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A Rose That Grew From Concrete

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Derrick Rose is going to win multiple championships. That’s straight from the MVP’s mouth. Doesn’t it really feel as if Rose won the MVP like five years ago? Between the lockout, Capital Punishment and Kevin Durant becoming the story of the summer, D-Rose became lost in the shuffle. He likes it like that though, and will probably remain mute until next season officially starts. But he did give us a taste of the competitiveness that has Chicago looking pretty good for the next decade, telling HoopsHype that he will win multiple titles, and has no doubts about it. It’s likely Rose’s individual game doesn’t have much further to grow (it’s already sprouted pretty high), but it’s the other things that can push Chicago ever closer to a championship: the outside shot, the intangibles, knowing when to go for the kill and giving his teammate’s confidence. Can Chicago do what they did last season – when most figured they overachieved slightly – again? … We have photos from the Love Nightclub afterparty in D.C. on Saturday night. One, James Harden might be closing in on a spot in “Whisker Wars.” Two, Andre Miller was in there holding it down for the ’90s … The Orlando Magic are either feeling quite rosy today, or are trying to convince themselves that an impending hurricane isn’t exactly real. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer believes Dwight will never leave his town. Dyer says Magic CEO Alex Martins told him there’s a good chance the new CBA will include some type of rule that will allow them to outbid suitors to keep Howard in Disney World. Interesting. But how much will it be? And will it affect him? Besides, we have a feeling if Howard does end up moving on, it’ll be in some type of sign-and-trade that would probably negate this anyways. Howard will get his money either way … Now that Goodman has staked their claim to “best summer league in the country” status, there’s already talk of a rematch. The Drew League definitely wants it. They believe they were screwed down the stretch, when they were never told foul trouble meant nothing. DeMarcus Cousins racked up foul after foul, with the West believing he would eventually foul out, only to find out the two teams were playing by different rules. Anyways, rumors of adding Kobe (and possibly Nick Young) are sprouting. The Goodman Twitter account said: like I said if JESUS CHRIST dont walk in the door we not scared of nobody ..WE DONT CARE WHO PLAY! KOBE AINT JESUS! not scared. No offense Drew, but that’s kinda cheap. Kobe played one game in the Drew League and now they want to add him to the lineup? Not 100 percent cool. Basically every other player in the game either hails from L.A. or the DMV, or they are playing in the leagues on the regular … DeJuan Blair is a rapper. And he just covered Drake‘s “Trust Issues.” Blair’s shot at the song is rather weird – he sounds awkward – but it’s all good. The song is weird as it is so maybe that’s what he was going for … Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh will play themselves in an upcoming episode of “Law And Order.” Somehow, everyone will find a way to make fun of Bosh for this too … The USA Men’s World University Games Team beat Germany by three to finish in fifth place at the 2011 World University Games. Trevor Mbakwe (21 points, eight rebounds) led a dominating inside attack … Luke Walton has agreed to a deal to play – err, coach – for Memphis (the college version). Yep, Luke Walton will be coaching until the lockout ends as a college assistant … And a couple of NBAers are bouncing: Reggie Williams is out for $1.5 million (and an opt-out) to the Spanish ACB League with Caja Laboral Vitoria, while Kyle Singler signed (with an opt-out) with the Spanish team, Alicante … We’re out like “Trust Issues”.

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  • IGP

    Melo on Law and Order? That’s sweet, he’s gonna be a good cameo. Fuck Chris Bosh though, why is his bitch ass trying to act?

  • beiber newz

    Derrick Rose is going to be godly in the next 2k.

  • Big Island

    I wonder if the script calls for Chris Bosh to cry?

  • Big Island

    And I bet the new CBA has something about where if a team does a sign and trade, the player gets whatever his max would’ve been if he left. Like Lebron or Melo could’ve stayed and made more money, but if they want to be traded, then they get whatever they would’ve gotten in free agency or something like that unless they stay for two years.

    Simple version – If a max player is traded within the first year of his contract, it goes down to the regular max. Basically telling the players they can make more $$$ if they stay with the team who drafted them than they can going to a new team. If you really want to leave, take a cut in pay.

    And to the owners, this: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/6874079/psychic-benefits-nba-lockout

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Multiple titles for Chicago? Not in the next three years when they will still have Carlos Boozer under contract. After one season, I bet that Kevin O’Connor is still laughing at the Bulls for signing Boozer.

    On an entirely separate topic, would President Barack Obama send the Seals to get rid of Moammar Ghadafi? The drama over in Libya has gone far too long.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Lol @ “Goodman twitter account”. Put your name on it n see how it goes lol


    Rose winning multiple championships? Really? Is he getting traded?

    Chris Bosh is going to be playing a fake tough guy, its a role he is extremely familiar with. He should be a good actor though, he is well versed at crying on cue. These Chris Bosh jokes doing anything for you?

  • jzsmoove

    when i read about the the line Bosh will be on Law & Order, the first visual i had is Bosh cowering with his back to the wall in a dark corner and whimpering. Someone comes in to tell him its ok but swats them away and he shakes his head ‘no’ and cries.

    i’m not even making fun of Bosh, thats just the 1st thing i thought of.

  • First & Foremost


    Money can buy you some different friends to hang out with. Events like this are why the NBA tries not to recognize this guy for what he does on the court.

    Who just keeps broken pool cues laying around?

  • jdizzle

    Like Mike said dont be surprised if we get six more rings.

    A story about weed involving a guy named Beasley. Hmmmmmm…….

  • heckler

    derrick rose is bugging. he aint winning multiple titles. and if he ever does, it’ll come when he’s 33-35yrs old.

    remember when the detroit pistons went to the eastern conference finals 6yrs in a row?…well, thats what the miami heat are about to do. so unless chicago can get some better players to beat miami (rip hamilton?…jr smith?), derrick rose and em aint beating miami; and aint winning multiples.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Bosh was already asked about the relationship with his Director for Law and Order:

    “He wants us to act, we want to chill”

  • downtown_brownclown

    Chris Bosh will play as Ru Paul in Law and Order… hahahahaha! :) and Carmelo Anthony will be featured on his **Don’t Be a Snitch** Video… :-P

  • First & Foremost

    Assuming Rose gets a contract similar to Rondo averaging $11M a year. In 2013 the bulls will have $52M tied up in 4 players, all starters. Taj Gibson could even get a reasonable deal of $5M a year just by having his dunk on Wade playing in the background while negotiating. Unless the restructure Boozer, Noah, or Deng this hard cap that the owners want will pretty much lock this roster into place. Either they trade one of the 3 aforementioned players to boost their bench. [Even though people claim their bench was some trash only when it is convenient]

    The Bulls will be nice for years to come but that doesn’t make them Multi-championship caliber. We all know how durable Boozer and Noah have been over the past few years.

  • Dan Tanner

    Big Island, your comments are always spot on. I hope Bosh cries too but I feel his pain, he really tried and Lebron and Wade let his fat ass down. We could console one another you know or at least watch the episode via skype. You just seem so witty, funny…cute…

  • beiber newz

    Imagine if it was Chicago that cleared cap space during summer 2010 instead of Miami and they got rid of Deng’s contract and brought in Wade, hometown hero, and then never signed Boozer, but Lebron instead and if they traded their whole bench in order to sign Bosh and had Rose and Noah still on the roster because Rose is still on his meager rookie contract. That team would be serious.

  • Jason Wilson

    Will see haters…..when Derrick Rose got his rings remember the bullshit you posted lol.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Multiple Chips?….Damn I hate to question the kid because he made me eat my words on the whole MvP thing last year. But Doesn’t he know that he has overpaid and overrated teammates that don’t have his back come playoff time?
    Shit maybe he knows something i don’t about his own game.

    You seriously think Rose will take a $11mill per deal? The guy has max money stamped all over him. He’ll get whatever Kevin Durant got, which i think was an $85Mill extension. I cant believe you put him in Rondo’s category money wise lol. you know Joakim Noah makes more money than rondo right? for the bulls sake i hope you are right and Rose takes on a smaller contract in order to leave wiggle room to attract good players (unlike those selfish idiots on the Heat who are eating up an entire team salary with just 3 guys).

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Like heckler said, the Bulls are going to have to get past Miami to even sniff a title. And I really don’t see that happening.

    Noah and Boozer have peaked as players. Their peaks may continue, but they aren’t evolving anymore.

    Rose is nice, but he’s one player. An outside shot isn’t going to help him a whole lot, because he dominates the ball so much already that he’ll never be open.

    That’s certainly open to debate, but even if you think he’s going to become the 99’s across the board type player that you can just rely upon for everything, ask yourself this: when was the last time a team won with their best player being their point guard? Showtime Lakers? Just saying.

    Not to mention the Heat have D Wade AND LeBron to guard Rose, or any other young/cheap/defensive platoon of 1s.

    I just don’t see the Bulls matching up well with the Heat for a few years.

    Keep in mind that I LIKE the Bulls, Rose, etc. Saying it as the athlete and believing it as the fan are two different things.

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla – $11M is the new $16M

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Magic, Isiah, Billups, and according to many on this board Rondo and Billups were the reason the Celts and Pistons won their chips.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of the Bulls not being able to win because their PG is the best player. I think it’s a matter of them not having the parts around Rose. A true low post scorer (not a face up jump shooter like Boozer) and a defensive center (Noah is more of a defensive forward because he can’t guard centers yet).

    11=16, you on that Jay-Z 30 the new 20 type shit lol

  • Big Island

    Noah and Rose are worth the money they get. Boozer and Deng are really the only super overpaid guys that they could do without. If Rose stays healthy, I could see them getting a couple of titles in the future. The only guys who are really set up with a superstar guy and and something else are OKC and the Bulls. Lakers are old, Dallas had everything work for them this year, Spurs are old. The Celts are old, Orlando has issues, and Miami just won’t have enough money to get anyone, and Wade holds himself together with his sleeves and leg wraps.

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla – If the increasingly lower hard salary cap comes into play $11M will be the new $16M. Then we will be talking about overpaid 6th men making $4.5M ready to lynch some GMs.

    I think Noah could give up some cash because he provides very little on offense. Okay he can keep plays alive but since when is that a reliable strategy. “Boozer set a pick, Derrick I’m a need you to shoot a jumper. Noah… tip the ball back out if you see it falling short. Stay focused guys.” True you can’t teach height but damn, 15M/yr. You’ll be hard pressed to offer any player a lower contract.

    Miami proved they were good enough as is to handedly “sweep” the bulls. Neither team’s personnel will improve that much to change the pecking order. The Heat however have more potential to get better as a team. Deng won’t just become a top 5 SF, Boozer won’t all of sudden find a heart. Noah won’t start dropping sky hooks. Brewer/Korver/Bogans can’t wish themselves to be complete shooting guards. Cutler isn’t coming back to play the 2nd half. The Bulls for the foreseeable future will be great to watch but MIGHT JUST MAYBE GET ONE championship. -singular.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jason Wilson – I’ll print this page and get it notarized.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Island

    I can’t believe after those playoffs that you think Joakim Noah is worth the money he’s getting paid (10-11-12-13-$14 Million over the next 5yrs). That dude couldn’t even take advantage of a weak ass Miami front line. He had like 3 inches on Joel Anthony and couldn’t do shit as long as they boxed him out…which for the most part they did as he only grabbed 10reb per game. He grabbed 4 on offense but only managed to score 6ppg. How is that possible you ask? Well the bum only shot 31% from the field. THIRTY ONE PERCENT!!!!!!!

    And that’s why i have a hard time seeing the bulls as champs or even making it to the Conf finals again in the next 5yrs. Boozer and Noah’s contracts have crippled the teams chances of being anything more than a 2nd round playoff team. seeing as how other teams in the East are only going to get better.

    The things working in the Bulls favor though are Rose and Thibs. Add that to Orlando basically forcing Dwight Howard into Chicago’s arms and they bulls have slight hope for the future.

  • Big Island

    chicagorilla – Noah is a big guy, who hustles, rebounds, blocs shots, defends, and that’s it. He doesn’t bitch about not getting touches, he isn’t moody, and he is the perfect compliment to their alpha dog scoring point guard. Every Chicago play is what F&F said up there: set a pick for Rose, he either drives to shoot or kicks to someone to shoot. If they miss, tip it out or into the basket. The only guy who can do that better than Noah is in Orlando. Every single other big man in the league would take away from Chicago. You guys have a guard that nobody can stay in front of, and he finishes. You have a couple of guys who can shoot, and you have that one big guy who all he wants to do is rebound and defend. Noah is worth every penny he makes in Chicago.

  • the cynic

    What a shock, Randolph hanging out with morons who probably argued about the price of an eighth.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Island

    You just described Anderson Varejo (however you spell his name), Birdman, Tyson Chandler, Andreas Biedrens, and Samuel Dalembert. Noah is not some unique player. He is doing nothing new or nothing that can’t be duplicated. That’s how you become overrated and overpaid.

    So no he is not even close to being worth every penny.

    You claim that there isn’t anyone who would be a better fit other than Dwight Howard, and I’ll throw at you Kevin Love. He may not get the 1 block per game that Noah gets but he is the leading rebounder in the NBA, doesn’t clog the Lane like Noah does because his man doesn’t have to guard him outside of 6ft, plus Kevin Love is a phenominal passer.

    Don’t get me wrong, Noah has some value. But unlike many of the fans now’n’days I do not condone players having incomplete games or giant holes in their games. Guys like Rondo, Noah, Lebron, Maghette, and Ben Wallace can only get by for so long before their weaknesses actually hurt their team more than their strengths.

    Take Jason Kidd for example. The guy couldn’t shoot a lick when he got to the NBA. Now i think he is 3rd all time. Same with Grant hill, he became a respectable jump shooter when he got to PHX.

    When you know your weakness is starting to be a weapon of the opposing team, then you need to fix it. Noahs weaknesses are actually becoming a weapon for opposing big men who sag off him and clog the lane. Allowing their guards to play Rose tighter because even if he gets by them, he’ll still have to finish over a 6’10-7ft guy. How that makes him the “best fit” to play with Rose i don’t know.