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Giveaway: Deuce Brand X Red Bull King Of The Rock Watch

This summer on the Red Bull King of the Rock tour, somes players that have played have been hooked up. In addition to jerseys, headbands, sweatbands and special collabo tees, those players also received a limited edition Deuce Brand x Red Bull King of the Rock watch. Now we want to share part of the experience with you, giving a lucky reader the chance to win one. Check it out:

Deuce Brand X Red Bull King Of The Rock Watch

If you want to get your hands on this, answer the following question:

Who’s the best one-on-one player on the planet right now?

While the best answer will win, if you want to guarantee one, make sure you hit up this Saturday’s qualifier in Norfolk, Va. If you’re interested in playing, e-mail us at KOTR@dimemag.com and we can start your application process. Or call our special King of the Rock athlete line at 917.651.5414.

For more information, visit www.redbullusa.com/kingoftherock.

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  • Nick

    Kevin Durant. While he is one of the most talented and skilled players in the world, it’s his length that would really put him over the edge in one-on-one. Plus the guy has ice in his veins for the pressure! DAMN YOU PORTLAND!!

  • Brazzle

    Carmelo Anthony

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    I’m going to go with Dirk Nowitzki just based on how the season ended. Dirk being 7’0 with an outside shot and the fact that he can hit that fade with no effort. If there were rules and you could only score down low, Zach Randolph might shock fans and win it.

  • Nick

    I’d pay money to watch KD and Dirk play a game of one-on-one.

  • http://swiatkoszykowki.bloox.pl Mike G

    I hate him but i must admit it- It Will be Kobe Bryant fo’ so’

  • Terri S Crum

    I would have to say Kobe Bryant!

  • Chris McCutcheon

    Kobe Bryant, no question. Although some may say his speed,athletic ability, etc. may have slowed down, he has improved his pivot moves, fakes, etc. so one on one he is unstoppable. That’s why Kobe will continue to be great one on one, he will find new ways to improve his game in all way possible.

  • Allen

    Since I don’t know much about anyone outside the country or playing on the streets I must go with an NBA player. As much as I dislike LeBron James I got to go with him because of his strength and size. Though he would choke on game point.

  • bobby stew

    If you watch any real intense one on one games they usually become physical slugfests in the paint. Guards dont stand a chance. For those reasons I choose Dwight Howard

  • WillKoz

    Jamal Crawford!!! After you watch this you cant say no!


  • Chauuu

    Although I’m reaching out from the T-Dot, Canada reppin’ some major Canadian pride, my selection of the BEST one-on-one player goes out to Brandon Jennings. Shake you left, shake you right, hit you with the floater or the southpaw fade-away. Heart of champion!

  • http://www.LyndiJoDeLisio.com Lyndi DeLisio

    Streetball? Gotta be Hot Sauce!!!

  • James Blackburn

    You know, I was going to go w/ an NBA player, and I was going to say Carmelo, but that would be an easy cop out- so I am going to have to say the best 1 on 1 player is Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones. With his combination of size, strengh, athleticism and just raw talent makes him unstoppable to stop in a 1 on 1 matchup- he allready won the Red Bull 1 on 1 contest in DC and I believe he will win the entire tourney. I have seen him play in person at a ABA tryout several years ago, and he really surprised me- you saw him on the AND 1 tour and you thought he can just jump and he couldnt play real basketball. Man he was killing- best one in the gym by far- he can shoot, dribble, and get to the rim. He knows the game and is a nightmare to guard.

  • Ben

    Kobe Bryant.

    No one can deny that Kobe has lost SOME athleticism. Being the best one on one player doesn’t require as much athletic ability as some may think. Kobe may have the best post skill, and the best basketball IQ in the NBA. His scoring is on par with MJ’s, and his defense is off the charts. Not only will he drop buckets on the opposing player, he will shut them down. Kobe still remains the best one on one basketball player in the world.

  • Syed Hussain

    Kobeeee alll dayyyy! that jumper cant be beattt espicially on 1 on 1, in games he gets double teamed and hits those so how wouldnt he just against one defender!

  • http://facebook ronn bendanillo

    LeBron James. overall offense/defense he will be very hard to beat on a one on one game provided you have to bet 10 million dollars for him just to get him to play ;>))

  • Eli Brodlie

    Has to be Jimmer Freddette if he gets the ball first and its winners. Has unlimited range and an uncanny ability to get to the rim when pressed out on. With all the threes he makes the game would be over before you could tie your shoe laces.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    It would depend on the matchups, would Dirk be quick enoguh to be on the perimeter against even Stephen Curry? Or could Chris Paul guard Marc Gasol down low? So what I did is come up with a tournament of who I think is the best 10 players in the game are with Kobe and Lebron getting a bye of the 1st round because they are the #1 and #2 seed. Let’s start off by the rankings of the top 10 players in the world. (#1 Kobe Bryant) (#2 Lebron James) (#3 Kevin Durant) (#4 Dwight Howard) (#5 Dirk Nowitzki) (#6 Dwayne Wade) (#7 Derrick Rose) (#8 Chris Paul) (#9 Carmelo Anthony) (#10 Amare Stoudemire)In the 1st Round #3 Durant defeats #10 stoudemire by knocking down a feel more outside shots and he wins 21-16. 1st Round #4Dwight Howard eventhough much stronger than Melo (Or anyone for that matter) just can’t guard Melo on the perimeter and when not dunking can’t hit a shot and Melo pulls off the first upset winning 21-14. 1st Round #5 Dirk Nowitzki plays #8 Chris Paul and again as Dirk would be my favorite, I simply just can’t see him staying with Paul and again another upset as Chris Paul wins 21-18 over Dirk. 1st Round #6 Dwayne Wade goes up against Derrick Rose, the best matchup of the 1st round. Dwayne Wade barely pulls it of ina win by two scenario of 23-21 over Rose. 2nd round #2 Lebron James is just to much for #8 Chris Paul and wins 21-15 as they both are tremendous shooters and Lebron can stay with him and Lebron is just to strong for Paul. #1 seed Kobe Bryant is playing #6 seed Dwayne Wade and this actually (might be the best one on one matchup in the world)Kobe comes out on top 21-18 over Dwade there talents are very similar, but Kobe just is a little better. 3rd Round #2 Seed Lebron James plays #3 seed Kevin Durant, as for many would think Durant can shoot better, but LEbron is alot better on defense and it came down to Lebron just barely holding off Durant by winning 21-18 over Durant. 3rd Round #1 seed Kobe Bryant goes up against #9 seed Carmelo Anthony and again with a huge upset Carmelo was just to big for Kobe as he wears down Kobe and instead of matching shot for shot he plays smart and holds the ball and bangs with Kobe and wins 21-19. Now for the Championship #2 seed Lebron James versus #9 seed Carmelo Anthony, they go toe to toe as for they are tied at 18 Lebron freezes Carmelo,but misses a bunny and Melo grabs the board and drains a deep ball to go up 20-18 and Lebron just can’t get it out of his head and misses again before Melo gets the ball and hits a 16 footer to win it all. Carmelo Anthony is the one on one champion!

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    I meant to say Lebron and Paul aren’t tremendous shooters.

  • Clk360

    Lisa Leslie or Chase Budinger! Duh

  • Aram

    ‘melo. “there are two unguardable players in tha nba – carmelo anthony and dirk nowitzki” – charles barkley on bill simmons podcast.

    melo cause hes got the deepest arsenal of moves in the nba.

  • Adam

    Kobe Bryant, because until the day he retires, he is the best basketball players on the planet and the man with 5 rings.