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Inside Scoop: Students Worried About St. John’s Basketball

St. John's Basketball

Last week, St. John’s head coach Steve Lavin announced that incoming freshmen Amir Garrett, Norvel Pelle and Jakarr Sampson will be unable to play during this fall semester. After losing 10 seniors from last year’s squad, this news serves as a major hit to St. John’s Basketball. With Malik Stith being the only returning player from last year, Coach Lavin was planning on building a brand-new system compiled of young talent.

“We will continue to work with the NCAA in an effort to review Amir, Norvel and Jakarr’s cases regarding their eligibility,” said Lavin in a statement. “Our student-athletes and their families have been patient and cooperative throughout this review process. We are hopeful that Amir, Norvel and Jakarr will be able to join us on the court this winter, and in the classroom when the 2012 spring semester begins.”

Spirits haven’t been too high about the basketball program around campus lately, mainly because the Johnnies don’t have any returning familiar faces. However, Red Storm fans had faith in their incoming freshman class, which was rated the third best in the nation. Now with Garrett, Pelle and Sampson out for the first 10 games, feelings are even more skeptical than they were beforehand. Even when they are able to return, it’s hard to believe that they will have an immediate impact. Not only does this hold back the team’s success this season, it could slightly damage Lavin’s reputation as a recruiting genius.

“The NCAA Eligibility Center informed us this afternoon that after a review, these three PSAs cannot qualify at this time,” said Director of Athletics Chris Monasch. “The University has been proactive and diligent in assisting in the reviews for each of our incoming men’s basketball student-athletes. We will continue to review what avenues the student-athletes may have to achieve their initial eligibility.”

Being a student at St. John’s, this news doesn’t serve as much of a surprise. Things have been noticeably different this year regarding the basketball program, as it would at any school losing 10 seniors and bringing in nine new players. Normally, the basketball team would be making appearances at every event on campus, out mingling with the fellow students on the strip, and even playing pickup in Taffner every now and then; but this year, that hasn’t been the case.

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  • beiber newz


  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    They had so much momentum last year, you’d hate to see them take three steps back.

  • Jaimie Canterbury

    We still have plenty of talent, hopefully this brings our group closer as opposed to setting us back. Nurideen Lindsey, D’angelo Harrison, & Phil Greene are gonna have to pick up the slack

  • Mike Auf

    They might need to pick up some walk-ons out of Taffner…

  • beiber newz

    paris horne was an incredible dunker. i liked seeing him playing 5-on-5 in taffner when the team’s season was over. i remember guarding him in a pickup game in taffner. brought out the best d in me. PAUSE**

  • ceasar paciotti

    whoever beiber news is, you got cooked. Most likely dunked on,like paris was prone to do last season, i wont mention any names, but i never got dunked on in taffner.

  • beiber newz

    you know what ceasar pizza boy?! i don’t get cooked. i’m a defensive player. paris rarely drove on me. i’m not sayin it was cuz of my d, but it had something to do with it. he was pulling and creating plays mostly that day. wat the fuck would i waste my time typing up a snippet about it if it never happened? who the fuck here do i know that i would be tryna impress? o plz, u need to stop that whole “me getting cooked” shit. i hate that word, cooked jus cuz it gets overused in taffner. ppl say it for anything. everyone in taffner thinks they are a fukkin all star. like u, with your smug self sayin how ‘i never got dunked on’. o plz. i prolly yammed it on ur dome.

  • heckler

    this article never explained the reason the players are ineligible.

  • beiber newz

    @heckler, lmao. i’m laffing cuz i was wondering the SAME thing. i didnt see an explanation and i wasn’t sure i should mention it because it was such an obvious thing to include that i thought i just misread the article somehow. i thought i was slow but i guess i’m not the only one.

  • Jaimie Canterbury

    The news came out last week. The players didn’t do enough to graduate high school. Technically they’re still HS students.

  • ceasar paciotti

    I must have struck a nerve bieber…why so emotional? do the flashbacks hurt?

  • beiber newz

    no i was just acting. but did anyone else so the picture in one of the ads here on dimemag.com about skin secrets? i’m looking at this picture as i type. it is WILD sexual. hahaha. take a look. http://d13.zedo.com/OzoDB/8/6/1028914/V1/Sb_160x600_SS50_Ecuador.jpg

  • beiber newz

    but did anyone else SEE*******

  • beiber newz

    but to clarify to u ceaser pizza boy, I WAS ACTING but what i said was true. the tone i used was cuz i wanted to make a point. i dont like to be fucked with. **bx boro stay thorough**

  • Russ M

    I read that all 3 took the classes that they needed at some prep school near Philly and they all got A’s. For some reason the NCAA was skeptical about these grades which led to an investigation, which led to all three being declared ineligible.
    Though this was a good read, it’s obvious that a far more interesting article could’ve been written if someone “in the know” wanted to share.