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Michael Jordan: Which Is The Greatest NBA Team Of All Time?

Michael Jordan invites you to join him in the debate over what the greatest NBA team of all time is. He, of course, has his own idea. Six in fact.

Think he’s wrong? Prove it: Submit a video at www.NBA2KDebate.com and join the #NBA2KDebate on Twitter. It may end up in a future NBA 2K12 commercial.

What do you think?

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  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    72 win bulls… <– best team I've ever seen

  • ramo

    he should put that 1996 ring,on the middle finger,it would be better

  • KL

    72 wins in a diluted league, and he’s claiming it as the best team ever? Whatever,,,, this is the same team that lost to the expansion team Raptors that year.


    1996 Barkley,Malone, Drexler,Hakeem,robinson,duncan, Ewing,Shaq,Stockton,I can keep going if you like yes very dilluted.

  • Team JORDAN

    Every TEAM On His Finger I Liked But I’m Going To Have To Go With The BULLS TEAM From 96 That Went 72 and 10.

  • Jah

    @ BIG WILL:

    Duncan wasn’t playing in 1996. He’s in the 1997 draft class.

    @ everyone:

    72-10 team is the best. Won the most games (record) and won the championship. Overall, including the playoffs, they went 85-15 that year.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “this is the same team that lost to the expansion team Raptors that year.”

    So? What are you saying? They aren’t that good because of one game? FYI, that same Raptors team beat other top teams that year because a lot of good teams take nights off versus shitty teams. And for the record, MJ hit a fadeaway jumper from the right corner just after the buzzer.

    That team had the GOAT. The league’s 2nd best perimeter player. The best pound-for-pound rebounder to ever play. A do-it-all European mismatch. And a hard-nosed defender who was once a 20pt scorer for multiple seasons. And of those 5 players I just mentioned, 4 of them were among the best defenders in the league. Damn right I think that team was the best I ever seen. How many other teams could switch their SG and PF on a pick & roll and neither player would be mismatched?

    Funny you think the league was “diluted”…. why? Because there were less athletes? Less flash? Get outta here with that crap. They payed with their heads back then. It wasn’t about having a flashy game. Dwight Howard, who is EASILY the best big today, put him in that era and tell me if he’s an all-star. He’s be lucky if he gets voted by the coaches as a reseve. He has won 3 straight defensive POY… will he win defensive POY in that era??

    That Bulls team was a team of guards that won in a bigman era. They would MERC any current team with today’s rules which favor perimeter play.

    If you’d like to argue, feel free. Just don’t criticize my choice without naming an alternative.

  • Ian

    i think that what the celts and lakers did in the 80s was more impressive. big will did mention a lot of all time greats but they didnt have a team with another top 5 player (pippen) one the best defensive players and rebounders of all time (rodman) the best 3 point shooter (kerr) or a do it all 6th man (tony). the bull did win 55 games without their best player no other team in the 90s could do that (maybe the knicks). great players in the 90s hell yes maybe the best 12 man roster of any decade if you team them up but they ddnt play together. the league was a bit diluted.

    i think some of the teams we have seen in the last ten years would give the bulls a run (not sayin whos gonna win cuz i dont have a crystal ball) cuz the in their prime spurs , lakers and celtics are better than the 6 teams the bulls beat again just in case this is just me.

  • Ian

    you know what scratch that lakers and celts 80s crap those teams had like 9 hofers each but my 90s thing still stands

  • Joe M

    what is wrong with jordan’s left thumb? nasty

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    So by your definition of “diluted” it means less stacked team. I guess I can see that argument. It was an era where players played with the hands they were dealt with…
    That being said, that Pacers team was nice. The Heat team was nice. The Jazz were nice. There were a lot of very good teams back then. To me, I think some of those teams, regardless of the lack of starpower, they could run with the stacked teams of today. The Mavs showed us this year… hunger and cohesion between the players means more than starpower.

    MJ won his 1st ring with half the Pippen we are familiar with today, and a baby Horace Grant… and who else? he ended up beating the stacked Pistons team, and the Lakers.
    My point is this… MJ won with less, versus greater. The 72 win team was stacked AND their captain was Michael Jordan. That’s why they are the best I’ve ever seen.

  • KL

    lol..i was just stiring the pot a bit. You take this way too serious and personal. That said, lots of what you said it completely subjective. GOAT being a pound for pound this and that…seriouly…you can’t measure that. I may agree with you, but it’s still an opinion and not factual.

    Sticking to facts, 72 wins. No denying this number. In most part, “W” and RINGS are synonymous to success. Part of me wishes they hit the 70 the following season. That would have been sweet.

    However, the whole ‘diluted’ argument does hold some water. Back in the 80’s with the Celts/Lakers, there were 23 teams, where the 72 win season had 29. I do feel there were less cr4p on the roster when comparing 86 to 96. Also, 96 was an expansion year where the Griz and Raps came out. Bulls got 5 wins from those 2 alone.

    In the end, I can’t say you’re wrong. I’m just saying there’s some crazy teams before the Bulls and you can make a strong argument with the Bird and Magic teams. Magic, Worthy, Kareem and Bird, McHale, Parish, where both teams had amazing role players. So good and fun to watch. They’re regular season records were in the upper 60’s, but when the playoffs started, damn, they were solid.

  • Ian

    i understand what you are saying but lets look at the players leading those teams. pacer reggie a star sure but superstar not even close. good shooter with big balls. in basketball i think you are as good as your best player. the heat?? nah i dont know zo was good and all but again no superstar (i think we can all agree you need at least one superstar and one star to get a ring). utah ok they sure had one but man that man sure can choke. utah is the one team i think i had 2 dudes on the level of the bulls 2 best players (superstars) but the rest of the team??? the bulls had that.
    the pacers and jazz sure can put up regular season wins today but i dont think they can win it all.

    mj might be the best player ever i cant argue that even if i dont like but the man also was blessed with timing he hit his prime when the celts , lakers and pistons were done. the 91 lakers not even close to the 80s lakers, the pistons ?? not the same team that wooped jordan 3 times but this time the bulls were better than years before, the celts DEAD by then. utah the only other team with 2 superstars underachieved they made the finals the 2 years the west was kinda not great.

    the mavs this years won with a superstar that not even zeus could guard this postseason.

  • Ian

    but i do like the way you ended your post with the best ive ever seen line.

  • George W Kush Sr

    96 Bulls, 2003 Spurs were solid as hell, 2004 Pistons (go look up the roster, nasty!), 80s Celts and Pacers were nice but I think the 96 Bulls were the best team ever, mismatch monsters.

  • George W Kush Sr

    *** 80s Lakers… loll

  • SoulChorea

    “no pushoff”

  • Ian

    good thing u mentioned the 03 spurs thats my fav spurs team (made kobe cry whats not to like) always thought they were the best spurs team ever. now thinking about it the 99 and 05 spurs mighta been better who knows. dont go by names on the 03 team it was TD and some leftovers that won that title. the admiral wasnt the admiral in 03 he was an 8 and 8 player the 99 team still had a 20 and 10 admiral. manu was just there , tp sucked he was benched for speedy claxton in all the 4th quarters, jackson was a castoff no one wanted , malik rose??? wtf??? , 56 year old kerr, bateer or some crap like that , ferry who was older than kerr , willis who was older than the nba, and devin brown cant say they were the spurs ever but they sure had the most impressive run ever beating the 3 time champs with one player (prob the best player in the league then the best timmeh has ever been finals 24ppg 17rpg 5apg 5bpg vs martin and mutombo missing the quadruple double by 2 blocks) and those dudes. the 03 team was a one man team the 05 and 99 versions had better everything.

  • Phileus

    Nobody mentioned the 2000-01 Lakers?

    It had maybe two of the top all-time NBA players in their prime and they almost swept the playoffs. It took one of the best performances of his whole career for Allen Iverson to snatch a single win away from them.

    I think they’d give the 72-10 Bulls a run for their money. This is sacrilege, but Kobe and MJ would be something fierce to watch. But Shaq against… Longley? Not happening.

  • Ian

    top 25 from a list hollinger i know its just a dudes opinion but still it was a good read

    1. 96 Bulls
    2. 87 Lakers
    3. 86 Celtics
    4. 91 Bulls
    5. 97 Bulls
    6. 85 Lakers
    7. 92 Bulls
    8. 99 Spurs
    9. 09 Lakers
    10. 08 Celtics
    11. 83 Sixers
    12. 89 Pistons
    13. 01 Lakers
    14. 98 Bulls
    15. 90 Pistons
    16. 07 Spurs
    17. 00 Lakers
    18. 93 Bulls
    19. 05 Spurs
    20. 02 Lakers
    21. 81 Celtics
    22. 03 Spurs
    23. 82 Lakers
    24. 04 Pistons
    25. 80 Lakers

  • Kevin K

    You guys say lack of starpower back in the Jordan era… 90% of your so called superstars / stars in the current league that are guards won’t hold a candle if they played back then . People compare CP3 to Isaiah Thomas and Kobe to MJ. That’s a sick joke.

  • RC

    Everything MJ does is just pure stuff of legend! Greatest of All Time!

  • Phileus

    @ Kevin K: I grew up watching Jordan, and I don’t say that Kobe is as good as he is, just that he would give him a heck of a lot more of a challenge than, say, Jeff Hornacek, or any SG at Jordan’s prime not name Reggie Miller.

  • Ian

    phileus agree and cp3 would give isiah a game also.



    Fool of a took!!

    Please jump off your nostalgic bandwagon and let bygones be bygones. Dwight Howard as a matter of fact will MERC that bulls team faster than a hater called JAY who posts on dimemag.com can wipe his ass. Also, D12 will MERC that bulls team. Did i forget to mention D12 aka Superman aka Hulk aka Half man half amazing aka infinity and beyond aka BULLS MERCer will MERC that bulls team.

    Holla at yo boy !


  • Jim

    1986 Celtics – size plus skill (Bird, Parish, McHale), plus Bill Walton & Scott Wedman coming off the bench. Sorry, Bulls can’t match that!

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    The 90’s was Diluted??? wtf? Dime just did a “what was the NBAs best decade” series of articles and many of you had the 90’s era as Number 1 or Number 2. Funny now that when people are making a point that the 72 Win Bulls are the best ever, ALL OF A SUDDEN the 90’s were diluted? Expansion Raptors/Grizzlies???
    So was there no expansion in the 80’s? Are all the pre-ABA merger teams disqualified too?

    I don’t necessarily believe that the 96’s Bulls are the flat out greatest ever. The Lakers, Sixers, Celtics, or the 80’s, all have an argument because top to bottom they were better. Many of you are highly overrating the careers of Jud Buchler, Luc Longley, Bill Wennington, Jason Caffey and Randy Brown lmao. Those dudes were garbage the moment they left Chicago. Jordan, Pip, Rodman, Tex Winters Triangle, and Phil are the reason those 96-98 teams were great.

    And as a parting shot, 95% of you are idiots.

  • OverPowered

    @Jim Jordan, and a crappy Bulls team gave the 86 Celtics all they wanted in the 86 playoffs, so don’t tell me an overall better Bulls team can’t match up…the Bulls didn’t have size but the Celtics would be no match athletically vs Jordan/Pippen hell even Harper prob could drop 20 on them.

    It’s fun to debate but impossible to definitively say one team is the best…the Bulls team actually won because of their defense, and if they played today, w/ all the rule changes they’d be a significantly worse defensive team…

    That being said, I’ve never seen a team dominate day in and day out like that 96 Bulls did…winning 72 game says more about their drive to win than it does about anything else.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I can’t even take your post seriously. Moving along.

    @ Chicagorilla: “Jordan, Pip, Rodman, Tex Winters Triangle, and Phil are the reason those 96-98 teams were great.”

    Don’t forget Harper either. He didn’t put up numbers on any of the Bulls teams but he was huge for them defensively and played his role on offense. His presence on defence gave them a lot of versatility on switches. That type of shit doesn’t show up on stat sheets.

    @Phileus: “But Shaq against… Longley?”
    Wrong… try Shaq versus Rodman. Rodman held his own vs Shaq when they played eachother.

    You guys are forgetting the Harper, MJ, Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman lineup the Bulls put on the floor. You want to talk matchups??

    PG Harper > Fisher, Shaw
    SG MJ has the edge on Kobe
    SF Pippen >>> Rick Fox
    PF Kukoc > Grant
    C Rodman < Shaq

    The Bulls had Longley and Wennington to put Shaq on the FT line too.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    What about the WORST team ever??

    If you ranked the worst from 1 through 10, there’s gotta be like 3 Raptor teams on there. Maybe 3-4 Clipper teams and a couple Mavs teams.

  • focalmatic

    One of my favorite teams that “never” won a chip was that 2000 Blazers team…tragic that they had to run into a prime Shaq during that run

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I’ve got the 96 Bulls.

    Only thing I want to add to this conversation is in reference to “dilution”.

    If every team in the league was better BEFORE expansion, as many believe, then it stands to reason that every team in the league has been worse SINCE expansion.

    So if the 96 Bulls are somehow worse because of expansion, doesn’t it make the fact that they had 3 top players, the best coach, 72 wins, etc even MORE impressive?

    For instance, the Raptors (with their expansion draft pick) chose BJ Armstrong from the Bulls. So the Bulls COULD have been even better. Those teams from the 80s didn’t have to deal with that. How many international players or preps-to-pros players did the 80s teams have to play against?

    In closing, saying, “There are more teams, therefore there must be less talent per team” is a lazy way out of this argument.

  • Conor O.

    1. 1987 Los Angeles Lakers (Showtime/Basketball Perfected);

    2. 1986 Boston Celtics (Prime Cohesion between Bird, Chief, and McHale);

    3. 1996 Chicago Bulls (First Year of Rodman/Jordan, Phil, Pippen, et al);

    4. 1972 Los Angeles Lakers (33-game win streak, never to be broken);

    5. 2001 Los Angeles Lakers (15-1/Kobe, Phil, Shaq, et al)

  • Conor O.

    Notice the trend.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “It’s fun to debate but impossible to definitively say one team is the best…”

    We can simulate it though. =) 2k12 is around the corner. I’ll load up these matchups, set the games up with 12 minute quarters, grab a couple beers, and I’ll just kick back and watch the simulated games.

  • Ian

    let me know how my 99 spurs do??

    can you add mid 90s robinson to the 03 squad?? i dont play basketball games so i wouldnt know. wanted to get 2k12 but way too many games coming out now wont get a chance to play it.

  • Donatello

    I think u forgot one team…

    …the 2002 Kings.

    Damn, I would take them over 5 of 10 other ones u mentioned above.

    No, they hadnt four all stars like the 80’s lakers did but together they showed some amazing brilliance.

    @jay tell me how my kings gonna do in 2k12, d like 2 know that

  • SagJism

    89′ Pistons, They would beat any team of the past or the future, that team was so stacked and unstoppable, I dont carte if you did bring the unstoppabulls with the trilogy they would still get popped. showtime lakers and Brid’s celtics of 86 would pop all teams except the pitons and the 96 bulls. I give the tie to the pistons because both rodmans would canel each other out but the 89 rodman would pop scottie in the head and it would be over because he had a migrain.

  • bresaniel


    They don’t put longley on Shaq. They put Rodman on Shaq. The Worm can handle Shaq when Bulls played the Magic. Worm was a genius defender using various weight transfer techniques down low …and staying super low with 1 arm on Shaq’s back.

    2002 Lakers cannot compete with the 96 Bulls. The lakers basketball IQ is lower… and who’s gonna guard Scottie if Kobe is on MJ? Toni Kukoc is unguardable if u have him as a third option on the floor at the same time. 96 Bulls is really hard to beat. My pick is 96 Bulls. And then Showtime at their Prime. They get buckets so quick.. u don’t realize how many points they just put up in the last 2 minutes. Celtics is nice..but I have to give where credit is due really..every time i watch NBA Classic games.. Dennis Johnson is the only Celtic that I find amazing. He runs point for them, deadly mid range J’s, ball-handler, quick defender… come on.. If the C’s didnt have him.. they will not be as great. No one talks about DJ. It’s absurd. All this Bill Walton/ Danny Ainge talk is garbage. they ain’t shit when it mattered. IT WAS DENNIS JOHNSON that was the X-Factor…Dime … one of you guys gotta bring that story up for the new school ballers. I’m not that old school either..i grew up watching 96 bulls and after… but i study these classic games and Dennis Johnson stands out from the rest. Do Justice. Give the late Dennis Johnson some love. holla