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Andrew Bynum Says The Lakers Got Embarrassed; John Starks Makes A Hall Of Fame

John Starks

John Starks

Let’s thank Andrew Bynum for pointing out the obvious: the Lakers were steamrolled in the playoffs by Dallas because they were tired, mentally and physically, they were overconfident and cocky, they didn’t totally respect the Mavs (who seriously did?) and they felt they could turn it on and off. The three-peat didn’t happen, it ended ugly, and now no one really knows what their future holds. Bynum wants everyone to be more accountable. He called out the whole team, including himself. For the Lakers to get back to the apex, Bynum needs to not only stay healthy, but also mature. With some of the issues he’s had this summer that have called into question how responsible or mature he is, it’s an issue. If it’s going to happen for Bynum, it probably needs to be this year. He needs to take a step so that the Lakers can also take a step. Will it happen? … Dennis Rodman isn’t the only former player getting enshrined somewhere. John Starks, an Oklahoma native, recently got inducted into his state’s hall of fame. NewsOK wrote a piece on his struggles as an amateur trying to make it in the pros. Starks inarguably spent his best, and most memorable years in N.Y. on a squad fit for contention. Watching those teams come up short proved tough in their pivotal 1993-’94 and 1994-’95 campaigns. They had the tools to go far but, between hard losses and flat out choking, fell short. Starks had a knack for chucking but could truly captivate viewers when he caught fire. Let’s not omit his resilience on both ends and eagerness to take big shots, adding an air of showmanship on top of his perseverance. And who could forget his classic poster featuring Horace Grant and none other than Michael Jordan? … John is simply one of those dudes whose numbers and accolades won’t wow you. At the same time, it’s hard to deny his status as a fan favorite when the Knicks had their mid-’90s run. Where does Starks rank in the all-time list of Knicks players? Additionally, are our NYC heads still salty over his ’94 Game 7 performance in the Finals? They say time heals all wounds but diehards have a hard time letting go … 2011’s HOF ceremonies are all said and done. However, we bet more than a few Hoosiers are tight about Reggie Miller not making it on his first ballot. Reggie’s incredible shooting matched flair for theater, and no, we’re not talking about his Oscar-worthy trips to the line. He made the Pacers playoff runs all the more exciting. Heads loved, or loved to hate, his dead-eye bombs, push offs in critical moments, and courtside antics with Spike Lee. Additionally, he meets the Hall’s sheer numbers requirements of crossing the 20,000-point mark, being a five-time All-Star with three All-NBA team selections as well as sitting second ever in three-point shots made. His abilities didn’t run the gamut but his knack for shooting ought to make for a solid base as a first ballot snub. Would you sub out someone from 2011’s class with ‘ol Reg? Or did the voters get it right by leaving him out this time around? … Both Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker have great offers to play in China, and are definitely interested (Kobe’s offer was for around $1.5 million) but as long as the Chinese Basketball Association plans to disallow all NBA opt-out clauses, the chances are slim they can accept … Hamed Haddadi WENT OFF as only Hamed Haddadi can, rumbling his way for 36 points, 18 rebounds and seven blocks as Iran beat Korea 66-59 in the final of the Williams Jones Cup this weekend. He must’ve looked like Kareem, Wilt and Shaq all rolled into one. The NBA’s next monster. Seriously though, who was he really playing against? Does Korea have a bunch of Bugaloo’s on their team? … Apparently, Ty Lawson is another player making the jump, agreeing to a deal with BC Zalgiris, Sonny Weems‘ team, and will play there until the lockout is over … And the USA Men’s World University Games Team is destroying everyone they play in the 2011 World University Games and that continued with a 112-68 win over South Korea. JaMychal Green (17 points), Scoop Jardine (16), Trevor Mbakwe (14), Draymond Green (12), Ashton Gibbs (14) and John Jenkins (12) all scored in double figures … We’re out like Lawson.

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  • control

    John Starks was way over hyped, just because he played in NY.

    Bynum is an idiot. He has to look in the mirror and fix his own backyard before pointing the finger ANYWHERE. The Lakers win two championships with him doing his yearly busted knee in the playoffs, then he comes back and essentially disappears (except to surface for a few boneheaded and dirty plays) and he’s going to run his yap?

    I’m essentially disliking pretty much everything about Bynum…

  • Promoman

    @ control

    I can’t agree more with the John Starks & Andrew Bynum analysis. I’ll give him his proper respect when it came down being a defender and having balls but the dude was usually a gamebreaker in the wrong sense of the word. He could shoot but he had horrible shot selection. He would rack up ridiculous techs. The man is the patron saint to guys like Russell Westbrook & J.R. Smith. They may have some talent but these guys can singlehandedly lose a game on any given night and you’re living a pipe dream if you think you’re going to win it all with them.

    Andrew has had immaturity issues from Day 1. It took him years to figure out that he’d actually have to put some work in his game and he still doesn’t get it that playing football doesn’t work in basketball. Kobe likely knew this back when he did the “Ship his ass out” video.


    Starks performance will always be remembered until the Knicks win a championship. Ask Boston Bill Buckner, Boston Tim Wakefield and Chicago Cubs Fan Steve Bartman.

    Buckner and Wakefield got off the hook because of TWO titles.

    For now, his 2-15 stinker gonna stink.

  • beiber newz

    hahaha..as a laker fan, i am happy at this point the lkaers lost the way they did. a motivated squad with pride can only play much much better. looking forward to the next post season LA.

  • Jzsmoove

    Love Stark’s hustle but I will remember him for 2 things not so secret. The dunk and ’94 game 7 stench. I rank him top 2 in NY lore in choking.

  • heckler

    who cares about the Oklahoma Hall of Fame?
    side note: Johnny Starks was the shit though. the type of player you want on your team. balled with heart and didnt back down. wasnt exceptionally gifted athlete, but he CARED. and it showed in the way he balled. so what if he chucked a lot of bad shots….shit?…who hasnt?!!? who would you rather have shooting?….charles smith?

    now Andrew Bynum…thats an OVERrated player. the ONLY reason he’s even talked about is because he balls for the Lakers.
    Seriously….has he proven to be better or more talented than Emeka Okafor?…Marc Gasol?…Andrew Bogut?
    some folks called Bynum the 2nd best center in the NBA now that Yao and Shaq retired. I spit up my breakfast reading that BULLSHIT.

    although, I do like that Bynum spoke his mind about the team not “trusting” each other. you cant have just Fisher and Kobe giving lip service all the time. and we know damn well ron-ron, odom and gasol aint never gonna speak up on nothing.

    and by the way….I was on this board preaching that the Mavs would beat the Lakers; although I had Dallas in 6. NO ONE had them in a sweep.

  • mark

    He has size, and athletic ability. The only thing he did with it, is knock down the smallest Mav. You can win like a champion, and you can lose like a champion, he managed neither one.

    Bynum has the tools to be very – very good, but no heart or head to go with it.

  • beiber newz

    heckler, honestly, bynum is EASILY in the top 5 of centers in the L. I think everyone can agree. We must remember, bynum came in the league early, as a 17 year old (which is probably the reason he wears 17). To compare him to okafor (an experienced college player/ncaa champion) speaks for itself. Bynum is still developing his game. Marc Gasol had experience play pro internationally. And most guys that you think to say are better than bynum are either older or had college experience. Now i am not stating that info to get you to ‘baby’ him or give him any leeway. I am just saying bynum has yet to be fully unleashed. Bynum won’t stuff a stat sheet with 20 rebounds like a ben wallace. he won’t cross you up in the post like a Hakeem Olajuwon. he doesn’t have a patented move (yet) like a tim duncan. But his physical tool are undeniable. bynum knows how to use his body. His physique is comparable to dwight’s. NBA GM’s are not idiots. You can get mad that people claim he is the 2nd best and yadda yadda. But the fact that gm’s reported the lakers could have had melo for him, or the fact that the magic would consider trading dwight only if bynum is in the deal, or the fact that when bosh was a franchise player (raptor days, seems so long ago) the raptors wanted him in order to let bosh go. Bynum has been coveted by professional basketball minds not just the lowly fans you are so mad with. Everyone remembers a while ago that kobe was mad when he found out the lakers could have had j.kidd if only they included bynum in the deal (the infamous “ship his out out” quote by kobe). My point is, you call fans dumb, but smart, intelligent basketball guru’s, or ANY team would love to have bynum. check bynum’s numbers. dude is extremely valuable and his numbers don’t lie. Bynum, rarely plays 30 min a night and average nearly a double double. Mainly because phil jackson never trusted younger guys and bynum has to play behind veterans in the lakers rotation. Anyway, keep in mind, there needs to be some sort of article describing how unlucky bynum is. People love to say, okay bynum is talented but he’s injury prone. FALSE. Bynum is not injury prone, he is just UNFORTUNATE. His injury history is INFLICTED by others. It’s not like he wakes up in his hotel room and breaks his hand on a medicine ball (Fransisco Garcia). He isn’t clumsy. Most of his injuries happen because he is in the wrong place at the wrong time on the court. Caused by OTHERS, not just him on the court slipping on his elbow after a dunk (bogut). bynum is a beast. and he WILL one day establish himself as the next best center after dwight. he is disciplined, and only gets better. watch out.

  • jdizzle

    Bynum is CONSTANTLY injured so why wouldn’t he park in a handicapped space lol. @NY fans you think you all were pissed? How do you think we felt when he came to Chicago??? That may be the worst non-Draft transaction/acquisition in Bulls history

  • jdizzle

    @beiber newz ok I’ll give you that. He’s never ruptured an achilles landing awkwardly after a dunk, nor has he injured himself by tripping over a damn gym bag (fuckin Boozer). He may not be injury prone, but he is damn sure prone to getting injured by others, usually his teammates which is fucked up when you think about it.

  • heckler

    @ Beiber newz–

    re-read your post. it is FULL of excuses. I dont care if Bynum came in the league as a 17yr old. Age dont matter in this sport as much as experience. and he’s been in the league since 2005—same as Andrew Bogut. and only 1yr after Emeka Okafor and Dwight Howard.
    who cares about his actual number age?..I dont. I look at it as he’s been in the league for 6 seasons (no longer considered an young player) and hasnt developed shit!
    still doesnt have a go to move. cant pass out of a double team. ineffective with his left hand. …and you call that the makings of a top5 center?…Im glad your not a GM.

    as for trade rumors….so f*cking what?!!? rumors are rumors and will always be so. no team actually pulled the trigger on Bynum; so thats even more proof in itself.

    Bynum aint no bum….but you gotta admit he’s OVERhyped. what has he done to be worthy to be traded for another proven allstar (kidd,bosh,melo etc). NOTHING!!

    he can barely stay healthy enough to play 50 games.

    and by the way….beging injured every year DOES make you injury prone. NO ONE in the league in ever injured without contact — and the best exception you can come up with is francisco garcia?..PLEASE. spare us that lame bullshit.
    am we to believe andrew bynum is NOT injury prone because francisco garcia slipped on a banana peel?

  • Dan Tanner

    Bynum needs to be traded for any other big man. Hell get Marc Gasol and put the Gasol bros to work. Why keep a dirty center that only plays in 28 games a season and doesnt put up numbers nearly as good as he should, when you could get a decent center. Hell I could name five guys who dont nearly have the skills he does I would take for Bynum: Nene, Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler, Kendrick Perkins, and Greg Munroe. If they do not pull the trigger on a Bynum for Howard deal (if it arises) I hope Kobe resurrects Rick Fox and sends him after Buss.

  • Big Island

    Bynum, shmynum. He hasn’t earned the right to call out anyone.

    And Starks is probably among the most liked Knicks of all time, but best? No way. Something that pisses me off and I never understood is why didn’t anyone give Pat Riley shit for not benching Starks when it was clear that he wasn’t hitting his shots?!?! It’s not like HUbert Davis or Rolando Blackman couldn’t hit something!

  • JBaller

    They say the magic won’t roll the dice on Howard, letting him get all the way to free agency. Is there any chance that the Lakers and Magic swap centers? Bynum has the skills and size to be great, but his injuries have limited him and all the while Kobe is growing older. If the lakers could package Bynum with some pieces and get Howard they would have a couple of more chances at getting another chip in the Kobe era, them moving on to the Dwight era. That all seems too simple, so I am guessing there is something that I am not taking into account.

    “Got Heart Like John Starks” – Beastie Boys

  • beiber newz

    heckler, it’s not that no team pulled the trigger, THE FREAKING LAKERS DIDN’T PULL THE TRIGGER

  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz

    you will be eating your words real soon. how can anyone hate on bynum? as if he is a byron mullens or robert swift (who? exactly). give bynum some time. mike brown will feature his bigs this season. something phil jackson didn’t do with bynum exclusively. bynum playing 35 minutes a night will easily be an allstar. no question. stop hating on the yungin and appreciate his gifts. u are obliviously a laker hater.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Three things I’ll remember about John Starks:

    1) The Dunk
    2) 2-18
    3) Twisted Testicle

    One of those was great, the other two were extremely painful

  • LakeShow84

    2 things ill remember about John Starks..

    1) The dunk
    2) The headbutt

    And everyone really piling on Bynum????

    i even read up there he didnt do shit THIS postseason cept take down Barea

    WHHHHOOOOOAAAAA couldve fooled me because i remember Bynum being our SECOND BEST PLAYER THIS PAST POSTSEASON.. And he was healthy for the duration so shit on me.. maybe i was stuck in reality..

    But besides coming thru this postseason, i mean seriously overrated.. and before anyone whines about me saying coming thru he had his best postseason this past year and made it thru completely healthy..

    but seriously overrated..

    Centers who have

    Length, size, strength, fundamentals, soft touch, greats hands, great timing on defense and patience on the block

    are a dime a dozen in this league..

    Right??? i mean Kaman just as talented as Bynum.. and Okafor too..

    LMAO ok seriously whoever said Okafor is better than Bynum is a f@#kin idiot LOL

  • control


    You have to add to your list of shit Bynum has, as he also has: horrible attitude, no maturity, bad decision making, and runs his yap all the time.

  • nyk

    how come no mention of king james being dunked on by some no name taiwanese player?


  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Horrible attitude??? nah but definetely immature.. but attitude has never been the problem.. Kareem has never said anything about his attitude and if he had such a shitty attitude Kareem probably wouldnt mess with the kid.. Everyone knows Kareem dont take no shit..

    Besides wanting more touches while being the 3rd-4th option i havent heard anything about an attitude.. if the attitude was that bad Kobe, Gasol, Odom and Artest make the kid expendable and hes shipped off for Bogut or somethin..

    Bad decision making??? ummmmmmm just not the best passer out of double teams lol

    i think he’ll mature just fine.. he wants a leadership role and the kid isnt stupid.. good signs..

  • UncheckedAggression

    I am surprised to see so many people hating on Bynum. He’s better than many of you seem to think, in my opinion. I also don’t think his attitude is nearly as bad as some of you believe. He has worked hard and improved quite a bit over the last few seasons. No one can guard him and he plays good defense. He’s efficient. He is immature, but you can say that about so many NBA players (even all stars). Stop talking about him like he’s Demarcus Cousins.

    –Kings fan

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Bynum did kinda ignore Kareem for a few years and refused to work with him. With the all-time leading NBA scorer WANTING to teach you the game and you are refusing. That is either lazy or a bad attitude.

    I do think that Bynum has the potential to be a #2 center behind Dwight. But the dude is getting older now. If he ain’t came around by now, then there is a chance he ain’t never going to come around.

  • beiber newz

    kareem wants to stick his nose in places to stay relevant and get money. that is where the WANTING you claim comes from

  • the_don_mega

    kinda hard to really blame Starks for that Gm 7 stinker… he did chuck a lot and stinked but i think Pat Riley said it best… they won’t be even playing that Gm 7 if it was not for his play early in the series…