Playground, Video / Aug 2, 2011 / 9:00 am

Kevin Durant Takes His Talents To Rucker Park, Drops 66 Points

When word started surfacing yesterday that Kevin Durant was going to play up at Harlem’s legendary Rucker Park last night, we didn’t know if it was true. But for anyone that made it up NYC’s Mecca of hoops, they were in for more than a treat as KD dropped 66 points including 9-of-11 from three-point range, leading DC Power to a 99-93 win over the Sean Bell All-Stars in the Entertainers Basketball Classic. With that, here are some highlights from the night with numerous clips after the jump.

For a full account of the game, go HERE.

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  • jzsmoove

    he may be playing 1 on 9 but KD is off da hook!! i love this guy!! its so hard not to like him.

  • jwest

    KD is a beast.

  • Ken

    KD! Shutting. It. Down.

    In that first video.

  • da real “RONDO”


  • deeds

    amazing…all i can say

  • Roc1980

    Impressive showing at Rucker but he’s showing that he can’t be guarded anywhere!

    So last summers National team was clearly ‘his’ team… Question: Is it still ‘his’ team when the Olympics roll around? Especially with the likes of Lebron, Wade, Rose, Melo, and potentially Kobe…

  • M Intellect

    Dude dribbled to same spot four times in a row and canned a three. They couldn’t even stop him from getting to the spot, let alone stop or even contest the shot…

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think I heard him yelling “Rain Drops” every time he let it go

  • s.bucketz

    ummmm…if u heard about it durin the day yesterday…where was the heads-up for ur faithful readers??ass

  • Big Island

    s.bucketz – I live in Cali so it’s no biggie biggie biggie, but it’s a little f’d up. You didn’t know about that? Hmm. Strange. No, I knew yesterday afternoon, I just didn’t think anyone would be interested in seeing the NBA’s leading scorer rape people at Rucker.

    I can’t lie, I sat here with my coffee and sat dead still when the last 3 went up. Flat out filthy.

  • B

    lol, gotta love the african americans jumpin around the court. no offense though.

  • Hansome Vinny

    Absurd… Impossible not to like the guy.

  • da real “RONDO”

    @B, I saw a bunch “European Americans” in there as well, no offense though, haha

  • Herb

    What’s wrong with that annoying announcer?

  • Tre H

    Forget the Lockup call all the pros to get that Rucker summer league back to its hay day.

  • ab40

    nice.. even at the rucker they have a 24 seccond clock. Pro up ncaa and go there

  • ab40

    btw can’t we get lebron on one team and durant on the other? that’d be nice and an old school rucker showdown

  • Tdot

    Did anybody else see the guy in the blue shirt swing at KD around the begginning of the first vid?

  • SWAT

    i cant believe i got to see KD play here at UT. damn i should hv went to more games!