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Let’s Hug It Out: Looking Back At The Past 8 Seasons Of Entourage


I remember begging my mom to get HBO. I was 14 at the time and all my friends at school had it. Entourage was in it’s first season and had completely taken over their lives. Personally, I thought HBO was a show. At school, anytime I heard the word “entourage,” I figured it was just being used to describe a group of people. I kept those thoughts to myself.

Lunch time was Entourage time at school. Or for me, what I liked to call, sit-there-and-pretend-you-know-what-the-hell-everyone-is-talking-about time. So, like any other sweaty, hormonal, 13-year-old kid, I sat there, like an idiot, and listened to last night’s tales of Vince, Drama Ari, Turtle and E. Everyday.

(Sitting at the table) What’s “E?” Is that a drug, or is “E” actually someone’s name? Is “Vince” on “E?” Maybe they’re all on “E?” And what the hell is “Turtle?” Is that a person? There’s no way that’s a person. How could someone name their child “Turtle? “Timmy?” “Here.” “Johnny?” “Here.” “Turtle–?. No way, has to be a pet. And isn’t “Drama” a genre? I hate this show.

I debated coming clean. Pulling back the curtain and unveiling my secret. The thought of finally getting some answers made me giddy. Oh how glorious it would have been – but I couldn’t do it. I was too invested. I had come too far to just give up now: “Wait, so–you’ve never actually seen the show…? Waaaaaaaay too far. I was like an undercover Fed infiltrating a prominent New York family – any suspicion whatsoever and I’d be at the bottom of the river with cinderblocks tied to my feet. That, and I’d look like a ninny.

So I stuck it out.

Then I started watching it at a friend’s house. Problem solved. Call me Helen Keller cause I’m a f—in’ miracle worker!

*** *** ***

This Sunday we say goodbye. And after eight years of f-bombs, supermodels, pot smoking and Lloyd, the time has finally come. The time to say farewell to a show of a generation. It’s impossible for me to sum up my feelings in one measly little paragraph, so I felt it only necessary to award my favorite moments from the show – eight years in the making.


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  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Awesome stuff, Scott!

  • Me

    So u don’t remember emanuelle from On the Line? (LOL)

    Now i gotta go watch season 3. to remember why i watched this show in the first place. It’s been dying a long, slow, boring, PAINFUL death.

  • Rich Richardson

    you should add lloyd’s best outfit too. my vote goes for the “andre 3000″ look he does complete with fedora, or when he and drama wear matching shirts to the golf tournament

  • Otto

    Raise your hand if you and your boys ever assigned a character for each one of you. I always wanted to be Ari.

  • ben jammin

    I always wanted to be E. Vince would be too obvious an answer. But E has some very impressive notches on his belt.

  • Shot in Ya Face

    I’ve seen every episode til season 8 (no more cable TV). Entourage has been ho-hum the past few seasons. I think there was one good season in the past 4 seasons.

    The writers were running out of ideas as this show just got to be the same old shit. Nevertheless, the show had a lot of funny moments coupled with a lot of boring moments.


    Wait, I’m reading an article by a 21 year old? I thought all basketball writers were late twenties, early thirties guys with failed hoop dreams? Kinda changes everything… and not for the better. The first HBO show I saw was Oz. You just made me feel ancient.

    Your school had a bunch of 14 year olds who talked about Entourage? Seriously, I just can’t imagine it. I don’t think I even watched TV when I was 14. You must have gone to the most self consciously ‘bro’ school imaginable. Did everyone wear wife beaters, Ed Hardy, fake tan and drive a 4X4 their rich Mum & Dad bought them?

    I like most hip hop heads, didn’t really pay attention until Saigon was in it. Glad I did though, one of my favorite shows, ever.

    Drama and Turtle made the show for me, I wouldn’t watch it without those two.

    LMAO @ Otto I am literally the only person I know who watches Entourage, if I tried to assign characters for me and my friends, next time we were out drinking I’d get gang beaten by them all with pool balls in socks.

  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    Best Drama one liner:

    “No, no. Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her.”

  • Skeeter McGee

    best actors on the show are those who play Drama and Ari Gold. I always thought Vince was kinda overrated as far as how he acted as an actor on the show. This season has been painful but overall, great show, great stories, great cast.

  • snook

    Best Drama line:

    Vagina is my 3rd favorite hole bro

  • Krayzie

    The 2 Drama quotes above are great, another one is the speech he gives those kids about how weed is a gateway drug and they’ll be giving out handjobs for crack rocks and Ari’s kids bartmitzfah.

    Billy Walsh in seasons 1-4 was amazing….and after season 4 the show died….season 5 was decent but 6-8 are awful!