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Kobe Bryant Runs The Drew League & Perry Jones Doesn’t Want To Be A Raptor

Perry Jones

Perry Jones (photo. Matthew Minard/Baylor Photography)

If ever there was a story that was very Kobe-like, then the tale of how his game at the Drew League came to be is definitely it. If you aren’t up on your summer league scheduling, the Drew League finished recently with a championship. Kobe’s people called just before the title game was about to be played, saying he wanted in, or wanted the chance to play. Of course, no league is going to throw him in for the championship. That’s just wrong. So instead, they adopted the idea of a celebrity/All-Star/random game for Kobe. Bryant called them back a few days later and said he wanted to play at 2 o’clock on Tuesday, and it had to be in the specific gym. The Drew League commish told him they don’t play at those times, but decided to try it anyways. Naturally, Kobe basically made the league create a random game for him to play in, and then choose the time and day when it would take place. And he did all of this because he wanted to shut down the same gym that LeBron and Durant had created a buzz in earlier this summer … It was also reported that Kobe had signed a deal with the Chinese team, Shanxi Zhongyu, for next season. But not long after that hit the net, the truth came down from the Chinese Basketball Association, saying they will block NBA players under contract from playing there … Was that Georgetown/Bayi Rockets brawl one of the worst ones you’ve ever seen? It was almost scary violent … In somewhat of a surprise, Kevin Durant is the best finisher at the rim in the league. The Thunder All-Star made a league-high 77 percent of his shots at the rim last year, which is even higher than Dwight Howard. Rounding out the top five were Kevin Garnett, Al Horford and Wilson Chandler. It has to be that Pteranodon-like wingspan. People don’t understand what a benefit it is to have really long arms and huge hands on the basketball court … Sorry Toronto fans, but if any of you want the squad to eventually pick Baylor’s Perry Jones, you might want to think otherwise. Jones told a reporter he would be upset if the Raptors drafted him because he doesn’t like going through customs. We can’t tell if he’s being serious or if he’s joking … Rumors about NBA 2K12 are leaking, including one that the 1993 Charlotte Hornets will be included, as well as the 2002 Sacramento Kings as a bonus for pre-orders. Will they have the ’93 Charlotte court as well? The Beehive. One of our favorites. We are definitely editing Muggsy Bogues and giving him a 100 dunk rating … One cool thing about the lockout is that it has allowed Chase Budinger to fulfill his destiny as one of the world’s greatest volleyball players. Well, maybe not the greatest, but at least a pretty good one. He will be playing this weekend at the Corona Light Wide Open beach tournament in Hermosa Beach. If you’ve never been to a volleyball game, you’re missing out. The appeal of the women’s game is obvious, but with the men, some of those dudes can really fly. With the way he can jump, Chase used to make it all look stupid in high school … And Jalen Rose was released from prison after serving 16 days for a DUI. The best part about it is the dude was tweeting from jail…or at least someone was updating his Twitter page. Imagine what the other inmates must’ve been thinking while they watched … We’re out like Jones in Canada.

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  • beiber newz

    You guys hear about the possibility that Stern may make Michael Jordan a victim of a lockout violation? After Jordan gave a few nice words on Bogut’s game and how Bogut will be a star to be reckoned with in the future, reports are surfacing that Jordan should look out for a fine for his mention of an NBA athlete’s name. Was the amount a cool million for any violation and or loss of draft picks? That’s crazy, for mentioning just names. I feel like the owners may be looking for that one controversy involving Stern in order to throw a mutiny. Owners have probably been convening in secrecy about the possibility of the commissioner being involved in a scandal and going over plans on what to do in such an instance.

    On another note, the lockout is a huge conspiracy. Stern is just seeing this as an opportunity for the American public to watch the WNBA. If there is no NBA basketball, there will be some who have to watch some form of pro basketball, and will turn to Lisa Leslie and crew. Once he has a new audience penetrate that market, he will then steamroll ahead into fixing the woes of the NBA’s CBA. He is going to use the absence of the male game to enhance the women’s brand. This lockout WILL shed more light of the female game.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    And……I hate Perry Jones.

  • beiber newz

    something he said?

  • yoda

    well, at least those kids in the brawl hit someone and not like thugs-wanna-be’s in nba. not that i applaud them but still. and that rocket team showed up how you stud up for your teammate. georgetown guy throwed first punch.
    as for volleyball, those guys can really leap.

  • beiber newz

    NBA players think about A LOTTT of shit before taking a swing on the court, on TV, in front of fans and stuff. College kids have no BRAND to worry about. College kids don’t worry about their image affecting their next contract or endorsement. Look how hard Artest is working to restore his image. Also, (aside from the obvious loss of salary) missing important games can be a factor. So although I share your sentiment about the kids actually making contact with someone instead of the stare-u-down, talk-my-shit, get-held-back on court incidents we see in the NBA, please understand that professionals have a lot more to think about before taking that first swing.


    Georgetown got punked, case closed.

    If I were any team in the NBA I’d be putting Perry Jones on my ‘undraftable’ list. No player should express a dislike for going to ANY team. I don’t think he needs to worry, the only way Toronto would draft him is if he was a European forward called Paris (Pronounced Paree) Jones.

    LOL all the lockout will do is push people into the welcoming arms of the: NFL, EPL & NHL. Ain’t nobody EVER going to watch the WNBA. They could lock the NBA out for 10 years and the WNBA wouldn’t be any more popular.

    NBA 2K; the gift that keeps on giving.

    Chase Budinger is awesome… somehow he just looks like he’d be a volleyball player.

    Somewhere in his nice house, with his beautiful wife, surrounded by fine art and literature, sipping on a finely matured cabernet. Grant Hill is laughing at Jalen Rose.

    I’m out, like Jalen is from prison… BOOM.

  • yoda

    @ beiber

    i know that, but i’m sick and tired of fake thugs in nba. if they don’t want to fight in public but they have some dispute, they should stop running their mouths and go find some gym and beat the crap out of each other behind close doors.

  • beiber newz

    LOL @ no1 caring about the NBA. Yes, the lockout will help the NFL. Regardless, I’ve seen people who when the NBA season is over, may watch a little bit of women’s ball. Now that no NBA is here, their intrigue may grow. I shouldn’t call it intrigue, it’s more like when you go into a fast food joint. And you want to order chicken, but they tell you they have no breasts. So you get a thigh. You end up eating thighs because there are no breasts. Naturally, one might form a better relationship with thighs due to the absence of breast, LMAO I don’t know why I made that connection.

    Anyway GUYS !!!! There is another conspiracy I’ve formulated. Perhaps this lockout is something that Stern really wants to happen. Think about it. Owners are smart. They know the lockout will lose money, but they are thinking about the long run. If no athlete is to be paid by the league, they know that their players will take their talent overseas. Stern for years has been talking about the global outlook of his game. NBA Basketball would benefit greatly from international exposure and Stern knows his players will go overseas. And it’s not the Rafer Alston’s or Janero Pargo’s taking their talents across the water, it’s the game’s top flight athletes marketing themselves internationally. Because of this, the NBA will have more notoriety in places across the world. It’s immensely better for Stern when guys like Durant, Kobe and Wade are talking about going. Stern can’t be any happier knowing his players are giving his game free marketing. Stern knew what this lockout would do. He is always claiming about expanding his league by adding pro teams out the country. The more these guys talk about getting money playing this sport in places like China, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, etc. the more Stern smiles knowing that in the long run, this will build the global brand of the National Basketball Association.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Not a fan of Perry Jones anyway. From what i’ve seen, he’s too timid and doesn’t show that Type-A personality/attitude. He’s nice but he doesn’t seem like a player teammates will rally around. <–something the Raptors have been searching for for a long time.
    As a Torontonian, I'm glad he said what he did… now it's much less likely that Colangelo will take him over someone who just wants to play. The 2012 Class has a lot of other talent to choose from anyway.

  • Knicksfan84

    As an a fan of multiple sports.. I don’t mind the NBA missing a season.. The Knicks up prices 49% from last season which is ROBBERY! For $250 my boy and I sat behind the basket for Game 1 in Miami 1st Round… $250 can’t even get you in the building now for Knicks games…

  • First & Foremost

    Aside from a few girls not knowing how to make layups, the WNBA isn’t that bad. They do have some gems, Maya Moore has a better midrange game than Lebron James…easily!

  • jzsmoove

    kobe’s second middle name is egocentric maniac.

    I was youtubing randomly yesterday and finally settled on scottie pippen joints. if you wanna talk about long arms and big hands, scottie better be in that convo. and the strides, my god. imo scottie playing the point forward is still undervalued even now. he toyed with grown men. to me he resembles Lebron more on the court (just less stockier)with his dribbling and passing skills and attacking the basket. they both jus power dunk too rather than a flashy dunk.

  • beiber newz

    You guys remember a few days ago where somebody was getting on Andrew Bynum about why people consider him THAT good of a center, claiming there are many other centers in the game that are simply better to have for any franchise? Well, here is an excerpt of what I found on the CBS Sports website on their rankings of the top 100 players:

    “Nobody in the NBA causes more people to slap their foreheads than Bynum: he’s yet to approach his potential on the court, has a lengthy injury history and has repeatedly resorted to some of the dirtiest play seen anywhere in the modern NBA. For all his faults and immaturity, he has shown the ability to be the best center in the NBA not named Dwight Howard by simply overpowering defenders and playing over the top of them, finishing at the rim with an emphatic dunk or a soft touch. He doesn’t have ideal mobility but he is still a legit paint presence defensively, even able to control games at times. The progress he’s made in expanding his offensive repertoire gives hope for the future, as does his expressed desire to carry more of the load. Bynum will likely see his ceiling stunted a bit by the final chapter of Kobe Bryant’s career, but that shouldn’t prevent him from being a perennial All-Star and top-10 player eventually. Only the injuries offer a legitimate roadblock to greatness.”

    Some important things in this that definitely stood out:

    “he has shown the ability to be the best center in the NBA not named Dwight Howard”

    “a legit paint presence defensively, even able to control games at times.”

    “ceiling stunted a bit by the final chapter of Kobe Bryant’s career, but that shouldn’t prevent him from being a perennial All-Star and top-10 player eventually.”

    “Only the injuries offer a legitimate roadblock to greatness.”

    So there you have it.(Keep in mind this list was made by an analyst and not by a random Joe Schmoe’s Blog)

  • Celts Fan

    am I the only thinking Kobe comes off like a friggin child here? I want to play but it’s going to be here at this time or I’m taking my ball and going home. Dude, you missed the boat and got jealous about what Bron and Durant were doing and getting buzz. Show up at the league or don’t, but don’t pull this entitled BS he pulled. what a chump this guy is.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Kobe claims he’s not a prima donna but really? Who else pulls this type of stunt? I bet he was so pissed when they told him he couldn’t just going a team for the championship game, too…

  • Skeeter McGee

    couldn’t just join* a team…

  • yentron

    Great job recycling ESPN TrueHoop content, Dime.

  • Dan Tanner

    That brawl made my balls tingle. I love young chinese boys punching young black boys. God that was insatiable!

  • First & Foremost

    Had it only been Durant lighting up the league, Kobe would have let it slide. However, Lebron came to town UNANNOUNCED, while Kobe was in the philippines.

    All Kobe did was remark his territory.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO you guys see the gym he played in????


    While im sure it was a bitch move it isnt like the Drew league wasnt chomping at the bit for it to happen..

    Kobe the man is definetely a spoiled lil kid

    Kobe the player??? why he gotta freak Harden like that in the summertime?? lol

  • Skeeter McGee

    Now Kobe against LeBron at the Rucker… someone needs to make that happen.

  • beiber newz

    Do you guys know why we haven’t seen too many one-on-one games between NBA superstars since the establishment of the association? Because both sides understand whichever player loses, their brand will be hurt, sneaker sales, jersey sales, basically anything related brand-wise will hurt the losing player. I can see it now, Kobe plays 1-on-1 with Lebron. Lebron beats Kobe and Nike stops production of Kobe posters or something of that nature. Any kid at a playground wearing Kobe’s sneakers will get teased constantly when he messes up by people saying, “it gotta be the shoes.”

  • drew

    some nba stars going at it h2h in the rucker is where it’s at.