• UncheckedAggression

    I only voted for Jesus because I prefer this contest to be fair. Superhumans (or whatever the hell you wanna call it) shouldn’t be in this.

  • Ian

    unchecked thats why i voted agains shaq

  • JBaller

    Teen wolf was the bomb in the 80s, but he gave up the wolf at the end and won the game as Scott Howard. I don’t think that would be the case if Scotty faced Jesus straight up, so I went with Jesus.

    What the hell am I talking about? I should have my head examined for even reading this article. Bring back the NBA!

  • bobby stew

    Teen Wolf played against terrible competition. Teen Wolf never played against a guy with NBA three point range

  • king

    WOW. i guess people dont know who moses guthrie is. How the hell did Dr. J lose to billy Hoe

  • JDish

    @ king

    I had to actually look up the name Moses Guthrie to find out what bball movie he’s from. I never ever imagined it was gonna be Dr. J acting and playing the part of a …what’do you know… fly basketball player. Was he also the dude with the towel on his head in that movie?
    Anyway, I also can’t believe Moses Guthrie (Dr. J) lost to Billy Hoyle.

  • JDish

    Oh and by the way Dime, I don’t how Scott Howard, the human wolf kid, got in this tournament; this should be Sydney Deane facing J. Shuttlesworth.