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Wilson Chandler Bounces To China

Wilson Chandler (photo. Matt Brown)

Damn, we didn’t know Wilson Chandler was this big of a risk taker. But the forward is basically giving up the NBA season, and has agreed to a deal with Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association. The rumors of an international deal for Chandler were circulating for the last few weeks, but now it’s official with a league that doesn’t allow its teams to sign NBA players under contracts. Chandler is a restricted free agent so his move is a huge one, and he knows it, saying it is a risk but it’s one he believes in. This will be an amazing experience for him. Chandler will be joined in China by Earl Clark, who signed a deal with the same team, and Jim Cleamons, who was an assistant coach on championship teams with the Bulls and Lakers. We have to say we are surprised Chandler decided to do this at this point (although he might actually be able to come back to the NBA after the Chinese season ends in April). It’s still early in the game. Nothing has been cancelled yet. But NBA players are in a tough spot. There are only so many international openings so if they wait, they might not find a place to play. If they leave early, especially for China, they run the risk of missing the year. Chandler is willing to take the risk … Even when Michael Beasley tries to do something good, it ends up turning bad. Beasley missed out on the Goodman/Drew League game because of prior commitments to a team in China. All good. No one was pissed. But then in the midst of dropping 32 in the game, he reportedly injured his wrist. It got worse the next morning and now there are rumblings it might be broken. If this turns out to be true, how much of an impact will this have on NBA players playing overseas and in playground games during the lockout? It could go either way. While no official word has come in yet as to exactly what happened, a wrist injury probably wouldn’t cut into any of the season. Still, it’s a reminder that no one is safe. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against, there’s still a risk in all of this … The All-Star playground game tonight that has everyone so hyped has been moved to Morgan State University at 7 p.m (doors open at 6). It’ll be a Carmelo-LeBron-CP3 squad taking on a team with Kevin Durant-Brandon Jennings-DeMarcus Cousins. You can see why they needed to move from St. Frances Academy (not exactly the largest gym in the world) to an arena that holds 4,500 people. Also tickets go on sale today for $40, with floor seats bringing in $100. A little steep for basically a playground game, but with four of the top 10 players in the world, it makes some sense … Javaris Crittenton is “armed and dangerous”. And no, they aren’t talking about his crossover. But his attorney did say the former NBA guard will fly from L.A. to Atlanta today and turn himself in … With the two sides $7.6 billion apart(!), league sources have tentatively labeled September 15 as a deadline. If no deal is reached by that point, then training camps and preseason games will start to be cancelled. We give the chances of a deal being reached by that time at about 1%. In fact, there’s no guarantee the two sides will even meet and make an effort before then. There’s chatter between the two sides, but no progress … At least we can give the players credit for being sensitive. In 1999, multiple guys (with multi-million-dollar contracts) made mistake after mistake in the media, flaunting their wealth or just generally being out of touch with reality. Being gracious and sensitive to the fans will only help the players in the end, and they seem to understand that. Derek Fisher handed out a huge booklet to all the players recently that reminded them: you’re fighting while the fans are waiting … And George Hill is returning to Texas, but won’t be playing for the Spurs. Hill will suit up for one game in the ABA with the Texas Fuel on Oct. 16 against the West Texas Whirlwinds … We’re out like B-Easy’s wrist.

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  • beiber newz

    Wilson Chandler…well at least the Knicks don’t have to worry about that anymore. No out clause? damn b.

    Chandler’s will look like Michael Jordan over in China with the way he plays

  • McSimon

    Club’s called Guangsha? Sounds gangsta

  • beiber newz

    is there a true one line definition of gangsta ?


    I personally think its a dumb move for Chandler, he doesn’t strike me as the type who is gonna have blown all his NBA money so he can’t be hurting to get that international payday. Should have waited it out, if the NBA turns out to actually have a season this year he’ll probably miss out on that long term contract pay day. Have been out of sight out of mind for a year come 2012 free agency and won’t get as good a deal.

    Meh a broken wrist isn’t a big deal, when someone blows out a knee or something that actually affects their career THEN it’ll be a wake up call.

    $7.6 billion apart? Meet at $3.8 billion… BAYUM lockout over. They should send me to the Middle East, I’d have em breaking bread at the new McDonald’s on the Gaza strip in no time.

    I think it is quite clear by now that Stern and the owners want a lockout. I mean they’re meeting once a week… ONCE A WEEK. Absolute joke.

  • heckler

    @ Dime:
    Wilson Chandler last played for the DENVER NUGGETS! why the HELL do you guys have him in a NY Knicks warmup? Yall ALWAYS do this. c’mon….get yall shit together. EVERY other site has updated pics of players with their current teams, so dont give us BS about “rights” to photos and shit like that….UGH DIME…..

    As for Wilson Chandler actually going to China, what the hell for? Gallinari SUCKS. Kenyon Martin, JR Smith and Nene are leaving Denver. Chandler could have re-signed (when allowed) and been OVERpaid by the Nuggets and been the MAN.

    Over under 2.5yrs left in the league for Michael Beasley?
    …dude is a waste of talent. I was NEVER sold on him and I said so many times on this board. nothing more than a Glenn Robinson clone….

    $40 for a pickup game featuring Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins, Brandon Jennings, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul is a STEAL.
    I would buy about 100 of ‘em and then scalp em in the parking lot for triple that amount 15mins before tipoff.

    Is Javaris Crittenton still in the league? …Im surprised he still has an agent….

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @iCARNACKi: “Meh a broken wrist isn’t a big deal,”
    Agree. But it’s a reality check to the other NBA players that injuries are a part of the game. Season-ending injuries happen overseas too.

    @beiber… I googled it, and found a good one-liner definition.
    “A sociopathic member of the inner-city underclass, known primarily for being antisocial and uneducated.”
    ^That’s the definition of ‘gangster’… then there’s those posers showing their briefs who live with mom & dad in a nice suburban neighborhood. Those guys are fags.

    In fact, I’d like to propose a definition change for the word ‘fag’, from meaning ‘gays’ to ‘poser gangsters’. Posers are more ‘fag’ than homos.

  • marcus the great

    terrible definition for gangster by the way…

    whats the average price of an NBA game? i havent made it to one yet, but that would determine if $40 for a playground is a good deal or not.

  • Big Island

    Jay- I have had the “fag” discussion a hundred times, and even my gay friends agree: Fag has completely lost it’s meaning as a homophobic slur to everyone except “fags” like Perez Hilton. You can be gay and not be a fag. If you’re a fag, there is a 90% chance that you are straight. My friend, who actually has a gay son, if you tell him his son is a fag, he immediately knows you are talking about the straight son with the red fake mohawk, Tapout shorts and imaginary life.

    Good for Wilson Chandler. When the new bargaining agreement comes out, there is no promise that he’ll get overpaid by an NBA team, and they aren’t even seriously talking about the problems. Screw em, bounce, play, get paid.

  • JH

    $40 in that small of a setting is a good deal in my opinion.

    I’d go…hell, I’m paying $20 for nose bleeds in a much larger venue to see Jimmer’s All Starts next month. Biggest name attending that event is Jimmer & maybe Kemba (last I heard).

    Not exactly the same level of star power.

  • Ronin

    the Melo/Goodman league only has 3 of the top 10 players in the world. Lebron, CP3, and Durant. Melo barely makes the top 20 if you include defense. http://nba-point-forward.si.com/2011/08/16/top-100-nba-players-nos-1-10/

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    So the Feds arrested Crittenton in Cali…. why do I get the feeling Arenas is punking him. Then when he finally exposes to prank, Crittenton will faint and Arenas will plank him.

  • beiber newz

    @ Big Island..Great explanation. You did a good job addressing a sensitive and complex term and putting it in layman’s terms so that it was precise, descriptive and well understood. I get it a tad bit more than I did yesterday per-say.

  • Dan Tanner

    I would gladly massage B Easy’s wrist while Kobe teabagged me with this huge black balls. I would suck the pubic hairs off Kobe’s balls at this point!

    Big Island more like Big Sexy!

  • First & Foremost

    Yeah, I heard he was caught in Cali right before he was going to board a plane headed for Atlanta. From what I heard, he killed a girl after she was accused of stealing from him earlier [Where my money at B__** !?!?]. The only problem, was that he shot at the wrong girl.

    His life isn’t sliding down some slippery slope, it straight jumped off a cliff.

  • Big Island

    Thanks for the comment Beiber. I had to wipe the sarcasm off of the screen to read it though.

    Dan Tanner – Damn right it is.

  • Dan Tanner

    we are meant to be BIG. I will gladly become Dan Island or you could become Big Tanner to solidify our union. Our internet union you sly MINK!


    Yeah but if you’re saying Fag has lost its meaning and isn’t a homophobic slur anymore then the same can be said for using the term Nigga, right?

    (We aren’t talking about racism having a more historical and despicable past than homophobia here… we’re just talking about the words and their current meanings)

    If Nigga is a term of endearment nowadays (Which it is generally accepted as being) then it should be fine for someone of any race/background to greet someone as their Nigga, right? Y’know, Jay Leno coming out on The Tonight Show and saying “What up my Niggas”

    (I’m talking about Nigga here, not N*****)

    Words are words, and I’m more inclined to look at the intention behind a word’s use rather than the actual word used. I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here.