Smack / Aug 21, 2011 / 12:00 am

The Big Punisher

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Rob Hammer)

What do they always say about an NBA playoff series? Never pick against the best player when things are pretty even. We guess that tip works well for playground ball as well. Kevin Durant was the star of stars last night at Trinity University in Washington D.C. for Capital Punishment, scoring 44 points, winning the MVP and hitting the game-winning free throws with 21.5 seconds left as Goodman beat the Drew League 135-134. Some of the Dime crew was in the house and while KD was THE man, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins killed as well for Goodman. On the other side, James Harden – who was going at KD all night long, the two of them taking advantage of being on opposites sides for once – and Brandon Jennings were the two best. But on the game’s final possession, both players missed shots for the Drew League (the Beard’s shot was partially blocked) and Goodman backed us up (we picked them to win) … As we expected, Goodman raced out early, and led for much of the game’s first three quarters (they were actually up 15 at one point) before Jennings brought the West coast guys back. Wall couldn’t handle him, and suddenly after three it was 110-103, the Drew League up. After an 8-0 run by Goodman to start the fourth, it was on, going back and forth throughout the fourth … Baby Shaq was the only non-NBA starter, and of course he held his own … Delonte West apparently got the night off from the managers at Home Depot because he was in the house. Rudy Gay was there as well, and so was Andre Miller (obviously not playing because that would go against his offseason training regimen). Everyone who is someone was there, and there were 1,000 people waiting outside who couldn’t get in … And who says they don’t play defense in streetball? … Nick Young had one of the best tweets we’ve EVER seen earlier in the day: @agentzeroshow u playin 2 nite behind John like u used 2. Damn, that’s cold bro. Arenas and Young were going at each other all day on Twitter … In an AAU game before Capital Punishment, pitting D.C. Takeover and a Baltimore club team, there was one of the wildest (or wackest) ends we’ve ever seen for a game. Check out this tweet from Kyle Weidie: Prob weirdest ending 2 AAU game ever. Score tied @ 77 w 1 min left, play stops, clock runs out, game ends, gospel music starts playing. How that happened, we have no idea … DeMarcus Cousins is in negotiations with multiple European teams, according to Sam Amick. With Cousins, does his craziness fit in over there or not? We would say no, but at the same time, Euros might welcome another guy who doesn’t seem to be afraid of getting physical … As we told y’all yesterday, Capital Punishment wasn’t the only playground game this weekend that was going down for bragging rights. The ‘Melo League All-Stars, repping Baltimore, faced off against the Rucker Park All-Stars, holding down NYC, on Friday night, and B-More/the DMV area showed again why they might be the top spot for ball in the country. They edged Rucker 124-123 behind Brandon Jennings (even though he isn’t from Baltimore), Donte Greene, Gary Neal and Josh SelbyKris Humphries and Kim Kardashian tied the knot. Who wants to take dibs on how long they stay together? Over/under should be what? A year? Also word on the street is that Kim K’s dress came with an actual bus on the end to hold everything up. There were also reportedly performances from Stevie Wonder & Earth, Wind And Fire … Now can we get back to the doom and gloom? Elton Brand doesn’t think the season will start on time. In fact, he says it doesn’t look good, and misses being able to talk to his coaches. That has to be one of the craziest and most overlooked things about the lockout. We don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t hit up our co-workers, or even casually converse with friends in the industry. Everything takes one long timeout and life seems to move on without you. Brand has organized a team workout next week in Los Angeles, and most of Philly’s best players plan on being there … In the Virginia stop of the Red Bull King of the Rock, the best player all day long was Michael Anderson, who played for the Dakota Wizards in the D-League last year. Fitting then that he ended up winning it all and will visit Alcatraz in September for a chance at $10,000 … And Larry Fitzgerald got a record $120 million. Wow … We’re out like Cousins in Europe.

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  • Big Island

    Hopefully you guys will post some videos of the Goodman/Drew league game. There is absolutely NOTHING worth watching now. Preseason football doesn’t count. I am watching a Beef marathon and almost, almost, gave a damn about Nelly vs. Chingy. It’s bad. And Canibus murdered LL. Now it’s Lil Scrappy vs the Police.

    That marriage will last as long as the Kardashian clan can make $$$ off of it. Once the relationship isn’t profitable, she’ll sell the divorce. That’s when one of you guys can step in because I don’t find a damn thing attractive about that woman.

  • That’s What’s Up

    big titties big ass

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big I

    99% of your fans don’t exists pretty much killed Canibus in my eyes.
    LL took his line and threw it back at him. Not to mention he got him on the 5,4,3,2,1 song with the subliminal shots about the Mic on his arm
    and I hate LL’s lame ass.

    As for this Goodman vs Drew game. I saw the top 10 highlights on youtube already. That shit looked WEAK AS FUCK!!! No one was playing D, regardless of what DIME just wrote in smack. It basically was an one on one session with every player taking turns with Isolation’s. that shit is cool every now and then, but for the entire game? from Pro players? lame.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Here’s the best highlights from that DRew vs Goodman game


  • That’s What’s Up

    Tim Hardaway is an ass. He’s a bigger dick.
    Big dicks make bigger assholes…get it?
    If you do “get it”, then you’re an asshole because you “get it”. Get it?
    And if you’re an asshole, you are no better than Tim Hardaway
    And if you aren’t better than Tim, then you are a worse ass than him. ASSHOLES!

  • alf (from melmak)


    Thanks for asking the same question I asked on the Humpries-Kardashian wedding. Like I said before, I would take Paris Hilton over her anytime I had to chooses between the two of them.

    If not for his outrageous contract, I would want to see Gilbert Arenas in a Jazz uniform. He would be a good fit to that team depsite being slowed by injuries.

  • Rw

    ? Kris humpfries but No mention of the international ball happening at the moment? Germany played Greece last night. The game featured Dirk and Chris Kaman starting in the same front court, as well as NBA owned played Pleiss and former HS aa Nick Calathes.

  • Rw

    Reading about KD dominating weak comp is getting old. No other good NBA pages are reporting on this, probably for the same reason. feel free to include Germany v turkey being played In a few hours in smack tomorrow. I’m sure kanter is playing


    “A-yo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team. Your squadron’ll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden”

    Anyone else start hearing ‘Dream Shatterer’ when they read the title?

    Nick Young going at Agent Zero on TWITTER? Damn; taking someone on, on their home turf… takes e-balls.

    Why would anyone rich marry Kim K? You’d just smash her a few (hundred) times, do everything you wanted and then dump her, right? I mean if you’re Joe Six Pack of course you’d wife her but, is there any other reason besides money? I bet she annoying as hell IRL.

    Seriously though who’d take Paris Hilton over Kim? Are you crazy? She is straight up U-G-L-Y and has the body of a 12 year old boy…

    Hip hop beefs/battles? Ice Cube VS Common, Beans VS Jada, Canibus VS LL, Jay VS Nas… loads of good ones.

    LL only ‘beat’ Bis because he is FAR more popular and well known, on a straight up lyrical battle Canibus destroyed him.

    Nelly VS Chingy reminds me of the ‘Cripple Fight’ from South Park. Whoever wins is still a retard.

    I’m out, like the playoff hopes of ANY team who spends $120 million on a wide receiver.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Day-um!!!! Larry got 120 mill? Chris Johnson gotta be boilin…

  • Jzsmoove

    I got criminal minds reruns to tide me over. And oh yeah Storage Wars is pretty entertaining. New episode of Bar Rescue tonite, on Spiketv. yeah!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I’m glad to see Elton Brand is trying to live up to his contract. Seriously. Philly had a respectable squad last year, and if their vets can pull the young guys together…they can maybe see the second round?

  • hahns

    damn nick young….if i recall gil was the one saying nick young was a natural scorer and could get buckets like kobe. i guess the respect was not requited

  • King

    who played for the rucker all stars

  • Big Island

    Chicagorilla – Yeah, that was good. I like LL for the most part, and apparently, well according to the Beef episode, the whole thing started from the 321 song. Oh well. And Redman is cemented as my all time favorite. I still have yet to see the guy NOT high as fuck. I don’t even smoke either.

    That’s what’s up – I love ass as much as anyone else. I can take or leave titties, but an ass will snap my neck every single time. But she is just so goddamn annoying. If she never said a word I would be fine, but she talks. Alot… And I’ve never seen anyone screw worse than she does which is saying something because I’ve seen myself fuck and I am bad.

  • Hagoth

    Anyone see the clip where lebron gets he rock stolen from him and dunked on by a kid in Asia? Dayum bro. That’s not right

  • Skeeter McGee

    I think I became a fan of Nick Young after that tweet at Arenas haha. Shit’s cold but hilarious…

  • Skeeter McGee

    And to those who claim LeBron got dunked on, watch the film again. I’m not a LBJ d-rider but yeah he got it stolen; dunked on though? Nah, he came in from the side and Bron tried to swat trailing. Not dunked on…

  • beiber newz


  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Have you seen the clip where every New Yorker claims John Starks dunked on MJ?

    If you have and you agree with that, then you have to agree that Lebron got dunked on.
    The equally embarassing part was his lack of a handle and getting ripped up. Dude really needs to work on his handles.

  • First & Foremost

    Nike should capitalize even more off of these “dunk” videos of Lebron. “IT MUST BE THE SHOES!!!”

    The commercial starts off with the shoe floating and rotating 360 degrees. Then the guy with the deep voice comes in…
    “Coming this Fall, the new Lebron Hyperzoom IX. Shutting down back to back MVPs everywhere.” Then it cuts to the guy stealing the ball, then when he goes to dunk they slow it down, zoom in on the shoes, cut to a montage of Lebron facial expressions, then fast forward the clip to finish the dunk.
    Guy with the voice: “Yeah, they are that good.”

  • Celts Fan