Smack / Aug 27, 2011 / 12:00 am

Double Trouble

We might not believe Miami has it all figured out. But Dwyane Wade seems to think so. During an appearance on ESPN Radio, Wade said himself and LeBron “figured it out” and did a good job working together, in part because they are such good friends and get along so well. It’s still so hard to figure the relationship out because the season was so up and down. One week, they’d look unbeatable. The next, they’d lose a few games in a row. Then, they would storm through the playoffs before finally melting down in the Finals. What exactly was all that? A success? A failure? One thing we can say for the Big Three in Miami, they all like each other and enjoy playing together. With most, actually more like every other combo or great group of All-Stars who come together at a young age, they have issues. These guys don’t. Bad news for the rest of the league moving forward … Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton has been charged with the murder of a 22-year-old woman. Jullian Jones was shot and killed while walking on an Atlanta Street. Police don’t believe she was the intended target, but do believe Crittenton was looking for retaliation after being robbed in April. We have no idea what went down, but no matter what happens, this has been a quick fall for Crittenton, who at one point looked like he was going to be a decent player after the Lakers drafted him out of Georgia Tech … Brandon Jennings is having himself a summer to remember. However, we’ve already met a few people overreacting, saying Jennings is now one of the best point guards in the league and how he’s gonna destroy everyone once the season starts. They need to remember this is his element, the playground. He has the perfect type of game to show out on the blacktop and in summer leagues. In the league, he’s still got a little ways to go before he’s an upper echelon PG. He can get there, and who knows? Maybe this is the year he does it. Either way, he explains a little bit of why he is so good in summer ball in this unreal Q&A with ESPN Los Angeles. He says it’s kind of funny that he’s from L.A. and is still always compared to guys like Kenny Anderson and Tiny Archibald. Plus, he calls Baron Davis the “Godfather” of L.A. basketball. Nowadays when you look at B Diddy, that nickname seems to fit. Maybe it’s the beard … What is Mother Nature doing to the East Coast? First an earthquake, and now a possible hurricane. Check out this video from a set at MLB.com right when the earthquake hits. The dude in the middle is comedy. “Should we…go somewhere?”Stephon Marbury announced on Twitter, to very little fanfare, that he is signing with the Beijing Ducks. As you can see by some of his tweets like this one: Because of the President of the United State I am able to create peace treaties across the globe. He allowed me to see different and this one: I know people don’t like me and that’s ok because people hated Jesus and that was ok to. I’m tagging my page because I’m happy. I control he’s still doing the Starbury thing. Whatever that is … And one chick you don’t want to date is Jantel Lavender, a rookie with the L.A. Sparks of the WNBA. Allegedly, she has beaten up her boyfriend multiple times, and he has been “in hiding” for over a month because of her hostility. “Rasputia” Lavender choked her husband out on two different occasions and also threatened to kill him. Have any of y’all ever been in a relationship with a woman, even a professional athlete, who just straight up wasn’t taking anything from you? If that was one of our boys, we’d have to slap some strength into him … We’re out like Starbury.

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  • ctkennedy

    Jennings aint even a top 20pg in the league right now

  • Promoman

    Jennings is good but his court vision, shot selection, and defense need help for him to be considered among the elite. Unless there’s a detail that can save him, Javaris is the Rae Carruth of the NBA by fucking his career via committing murder.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Damn I remember when Javaris Crittenton was just breaking out from under Dwight Howards shadow. He had some skills too, but he should have stayed in college until his senior year because he didn’t really have an IQ for the game.

    Well clearly he didn’t have an IQ for life either.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I read that the girl Crittenton killed was 22 years old and a mother of FOUR. wtf???

  • beiber newz

    lebron and wade probably tag teamed girls on the road.

  • beiber newz

    o and yea.. i killed big island in that battle http://dimemag.com/2011/08/what-if-michael-vick-were/

    I’m the best lyricist of any dime reader, don’t provoke me

  • Robmo35

    Wow gunplay basically costs Crittenton his NBA career, shootout at the Verizon center, and then he turns around and shoots an innocent bystander. I guess that lesson was learned. What a genius.

  • Skeeter McGee

    That big b***h dating Darko or some shit? I’ll never hit a woman but I ain’t gonna repeatedly get hit by one, damn…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Hey, I’ve been attacked by some crazy bitches AND anytime you call the police, push her off you, or slap a bitch back you go to jail, no questions asked. The dude in hiding is doing the right thing: not building his criminal record over bs charges, and not being there anymore.

    FUN FACT: 40% of physical violence caused in domestic disturbances starts with the female getting physical. I’m not even talking about the mental and verbal. Physical.

    Anytime a woman steps out of line like that, leave.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    and literally, I dodged a punch (after taking two) threw a bitch out of my house once, and went to jail for throwing her out of my house. (She actually broke into my house, but that’s another story.) Estrogen is one hell of a drug.

  • beiber newz

    javaris…ever made him a shooting guard in 2k and increased his potential(in dynasty mode of course or association as 2k calls it)? you guys should try that in the game. take scrubs who in real life won’t be all stars and increase their potential. it gives you a larger pool of talent to work with.

    also i have an idea. seeing as how you as an American will now be funding javaris critenton in jail with your tax money, i figured a new structure for prisoners should be made. instead of our tax money being divvy’d up in the prison system, how about their be a basketball prison league? people pay 5 dollars for admission and top flight security. jarvaris would be the all star of that league. and teams travel to different prisons. rikers island would probably a lakers equivalent with all the talent they should have over there.

  • http://hateradehoops.com Drink the Haterade

    beiber newz says “how about their be a basketball prison league? people pay 5 dollars for admission and top flight security”

    Are F’N crazy? We got murderers over here. People doing life that have no respect for human life including their own. People would not show up to watch criminals play. And top flight security? No such thing in a real prison.

    As far as a woman hitting me… My ex smacked me twice open handed in front of our kids when they were younger and when the cops came, they were trying to say it was all my fault for acting the way I did. I was like Damn! I didnt even swing and y’all trying to hem me up.

    I think Lebron was feeling the pressure more in Miami than he ever did in Cle and that contributed to his meltdown in the finals

  • beiber newz

    ohhhhh but jimmer freddette can go there and score 50? hmmmm he must be the new steven segal huh?

  • suberzat

    @draink the haterade

    now u do know that they have prison rodeos right….u did know that and plus they could but a cage or just let them m fer know that be with bs but could be cool bet some of them can really ball

  • Big Island

    LOL! Beiber sent me back into the lab last night, but it’s far from over!!

    How f’d up are you that you make Gilbert Arenas come out looking like the normal one? I don’t even think it’s a shame with Javaris. When you can’t even begin to think it’s a bad idea to shoot at someone in a crowd, you deserve to get locked up.

    And for sure you could get a good prison league going, but nobody would pay to watch it. Hell, read up/watch some Hook Mitchell stuff. There are guys who can flat out play but just couldn’t get their shit together.

    RE: the MMA stuff from yesterday. Most people who actually train feel a responsibility to not fight in the street. When you punch or kick someone, you risk breaking your hand or whatever. If you can get a guy in a hold, choke, arm, leg, it immobilizes them, usually with a great deal of pain, with no risk to yourself. In MMA, wrestlers know how to take a guy down and keep him there. It’s perfect for a point system in MMA where you can win a fight without really doing any damage to a guy or yourself, but it doesn’t do you any good if someone is biting you or gouging your eye in a street fight. BJJ really is an art form where technique is what counts. I have friends who compete at literally half of my weight who can get me to tap. If you go to a quality BJJ academy, they will put you in with the smallest guy just to show you that size and strength really don’t play a big part in it. Relating it to the Lebron post game argument, you have to have a feel for what is going on, like a post game with your back to the basket.

  • http://facebook.com/escribame Big Freeze

    I hate beiber newz more than I hate Hitler
    Dude’s a bigger pussy than my boy Jay Clitler
    Soon as I hit the sour I start getting retarded
    And busting out the window like my fuckin name’s Javaris (too soon?)
    Bieber news, you a bigger bust than Darko Milicic
    I shit diamonds, you cant even afford charcoal, little kid
    I ball a little bit, especially inside ya girl
    Got so fuckin high last night swear I tried to ride the world
    Ya mom’s slit smell like oysters, but I’ll still find her pearl
    She said I was the best, I told her I’m just thorough
    Cant wait till this October, gonna cop that 2K
    Quicker than you can even say, “Bieber, damn that dude’s gay”

  • beiber newz

    i’m bout to put a freeze on your campaign you damn lame
    my lane’s for hot dames, your lane’s for pot change
    fukkin bum, my name might be bieber, but you my son
    javaris gun, the hardest one, spitting heat, straight lava son
    but u call yourself big freeze cuz you got stiff knees
    funky like cheese, you banging like steve
    NASH but he pass, so yo ass plain trash
    i blow pass so fast my # 2 got gass
    my goons got class, shoot you in the ass then ask for a mask
    no face, in the place we like ghosts at your space
    no time for the rhyme, big freeze ride the pine
    you fucking with a franchise, stick to your lines
    i’m a giant in a giant body, u get hit by italian gotti’s
    i fuk hotties, in bugatti’s, smooth bodies you go potty
    you just a baby boy, and i’m sir beiber
    call me da teacher when i’m preaching to you creature
    i’ll seat ya in the bleachers til i’m punking you in easter
    i straight bodied freeze mister, next up is his sister

  • Robmo35

    What if Biebernewz were talanted

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Island

    here is my response to ICar about the MMA fighting


    So you telling me there are a bunch of Jiu Jitsu masters walking the streets of Chicago, waiting to choke out the first person that starts shit with them?

    Of course there isn’t. Point being, ain’t no damn rookie or avg MMA fighter about to kick my ass. Not only would they have to be well trained, but they would have to be bigger and stronger than me.

    I think you are comparing what I would do in the streets to what I would do in an MMA fight. Why the fuck would i fight in the MMA and I have never trained for it? But if you put a real boxer in the MMA he would more than likely beat the shit out of everyone in his weight class because his mastering of punching far out weighs the jack of all trades MMA fighters. There is a reason you don’t see pro boxers doing MMA. They are true masters of an fighting style and I would take a master anyday over a studier of many art forms.

    since FnF likes analogies. This would be like taking one of the team flight brothers….lets say The Air Up There. A master of dunking. YOu put him in a dunk contest with Lebron. And he’d shit all over Lebron, who is a jack of many trades but master of none.

    I know what you’re thinking…. what would happen in a one on one? I don’t see a fight as a jack of all trades type thing. To me, the root of fighting is punching. It’s the initial fighting style that every one starts with from a kid. No one starts off a fight with a choke or grapple, it’s always a punch. Not some gay ass sweep kick to the leg. Give me the punch over any other fighting style”

    What you guys are saying is put an trained MMA fighter vs the avg person on the street and they’d kick their ass. Well that may or may not be true. But that’s not a fair comparison to fighting styles.
    That’s like saying if the avg baller played one on one with Candace Parker she’d win. Well she is a trained pro, while the other person is likely to have only paid up to HS. So that’s not really a level playing field.

    The leveled playing field would be if you put Candace Parker vs a pro ball player.

    I’d like to see the avg MMA fighter vs a gold glove boxer. I’m sure the MMA fighter will have a chance to win, let say at most 50/50, but he won’t dominate the fight by any means.

  • cesar

    beibber newz wins again!

  • First & Foremost

    You don’t see boxers crossing over because they’d get their ass beat. It is easy to claim you are the best fighter when you have a ref stepping in every 12 seconds to separate two people. Whenever a fighter can’t handle a flurry all he does is hug the other guy? Kill em with kindness.

    Besides, kicking someone does more damage from farther out. If a boxer crosses over to MMA, he’d end up getting kicked in his legs for the entire first round. Next round, he is limping, can’t move as quick, and no power behind his punches because he can’t set his feet anymore. A boxer would now have to defend more of his body and hugging another man wouldn’t be the same defensive strategy he is used to. Let him hug someone and see how quick that fight ends up on the ground. How good would his boxing background be to him then?

    Fact, the MMA paydays aren’t nearly as good as boxing which is one deterrent. However, boxing is a dying sport because no one wants to fight another person who is also in their prime. Imagine Chris Paul claiming to be the number 1 PG in the world based off of his games vs. Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Billups, Kidd, & Nash but then always finding a way to duck out of games vs. Rose, Williams, & Rondo. Then he comes back and says he will go at Nelson, B. Diddy, or Felton any day of the week.

    Even if MMA could match the paydays, boxers wouldn’t want any piece of it.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    You miss me on this one homie. You seem to think a boxer will just stand there and let someone kick him in the legs. I would assume he would use his deadly fast hands (which are twice as fast and accurate as feet or legs) to connect a few punches while the MMA idiot is kicking. Basically the MMA fighters only chance is to tackle the guy to the ground and look for a submission. Anything other than that will result in the Boxer beating the shit outta the MMA fighter.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Also we aren’t comparing the sports of MMA vs boxing. Boxing wins that every time. MMA is more of a fad right now that will die down once everyone gets busted for Steroids which clearly they aren’t testing everyone (Brock Lessnar).

    What do you think would happen if MMA champion Brock Lessar tried fighting Wladimir Klitschko? You think Brock would be able to kick his legs? Explain to me how Brock will protect his face and upper body while he is doing all this kicking? See his fight with Cain Velasquez? How did he do at blocking those punches and tackling the guy? Oh that’s right he let an below avg puncher knock him the hell out in the first round.
    So what would happen with a professional boxer….who instead of wearing huge boxing gloves with soft padding, will now be wearing small padded gloves or tape?

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla
  • First & Foremost

    Boxers vs. MMA 2 fairly old dudes… Shit like this happens.


  • First & Foremost

    You would pick the “MMA” fighter who crossed over from “pro” wrestling for this argument. In a perfect world we’d see Anderson Silva vs. some comparable boxer. Unfortunately we don’t have that.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Come on man really? You pick James Toney vs Randy Coulture? Tell Randy to hope in the ring with Mike Tyson if he wants to impress me. And to be honest with you, it looked like Toney threw the match anyway.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    I picked the Current Heavy Weight champion of both sports (well Brock lost so I guess he ain’t current no more). Both guys are the first that come to mind when thinking of the heavy weight division.

    Name me someone in Mayweather or Pacquiao’s weight class and I’d take them over your MMA fighter.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    THis is a video of Herschel Walker, former great NFL running back in i think his 2nd MMA fight. The guy keeps trying to grapple him and take him down but the end result is Herschel BEATING THE SHIT Out OF the MMA fighter. Walker at the time is 48yrs old.

    Come on man. Im supposed to think a boxer won’t do the same? These guys are dropping with weak ass punches from guys with very little skill at throwing punches. And honestly Walker took it easy on the guy because there was a point around the 2:06 mark where he could have just punched dude in the ribs repeatedly until he let his other arm go.

    I would love to see Walker jump in a boxing ring.
    Matter of fact Kendall Gill tried jumping in a boxing ring after he retired from the NBA….He got his ass kicked and cut that shit out immediately.


    LOL why would there be Jiu Jitsu masters rolling the streets of Chicago looking to choke people out? That’s your argument as to why MMA isn’t an effective way to fight?

    There aren’t US Army Rangers patrolling downtown LA, therefore I assume the US Army is weak and would lose in a fight to the Kenyan Army. Right?

    Like I said; you can think you would be able to stop takedowns until you get taken down and controlled on the floor. Talking about it isn’t going to get us anywhere… you are obviously some sort of Super Man.

    Pro boxers don’t fight in MMA because there isn’t as much money in it. Are you trying to say that Pro boxers are better MMA fighters than Pro MMA fighters? Do you realize how ridiculous that statement truly is? A Pro boxer would destroy a Pro MMA fighter in a boxing match… no questions asked. Just as a Pro MMA fighter would destroy a Pro boxer in a MMA bout.

    Mayweather VS GSP… in a MMA match? Mayweather would get dominated. Jon Fitch couldn’t stop GSP’s takedowns and Fitch is one of the best wrestlers in MMA.

    You’re using Herschel Walker VS a scrub as an example? Well Walker has trained MMA for years and clearly has learned takedown defense as a part of that. If anything; you posting that just proves my point that somebody with zero takedown defense knowledge will get taken down by someone who knows how to take down a fighter.

    Getting hit with MMA gloves VS getting hit with boxing gloves… you’re being so subjective with the points you’re making. Of course people are going to get dropped faster and easier with light gloves. You even use that point yourself and then try to suggest that MMA fighters have weaker chins because they get knocked out by worse punches than boxers do.

    Of course a person trained in boxing is going to be a handy fighter on the street… just as a MMA trained fighter would be? I respect and like boxing… I’m not the one completely dismissing another sport.

    You aren’t ever going to get rid of your ridiculous notions that MMA is gay and that you are some highly trained street fighting God amongst men. So we’re just going round in circles here. All I can suggest is going into a respected MMA gym in your area and offering to fight them in a no rules fight and learning the hard way.

    I’m out like homophobia for anyone with an IQ over 12.

  • robzilla

    Unless the boxer has excellent takedown defense, he’s toast once it goes to the ground. End of story.