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EastWest x Mitchell & Ness “Shark Tooth” Snapback Collection

Shark Tooth

With summer coming to a close and the beach soon to become a distant memory, Mitchell & Ness and Long Island sneaker boutique EastWest have teamed up to bring you the “Shark Tooth” snapback collection. Known as a “Shark Tooth” snapback for its shark-like flat embroidery, this collection pays homage to that early-’90s steez when these hats first reared their fins.

The collection is comprised of two distinct styles: “Team Color,” which EastWest has the exclusive on until mid-October, and “Cream,” which will be available exclusively at EastWest’s three shops and www.eastwestworldwide.com. As the shop puts it, “With less than 144 produced of each, you’d have a better chance a being bitten by a Great White than running into someone biting your style.” And at $28 a pop, you might as well cop two.

Shark Tooth

Shark Tooth

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  • http://www.universalarticle.com Nems

    All I Need!

  • north

    straight early ’90s garbage… what the heck were they thinking? Those hats are as bad as the Van City Grizz unis.


    Want ALL the 90’s ones:

    Hartford Whalers, Vancouver Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors…

    Get a Seattle Supersonics, Montreal Expos & Winnipeg Jets one in there while you’re at it.

  • s.bucketz

    i never seen a fad brought back and killed sooo quickly…fuckin hypebeasts