Video / Sep 15, 2011 / 10:00 am

Marreese Speights Throws Down Thunder On JaVale McGee Twice

Just a few days into “The Lockout League” and we’ve already seen a handful of highlights. But does it get any better than dunking on someone twice in one game? Marreese Speights sized up JaVale McGee and both times found a way to finish over one of the most athletic bigs in the game. Speights finished with 30 points and 10 rebounds while McGee had 19 and 10.

Shout out to Hoopmixtape

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  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Me thinks McGee wishes he would have timed his blocks alot better

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    McGee needs to really learn the art of shot blocking. He has to learn how to use his body to cover the basket and not just his length. Only a few people would be able to jump over him (Blake Griffin).

    The dunks were nice though.

  • Seven Duece

    Philly needs Speights to do a lot of that this year.

  • Promoman

    Damn. He got it left and then right. I agree with the first post completely. Javale’s good but he needs polish.

  • jzsmoove

    no surprise. i saw Speight school Bosh lots during his Raptor days. and that sucked ass when u had to pay for Raptor tickets.