Smack / Aug 6, 2011 / 3:14 am

Dwyane Wade Very Interested In Playing In China

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Dwyane Wade says he would absolutely listen to offers in China if something came up down the road. Wade has great business sense, and if business and money is what these guys are after, then China is where they need to be. The European leagues have much better competition, but if it’s really about the money, then China is the spot to hit. Someone can build a global empire over there. But will it be D-Wade? … Video surfaced yesterday of Michael Beasley snuffing the fan in the face up at Dyckman. The whole episode is just off. First, the fan didn’t really know who Beasley was apparently, then said he was acting like “a bad sportsman” as if this is 1967 and Beasley is actually Bob Cousy. Beasley was getting embarrassed at times by Durant, so we can see where his frustration was coming from, but yet we still can’t back him. KD was actually standing next to his boy when Beasley started walking over to the fan. Check out KD during that video. We guarantee you he’s thinking about how crazy Beasley is … We don’t really want to say it because he is a good guy and we’ve always liked him, but Beasley is balancing dangerously on the Tim Thomas/Derrick Coleman career line (and this incident is just a small part of it. He’s just not focused at all on what he should be). So talented that teams put up with this stuff early (not always playing hard, problems off the court), but as the years pass, as the miles pile on his body, he starts to fall off just as he should be hitting his prime. We have a feeling B-Easy REALLY needs to get out of Minnesota and find someone who won’t let him coast … Stephen Curry is spending his summer getting married, and in the pictures that he’s probably sending to his family, he looks like a well-dressed predator. Seriously, that’s just a weird look … Check out the behind the scenes video of our photoshoot with Wesley Matthews, one of the realest and most down to earth guys you will ever meet … Rashad McCants never made it in the NBA, but he thinks King Suni Blac might have a shot at making it big. The ballplayer-turned rapper is going under that alias, which is probably the worst rap name we’ve ever heard, right up there with Dreddy Kruger, Chamillionaire and Messy Marv. Either way, we’ve heard King Suni Blac spit and he’s at least better than Lou Williams … Speaking of terrible – or great, depending on your point of view – what are the greatest NBA player names ever? We picked out 10 for you … Now here’s a rumor we believe: Hedo Turkoglu might sign in Turkey to go home and play for Anadolu Efes. This is smart: make some money, play at home, live like a king, eat anything and everything, and then come back to the NBA rejuvenated. We just hope the club has gotten video of the past two years because if they didn’t, it’ll take them about five minutes to realize “Wait, this guy is about 1/1000th of the player he was when the Magic went to the Finals” … And amazingly, Matt Barnes isn’t backing down from the punch he threw. He’s not denying it or changing the context, just letting everyone know that hey, this is basketball. It gets physical. People get bodied. That’s the way it is. Barnes basically said he doesn’t take physicality from other guys. It’s kinda weird how Beasley pushes a fan in the face and we get all over him, and then Barnes punches a player in the face and we love him for it … We’re out like Curry’s face.

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    Dime, you provided the wrong link. I saw Planet of the Apes not Beasley shoving a fan! Doggone Z-Bo matured, so there is hope for Beasley. DeMarcus Cousins is in the same boat as Beasley. Gotta love the coolness of Durant though. Dude just stood there.

  • Ghostzilla

    “KD was actually standing next to his boy when Beasley started walking over to the fan. Check out KD during that video. We guarantee you he’s thinking about how crazy Beasley is..”

    LMAO…so true

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    C’mon, Steph…..

    DWade ain’t got no business sense. Thank goodness for PayPal or I lose bucks on the Wade/Marilyn tee I tried to cop from him n his boy’s website. Check out Purpleheartclothing.com, shirt was tight, but expect to be “makin a donation” cuz these dudes ain’t shippin the merch…

    Lastly, Shaq was HILARIOUS on Conan. Dude has me rollin on the floor. Funny how he just rolls up on the White House just to say what’s up to the President n gets repeatedly denied. Yo, Shaq, if you wanna meet the prez, all you gotta do is win a ring…..Too soon? Never lol

    p.s. Sue Bird is a killer
    yep…WNBA, That’s where it is for me now. Thanks, NBA…

  • alf (from melmak)

    In my book, Fresh Prince and Vanilla Ice are the worst rap names ever.

    Wesley Matthews, to some people, basically back stabbed the Jazz when he signed an offer sheet from Portland while denying at the same time that Utah (the team that gambled and developed him as a player) had something on the table.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Barnes punched a player that was probably pissing him off during the course of a game. Beasley went at a fan that had no direct involvement in the game. I’m not saying that what Barnes did is justifiable, but Beasley’s punk ass going at a fan is just stupid. I mean, how the hell does an NBA ballplayer even give a flying f*** what fans are saying during a summer league game? People talk shit all the time, but now since there are no consequences to being a jackass and pushing a fan in the face, Beasley goes after him? Dude had so much talent but he’s just an example of God-given talent put to waste…

  • Promoman

    The thing about pickup/street games is that a lot of cats will talk & start shit with other people, especially at major spots. Hell, I’ve seen guys that like to try to punk people who’re on their team. I’m behind Matt Barnes for beating that guy’s ass and that guy who got mushed by Beasley is a pussy plain & simple. You talk shit, get dealt with, and then cry about it on video. If you run your mouth or are one of the guys who likes to be cute and play MMA instead of basketball, then you should be man enough to have that heart when your target comes for that ass. We all know guys who like to hide behind others and rules when they’re about to or after they get fucked up after starting the whole situation in the first place. It’s not a good look to go from Billy Badass to Betsy.

  • Amos Leak


  • jzsmoove

    i’m starting to hate all this hoopla about signing somewhere else by any NBA player. if you are gonna sign, sign the damn thing already. enuff bullshit. they just magnifying the lockout is nothing but a financial issue, bottomline. all about the benjies.

  • SayItAintSo

    @8 Approximately 7% of the players are rumored to go overseas will actually sign and go overseas. The other 93% of those rumors are like thinly veiled complaints directed at the owners:

    D-Wade: – “Don’t MAKE ME sign in China, Mr. Arison!”

  • Big Island

    Drayne Rade in china would be gold. He’ll get hurt, wear even worse clothes, and sell some shoes. And then really try to rip off KDizzle.

    I’ll let Steph slide because you have to do dumb shit for weddings. Hell, I had to wear a gold tux in 117 degree heat in a church with no AC for my boy’s wedding. I filled every pocket with some of those cold packs that you crumble up. I even bought some tighty brief things and had a nice 6×4 flat package.

    Anyone who has ever played pickup basketball enough has gotten in a fight. Going after a fan is dumb. Ask Ron Artest how that works out for you.

  • s.bucketz

    once again..thank u dimemag for the heads up that durant and beasley were gunna b in dyckman ..how are u guys a basketball mag based outta NY and not know that NBA players are gunna b around here..smh

    beasley is prob hopin for a lock out cuz he knows next time he comes to NY he gunna get murked..them boys up at dyckman dont fuck around

  • Doc

    them boys fucked around that day cause he mugged one of they punk asses on camera.

  • Lee

    Hey, no nba so might as well hit as many fans as possible, cant do that when the season starts again!

  • suberzat

    mayne i dont know what yall talking about beasley did what he had to do the dude shouldnt have been talking and if u getting scored on to just apart of the game thats all tempters run high and plus they out there playing street ball league play or not

  • First & Foremost

    Dwayne Wade a business man… Isn’t he being sued by his business partner for being the reason their businesses failed?
    Top 3 reasons to hate Wade:
    1) Dating Star Jones
    2) Backing out of business deals after someone else has already put up their money to get it started.
    3) Pre-game Coughing / 2nd half celebrating

  • JBaller

    Beas is a punk ass loser. Grow up and play the game like a man. Kid’s league is in the past.