Overseas, Video / Sep 16, 2011 / 10:00 am

Jordan Farmar Gets Crossed Up In First Overseas Game

Hopefully, Jordan Farmar picked up some ankle insurance (corny I know, but it was too easy). In his first overseas preseason game, Farmar got dropped by Maccabi Haifa’s Jeremy Wise. In an isolation setting. In his first game. At least it doesn’t seem like Wise hit the shot. We wish we could’ve seen how Farmar responded.

What do you think?

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  • that dude

    Come on son!! he stepped on his foot!!

  • Sam

    Yea! Go Nets!

  • zing

    Man i’m tired people using “crossed up” for everything. THAT WASN’T A CROSSOVER! and he stepped on his foot.

  • bobby stew

    stepped on foot

  • chomp

    stepped on his foot. don’t count.

  • SoulChorea

    anytime they cut the video before the dude releases the ball, he definitely missed that shot.

    And if a line is “corny” and also “too easy”, it’s probably not a good line to go ahead and use. Just sayin! lol

  • A.R.

    lol that stadium was pretty empty even for a pre season game

  • dave

    stepped on his foot! no crossover…

  • Cozi

    Wow I’m with zing blatant misuse of the phrase crossed up!! Don’t say crossed up for the Beasley highlight next either.

  • http://dimemag.com/2011/09/nba-fantasy-team-analysis-the-boston-celtics/ Mike

    But did he make the shot??!!

  • Promoman

    He was either tripped or stepped on rather than dropped.

  • JDish

    Feel bad for Jordan Farmar, dude didn’t get crossed up but man Dime stamped him with the “CROSSED UP” tag right away.
    Ok Dime but atleast tell us how he did in the game. The stat sheet tells all, if he was ballin or not.
    Besides, everyone gets crossed up at least once in there bball lives, everyone gets there shot sent to the cheerleaders, everyone get dunked on. C’mon, you all think kobe hasn’t gotten Crossed up, you think Lebron or Dwight Howard have never gotten dunked on.

  • JDish

    I was running in a pick-up game last night, drove the ball hard to the basket against my defender thinking I had an easy layup. And out of no where some other baller comes fly’n through and swats my stuff to the next court. Needless to say I was obviously humbled last night.

  • First & Foremost

    ^ Go hard or go home ^ Anyway it happens.

    As for the crossover, IF IT WORKS… IT WORKS. As of the time of this post, an offensive player stepping on the foot of a defender is not a foul. Your ankles will not advise you to keep doing it, but when in doubt, step on someone’s foot.

    Having a hard time boxing a guy out… step on his foot.
    Having a hard time setting a pick… step on his foot.
    Rebound came off the wrong side of the rim and you really need this possession… step on his foot.

    Make it look like an accident though. First and Foremost, ONLY, I repeat… ONLY perform said maneuver on guys with cheap, raggedy, fresh out the box for at least 29 full moons, lookin shoes. Rule of thumb: They look like they’ve been stepped on before… by an elephant, leading a stampede.