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Confirmed: ‘Melo Recruits LeBron, CP3 & Durant To Battle Philly

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

UPDATE: Tyreke Evans has committed to play for Team Philly.

What started as a friendly debate between former Syracuse teammates Carmelo Anthony and Hakim Warrick, has turned into a full-blown, winner-take-all grudge match. And as with all basketball debates, this one can only be settled on the court. On Sept. 25 at 6 p.m., ‘Melo will take his talents down I-95 to the City of Brotherly Love, along with a squad that features LeBron James, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant. They will compete against Warrick’s team featuring Philly products Wayne Ellington, Markieff and Marcus Morris, John Salmons, and Flip Murrary.

Rahim Thompson, the organizer of the event, confirmed that Team Philly’s roster will also include Kyle Lowry, Lou Williams and Jason Thompson, while Team Melo will also bring out Baltimore products Josh Selby, Gary Neal, Donte Greene, and Birmingham’s Eric Bledsoe.

“My Philadelphia All-Stars look forward to getting on the court and proving to ‘Melo and the people of Baltimore/D.C. that the best ballers come out of Philly,” says Warrick. “‘Melo told me he was bringing a squad that can’t be beat, so I have a few ‘All-Star’ surprises for him when my team takes the court.”

The game, which is being played at the Palestra on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, will also be broadcast live on the web via The Basketball Channel, hosted by Fox Sports’ Marques Johnson and Philly hoops legend Bo Kimble.

Tickets for the event will be priced between $35-$50, with a number of upper bowl seats being donated to community groups throughout the city. Tickets go on sale today through the Palestra box office and participating VILLA locations throughout the city. A portion of the revenue generated from the game will go to charity, including the West Philadelphia Community Center where Warrick grew up playing.

Will you be in attendance?

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  • yc

    waw.. warrick… warrick warrick……

    you still in nba…..?

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    at least these dudes are staying in the gym and playing for the love of the game. Kinda weak of Melo though, Lebron being from OH and Chris Paul being from Carolina. All Melo has to do is ride with his DMV boys, let guys like Baby Shack and Spongebob get some shine vs NBA players. BMore/DMV has plenty of NBA power in Beasley, Durant, Selby, Donte Green, Gary Neal, Nolan Smith, and plenty others. I know Lebrons name brings the fans, so it’s understood from that stand point. but the fans were going to come no matter what as long as Durant and Melo are there. Especially after the damage they been doing this summer.

  • thrillah

    There’s no way in hell the Philly squad has a chance against Melo, LeBron, CP3 and Durant. That’s like the freakin dream team. Worst part is, it’s lead by Warrick?!?! A very poor man’s Amare Stoudamire…ridiculous!

  • jamaal

    This can get ugly…..sam cassell ugly

  • First & Foremost

    Hakim better guilt Kobe B. Bryant into showing up.
    Hakim better go find wherever Allen Iverson is hiding these days.

    How does Melo even win this argument? “B-more has the best ballers so I’m going to bring my Akron & DC & Lewisville homies to prove it.”

    That’s like saying the best Power Forwards in the league are: Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Dirk, & Melo.

  • Big Island

    I herby challenge Chicagorilla to a game. Hawaii vs Chicago. I get Rose, Durant, Dirk, Dwight, and Griffin. You get Korver, Farmar, Darko, Bill Walton, and Sporty J. I’ll bring CP3, Melo, Wade and Lebron off of the bench and you get DJ Mbenga, Cadillac Anderson, Tim Tebow and Jerry Seinfeld. Like I said, Hawaii has the best ballers. Friggin Melo.

  • beiber newz

    @YC !!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay don’t sleep on hakim warrick guys. dude can score and his hops are ridiculous. i wouldn’t put it past him in a game structure like this that he will be one of the standouts when the final buzzer goes off.

    for the suns, warrick averaged a little over 8 points a game, so i understand your skepticism. but his minutes were EXTREMELY ERRATIC. For YOUR record, i will post some of his scoring numbers throughout this just passed season. i am showing you 15 games of his where he did some work. take a look:

    Apr 6 @ MIN
    29:02 minutes and 17 points

    Apr 1 @ LAC
    26:12 minutes and 17 points

    Mar 8 @ HOU
    40:10 minutes and 32 points

    Feb 28 @ NJN
    24:02 minutes and 16 points

    Feb 11 @ UTH
    21:45 minutes and 16 points

    Dec 17 @ DAL
    27:36 minutes and 15 points (14 boards)

    Dec 5 @ WAS
    28:47 minutes and 26 points

    Nov 26 @ LAC
    36:50 minutes and 25 points

    Nov 24 @ CHI
    36:08 minutes and 23 points

    Nov 15 @ DEN
    25:54 minutes and 21 points

    Nov 12 @ SAC
    22:59 minutes and 18 points

    Nov 8 @ MEM
    34:36 minutes and 16 points

    Nov 5 @ MEM
    37:56 minutes and 15 points

    Nov 3 @ SAS
    31:20 minutes and 19 points

    Oct 28 @ UTH
    26:23 minutes and 18 points

    i myself didn’t know he was capable, but with consistent minutes hakim warrick has made me a believer that he can be a scoring threat.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol Melo weak right now. Lebron n CP3?
    It’s Philly vs DC. Man up.

  • beiber newz

    warrick averaged 17 minutes a night. he averaged a little over 8 points this season. so technically speaking, if we were to double his minute production (or if his coach did in real life) hypothetically speaking he can be capable of being a 16/17 point scorer. pretty respectable for 34 minutes of action especially on a team where he isn’t even the third option, or 4th, or 5th. i think the scoring priorities in phx when the year was over was (in no particular order) steve nash, channing frye, vince carter, jared dudley and marcin gortat. i would def take warrick on my favorite team if available. jus recognize his talent. he won’t be an all star and i don’t wanna sound like i’m making him out to be the second coming. but he def can produce on the court. i just hate when guys don’t get credit that they are due.

  • cesar

    bring kobe and ai , hakim!

  • First & Foremost

    I’m sorry beiber but your funny math doesn’t work here. You can’t say double his minutes and then keep him as the 4th or 5th option. I’m sure if the Suns trusted him they would have made him the 2nd option they payed him to be. Of the games you posted, there are MAYBE 4-5 that were against good defenses. That is basically Jeff Green production.

    As you said though, nothing mindblowing but maybe he steps it up here. Maybe Durant-Lebron-Melo-CP3 get bored and the game is closer. I highly doubt that since Lebron is a very good frontrunner this one might be a dunk contest early.

    I’m still waiting on Melo’s explanation on how his team qualifies for the Melo League? These league games need to have some restrictions. Exhibition game minimum and must be from a 100 mile radius(more for rural areas) of that league or played for a college/pro-team near that league. No Jennings/Tyreke/Glen Davis combo saying ‘The Bayou’ has the best league.

  • beiber newz

    OHHH I never said KEEP him as a 4th or 5th option. I was merely saying he is on a team where his pecking order comes somewhere/anywhere AFTER the first 5 priorities get their shots. That is what makes his production more impressive than it is. There is a reason why he averaged just 17 minutes. Because there are other options on his team that the coach will like to run plays for FIRST. That is why I said, if you double his minutes, he MAY BE CAPABLE of averaging 16 instead of 8 ALL HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING. Of course if he is averaging 34 minutes, somebody else’s minutes may come down and therefore HE PROBABLY WOULDN’T BE THE 4TH OR 5TH OPTION ANYMORE and in theory he may even average MORE than 16. NBA statisticians do it all the time when they have PER-48 MINUTE production thingy. That is essentially what I was doing. He averaged 8pts in 17min so like I tried to convey initially was that in a PER-48 minute world, he would 16pts in 34min. I hope that makes more sense.

  • First & Foremost

    Yeah, I heard you the first time. But in this game, you have a guy who has been the 3rd or 4th option on just about every team he’s been with going up against 4 number 1’s. The deck has been stacked against him and even if this game is remotely close, it should count as a moral victory.

    Hakim has hops for days but even Blake Griffin wouldn’t be allowed to dunk every time down.

    But back to Melo, just by looking at his roster, deep down he must know Philly is better than B-more if he has to higher some basketball mercenaries.

  • beiber newz

    you heard me the 1st time but misquoted me. so you obviously din’t hear me 100% correctly. so i fixed your quote. and explained it. however, you claim he has been the 3rd or 4th option on every team he’s been on. OOOK. do you realize that there are times where guys are rookies? and rookies naturally get better as players. whether they are becoming better as overall players or simply strengthening a specialty (ie shooting or defense) they are GETTING BETTER. it’s natural. some guys have early peaks and fall off early. yet the natural thing for any athlete is to improve. so mentioning that he has been the 3rd or 4th option on every team he’s been on wouldn’t make any sense in this situation. i was making references to him as a player THIS PASSED SEASON. i am saying warrick is A SCORER. so in a game where there is free play, i was driving at the point that warrick’s scoring capabilities will translate well in a street-type game like this. you make it seem like i called warrick a great player. sheesh. i didn’t say anything that is not fact. warrick IS a scorer. on that philly team if he is looked at to score then he will not be the 6th option like in phx and he will have more freedom. will he be effective? who the hell knows. did you know bosh would go 1-17 or wateva it was? the reason i mentioned he can DUNK is to illustrate that his style of play will be crowd moving and highlight appealing. he will STANDOUT like i said in the beginning. I mentioned his scoring because he can score. that is all. warrick is not an nba all star. but you’d be surprised at how well a 12th man on an nba bench can look like a star in a less restricted basketball game. how bad will you look if warrick actually drops 30 that game? it wouldn’t be an “AHAHAH TOLD YOU” moment but it will just illustrate how someone in the league who averages 8 points a game can play different given the environment and atmosphere of the game. especially while a former college teammate is on the other team talking shit.


    Isn’t Melo from Canada?

  • king

    how melo gonna go up there with the olympic team. Hes cheating lmao

  • beiber newz

    haa ^

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    If Warrick can pull in Kobe and AI, then it’ll be an epic showdown.

    which is harder to play against?
    a 2 man superstar team with good players around them
    or a
    5 man superstar team with ok players as role players.

    For me, the 2 man team is harder to stop. Because they are going to take a bulk of the shots, especially if they are both guards (like Kobe and AI).
    Lebron, Melo, and Durant all due work in the same area of the court and they all NEED the ball. Throw in CP3 who also NEEDS the ball and you have a bunch of stars standing around watching one guy dribble because only one person can shoot at a time.
    It’s basically the same way DRose was about to beat a loaded #1 ranked Oak Hill team in HS.

  • First & Foremost

    Hakim is a poor man’s Josh Smith. Yeah he can knock down a few jumpers, yeah he can roll to the basket and finish, yeah he can make the occasional hustle play but he isn’t a scorer. Yeah I realize his career is short right now and coming in as a rookie he’d start low in any pecking order but 6 years later, a guy in his prime, still hasn’t moved up said pecking orders. If Jared Dudley, the ultra streaky Frye, and the super uninterested Vince are better scoring options, how can you consider yourself to be a scorer?

    Yes the overall game is more relaxed but this is Iso basketball. He isn’t an Iso player. Even if he wants to duel, dude has a limited arsenal. I will give him credit as an athletic Kris Humphries or a dark-skinned Josh Smith but I will not say he is a scorer.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “Hakim is a poor man’s Josh Smith. ”

    “Warrick?!?! A very poor man’s Amare Stoudamire”

    ^ Both incorrect…. Hakim Warrick is a rich man’s Beiber Newz

  • beiber newz



    i rest my fucking case.

  • beiber newz

    I WILL SAY IT FOR THE LAST TIME: hakim is a scorer.

    i never said he is deserving of more minutes BECAUSE HIS GAME ISN’T WELL ROUNDED. do not let that BLIND YOURSELF FROM WHAT HE CAN BRING TO THE TEAM.

    there are guys you call BUMS in the nba who can drop 78 in a pickup game. i.e gary forbes of the nuggets. however, hakim is simply caught in a place where there are simply BETTER guys than him ON A PHX TEAM who the coach will run a play for first.

    be smart, EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN’T GET THE 30-35 MINUTES any athlete craves, don’t let that take away from his strength. nate robinson dropped 40 points against the hawks and is known to be a scorer, but rode the bench in Oklahoma simply because guys were better than him. hakim warrick is a scorer as well (believe it) who will have all the opportunities to shine in that pick up game. PERIOD.

    that is what i was saying. STOPPPPPPPPPP trying to make it seem like i said hakim warrick is NICE. he is a good SCORER. interview the man and ask him what he seeks to do on the court and he’ll tell you “trying to put the ball in the hole”.

    i never said he does it GREAT. if he did, he WOULD HAVE BEEN an all star. i never said he SHOULD be an all star. but at least i have the eyes to see that dude looks to score and that is HIS GAME. you seem to not know that but it’s not surprising because he doesn’t get the minutes so i won’t hold that against you.

    you are oblivious to his overall game becuase he hasn’t gotten the minutes to showcase himself. why? who knows. maybe poor work ethic? attitude? maybe he hasn’t grown as a player the way his coaches expect him to.

    he looks to score. but all the GOOD AND SMART SCOUTS KNOW/all the INTELLIGENT, INFORMED, EDUCATED FANS know. you obviously watch just youtube clips of superstars (probably not true but you are coming off that way if you don’t open your eyes, kinda sounds like you hating). get your basketball knowledge up. there are many guys the average and uneducated fan don’t know about simply because they don’t get the minutes, or the opportunities because other guys are more trusted.

    DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT FIRST & FOREMOST!! do your research. i found that link in like 2 seconds because i knew what i was talking about. scouts claim warrick is a scorer. the suns brought in warrick after amare left. not to replace amare, cuz warrick is obviously not on the big fella’s level. but obviously they felt he can bring a scoring bang in the post. do your research. the end.

  • beiber newz

    and JAY man, you taking shots at me? damn i thought we was like thisssssssss X

  • ali

    beiber newz wat are yu tryibg to say again O_o

  • beiber newz

    i am trying to say that hakim warrick is a scorer.
    i am not saying he is an effective one.
    many here are doubting that he is a scorer simply because he is a bench player who doesn’t get minutes.
    first & foremost has a boxed way of thinking by claiming that of him.
    first & foremost is discarding warrick’s “game” simply because warrick hasn’t grown to all star standards.
    just look at the link i posted in post 21. scouts called him a scorer. i don’t expect first & foremost to respond to that.
    it proved him completely wrong. and he now has to save-face. he can’t look dumb because there is no way to respond to that. it was all good when beiber newz said it. but there’s no way he can have anything to say to that article. it’s in plain words by an observer. first & foremost watches youtube. he is speaking from ignorance.

  • beiber newz

    just look at what first & foremost said smh:

    “yeah I realize his career is short right now and coming in as a rookie he’d start low in any pecking order but 6 years later, a guy in his prime, still hasn’t moved up said pecking orders. If Jared Dudley, the ultra streaky Frye, and the super uninterested Vince are better scoring options, how can you consider yourself to be a scorer?”

    that is such a dumb statement that i am fighting myself not to acknowledge it with a response. but it’s also so dumb that i have to save his bottled way of thinking.

    okay, first & foremost, you are basically asking “how can anyone consider theirselves a scorer if they have sub-par talent and uninterested players ahead of them in the depth chart” okay think about this..how many SCORERS in college go undrafted? does it mean they aren’t scorers? or does it mean they just have guys that gm’s want to pick over you? just because a nate robinson stays buried on a thunder bench, are you saying nate robinson isn’t a scorer?

    hakim warrick has guys who are ahead of him because he is a SPECIALTY player. specialty players don’t get heavy minutes. specialty players are often liabilities on defense. a lot of things can be said as to why warrick doesn’t get the minutes throughout his career. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN HE IS NOT A SCORER. lol you don’t know much about the nba player who haven’t played in all star games huh? expand you nba basketball knowledge library. it’s not your fault that you don’t lnow much about warrick because he doesn’t get on the florr much. but it IS your fault if you continue to act stubborn toward the fact the he is a scorer simply because he avg just 17 minutes a night. as Charles Barkley would say, “THAT’S JUST TERR-BLE!!”