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We Reminisce: God Shammgod

God Shammgod. The best ball-handler of all-time? Possibly. The worst part about it? There is hardly any footage of him. Today, I was going through some old links/websites/YouTube videos on my favorites and found this. Not great quality, but I don’t care so I assume some of y’all won’t either. Ignore the random Taliek Brown highlight…

By the way, Bounce did a fantastic cover story on Shammgod last summer.

What do you think? Was Shammgod the best dribbler you’ve ever seen?

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  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    nice, i wanna call my son God, but my gurl wont let me…

  • SoulChorea

    “Over-rated! Clap, clap, clapclapclap!”

  • Taj

    That McDonalds All America game was still the best game to date!

  • SWAT

    man i dont kno bout yall but i could barely make out some of that footage.


    Correction… terrible quality.

    But I still didn’t care.

  • Alex from AZ

    Legend. No doubt about it.

  • Promoman

    He’s definitely among the elite ones in the past 20 or years.

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    That dude was one of my PG idols coming up. It’s like the ball was part of his body. He did things with the ball that the avg PG could only do with their shadow.

    Minus the AND1 guys, he probably is the best dribbler i’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    Me and my brother in law first saw him at the MCds game, then college. We used to call him Isiah 2.0 (he was a Pistons fan and I’m from Zekes hometown). Kid was like an updated version of Zeke

  • http://loqoonet.com SPK2011

    Hmm. Of all time, i dont know. What about Kenny Anderson, Allen Iverson, Jamaal Tinsley, Jamal Crawford. U cant forget their handles are sick also.

  • bobby stew

    I had to turn this off early. The footage was hurting my eyes and the video was skipping like a cd. His handle was cool but not the best. How come John Stockton isnt considered to have a good handle? Because he’s not flashy?

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    @bobby stew

    John Stockton’s not considered because he doesn’t shake cats and sit them on their back pockets. He wasn’t crafty with the handle and very rarely fooled someone with his handle. Stock used his handle to get where he needed to be. Just like Jason Kidd, Tony Parker, Steve Nash, and Magic Johnson.

    i forgot about Tinsley. I remember him pulling the shamgod move on the Wizards a few years back and nearly killing their PGs career (Whitney i think his last name was). Jamal Crawford also should be considered as an all time great for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Handle was definitely tight. Gonna put White Chocolate up there

  • skchai

    There’s a lot of competition. People are forgetting the past. Kevin Porter. Phil Ford in his four corner days.
    Not to mention Tiny. And to go a long way back, Bob Cousy?

  • Mink
  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizell

    I forgot how sick this dude is, man I’ve been out of the loop to long. That’s what happens when you get married and have 3 kids.

  • http://loqoonet.com SPK2011

    White Chocolate White Chocolate White Chocolate. That dude was nasty..

  • bobby stew

    I guess we’re gonna act like SKIP doesn’t exist

  • jaydreamz

    I think the one thing that people fail to realize is that you used his handle to get where he wanted to on the floor. He never wasted dribble and just pounded the ball to death. He had the best handle ever. i love A.I. but his handle wasnt that tight he developed the cross over that everyone fell in love with but other tham that he was JUST WAY faster, quicker than everyone else.

  • da real “RONDO”

    He and Skip were unique because they had thier own style that was 100% natural. There was a kid from BK name Todd Myles that had this too. That old school guy from BK named Booger also had a sick yo-yo handle. There is a 14 year old kid playing in the Watson Classic in the BX making grown men look silly, they were calling him G2. It must be something in that NY tap Water

  • My eyes hurt

    I’m sorry, this kid probably did have good handles but the video quality is too long. It looks like someone smeared vaseline all over the screen and its hurting my eyes to watch!

  • My eyes hurt

    I’m sorry, this kid probably did have good handles but the video quality is too low. It looks like someone smeared vaseline all over the screen and its hurting my eyes to watch!

  • http://dime hmmm

    Why would you say ignore the Tyliek Brown highlight. That dude was a beast & played in a era when basketball was SERIOUS. He mimicked his idol. Comments like that WOW ????????.

    Shamgod Wells A.K.A was a joy to watch in person from Lasalle,Providence & the Washington Wizards. A shame the league cut his reign & Skips to short. Fundamental basketball is another word for??? Most people would never understand the talent & ability they had. Overrated you can’t be good or special & call someone that. What they possesed you can’t teach. They did that stuff in games on small courts against press defense. To date 90% of kids still can’t do drills & moves Sham did on the court.

    Best ballhanders I’ve seen: Shamgod,Steve Francis,White Chocolate,Andre Barrett,Malcom Grant,Sean Wade,S.Barnes,Deon Jones,Showtime Daryll Hill,Boo Harvey,Earl the Pearl, Of course Jamal Crawford,Skip Skip to my Lou,Bone Collector,Ed Booger Smith,Ed Cota,Chris Paul,Will Bynum,KENNY CHIBBS ANDERSON,Tony Cherry,Joel Suarez.TYLIEK BROWN. Sorry if I left out a few.

  • http://dime hmmm

    COREY”FISHER” PRICE & Jerome “Fridge” Holman. Alvin Williams & JEROME POOH ALLEN. PHILLY.