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Deron Williams Isn’t Scared Of Turkey

Deron Williams

Deron Williams (photo. Katrin Auch for Activition)

Deron Williams isn’t scared or afraid. He’s also sick of justifying his decision. He wants to play in Turkey. The club over there, Besiktas, wants him to come. To him, that’s all that should matter. Williams spoke to the Salt Lake Tribune and vented on a number of things, most interestingly about his soon-to-be-realized trip to play professionally in Turkey. He says he saw the Rick Reilly piece we highlighted and isn’t concerned about the horror stories. 95% of the people he’s talked to about Turkey have told him positive stuff and with the entire organization having his back, Williams can’t wait to get there … Dwyane Wade wants Miami to get the credit for creating the new age NBA landscape, saying their once-in-a-lifetime summer last year changed the game for everyone involved and created a trend, telling ESPNChicago.com: “When you think about the great teams, the Bill Russell teams, you think about all these teams that have four Hall of Famers, three Hall of Famers, five Hall of Famers. It’s just now in today’s world, social media, and all these things, it becomes bigger than it was back in the day. But, it was some of the same stuff happening [back then].” We definitely agree that the climate around the game is changing, but what exactly does Wade believe they started? The very best teams have always brought great players together. If he means they started the trend of players actually trying to team up together, you can make that case. NBA players have always wanted to do that stuff, but last summer was one of the few times when it all actually worked out … While most figured he would end up in prep school this year, top recruit Andre Drummond will attend UConn to play for the defending champs. On Twitter, he’s already calling for a repeat, and while it’s way too early to say anything definitive on this season, Drummond’s hype is through the roof. Several analysts are calling him one of the best big man prospects of the last 10-20 years. But besides his talent, the 6-11 Drummond has had his attitude and work ethic questioned at times. Check out this frightening mixtape of him where he’s doing things someone his size shouldn’t be doing. You’re looking at possibly the No. 1 pick next June … Shaquille Johnson might not be on Drummond’s level as a player, but the Auburn recruit is easily the best dunker in high school, and after beating Derrick Williams in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 dunk contest, we might need to start talking about him pretty soon as one of the best dunkers in the world. In the Elite 24 game, Mitch McGary not only broke one of the backboards, he did it during warm-ups. Thankfully, they had an extra backboard around so that they could actually play the game. The “Raymond Lewis” team lost to the “Marques Johnson” team, 142-132 and the big stars on the day were Justin Anderson (23 points) and Kyle Anderson (18 points, eight assists), who shared MVP honors while Aquille Carr was big in the loss (21 points, 10 assists, seven rebounds) … And outstanding traffic warrants are the only reason Ron Artest isn’t Metta World Peace just yet. He has to wait until September 16 to hear a ruling … We’re out like World Peace (for now).

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  • beiber newz

    new york looking like 2012 the prophecy !!!!! well not really but it sure feel that way

  • JC

    That Drummond mixtape WAS frightening. The ball-handling… Sweet Lord. I wonder if he’ll be the Brandon Jennings of big men. Nasty street game, but needs more work to dominate a regulation game.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    So is Andre Drummond is skipping his final year in HS? Why didn’t he play in the McDs game or Jordan Brand? He’s listed as a 2012 grad also. He must be skipping the 5th year prep route then.

    Anyway, the kid is nice but don’t get carried away. Kwame was a beast in HS too. And Ty Chandler was a SF lol.


    Well… why would Williams be scared of Turkey? Its a holiday resort. Y’all acting like anywhere outside of North American is a barren Mad Max wasteland with no indoor heating or running.

    Has anyone writing this shit actually been to Turkey? Its a nice place, families go there for holidays.

    More U.S. Islamophobia?


    *Running water.

  • beiber newz

    You want to know what really grinds my gears? The fact that the New York Knicks for the foreseeable future won’t be big players in this draft or any draft for some time due to their newly acquired franchise players (still haven’t decided who’s franchise 1 and who’s franchise 2). This draft is going to be crazy. Everyone in the lottery is a good player. A lot of old veterans that played last season (going from veteran minimum to veteran minimum contracts) have to be shaking in their boots knowing the new wave of talent waiting to take that roster spot. Why can’t the Knicks draft that Dwight Howard type or the Chris Paul type. We manufactured Melo and Stat. I like the draft. I wished the Knicks had drafted a special player in their times being at the bottom of the barrel. We almost had Stephen Curry but bumbling buffoon David Khan foiled those plans. Well I just guess all those small market teams need this draft more than the New York area does. Could you imagine the Kings with Cousins and Drummond on the same team?

  • the truth

    Spot on Carnacki

  • sh!tfaced

    Yo DIME, how about a “Where Are They Now?” on Javaris Crittenton…

  • beiber newz

    how bout an organized freestyle-off between dime posters? i’d kill anyone in my path…

  • JBaller

    Beibs, you just gave me an idea…

    What if big market teams that are making money were excluded from the 1st round of the draft so that only the small market teams that are losing money and can’t entice players to sign with them get high picks. They say 22 teams lost money last year, so keep the money making teams out of the lottery/top 22 picks. Basically, disallow teams that make money from drafting, or even trading for picks. Teams that make money can build their roster with profits and teams that lose money cam build their rosters in the draft.

    On second thought, that sounds a little too socialistic for the nba.

  • beiber newz

    while you’re at it jballer, after you contact dime, try to reach Obama. Lay out those same guidelines to him in regards of money. All rich people with more than a million in the bank can’t apply for jobs until everyone with substantially less money are situated with their own jobs.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    Can anyone name a player who had “behavioral issues” at an early point in their careers, yet ended up not causing any trouble?

  • beiber newz
  • JH

    Great weekend @ the Dodge Barrage 2011 hosted by DWill & Korver w/appearances by Wes Matthews & CJ Miles. We made the final 4 and lost to the eventual champs before dropping the 3rd place game to the NBA team. A few things I noticed from the in person experience.

    1) DWill was by far the most aggressive of the 4 players. He likes throwing cross court as much as crossing people over.
    2) CJ Miles hung around the outside edges far too much…not too different than in real life.
    3) Matthews self proclaimed “best dodgeball player” title didn’t stick. The MVP award went to some awkward looking white guy with a wicked behind the back throw (& No, I’m not talking about Korver).
    4) Speaking of Korver, he surprised everyone with his athleticism. The guy can do more than just launch deep 3’s but don’t misinterpret this information & think he’ll be playing NBA level D anytime soon.

    For my 1st dodgeball tournament it was a helluva good time. I heard DWill & Korver will be doing it in Chicago next year. Anyone in the area should seriously consider forming a team despite the price tag of $400+ per team.