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Goodman League: We Started This

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Greg Morris)

In the history of basketball, neighborhoods have always played each other. Different teams in one city have played one another. Those aren’t original ideas, says Mac Williams, Goodman League webmaster. But playing different leagues from different cities? That’s a relatively new idea. And it’s one that the Goodman League is taking full advantage of.

“Summer leagues, with some pros and non-pros mixed together and going out and playing each other in other states, I think we pioneered that,” says Williams. “The whole, ‘You come over here and play,’ I think that’s something that hasn’t taken place.

“Every summer, it’s always been you play in your own city with your own group of people and you play each other whereas now we’re taking it to a national level where we’re trying to take on all comers and play everybody.”

The famous D.C. summer league played against L.A.’s Drew League and Baltimore’s Melo League in August, and will play against the Indy Pro-Am at the Indianapolis Convention Center on Sept. 24. The league also has tentative plans in place to play EBC at Rucker Park on Sept. 30 and is working out the details to play an Atlanta team featuring Josh Smith in October.

As of now, the game in Indianapolis includes Kevin Durant, John Wall, Jeff Green and DeMarcus Cousins for the Goodman League and Lance Stephenson, Eric Gordon, Gordon Hayward, Shelvin Mack and Danny Granger for Indy. Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls is hopeful that Michael Beasley will also be able to suit up.

Rawls can’t pinpoint a specific reason as to why summer leagues haven’t gone across the country and played each other before, but it’s easy to point to the lockout as a main reason why they are now. With no NBA in sight, there are more opportunities for games like these.

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  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    These exhibitions have to become a summer staple.

  • First & Foremost

    Overlooking the risk of injury, this is a great idea. Players stay in shape. Stay sharp mentally, albeit on the offensive end only. Fans that probably couldn’t afford regular season tickets get a chance to see Superstars in their own backyard. Too often you hear, “I don’t like the NBA because once they get paid they stop playing as hard.” Whelp, no you have millionaires going on tour with guys still tying to get their meal ticket validated. 1 on 1 offensive onslaughts not restricted by TV timeouts, cheap fouls, and coaches decisions.

    Plus it fills a void during the no football/basketball and meaningful baseball time of year we call summer.

    -FnF Approved

  • brian dead

    damn i hope they play the Atlanta squad IN atlanta. id kill to see dat.

  • beiber newz

    Kevin Durant has to be the most ashiest, nappy headed chapped lipped superstar of all time. with that said, that is why i like him. it looks like he rolls outta bed puts on a jersey and get to fucking work. ball is what he’s about. not appearance. i hate how ppl come on the court with allen iverson sleeve bands, tats, braids and play like shit. they think looking like a G will help them ball better. take a lesson from durant. he is that dude. leading scorer in the league and he will put in work b4 getting his hair brushed.

  • beiber newz
  • beiber newz

    you can cut my legs off i still won’t be de-feated !! cole world

  • Hot Fiyah

    @ beiber


  • beiber newz

    thank j cole for that line!

    same freestyle he said this:

    i’m offended, i’m appauled if y’all aint bowing
    claim you a monster? but y’all aint growling
    claim you a beast why y’all aint howling?

    that was good. j cole has his flashes of brilliance.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    I’m pretty sure the AND 1 Mixtape tour initiated this long before Goodman “pioneered” it. AND1 traveled and would sometimes have pros like Rafer, Arroyo, Ricky Davis, and a few others play in their games to rep their the home teams city. Goodman took it to another level, but they need to cool out on that Lil Richard “we started this” shit.

    Also I remember a show a few years back that had a Chicago streetball team play vs a NY streetball team. I think it was the original Nike Battlegrounds. It was a dope series. I remember being pissed because the players from Chicago looked kinda weak compared to what was really in the city.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    that’s a hot JCole line, but he sounds very similar to Wale’s line

    “Like a parapleg i don’t know defeat (the feet)” from the song Fly Away.

    I wonder who swagga jacked who.

  • beiber newz

    ^good reference. i never heard that wale song. 2day may b the day tho. i wanna hear who used it betta.