Playground, Video / Aug 1, 2011 / 10:30 am

Brandon Jennings Drops 46 Inside The Gates At The Goodman League

Brandon Jennings scored 46 points in his Goodman League debut, but it didn’t come without a battle. Watch as he matched up against Goodman regular and summer star Warren “D-Nice” Jefferson in what could be one of the best battles of the summer.

What do you think?

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  • TJ Lemonade

    When will people see Brandon is the next one coming up Lakers needa scoop him.

  • Blk Caesar

    Should be wearing a Knick jersey! Mark Jackson owes an apology to all the Knick fans he said “Don’t know what they are talking about” when we boo’ed the Jordan Hill pick at MSG..

  • da real “RONDO”

    haha, two bantam weights flexing after each shot, lol. good matchup though, nice to see the NBA guys putting in summer league work this year

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    Lakers would look horrible with Brandon Jennings. hes only good with the ball and the green light to do whatever he wants with it. Jennings is not a pure shooter and thats what the Lakers really need. and even if Jennings was consistent from deep his full potencial wont be utilized in Los Angeles with the lineup we have right now, regardless of whos coaching.

  • beiber newz

    this video is NOT a good look for b.jennings

    sure he had 46…but there’s an unprofessional player cutting his ass up on that court. i mean…i know it’s unfair but, but i couldn’t see kobe getting scored on so easy like that. the boy jennings was getting carved out there on defense ! damn…there needs to be a higher standard with point guards. okay sure you may be fast, quick, smart armed with hawk-like vision, but i’d want my PG with some lateral quickness, quick hands, and an overall great discipline on defense. you got some work to do jennings..play some good scorers one on one. it’s basic but that’s a good basketball tip. guarding scorers on one-on-one games will speed up your defensive awareness.

  • Kyle

    Actually, he’s not a smart point guard, and doesn’t have hawk like vision. As you could tell, he’s a shoot first point guard, and still got carved up by a guy who also when wasn’t getting screened by a much bigger guy could stop him.

    Defense is great, but when you’re in a team game you don’t have to be the best stopper as long as you’ll take a charge or just put so much pressure on the opposing team with your ability to shoot(unlike Jennings who shot 37 percent last year)and doesn’t take charges. Steve Nash can make almost any team better because of his high basketball IQ, ability to shoot from anywhere, and his absurd ability to pass. Jennings shoots 37.9 percent for his career in the NBA(so he’s one of the worst shooters EVER), and doesn’t even get 5 assists a game anymore with an assist to turnover ratio that’s pathetic for a point guard. So he has to work on far more than just defense…

  • jd

    waiting for someone to list stats..

    Bucks didn’t really have a good offensive team, first of all & Jennings wasn’t the go to player. It’s tough getting a feel when to score, and not too (hence his bad shot selection). He shot 37% from the field, not just on jumpers.. Part of that comes from Most of his misses actually came when he got to the basket. He has a hard time finishing, and doesn’t draw enough fouls. He shoots the 3 well, and could be a spot up shooter (Easy). Once he figures out when to score & when to assist, he’s gonna be dangerous. The kid has vision too.

  • beiber newz

    sry, i was speaking in general when i said: “okay sure you may be fast, quick, smart armed with hawk-like vision”

    i was speaking in terms of the generic point guard. i was not clear sry. jennings posseses some of the qualities. but can’t really give too much props on his vision. frankly i think even westbrook has better vision. and vision doesn’t necessarily mean ‘higher assist avg.’ It can also mean passing accuracy, willingness, flashiness, and etc.

    i.e. certain bench pg like ty lawson (b4 billups trade when T.L. came off the bench) had better vision than a rodney stuckey.