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The NBA’s 10 Best Kill Moves

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Nike Basketball)

I have a question.

What are your thoughts on “Squirrel Week?” Would you watch it? Yes? Maybe? It would be a week long special; 24 hours a day, taking a look into the lives of squirrels. Episodes would include their characteristics and behaviors, along with the different species of squirrel and their indigenous roots. What they eat and where they live, as well as the origin of their name and where they were discovered. Squirrel experts would weigh in, breaking down the squirrel family tree and their various rodent relatives; similarities and differences – explaining what makes each species of squirrel so unique (I can’t believe I just typed that).

The answer is no. No one would watch this show. “Squirrel Week” would be worse than an episode of “Rizzoli and Isles.” It would be a ratings disaster. A networks worst nightmare. A catastrophe of XFL-like proportions. But there’s a reason no one would watch “Squirrel Week,” and it’s deeper than just, “who gives a s— about squirrels?”

No one would watch because squirrels eat acorns. No one would watch because squirrels are scared of ice. No one would watch because squirrels suck.

That’s why no one would watch.

Now, if Squirrels all of a sudden quadrupled in size and became a dog-eating-child-snatching-neighborhood-executioner, then people would watch. 35-pound squirrels leaping out of trees, chasing down bikes, ripping through fences – now that’s a show (you know you’d watch). See, we Americans like violent entertainment. It’s as simple as that. Put on a violent movie and we’re completely encapsulated, like a dog with a chew toy. Why do you think the five highest grossing Xbox 360 games are all rated “M for Mature?” BECAUSE WE LIKE VIOLENCE!!!

Having said that, this is a basketball website so my squirrle-slasher must come to an end. But in the honor of “Shark Week” and their underwater extermination, here’s a list of the ten best “kill moves” in the NBA.


10. Ray Allen Corner Jump Shot
Not the most physically imposing “kill move,” but technically the most deadly (worth three points). When Allen spots up in the corner, sets his feet and readies his hands, you might as well just put it in the book. The Boston sharpshooter needs little to no room to get off his jumper. But he’s not one dimensional – possessing the ability to hit shots on the move as well as fading away. Allen is a sniper and prefers to do most of his work from the corner. Take your eyes off him for just a second and it’s three points on the board.

9. Kevin Durant Rip Through
Definitely the most inventive and creative of the “kill moves.” Durant uses the defenders on-ball pressure to his advantage, ripping the rock up through the defenders out-stretched hands as he attempts to shoot the ball. This action automatically creates a shooting foul and the possibility for a three-to-four point play. Not only does this move consistently send Durant to the line, it gets defenders in foul trouble thus alleviating the pressure applied on him. Kevin – you’re so clever.

8. Derrick Rose Floater
Tony Parker‘s move, but a Derrick Rose modification. Once Rose gets into the lane – no matter which direction he’s facing – his quick trigger allows him to get off the floater whenever he wants. Because he’s rarely squared up on his drives, defender have trouble anticipating when the floater is coming. And with Rose’s elite athleticism and superior leaping ability, the shot is almost impossible to block.

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  • GMK

    One of the most brilliant and yet utterly pointless introductions of the year.

    Just outstanding…

    You deserve a pay rise – tell the boss to call me.

  • GMK


    No love for the NBA Owners shutting down an entire NBA season?

    Surely that is a top 10 kill move…

  • Big Island

    I’d watch a little bit of squirrel week. I love squirrels. I have a few outside of my front door that eat out of your hand and stuff.

  • Johnny Knox

    What’s wrong with the squirrel? I would watch. In fact, if I could be any animal, it would probably be a squirrel. Maybe they are not powerful, or fast, and they hardly put fear into anyone or anything, but have you ever watched them. They look like they are having fun ALL the time. Plus, have you seen Ice Age. That squirrel is the man.

  • mmm

    i really like your style, not run of the mill stats and stuff. your style is entertaining and informative…i look forward to your articles, keep up the great job!

  • heckler

    #1 KILL MOVE:


    end trans.

  • GMK


    NBA Owners own the number one spot on this list…

  • Detroit Dave

    Carmelo Anthony jab step.

  • s.bucketz

    i would watch squirrel week fo sho…jus to find out if squirrels actually take shits…has any1 ever seen a squirrel take a shit??or stepped in squirrel shit???ther are billions of squirrels and i have never heard of any1 ever seein squirrel shit..its like mythological or some shit…

    and yea one of melo’s moves gotta b on here..even dime has called him the most complete offensive player in the NBA and he doesn’t have 1 spot on here??i love dirk and all but u guys sippin that kool-aid a lil too hard..only way dirk wooda been #1 on a list 2 years ago is if it was a list of the biggest chokers..im jus sayin

  • Celts Fan

    STOP IT W/ THIS REVISIONIST HISTORY BS. Dirk is not one of the best ever. He’s been soft, unclutch and a bad defender/rebounder for much of his career (HE ADMITTED AS MUCH AFTER THE FINALS THIS YEAR.) He’s become average-to-above-average lately in those areas (except clutch, where he’s pulled a complete 180) and is a sure-fire HOFer but let’s not act like the guy belongs in the same sentence as KG, Chuck, McHale, etc.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DonCharlionne hollywud15

    Melos jab step? how do u leave that off the list… it’s the most potent weapon in the clutch

  • jzsmoove

    boring and long as hell intro wtf??
    Melo should be on this list, take away Randolph from it. wait, is scott horlbeck a penname for Austin Burton therefore the manlove on Zack?

  • John

    What makes Melo’s jab step different from anyone else’s jab step. Does he jab the hardest? Step out the farthest? No. What he does after the jab step is what makes him deadly. But the step itself is not a kill move. Are you kidding?

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    wow an Austin Burton reference, havent seen one of those for a couple months now.

  • JJ

    I’m a Lakers fan and when Dirk hit that 21 ft one footer spin fade thing on Pau I was just mouth open thinking what in the fuck was that.

  • P

    Young KG one hand spin in the line…Nasty

  • Sean Sweeney

    My personal favorite kill move is the Derek Fisher flop. Unstoppable

  • Detroit Dave

    @13, Melo’s jab step needs to be on the list because its the MOST EFFECTIVE JAB in the WORLD.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    This is how you know you’ve made it to the top of the sport: any time your name is mentioned on a forum, it’s automatically dragged through the mud @sbucketz and @Celts Fan haha

  • Big Island

    Celts fan is mad today. It’s an article that started off with a squirrel analogy dude. Dirk’s fadeaway is real nice. Maybe not #1, but top 10 for sure. A bigger joke is Ray’s corner jumper. So a wide open shot from the shortes 3 point spot in the league is deadly? But Celts fan ain’t mad at that.

  • flegman

    we have seen No 10 and the top 6 ó all in the nba finals in recent years. Except for No 3, mu-ha-ha.

    dwight’s putback is not a move. a move is that you can reproduce with success whenever you want. not only when the ball flies your direction… if that was a move, and that was one(?) of Dwight’s post moves, then he has no post moves. Ah, yes, he has no post moves.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Lebron’s Kill move should be choking in the Finals…He pulls that move off pretty consistently.

  • flegman

    @Celts Fan: come on, KG choked for like ten years before finally got to the west conf finals. and LOST.
    your comment is totally nonsense, did you follow the league? lately? No?!?

    Celts Fan says:

    STOP IT W/ THIS REVISIONIST HISTORY BS. Dirk is not one of the best ever. He’s been soft, unclutch and a bad defender/rebounder for much of his career (HE ADMITTED AS MUCH AFTER THE FINALS THIS YEAR.) He’s become average-to-above-average lately in those areas (except clutch, where he’s pulled a complete 180) and is a sure-fire HOFer but let’s not act like the guy belongs in the same sentence as KG, Chuck, McHale, etc.

  • Mo

    Rose’s floater isn’t better than Paul’s or Parker’s but I guess you guys had to put the MVP in there somewhere.


  • Sam

    Travis Outlaw has the #1 kill move in basketball. He stands on the perimeter, does a few crossovers, and then kicks the ball off of his foot or throws up a clunker. It killed the Nets all year.

  • Jason

    Remove Wade’s euro-step and put in his pull back crossover.


  • ball in my hand

    what about the owner’s “lockout kill move”?

  • Mico

    Jamal Crawford shake and bake

  • Lee

    Eddy Curry’s kill move … Lunch!

  • Ian

    so wait
    number 6 move is really manus and you give it to wade
    number 8 move is really parkers and you give it to rose
    number 9 move is really duncans and you give it to durant

    oh and celts fan
    kg and chuck choked more than dirk ever has
    mchale had a super team dude was coming of the bench most of the time.

  • Sean Sweeney

    ^So you’re saying that a move has to be yours and yours alone? I dont get that. DWade uses the Euro step more than anyone I’ve ever seen, but because Manu is credited w/ bringing it mainstream, it can’t be Wade’s kill/best move?

  • JDish

    Hmm seems the article should have focused on the “kill moves” themselves rather than the players who regularly use them.

    -Name the “kill move”
    -Give a discription of the move
    -Give examples of players who utilize the move

    The left to right (& vise-versa) crossover: you set-up the defender with several left to right dribbles to get him guessing, afterwards get low in your posture and have the ball swing to your left side with a hesitation dribble -and with a baby jab step to your left- (this is the deceptive part, tricking your defender in leaning/sliding towards HIS right) Immidiately cross dribble over to your right HARD and drive to the basket to not give your defender a chance to recover.
    Example of player: Kevin Durant destroying Micheal Beasley

  • JDish

    And you could probably name the player that came up with the move. Such as in the “killer crossover” which was invented and perfected by Tim Hardaway.

  • Ian

    yes it can be wades best move but that doesnt mean he does it better than manu.
    same goes for rose his tear drop isnt better than parkers.

  • ALayne

    instead of having ray allen jumpshot in the top 10, I would have Carmelo’s spin move. Once your cut his dribble off and he spins there is no way you can get back in front of him so it’s either two points or a foul.

  • Darius

    Rajon Rondo’s behind-the-back-to-scoop layup.Everyone falls for that shot every single time he does it.It’s pretty pathetic that they haven’t not fell for it yet.