• jzsmoove

    I have a soft spot for TMac, even though without accomplishing much. Thank you for the show, few players leave me in awe watching them do their thing. Black TMac retro magic uniform will be always fly high in this dude’s collection too.

  • deeds

    The Bradley dunk is clearly number 1. Put your personal bias aside for two seconds

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    after watching all 10 highlights im in the mood to watch some steve francis top 10 dunks

  • nizzio

    T-Mac literally ended a mans career

  • arislocote

    I miss seeing my boy tmac dunk on everybody…

  • Jay Chau

    There IS a video of that windmill poster of T-Mac from ABCD camp. I’ve seen it. I have no reason to lie.

  • Promoman

    Where’s the dunk he put on Tim Thomas in the 2001 NBA Playoffs? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apPvxWalwKU

  • Billy

    @jay chau any links to the video of the dunk?

  • Omer

    Excellent compilation, now if we could just find the video of that legendary dunk…

  • Sean Sweeney

    I refuse to believe there is footage of that dunk. I refuse. I’ve looked far and wide for damn near a decade and never seen anything (even though I’ve heard people say they’ve seen it plenty of times).

    @Promoman That was definitely a candidate. That whole series was just ruthless…Mac had Milwaukee’s Big 3, especially Big Dog Robinson so shook, they didn’t even want to guard him.

    @deeds The only clear about the Bradley dunk is that it’s overrated. It just is. Bradley didn’t jump, didn’t contest, was standing under the rim so really had no chance. Looking back now, if I had to do it again, I would take the dunk on Okur over that one.

  • AllDayEveryday

    sick article

  • ball in my hand

    i did not realize that t mac made too many alley ooops to himself. was very thrilled to see them. thnx tmac….

  • bunscliff

    my most FAV CRAPTOR Jersey of all time..

    if you only had the vision like DWADE and LBJ …. you coulda been a king in the NBA with your cousin throwing it down on anyone… you know Vince would have given you the crown of T.O. but your NEGRO’OCITY was too much and you wanted it all by yourself..

    regardless TMAC… you still made an impact in the NBA…