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Breaking News: Maccabi Haifa In Serious Contract Discussions With Jordan Farmar

New Jersey Nets

New Jersey Nets

While another New Jersey point guard, Deron Williams, has already agreed to an overseas contract, another may be on his way. Jordan Farmar‘s interest in playing somewhere outside of the NBA has been strong all summer. Back in early July, Farmar told the Star-Ledger that playing overseas would definitely be an option to look into. Now, there’s talk he could be on his way.

Officials from Maccabi Haifa are saying they are close to an agreement.

“We’ve been in serious talks with Jordan Farmar, who has expressed great interest to play for Maccabi Haifa,” said American businessman and Maccabi Haifa owner Jeffrey Rosen. “We believe we are close to an agreement, but we have a few more hurdles to overcome to make it happen. We would love to have Jordan Farmar join Maccabi Haifa during the NBA lockout and we find his aspirations to play in Israel to be inspirational.”

Maccabi Haifa is unique in a few ways. First, they are one of the few teams to have American ownership, and are actually the only Israeli club that has tryouts held in the U.S. This year, the tryouts will be in South Florida, and include people such as Jeremy Hazell from Seton Hall.

The club also has its own magazine TV show in the U.S. (airing in 60 million households) called “Inside Israeli Basketball”.

Since moving back into the Israeli Premier League’s top division in 2008, some of the names that have played for Maccabi Haifa include Davon Jefferson, Sylven Landesberg and Jeremy Tyler. They also played the Nets in a preseason game last year, losing 108-70.

What do you think? Should Farmar sign there?

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  • s.bucketz

    its not breakin news if no1 gives a shit about the news

  • heckler

    anything involving jordan farmar is NOT breaking news.
    if he left the league, no one would give 2 shits. the Nets prolly wouldnt even notice.

    ….correction, jordan farmar IS in the league; and still no one gives 2 shits. the Nets prolly dont even notice.

  • First & Foremost

    Whelp… there goes my “he isn’t a big enough draw…” statement from yesterday.

    Talk about rollercoaster career. ULCA, Lakers-D-league doubleheaders, 2x Champs, Nets, & now overseas. Can’t knock the hustle.

  • Nola

    dude was talking all that shit when he was on the lakers about how he should be starting and throwing a temper tantrum because dfish was still starting over him. dude was garbage and made all the wrong decisions.