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The Alpha Male Eats First

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Rob Hammer)

To become an alpha male, you really have to fight. Again and again. If we’re talking animals, it’s an everyday struggle. Only the strongest survive, and the only way you can survive is by beating everyone and doing it nonstop. The challenges never stop coming. The next in line never stops breathing down your neck. You can make a case it’s the same way in the NBA. We assumed LeBron had the title wrapped up for a while. But with the show Kevin Durant has been putting on this summer, who knows? Yes, it’s only summer leagues (where the defense makes the Warriors look like the Bad Boy Pistons). But KD is playing with some of the top talent and outshining everyone. That has to mean something. Right? … Durant’s team, considered to be repping the Goodman League, might’ve lost the game to a squad repping the ‘Melo League, 149-141, but the OKC star dropped an insane 59. LeBron ate some of that; The two went head-to-head pretty much all night long, including a run in the first half when it felt like they were the only two guys on the floor. LeBron didn’t score as much finishing with 38, but he put the game away for good in the fourth quarter for his star-studded lineup with 12 late points. He also had a few of his customary rim assaults. KD’s rolled with a starting lineup of Jeff Green, Jarrett Jack, Roger Mason Jr. and Austin Daye (23 points) among others. But when you’re going up against a trio of monsters like LeBron, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, it’ll take more than Wheaties. ‘Melo dropped 36 and CP added 18 with some serious dishes, while Gary Neal (17 points) and Josh Selby (16 points) both played like they belonged … In a game like this, would you rather get the numbers and an L or is it still all about getting a win? We’ve heard arguments from both sides … Where are our NBA Jam fanatics at? Some big news hit the market yesterday … Some of the Dime crew was in Canton, Mass. yesterday at the Reebok headquarters for a dope event headlined by John Wall, Jason Terry, Jameer Nelson, Ramon Sessions and Isaiah Thomas. The five NBA guys trained for a day with five high school standouts from the national Reebok Challenge, playing with them, doing drills with them and even working out together. They actually went at it a few times five on five, NBA guys vs. the high schoolers, and the young fellas got a game or two (we’d be lying if we said the pros were going all out). One guy who was going all out was Wall. He was louder than everyone else in the gym combined, and doing everything on the court: rebounding, punching shots, going coast to coast. The play of the day came when Jason Terry threw a behind-the-back pass at midcourt to Nelson who then lobbed it off the glass to a trailing Wall. His one-handed dunk on that was crazy … With Rick Adelman seemingly in the driver’s seat to become the next coach of the Timberwolves, it was surprising to hear he left a Tuesday meeting with owner Glen Taylor without a contract offer. Up until this point, it was considered a formality (or at least strong indications) that Adelman would get the job. He’s the perfect fit, and is easily the favorite amongst the players and fans … On Monday, we wrote about how Ron Artest is gonna kill it on “Dancing With The Stars” in one way or another. Now we know he’s doing it and will be donating the money to cancer research. His daughter Diamond was diagnosed with wilms tumor four years ago, a kidney cancer, and Artest will turn over the $125,000 (plus whatever he gets for advancing) for research … If you’re like some of the Dime crew (a few of us finally got into keeper leagues. Some advice: if you play fantasy sports and aren’t doing keeper leagues, you need to. It makes it so much better), looking to fill out your fantasy lineups, here are the year’s top 50 keepers … And lastly, RIP @agentzeroshow. Gilbert Arenas is officially off Twitter. There goes half of our lockout entertainment. Meanwhile, checked out what he said about Javaris Crittenton about the aftermath of the guns in the locker room incident: “”You know, like some people turn over a new leaf when something bad like that changes their life. I heard Javaris went the other way — he became more ‘hood, more hardened in that way. I don’t know if that’s the case, but that’s what I heard” … We’re out like holding KD under 50.

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  • trollne1

    Why would Lebron have to score 59 if he has Melo and CP3 on his team

  • ball in my hand

    lebron need not score much to be effective. his all around skills is superb and gets the job done.


    Good thing the game wasn’t close in the 4th, or else we might see someone choking again. lol!

  • Big Island

    Why lie? In a game like that, I’d take the numbers. Nobody remembers who wins all-star or exhibition games, but dropping 59 on Lebron’s head? Yeah buddy!

    I like Adelman, I thought he would’ve been great for the Lakers, but stay away from Minny. After how they f’d with Rambis and manage their team, it’s just a bad situation.

    Dear Dime,

    Dancing with the Stars is one of the shows that my gf likes to watch and asks me to sit through. It’s not awful because the outfits the girls wear are pretty hot, and with Ron, Hope Solo, Jay Cutler and Clooney’s ex’s, it should keep me from throwing up, but it’s bad. The Bachelor shows are pretty rough. And thankfully I have softball on Thursday so no Grey’s Anatomy. I guess what I am saying to you, Dime, is that the early SMACK allows me to look like I am taking care of very serious business, or writing a memoir, or researching blue marlin migration tendencies, whatever. But I am not watching those shows. Please, for my sanity and manhood, what little is left of both, keep them coming early.

    Thank you kindly,

    Big Island

  • Big Island

    Jay Cutler’s ex and Clooney’s ex. Oh fuck me, I just posted twice about dancing with the stars. If the NBA gets cancelled, I am out. Done. My life is so miserable right now that I know things about dancing with the goddamn stars.

  • yoda

    is there any player in nba ever who turned around perception about him like metta world peace did? after that brawl, he was considered rabid animal and in past 2 years, ron is doing some great work. first he raffled his championship ring and donated money for kids who are having some issues and now he donates his dancing money for cancer research. used to hate the guy before because he was nuts, then i started to respect his devotion to defending players and now i’m starting to like him a lot because of these things he does for others.

    and why did you pick lebron as alpha male choice? for years everyone questions his “manness” and his killer instinct (which is needed to be alpha male). you could use kobe as example of alpha male. that’s my opinion only, though

  • beiber newz

    roxy reynolds

    curious to know who she is?

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Saw the top 10 highlights of that game. While it is cool to watch them dunking and shaking people, i don’t put too much into it. No one is playing D. The one time Durant “shook” Lebron, LBJ was literally just standing there waiting on KD to shoot a jumper. That’s not impressive to me.

    Actually these summer games are just further proof of how bad basketball has gotten because of the last two generations. No one plays any kind of defense and that irks the shit outta me. When I was growing up, it was an insult to let your dude score on you.
    Your teammates would start asking you “Ay man you wanna switch? Cause he killing you”. Those were fighting words back when i played.

    These summer games are a bunch of ignorant ass one on one exhibitions. It’s Allen Iverson/Steve Francis ball. I hope that bullshit doesn’t leak over into the NBA anymore than it already has.

    Oh and to answer the question. I would rather take the win than the numbers. But I guarantee if I’m Lebron James, ain’t no nigga scoring more than 20pts on me in a summer league game. I would foul out before that happens.

  • Mtx

    Ricky Davis told me you should put big numbers even if you lose

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ KDizzle: “Your teammates would start asking you “Ay man you wanna switch? Cause he killing you”. Those were fighting words back when i played.”
    ^ Yup.
    Every now and then, this old man goes to the park to shoot around and runs with the kids. I swear I would be asking for switches all the time because nobody guards anyone anymore. So when i switch, someone else goes off. Then I make another switch, and another dude starts getting points. After like 15 mins of run, I start to feel as if I’m guarding everyone. It’s horrible. I take it personally when the guy I’m guarding scores. It ain’t that hard to stay in front of guys. They just don’t do it.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    My bad ^ that quote wasn’t Dizzle… it was Chicagorilla.

  • First & Foremost

    No one rewards defense, so why do it? Would you rather hear: “Ayyy Son, I heard KD put up 59 points the other night.” or “Dawg, I heard a couple weeks ago… he held someone to twelve points!”

    People love streetball for the high scoring totals. Look at the pace of these games. Including inbounding the ball you MIGHT, you MIGHT get to 3 passes being made. And that is one of the longer possessions. If there was a 12 second shot clock no one would ever know.

    In this setting people want flash oevr substance. I could have a series of great defensive plays but as soon as my man hits a crazy fadeaway, the crowd goes wild. Where was that excitement when I pinned his shot, plucked him in the open court, or stripped him driving to the basket?

    Unfortunately for Chicagorilla, the more the NBA doesn’t allow defenders to defend, the more the league will turn into streetball. What if in boxing, boxers were penalized for playing defense because the crowd wants to see a slugfest? Fights would be wildly entertaining but you take away the fundamentals of the sport.

    Win vs. Stats I don’t care if we are playing 1 on 1, I’ll take the triple double even if I lose. Players could put up 75 points in a loss. Over time that game will be remembers as…
    1 week: He put up 75 but he loss
    2 weeks: He put up 75 and was scoring on everyone… but his team couldn’t pull it out.
    3 wweks: Remember that game he put up 75? That was a good close game.
    4 weeks: Remember when he put up 75 points… AND HIT THE GAME WINNER!


    Mann 59 against lj, cp3, and melo with josh shelby he went ham if anyone can say that he was supposed to beat the east all star team by himself is a lot to ask of anyone… KD35 IS SHOWING THAT HE IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH AND WILL BE FOR A LONG TIME TO COME…THE KING IS HERE!!!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “No one rewards defense, so why do it?”
    – Because it’s embarrassing to have 59 slapped on your forehead. The most I had scored on me was 20, and I was fuckin PISSED!!

    “Where was that excitement when I pinned his shot, plucked him in the open court, or stripped him driving to the basket?”
    Really?? I’ve seen crowds go nuts over a block, an open court strip, and I’ve even seen crowds burst out in laughter when a dude is trying to pull out all of his moves but the defender is sticking in front of him playing good solid positional defence. I don’t think you give crowds enough credit.
    And are you telling me you’ve pinned a guy high on the glass and nobody in the crowd reacted?? Was nobody there? Lol. I’ve pinned dudes in their own gyms and the ‘home’ crowd went crazy.

    I understand that crowds go bananas over the long scooping reverse layups, hard dunks inside… but they can still have that AND good defence… or at least DECENT defence. I’ve played in All-Star games growing up and I’ve always played D regardless of setting… the rule of thumb back then was, ‘D-up but when you get beat, let the man finish’. These guys are human turnstiles out there.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    You want evidence of a crowd erupting after a pick in the open court? Watch the Selby vs Jennings video Dime put up a few weeks back. Crowds enjoy defence.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jay – How is it embarrassing if no one cares? It has become acceptable to not play defense. Rule of thumb, by no means necessary – get the ball back. These types of showcases are nothing more than glorified lay-up lines.

    Had Jeff Green come out bodying up and boxing out everyone, someone would have pull him to the side and said, “Slim, you tryin too hard out there. Relax, this is just a charity game.”

    Had the all-stars involved showed pride by playing both ways, the score would have been 76-83. We are both mad [for no real reason] that guys don’t play defense. In this setting you don’t want Pistons vs Spurs you want Suns vs. Warriors. The goal is to have a guy that is close enough to claim he played defense but not actually contest the shot. Where else do you see 4 on nothing fastbreaks? Where else do you see people catching 360 oops vs. a match-up 2-3 zone?

    The risk of playing defense does not compare to the reward. My point earlier was that you can make great defensive plays but as soon as your man hits a difficult shot, the perception is that he fried you all day.
    “Really, he only made 1 shot.”
    “Yeah, but that S*** was nice.”

  • Dan Tanner

    Ricky Davis sucks, he was a hack and was the guy on a BAD Cleveland team, A BAD Minnesota team and then out of the league. Good showing RIIICCCCKKKKAAAAY DAVISSSS!
    When playing NBA INside Drive I would always use him cuz he was a fucking monster and yell out RIIIIIICCCCCCKKKKKAAAAAY DAAAAVVIIIISSS in very hip hop sing song way to keep his cred up. WOOT WOOT! Big Island, you make more sense by the day, take my hand in marriage loverman?

  • heckler

    who the hell cares about defense in a fucking summer league game?…ITS SUMMER LEAGUE! get over yo’self.

    you’ll get over 2000 nba games of 85-81 final scores with pure defense. who gives a shit if ballers show out a little bit for summer fun? shit they cant do in a real NBA game. it’s pickup basketball. stop yo bitchin….

    ..and if the worst thing you can say about a summer league game is that nobody plays any defense, then shit, the game is good.
    we say a damn lot worst about NBA games with players, officiating, off-court shit and nonesense like that….

  • First & Foremost

    As of right now we are projected to get ZERO games. I will proceed to complain about petty stuff as I see fit.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Everyone’s looking at the 59 points Durant scored, but no one is pointing out that he had to shoot 60 shots to get there… he didn’t look all that great…

  • Silkk

    …@ Spur MD…i totally agree.

  • Big Island

    F&F #19 – LOL!!! I can see you saying that with your glasses at the end of your nose, arms hugging a big leather bound book, head cocked slightly back, and then walking off.

    Exhibition game, points. Real game, win.

    JAY – If the most anyone has ever dropped on you is 20, then you either 1) didn’t play against very many good dudes, or 2) you didn’t play very many minutes. Nothing personal.

    So me and JAY are in a game, and he’s guarding me. He holds me to like 5 points, couple of turnovers, missing everything. People watching don’t think he is a good defender, they think I suck. Nobody remembers me dropping 30 on Beiber and F&F. I couldn’t do anything in the last game. JAY knows he shut me down. I know he shut me down. Everyone else thinks I just suck, or that I choked (Lebron). Shutting a dude down, where the guy knows it, is like banging his sister. Sure I have a cool car, great looking girlfriend, clothes, but JAY fucked my sister, and everyone saw it, so I lose a little respect. The only way to live that down is to bang his sister, mom, girlfriend, and then sister again. But that one day, in front of everyone, he treated her like a whore.

  • First & Foremost

    @Big Island, No one came out to see Jay bang your sister. They were content with her flashing the crowd. Of those 5 points, if one of them was a backdoor oop where Jay got picked and held by your teammate. The story is then retold as:

    “This dude Jay was playin’ mad D until ‘The Island’ went baseline and dunked on him. Had his peninsula all on the back of his neck. THAT’S WHAT HE GETS FOR PLAYIN’ D.”
    “What happened after that?”
    “Not much, they traded baskets but that dunk was ridiculous. You should have seen how high he got up.”
    “So nothin else hap-”
    “I wanted to be like, DON’T JUMP. But then I was like I kinda wanted to see him get dunked on. BOOMSHAKALAKA”
    “So who won?”
    “Oh… Jay’s team. BUT when you get dunked on like that. I’m not sure the win is even worth it.”

  • JH

    No mention of the FIBA Americas or Euro Basket tournaments? Show em’ some live DIME…it’s the most competitive basketball we have happening right now.

  • heckler

    @ F&F (#19)—

    well played sir.
    except….if we actually do get ZERO games; all the more reason for you to STOP YO BITCHING ON PETTY SHIT now and appreciate the summer league play.

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… and this is coming from the guy who throws hissy fits about Dime not having updated pictures.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    JAY – “If the most anyone has ever dropped on you is 20, then you either 1) didn’t play against very many good dudes, or 2) you didn’t play very many minutes. Nothing personal.”

    None taken. I played plenty way back in the day(team MVP on a few occasions on good teams), and versus decent talent too (a handful of D1 dudes though) but I’ve never had anybody kill ME personally for more than 20. No way, no fuckin how. Maybe a few dudes ended up with more than 20 for a game, but the points weren’t dropped on me. Fuck that.

    Then again like F&F said, THOSE are glorified layup lines. Real games are a bit different. It sucks, but that shit is the truth.

    @Big Island.. why can’t there be an option 3? Lol. You gave me some real shitty choices. How about “3)you were a very good defender”. You cynical basturd. Lol.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Lol @ #26! We’re petty at times… quit calling the kettle black.

    Funny you guys bringing up that ‘getting dunked on’ but ‘winning the game’ scenario… it happened almost exactly like how you painted it…. except for the sister stuff.

    I was checking some dude, a dude who was rumoured to being scouted by some D1 program, and i wanted to stop his ass. So I did… then he crowned me…. two-foot, one-hand leaner… it was nasty. He had maybe 13-15pts but my boys still kill me about it. We won, probably because he was held to almost half his average but my boys just remember the dunk… and I’m always bringing up the win.

  • Big Island

    JAY – You and I both know that you locked me up and gave me nothing, but the perception of it is that I suck and what F&F said.

    List of dudes who killed me:
    Baron Davis freshman year at UCLA. He would’ve dropped 50 on me if I didn’t yell SWITCH every time he got the ball.
    Charles O’Bannon. Used the SWITCH trick again.
    Tony Smith (ex Laker) He shat on me.
    My buddy Elmo, I banged on him and he proceeded to score 30 straight baskets, not points, baskets, in 3 on 3 games. He was a dude who should’ve played D1 and overseas but was an idiot.

    These guys put me in my place:
    Rich Dice – threw my shit so hard that I was scared for about a year. He played D1 football, had a 44″ vertical AFTER he blew out his knee, and he was white. And 6’3. I was a fadeaway floater shooting cat for a bit.
    Monte Marcaccini – Made my greatest crossover move ever, drove right, swore to God I made a Dr. J swoop on Kareem layup, even did the gangster backboard slap with both hands. He threw it so hard that I actually thought I kicked the ball into the wall. There were like 50 people in the gym too. I may have been wearing a cutoff t-shirt as well. Not the sleeves, the belly.
    Then this wasn’t me, but at a park on day, this dude Kenyatta Niles, who could play but was a strange cat, got a dude on the court who talked all kinds of shit. Game was 1-0, Yatta walked over to his bag and grabbed a toothpick, put it in his mouth like an old Italian guy, and killed the dude. Had all 13 points, about 5 dunks, and never said a thing. The whole time with a toothpick in his mouth. The game took about 3 minutes.

    I’ll spare you the greatest dunk ever in the history of Genesta Park (on me no less) story. I will probably tell it in about 5 minutes actually.

  • Big Island

    OK, I’ll set the stage. Genesta Park, it’s actually called something else, but it’s on Genesta Street, so everyone calls it Genesta. Anyway, outdoor court, metal boards, the board would shake pretty good after you dunked. Trees around the court, little 4′ fence on the off the sidelines, but the ends were open. Right on Ventura Blvd so people would stop and watch. Tisha Campbell (back when she was on Martin) had a restaurant right next to it. On Saturday afternoons it would be a 6 game wait easy. It was like Venice Beach, but with fewer girls and less BS than Venice, where a game takes an hour. The point is, there were witnesses.

    My game there consisted of D, clear the boards, follow ups, and an occasional 2 pointer if you left me alone. So we are on offense, and I catch a lob on the right side baseline and hit my head on the backboard. I swore I was the man. No basket, they called a travel on the guy who threw the lob. Well now I am fired up because I just had my career defining dunk on a packed court taken away. So we go down to play D.

    I’m guarding their big dude, kinda hanging out on the left side of the lane. A dude who was close with my buddy Aron, but I only hung out with him occasionally, drives the right baseline. He looked like he couldn’t play, looks like a really scrawny Riddick Bowe, didn’t bend his arms when he ran, and always looked like he was gonna fall forward. He wore shorts above his knees (this was in the day of shorts down to the bottom of your calves), and his socks were about 4 inches above his shoes. Like they weren’t long or short enough. And he played in undershirts with little sleeves that just covered his shoulders, but didn’t quite reach his biceps. So I come over to help. I was about 215 at the time and I hate wearing shirts, but I’m fat now so I have to, so I pretty much looked like a homo trying to flex on people. I go up to block his shot. We jump at the same time, I am a two footed jumper, he went off of one, with both hands. I absolutely SMASH the ball into the board, about 6 inches in from the edge, 6 inches above the rim, with my right hand. Well now I am out of the picture, floating (flailing) back to the ground, and he still has the ball in his hands. BANG The backboard is swaying, the people are going nuts, and he just looks at me with that Blake Griffin to Amare look at the free throw line. I did the Amare smile. We won (nobody remembers or cares) and I had a nice reverse dunk the next game on a breakaway (nobody remembers or cares, and there’s a 27% chance I made it up in my head as a coping mechanism).

    Every once in awhile we will talk about all of the old times, and someone brings up that day, my lob catch, my reverse, but it ALWAYS ends with everyone laughing at me for getting raped by Brahmen.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Fnf and Big Isl

    Maybe it’s a regional thing. Or maybe it’s like i said before, it’s a generational thing. Even when I lived down south in Alabama (a football state) where basketball was #2. Them cats would punish you if you came out talking shit and not playing D. if you drove to the rim looking to dunk they would put a forearm to your chest. And this wasn’t the 50’s, this was 2000-2002 Maybe it was because I was on a military base, who knows. but If I didn’t come home with war wounds on me or at least feeling sore, that means I didn’t play any real ball that day and i would be disappointed.
    We took it personal if you got more than 4 or 5 buckets on us in a PICK UP GAME. Forget an actual organized setting like HS or college. if we played a pick up game to 15 and my man drops 5 points on me. I’m pissed. I don’t care how much i got. If that guy is really good, then it’s understandable because 5 may be his lowest 1 game total that day.

    In the case of Lebron and Melo, if Durant is out dropping 59pts on you, that’s inexcusable. I don’t give a shit what setting it’s under. i would have denied him from even catching the ball. and with Lebron and Melos size and athleticism, they should be lock down defenders anyway. Lebron walks around sporting his 1st team all-NBA defense awards yet he lets young’n abuse him like that? Nah not cool at all.

    Defense is about Pride. Especially when the guy is just crossing you up and not really using picks or his teammates. That shit was man to man straight up.

    Kobe did that same gay shit when he played in the Drew League and hit the game winner. James Harden was lacing that fool with bucket after bucket. When I saw the game winner I was like “oh shit, Kobe adds to his legacy”. But then I read that James Harden had like 44pts on him and i lose all respect for that game as a whole.

  • Big Island

    Chicagorilla – I have scars all over me. CAT scans, x-rays, MRI’s, the whole nine. I love defense. When I coached kids, I wouldn’t even give them a ball for the first couple of days. But everyone has gone home and licked their wounds. We’ve all played in pick up games where it gets dirty and the guys hit you in the ribs whatever. Every guy that has ever elbowed me has gotten a shoulder put into them, an elbow in the chin, it is what it is. It’s not regional, it’s not anything other than pick up ball. And if you never got your ass handed to you, you didn’t play against anyone that good, or never went into water that was too deep for you. Any legit D1 guy would bust my ass if they really wanted to.

    In the exhibition “game” in a charity situation, it’s a situation where nobody plays very hard because nobody wants to blow out a knee, or roll an ankle, or jam a finger, or mess up their hair. You go out, dunk a few times, pull from 35 feet, do some fancy dribbles, and go home. Maybe a play or two here or there where you try to shut a guy down. That’s all. The fans have no rooting interest in either team, they are there for the stars, and to see the stars do what they do in their ESPN highlights. Nobody wants to see an old Pacers/Knicks game from the 90’s (I think someone said that earlier). Put some $$$ on the game and they will go hard.

  • First & Foremost

    Big Island you say “Put some $$$ on the game and they will go hard.”

    What does pornography have to do with anything you fucking idiot? Paying for the sex game so someone can get hard is not relevant.

  • First & Foremost

    So we have copycats again ^^^

  • Big Island

    F&F – Yeah. Everyone knows that was Fugazi. Probably looks like Napoleon Dynamite’s brother.

  • Dan Tanner

    LEAVE BIG ALONE. he has had so much in his life and I intend to lick his wounds and heal them!

  • Dan Tanner

    oh and Alpha MALE CAN eat me fer shure!