy coddling you everytime something sour happens. VC started this blaze a long time ago when he came out and blatantly said that he didn’t try 100% when he was with the Raps. I guess he had no forsight to realize that when your athletic abilities wane down, a spot in the league will be based on team chemistry, heart/will-to-win, and defense. All 3 of these things are not VC’s strengths as a person nor a pro athlete. AI just came out and said he’ll take any role that an NBA team gives him, just for the chance to retire as an NBA player. I’d take AI 1000 times over VC. Both are not worth crap when it comes to defense (AI used to be an elite thief), and team chemistry; but at least AI has heart! VC, you suck, and i’m glad you ain’t gettin no love no more…like i said, karma’s a bitch ain’t it?

  • control


    I really dislike AI, so I’d take VC over AI any day. VC had everything it takes to be the man, just didn’t want to be. AI didn’t have what it takes to be the man, but refused to accept anything less than being the man.

    AI has said several times he would take any role to be on an nba team, but then he’ll get his chance and suddenly he refuses to practice, come off the bench, be a point guard, pass or do anything to help a team win. AI can only win on HIS terms, not the team’s terms.

    I’d honestly take the guy who doesn’t really care about winning, over the guy who will kill his own team if he’s not catered to like a fucking child.

  • Doc

    Vince should go to the bulls.But Rose and Thibs will probaly kill him.