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The NBA’s Summer MVP

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Rob Hammer)

While we don’t know exactly where Kevin Durant will be playing this winter, we do know he’ll make a decision by October. In the meantime, we will have to just catch this summer’s undisputed MVP continue to murder the summer league scene. After dropping another easy 44 in a Goodman League game this weekend, KD told the Washington Post that while he is weighing his overseas options, just like everyone else, he doesn’t want to rush into anything. He spoke with Stephen Jackson and set the day of reckoning as the first of October: “Once we really know the season is not going to start at regular time, that’s when you make the decision,” he said. “I guess when October hits, it’s really going to get real for me. I don’t want to do it too early and be locked into something, knowing we’re going to play. I’m going to keep my options open” … Omri Casspi will be heading home to play for Maccabi Tel-Aviv this winter, where they plan to pay him $40,000 a month until the lockout is finished … Tom “Satch” Sanders made it into the Hall of Fame this weekend, and in the midst of one of his media sessions, he anointed Paul Pierce as possibly one of the five greatest Celtics ever. Do you agree? Where do you think he sits? There’s Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Hondo, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Dave Cowens…and the list goes on and on. The last time we spoke to the famous Boston scribe, Bob Ryan, he called Pierce the best scorer in Celtic history, even better than Bird. If the Truth can keep playing for another two years at this level, we would almost definitely put him in the top five … Sergeant Marc Levy on what happened when Kendrick Perkins was arrested early Saturday morning after nearly starting a big throwdown at a Houston club: “He got drunk and wanted to fight everybody…Almost started a big to-do…He refused and started cursing…He was his own worst enemy.” Isn’t that a lot of people’s Friday night though? … One of last season’s top overseas stars, former Gonzaga standout Jeremy Pargo, is going in reverse. As everyone else is thinking about ditching the NBA to go play overseas, Pargo has opted out of his contract with Maccabi Tel-Aviv because he feels the NBA is calling his name. The Spurs are perhaps the loudest name of his tail, and with the current CBA situation, Pargo must feel REALLY confident that someone in the NBA is going to sign him … The USA Men’s World University Games Team destroyed Hungary 102-53 at the U.S. Men’s World University Games. Vanderbilt’s John Jenkins set a event record with six treys on his way to 20 points (in just 16 minutes) … Here’s a video of Dennis Rodman‘s Hall of Fame speech. The best part is during the Worm’s entrance. Phil Jackson is up on the stage, half-heartedly clapping with this anxious look on his face, probably muttering in his head “Oh God, please don’t let him do anything stupid…” as Rodman walks down the aisle. Classic … And is this look from SpongeBob – taken this weekend in D.C. at the Red Bull King of the Rock – not the greatest game face you’ve ever seen? … We’re out like Casspi.

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    Michael Beasley for Summer MVP. Think about it, have Durant’s actions had any effect on his standing in the league? Nope, Beasley’s have.

    I think Pierce is easily a top 5 Celtic. Bird & Russell are clearly #1 & #2 respectively but after that I think its fair to consider Pierce. He’s on that McHale, Havliceck level IMO. He has A LOT of Celtic franchise records.

    The Perkins thing really isn’t a big deal. Sh** happens, he hasn’t been in trouble before. Probably just got super drunk and who doesn’t act like an ass when they’re super drunk?

    Wow, Pargo must be pretty confident. For a career journeyman to turn down guaranteed money. Maybe he’s just sick of being a journeyman, wants some stability.

    Rodman’s HoF speech was fine, a lil’ emotional but he came across as real genuine.

  • McSimon

    Rodman’s speech was great. Rare to see someone with so much emotions for game. Somehow, it makes me think about Boozer…fkin pussy

  • Jzsmoove

    It’s nice to see Dennis get down and sincere. Blew my mind though that his dad probably got 47 maybe more kids in the philippines.

  • beiber newz

    Nick Young feels that he should have been named MVP of the Drew League after averaging 40.5 points in eight games.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Props to Lebron for showing up to play against regular dudes. Also I like how he didn’t ballhog trying to show out, knowing that one of his teammates was on fire (that little dude hitting 3’s).

    I kinda want to see Rose, Wade, and Westbrook show up to one of these leagues and kill.

  • JRav

    Pierce is no way on Hondo’s level.
    Bird, Russell and Hondo would be my top 3.

    I dont know if I would put pierce with mchale, cousy and cowens though. I trust those 3 more than I trust pierce (not just the last 10 seconds but over their careers)

  • abpin

    I’ve seen Baron Davis in pictures at all these leagues, but he never plays. Dude’s not that old. I’m pretty sure he could still keep up. It’s definitely a good way to stay in shape…

    On that note, I know who NOT to draft this season (if there is a season).

  • BigStick

    Great speech by Rodman…aired his dirty laundry a little bit (about his mom and stuff) but dammit, it was real. I was moved. Good for Worm.

  • First & Foremost

    Pierce and Dirk get way too much respect. They both have had their moments and individually had good careers but neither set the league on fire. It was just a slow simmer until the pot FINALLY boiled over and they got their rings. Are either of them near the top at their position or team history? I’d say no because neither has ever been associated with a dynastic rule over the NBA.

    Pierce had a season where he lost 18 straight games. Would any Celtic ever let that happen? Dirk has been on a team with multiple 50+ win seasons… SO!!! That still flies under the radar of 2 legit dynasties.

  • jdizzle

    I havent seen it myself but Rodman showing his emotions at his HOF speech isnt a surprise at all. He cried when they retired his jersey in Detroit and we all know he wore his emotions on his sleeve as a player. I still think he shoud have been a HOFer YEARS ago but it is what it is.

    @F&F Come on now. Not even Larry Legend himself wouldnt have been able to avoid that losing streak with a squad like that.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jdizzle – There is enough parity in the league in which you NEVER face 18 unbeatable opponents in a row. I could understand going a week or two without winning. You faced a tough homestand (like NY after the All-Star game) and then you go on the road to face some championship teams. At some point… your scheduling deity has you playing some combo of the Kings, Warriors, Clippers, T-Wolves, Bobcats in the same week. You may not have wanted to gear up to play the Lakers or Spurs but if you are riding a 6 to 10 game losing streak, and the other team’s win percentage is sub .400, you better get up for that game or put some money back on the table.

  • doc

    Pierce would bust bob cousy ass.Dont bring them old dudes up because they couldnt even dribble with they off hand.

  • Big Island

    F&F – I agree that they are both getting hyped a little bit too much, but they are both HOF players easy. Pierce will get love because he is on the Celtics. Dirk will get love because they just won a ring, which is what his main knock was after he got his MVP. And if you look at the history of the Mavs and the Celtics, both of their names are all over the place. Dirk is the best Mav of all time, and Pierce is arguably a top 5 Celtic. When their careers are over (and I hope Pierce’s is soon because I hate the guy) their numbers will speak for themselves. And if you go by the dynasty rule, then only Kobe, Shaq and Duncan qualify as great players.

    Chicagorilla – I actually watched the video you posted and I couldn’t agree with you more. It would’ve been easy for him to come in and just go for 70, but you know the guys he was playing with were talking about Lebron throwing a pass to them for a bucket. A couple of those guys had some hops though. I would’ve had every one of my shots thrown.

  • First & Foremost

    I reiterate, some records just won’t be broken and for that reason I imagine you NEVER face 18 unbeatable opponents in a row.
    Add this thinking to this article below.


  • First & Foremost

    I’ll just keep posting non-homo comments and let everyone else decide who the imposter is.

    For the record, I’ve never said “totally rad” in describing anything: exhibit A

    exhibit B can be found in the link of comment 14

    @Big Island – Not like Dallas had a rich history to begin with. Lebron rewrote the books in Cleveland in only 7 seasons and has a chance to change the single season totals in Miami. In Pierce and Dirk’s cases they each will be rewarded for being loyal. Consistently good but I think people are downplaying the help that they had. Without Garnett or Tyson, all of 4 of them remain ringless. Yes they provided the clutch scoring but you can look back at any finals game they’ve been in and see the fingerprints of several other players: Ray Allen, Garnett, Rondo, Powe, Posey, House, Kidd, Marion, Terry, Chandler all had games where they were on the same level as Dirk or Pierce.

  • First & Foremost

    I’ll be honest and say that I did do a few fake comments in the very very early days of dime. I used them to get conversations going and to make the site look a little more active.

    So I understand the temptation to use them – however I can say from my experience of them that they didn’t work very well for me and the conversations that I had in the early days that had a more lasting impact were natural ones with real readers. Instead of going with fake comments I’d really recommend that you work on the content and writing in a way that is engaging.

    A Word of Warning – while I can see why people go with fake comments (my suspicion is that if people were honest that a majority of them probably have done it) there is of course some danger in it if you’re caught. Posting is built upon transparency and honesty. I’ve seen a handful of people exposed for fake comments and it probably set their trust back a little.

  • First & Foremost

    “Conversations I had in the early days” In the early days of what?

    Until further notice, I’m out like walkin around the court… mushing errybody.

  • First & Foremost

    What sucks more is that there are articles where there is a fake me in which people respond to what the imposter is saying as if it was me and they will leave witht the impression in mind that it was REALLY ME. Especially the ones where I expose myself for liking penis and stuff. If I never know where those posts are those people responding to those fake posts of mine will really think that I like penis. SUCKS NOW I’M REALLY OUT GUYS PEACE!! AND DUECES. ONE LOVE FOLKS

  • Silkk

    ..can someone, anyone tell me as to why I should give a F**K superstars and roleplayers putting up crazy stats in meaningless…I REPEAT MEANINGLESS summerleague games?!?!?! It seems as if everyone and their mom has a summerleague…wtf. Last time I checked not one single player has won a nba mvp, scoring title, finals mvp, scored a huge multi million $ contract based on summerleague games…smdh

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    It’s a different game to play in summerleagues and it shows that said NBA player has a true love for the game. and is out playing against the toughest competition he can find here outside the NBA. Also Dr. J made his name at Rucker. A lot of people really started to follow him after that. As did Rafer Alston. Who got a college scholarship based off the original And 1 mixtape.

    Man don’t trip on that shit. Just change your name. I know you feel like you’d lose the rep you built, but it’s a solution. Then when he leaves you alone, you can always come back to your original name.

  • Sean Sweeney

    @Silkk Because not everybody cares solely about MVPs and championships, first-team all-NBAs. I’m dunno about you, but I love the game, and even if someone like KD never won anything, I’d still pay $ to see him play or still hit up some park in the summer to check him out.

    If there was no such thing as all of those things, I would still go watch guys, whether it was an NBA player or some unknown who was just fun to watch. I don’t get why you’re so angry about that. Who cares if the games are “meaningless?” They aren’t meaningless to the people that just love the game for the game.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Damn, Sean Sweeny just TREATED the shit outta you LMFAO!

  • beiber newz

    Gone are the days where a huge game at the historic Rucker Park in Harlem would have as much credit as a big playoff performance in the pros. Or at least that’s how it’s felt in recent years. When Durant poured in 66 points at the famed venue it seemed a trip back in time had occurred, where a legend was not anointed until he had conquered possibly the harshest critics – the streets.

    As if his career had not already been validated, “KD” took on all challengers and hushed all the detractors in the extremely volatile environment that New York City provides at times. It’s a notion that he addressed himself in response to a fan on Twitter, where he claimed the time spent in NYC gave him an element many have questioned since he entered the league – toughness.

    What usually would go unnoticed has become a regular fixture on talk shows and the news of the day in most NBA circles, though his exploits don’t count towards his perceived Hall-of-Fame career. As the NBA owners seem beset to change the current state of the league and appear weary of “being tired of making these guys rich,” as a source told David Aldridge of NBA.com, Durant is showing how his desire to play far outweighs his goal to cash in on his talent.

  • beiber newz

    f&f you know you looking quite gay in that article you told us to look at?

  • Big Island

    F&F – Even though you’re gone for the day, no single player has ever won a ring. Anyone who wins a championship has great supporting players which is why I don’t subscribe to the whole “ring” argument against guys like Barkley and Malone. Both Pierce and Dirk are in the top 30 all time in scoring. Both are in the top 30 in all time playoff scoring. I don’t think anyone will argue that Lebron isn’t one of the greatest Cavs ever (sorry Mark Price, Larry Nance and Brad Daugherty). I hate on a lot of guys, Pierce is one, but the fact is that no matter how you slice it, they are great players. They have put up the numbers on championship winning teams for a long time.

    Yeah, Dirk being talked about as a top 5 guy is dumb, but that is always the case when a team wins a ring. Everything that happens today has to be the greatest thing ever! Best dunk ever seen! Most insane pass on the planet earth!! That’s just the way it is these days. When both guys call it quits, and you look at where they stand compared to every other guy who has played, they both stack up very, very well.

  • McSimon

    yo did anyone notice that Pau finally took a haircut

  • Silkk

    …@ Sean Sweeney. I too love the game as you say you do, but I guess for different reasons than you. I love all aspects of the game I.e. defense, boxing out, running back on d, etc more so than seeing someone put up video game scoring numbers against inferior comp. I would never pay to see a game where the only m.o. is to put up shots and get as many buckets that you can. The talent is so absent that random cats that ride nba benches or a few that aren’t even in the nba are dropping 50, 60, 70+ points in some of these games. Instead of destroying inferior summer league opponents Durant should actually be in hitting some weights, working on man to man and off the ball defense, & a post game…cause i’m quite sure whatever he gains from summer league games…outside of cardo exercise will aid his development as a nba player; last time I checked his playchecks come from a nba franchise not some random summer league organizer…just saying.

    @ chicagorilla…stop di¢k ridin…it’s not a good look.