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Prayer For A Perfect Season: An HBO Documentary You Can’t Miss

Michael Gilchrist & Derrick Gordon

Michael Gilchrist & Derrick Gordon (photo. Richard Orr Sports)

While I tend to disagree, people often say that high school basketball is “the last pure platform of the sport.” Where the NBA and even college ball have become all about business (see: lockout, NCAA Tournament ad dollars), high school hoop is played primarily for the love of the game. (I mean, those were my glory days.) So thankfully this fall HBO is coming out with a documentary, Prayer For A Perfect Season, on New Jersey basketball powerhouse St. Patrick High School (Elizabeth, N.J.) after following them throughout the 2010-11 season.

The feature-length doc chronicles the extraordinary effort of Coach Kevin Boyle and his players – most notably Kentucky freshman Michael Gilchrist and Western Kentucky freshman Derrick Gordon – whose journey ends in a winner-take-all showdown for the mythical national championship against arch-rival St. Anthony High School of Jersey City. Capturing the intersection of two forces – the soaring media interest in the big game, and the decline of Catholic school programs – Prayer For A Perfect Season illuminates the real-life issues players and coaches confront during the season.

Directed by Marc Levin, Prayer For A Perfect Season premieres Tuesday, October 25th at 9 p.m. EST/PST, exclusively on HBO.

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  • s.bucketz

    St Anthonys allll day….but fuck catholic high schools teams in general..the public schools can only work wit wut kid came outta ther moms coochie and located in their town while all the catholic schools in north NJ are bringin in kids from NY or jus takin the best players away from their towns

  • Eric

    counter piece to The Street Stops Here?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ Eric

    Different story altogether.

  • nelly

    whoever said that high school basketball is the last pure platform is stupid… he must of not seen all the high school coaches trying to move to college or all the background action that goes on in trying to get a kid to a certain college…

  • JM

    Since then Boyle is now making $$ as HS coach at Montaverde Academy in Florida. Gave him 130k/yr plus car and house on campus.

    St. Pat’s will probably fold in another 2-3 years. I will really be surprised if they remain open without Boyle. Just like St. Ant’s will when Hurley steps down.

    Crazy to see these powerhouses play for a national title and only be like 20 miles from each other. If that. Throw in there St. Ben’s in Newark and you typically have 3 top 5 teams in the nation within 10-20 miles from each other. Nuts.

    Also, SP – lineup at one time 3 yrs ago…had Dex Strickland(sr), Kyrie Irving (jr), and Michael Gilchrest (soph).