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The China Nuggets

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

Damn, are the Nuggets trying to send their whole team to China? They better hope the lockout ends sometime soon because they won’t have enough players. First Wilson Chandler. Then it was reported that J.R. Smith may soon become the highest paid player in Chinese Basketball Association history. Now, he may be topped by teammate Kenyon Martin, who has significant interest from two different clubs in the CBA. They are ready to give him an offer even greater than Smith’s. K-Mart is in line to have to take a huge pay cut from any NBA team that signs him (he’s a free agent). But in this setting, he’ll be the king. Do you think Martin would fit in on the court? Do you think he should do it? … While we would love to talk about all the progress the owners and players are making at the end of this week, the real point is that nothing is really happening. Sources are still saying that nothing is really being done. It’s cordial at this point, which is basically all we can ask for right now. We will take it, but the clock is ticking … Do you need to learn how to pass? We have you covered. Who else is better than Rajon Rondo? … Big shout out for 2K Sports for putting us into NBA 2K12. We don’t know about y’all, but we are definitely going to get the game and immediately hit up My Player (the same mode we weren’t 100 percent convinced on) and try to get ourselves on the cover of DimeDoug Collins and the 76er coaches are going about their offseason like it’s any normal summer, and are now meeting and getting ready for the start of training camp. Optimism is great and Philly seems to have a lot of it. How high can they climb in the East next season? When you’re in the East, you better finish with at least a No. 5 seed to have a chance at advancing. There’s no way anyone is beating Boston, Miami or Chicago in the first round … We’re out like Martin.

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  • beiber newz
  • beiber newz

    PS SPEAKING OF THE LOCKOUT, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHEN WE HAD replacement refs when the league and the boys in stripes couldn’t come to an agreement? Damn, stern loves playing with money. Does he remind anyone else of Mr. Crabs from spongebob squarepants?

  • Big Island

    Beib, I just think the whole Stern thing is starting to become it’s own entity. He was great, did things differently, and was in charge of some big things, while not giving a fuck what people thought. Then he sort of started worrying about how he was perceived, and started worrying about how people thought of him, and sort of became like, I don’t know. My neighbor (Jewish) says that Barry Manilow is Super Jew. but it seems like Stern is trying to take that spot. I’m not saying he wants to be bigger than basketball, but he wants his name mentioned when we talk the NBA. That is bullcrap. Let the players be the stars, you just chill.

  • stefan

    Dime, can you please make the necessary arrangements to cover the NBA players overseas for the next season? I want to continue reading Dime but if there is no NBA season then please post videos, stats, news etc from other leagues. Thank you!

  • K Dizzle

    “Do you need to learn how to pass? We have you covered. Who else is better than Rajon Rondo?”

    Ummm. Chris Paul….Steve Nash….Deron Williams…that is all

  • Rafa23

    @ K Dizzle

    all debatable…

  • That’s What’s Up

    fuck chris paul. little whiny cheater

  • McSimon

    Does anyone think some NBA players might benefit from playing on Eurobasket? I was just thinking about last summer and USA basketball team, and how many players from that team got better over summer. I kinda hope Noah could progress, esp. in offensive part

  • Dayinho

    Noah is developing an efficient hook with his left hand.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I completely think that playing overseas will benefit some of the younger players to develop parts of their game that wouldn’t be emphasized while playing here in the NBA. Then again, those that are extremely athletic might rely solely on that against some of the smaller or slower or weaker players in these leagues, but overall it beats not playing at all or just playing in exhibition games, right? I’d have to think so.

    Also, prayers to all those affected on this day 10 years ago. I’ll never forget where I was and how it struck me not to take anything for granted for your life can change in one swift stroke. But, I also learned the true definition of a hero, seeing the first responders/firemen/policemen/volunteers do extraordinary things as ordinary people.

  • SayItAintSo

    Dime, you ask who is better than Rondo. If you read the comment thread for the post with Rondo’s video, you’ll see some serious Rondo hating.

    To answer your question, according to panchitoooo, Rondo is a downgrade or equal to the following players:

    Rondo for Nash = downgrade
    Rondo for D Rose = downgrade
    Rondo for CP3 = downgrade
    Rondo for J Kidd = downgrade
    Rondo for Billups = downgrade
    Rondo for Curry = equal
    Rondo for Collison = equal
    Rondo for Westbrook = equal
    Rondo for B Jennings = equal
    Rondo for B Roy = equal
    Rondo for Tyreke = downgrade
    Rondo for Parker = downgrade
    Rondo for Deron = downgrade

    I did realize how much hate Rondo inspired, haha…

  • beiber newz

    People to seem to overlook the fact that rondo is an upper echelon point guard in a league full of great point guards. How about we all look at him for what he CAN do and not how he compares to others. For instance, people are so focused on rondo’s inability to shoot. But given that, he is still shooting the ball at a high and respectable fg%. So he know how to get the job done on that end. Shooting isn’t everything, but rubio needs to work on his because he doesn’t have the aggressive play rondo exudes. If rubio is a pass first, he’ll need to work on his grit. Anyway back to rondo… Rajon is a superb passer. I don’t know how many times as a laker fan I’ve gotten pissed seeing him lob pass after pass to kevin garnett. At kg’s old age, he makes him look like kg “of old”, get it? Anyway, rondo is the most deceptive point guard. I always ask myself how the hell did rondo get to the rim? Rose/westbrook are freaks. Rondo lack superior hops but can score inside. Tough as nails, I gained more respect for his injured elbow after he continued to find teammates with one arm. Rondo is a triple double threat and for someone his size, gimme that production over nash any day nowadays. I am not saying rondo is the best. I am saying he is top 5. And when you group people in a top anything, anyone can be number one in that group depending on what people look for in the group as people have many varying opinions of what is great. Except when we talk top five all time. Jordan will forever hold that title. This coming from a die hard kobe fan who was at my university last week. Sad thing is I graduated and had no business being on campus so I may never see him again that close and personal. And living in ny, hoping to get my hands on a knick lakers game ticket will cost a fortune. Smh

  • beiber newz

    Rondo deserves more respect, ppl giving so much respect for nash. It’s the tim duncan effect. Like coaches voting in all star games will feel like douches if they don’t vote duncan in the game when clearly aldridge was better. Anyway nash would not be a downgrade. Jennings is not equal to rondo, as rondo is disciplined and gained respect of three vets. Kg pierce and ray ray will kill jennings and have his ass traded in a week. Billups is another point who is NOT better than rondo at this stage. Aside from billups intangibles, rondo is the much better definition of pg and distributor in terms of technique. Jason kidd. Wowww. I won’t even get into that. A living legend doesn’t mean he is a legend currently. Rondo wins out at this tage. And brandon roy? Debatable. If roy was still on the rise then he would be better. But rondo is getting better every year. Will roy’s all star game talent resurface?

  • beiber newz

    And do I see rondo and collison as equals? Ahaha laughable. Sometimes people don’t know true talent. Which is why there will always been mediocre teams in all sports.


    I’m a fan of Rondo. But, shit, until he gets a decent jumper, dude will never get the respect he deserves.

  • Stradio

    That’s What’s Up is mad because Chris Paul is considered the best PG in the world. Haters are funny.

  • wilkes

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