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Hall Of Fame Class Of 2011 Presenters Announced; Nate Robinson Wants NFL Shot

Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson (photo. Matt Brown)

At least we have to give David Stern some credit. After Spencer Hawes ripped into him about making too much money, Stern did admit he won’t be commanding a salary AT ALL during this work stoppage. He says he didn’t in 1999, and doesn’t think he will now either, saying even one dollar is too much. Take that Roger Goodell After we broke the news that Jordan Farmar was seriously thinking about signing in Israel, he went through with it yesterday. But instead of signing with Maccabi Haifa, he penned a contract with their rivals, Maccabi Tel Aviv. Our hope was that the two teams had a bidding war for him. First one to offer a million gets a career backup!Stan Van Gundy is nicer than Allen Iverson, God Shammgod and Skip 2 My Lou combined … We aren’t sure how we feel about this whole “tattoo your favorite player on your leg” trend, so the fact that someone got Kobe‘s face on their leg in ridiculous detail is either very creepy or kinda dope. We’ll go with creepy. Imagine if you’re over at your boy’s crib watching TV, he puts his feet up on the table, and all you see is Kobe’s mug staring at you for like an hour straight? … Nate Robinson wants to play football. He really does. On Twitter, Robinson reached out to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about a tryout. Carroll didn’t completely turn him down either, and it actually makes sense considering USC was one of the teams that recruited Robinson out of high school. Could he play DB? He probably has the athleticism to do it, and his size won’t be the factor that it is in basketball. There’s just something about him – maybe the fact that he seems a little scatter-brained – that has us thinking he probably won’t commit to it. Because that’s the only way it could conceivably happen, if Robinson totally committed to giving the gridiron a shot. Do you think this would be as big of a shift as going from say, football to baseball? … Yesterday, we hooked our DimeMag.com readers up with the best block of the summer AND the best dunk of the summer … Two straight killer days in NYC by Kevin Durant? It wouldn’t have been complete without him raining buckets and completely shutting up a hater … If you’re a father who has a middle school ballplayer who’s pretty good, has some talent and has some hype, and you just so happen to run a recruiting/scouting website, what’s the logical thing for you to do? Why, rank your child No. 1 in the nation of course. This guy did, and while his kid is pretty good, it just makes for the ultimate overbearing-parent story … While the Jordan Challenge was the main attraction of 2k11, there were all sorts of rumors about this year after people saw their three covers. Turns out the rumors were true: you’re gonna be able to play challenges for 15 different NBA superstars, and there will be more classic teams than ever (Penny will be in the game for example). Every classic team will be completed from the starters to the bench as well … The Hall of Fame announced the presenters for the 2011 class, and Phil Jackson was the big winner. Not only will he present for his longtime friend Tex Winter, he will also be up there for Dennis Rodman. Arvydas Sabonis went with the logical pick, another fellow center who’s best days were taken from him, Bill Walton. And two guys with a couple of the best accents in basketball history will be together when Lou Carnesecca will present Chris Mullin … And wasn’t this whole lockout thing supposed to jeopardize a lot of current NBA players? Weren’t we supposed to believe some guys would take the time off to fool around, get in trouble, get too much ink, get fat or get arrested? With the way it’s been going, we should’ve worried about the adults…or at least the guys who can’t play anymore. Listen to this: Darius Miles was arrested at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for allegedly trying to bring a loaded firearm through security. It was found during an X-ray screening. Damn, we know he didn’t go to college, but didn’t he at least play a college student in Van Wilder? … We’re out like D-Miles’ airport etiquette.

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  • Me

    he played a college student in the perfect score.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    That kid’s dad is FULLY outta control….

  • alf (from melmak)

    Anyone have a bet on what Dennis Rodman will wear in his induction to the Hall of Fame? My gut feel is he will wear a coat and tie. Not too plain. Not too flashy. And I bet, there will be no fancy hair color for him on that day. Just black hair.

    Lastly, if Chuck Daly was alive, I bet my whole meal allowance for the week that it will be Daddy Rich instead of Phil Jackson presenting Rodman.

  • That’s What’s Up

    shit, Rodman could have Ru Paul present him for all we know

  • Dork.i.am

    I put the the odds at about 99% that Rodman will be crying his eyes out when he’s giving his speech. That dude loses it at the drop of a hat.

  • Jade

    Can parents do that :S Isn’t there some law against that…and what about an ethical code or some morals :S

  • kingralf

    I’ll always remember the story about darius miles him being to dumb to memorize all plays in the playbook


    I genuinely HATE David Stern; the NBA has succeeded in spite of him, not because of him. He was gifted Michael Jordan and has ridden MJ’s coattails way past his sell by date.

    If Nate switches to football, like you said it has to be a full, committed switch. Meaning he is leaving basketball behind. Why would anyone (after having ‘made it’ in basketball) switch to a much more physically damaging sport, where you’ll have a much shorter (No pun intended) career? Nate should just focus on being a better basketball player… I agree with you, he seems too scatter brained…

    Penny in 2K12? I <3 NBA 2K!

    NBA players being thugs is such a untrue and dare I say racist stereotype, the truly dysfunctional players are such a minority that it is unfair to assume every player is a moron. This is just the type of thing Stern has perpetuated by enforcing a dress code and painting all the players as thugs and gangsters. The vast majority of NBA players will be spending their off season/lockout doing the exact same thing we do; spend time with family and friends and play video games. If the worst thing to happen is Beasley gets caught with weed on him then I think these notion that all NBA players are thugs and stupid needs to stop FOR GOOD.

    What possesses a person to try to take a loaded gun through airport security? Seriously Shaun Rodgers tried it too… how stupid can these people BE? Miles could have been a great player, now he's just a bit of a joke. One of those idiotic players that gives the rest a bad image. I forgot him and Q-Rich and The Kandi Man were in Van Wilder… come to think of it thats way more embarrassing than trying to take a loaded gun through airport security.

    *Going to college has absolutely ZERO influence on a person's intelligence, the dumbest people I have ever met have been at college. They guys I used to work with doing manual labor and gardening are far more intelligent than anyone I've met at college.

  • jdizzle

    @Me he played a high school student throughout the movie

    @alf unfortunately thats probably all hes gonna wear, just a coat and tie…

  • J.Tobias

    D. Miles was in the movie with the kids that cheated on SAT

  • goattree

    @Carnacki – the dumb kids go to college and the smart ones drop out to work manual labour and become gardeners….riiiight? Keep pumpin’ that Kanye son.

    As for the classic HOF players in the new NBA 2K, lets hope their playing stats are reflective of their skills at the prime of their career. The new NBA Jam (for Wii at least) really dropped the ball on that one. There’s nothing worse than working to unlock Grandmama, then teaming him up with Chris Paul, only to find his stats are rated worse than current scrubs like Rashard Lewis. LJ (from the Hornets, not the busted back, 4 point play Knick) should be able to tear off the rim on everyplay. Dude was built like LeBron, but was the best PF in the game at the beginning of his career.

    Sorry about the rant, just needed to get that off my chest

  • jzsmoove

    Sabonis went with the business approach by choosing fan favorite ex-blazer Bill Walton, aaargh cant stand that fellow…”You gotta take it strong big fella, when I used to play…” just STFU.

    Darius Miles is a (insert deragatory word here). Go nuts guys. any negative adjective seems like would suit Miles just fine.



    The tense of my statement implied that I no longer work as a gardener and am currently at College. Nobody said anything about dropping out of college to become a gardener.

    I understand you maybe needed an ego boost though, because lets face it; nobody likes being told they wasted thousands of dollars/pounds on a worthless piece of paper.

    Seriously unless you are studying Mathematics or Science a degree isn’t a sign of intelligence but more than likely a sign of the student’s parent’s economic status. There are so many ‘dumb as a bag of rocks’ middle class students at my college, wasting Mummy & Daddy’s money on a 3 year degree in pub crawls.

    I’m speaking from the perspective of someone in England, take that into consideration.

  • Big Island

    A college education doesn’t mean you’re smart. Just like being a gardener doesn’t mean you’re dumb. I pay people to mow my lawn, clean my pool, and clean my house. Who’s the dummy? I went to college, got my degree, was one class short of having one in economics as well, and I am an idiot. Seriously, I am not a smart person. Tattoo a girls name on my body BEFORE I even went out with her? Yep. Put $12K into a monster truck that gets 4mpg and I live in LA? Check. Leave Hawaii where there was a HUGE demand and big $$$ for the crap that I do, not to mention my family lives out there? Did it. Like I said, I am really, really dumb. But at NO point in my life have I thought it would be a good idea to take a loaded gun into an airport.

    Dork – 99%?!?!? He will lose it. 100%. He once blocked a shot when he was in San Antonio and started crying on the court.

  • marcus the great

    college is like a stepping stone for those who have graduated high school and dont yet know what to do with their lives/ or dont know how to be successful in the real world. getting a degree doesnt necessarily make you smart either, it more than likely means you can commit yourself to something, you have goals, and/or you have good study skills.

    this from someone with a bachelor’s degree that took about 6.5 years to acquire in a discipline that i now probably dont want to work in. there are plenty of super intelligent people that didnt go to college.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    There exist people that are smart that didn’t go to college.

    There exist people that are not smart that DID go to college.

    By and large, though, people that go to college are smart, and are probably smarter than the average person that DIDN’T go to college.

    (waiting for someone to tell me that LeBron James didn’t go to college, and that was smart for him etc)

  • Phileus



  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Phileus – thanks, I waited longer than I thought I would!

  • Phileus

    Any time ;)