• JH

    The event NEEDS Kemba to suit up opposite of Jimmer. The public deserves a chance to relive the Kemba -vs- Jimmer hype that was started earlier this year.

    Am I planning on going? Yes.

    Will I pay a lot without another big name or two showing up? No.

    No disrespect…but Isiah, Tyler, & Kawhi + random scrubs aren’t enough for me to drop wads of my hard earned cash.

  • TheWB

    can anyone explain to me the pipeline that runs from UW to Sacramento? I’m not hating I think Isiah can ball, but they picked up Brockman, Hawes, and it seems like other Huskies as well. They even drafted Dickau. not a Husky but a Washington boy. Does it go back to Doug Christie?

    Again, not complaining as I am a Washington resident and UW fan. just wondering.

  • http://fantasycouch.com Mike Mital

    Alec Burcs and Enes Kanter better b there!