Ink, NBA / Sep 6, 2011 / 12:00 pm

NBA’s Best New Ink: Kevin Durant

Other than taking some time off this summer, what are you supposed to do during a lockout? How about go under the needle. Just recently, we’ve shown you new ink from Amir Johnson, DeMarcus Cousins and Ryan Gomes. Now, thanks to Twitter, we have the latest from Kevin Durant. Check it out in all its glory after the jump.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

KD’s new work was done by Randy of Tattoos By Randy in Jonesboro, Ga.

What do you think?

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  • imperial-mel


  • andrew

    why does everybody in the NBA have tattoos?

  • Michorizo

    @andrew…It’s a way for the public to distinguish who is gay and who is not.

  • ERIC

    not just the nba – hit the beaches in europe and more than 50% of people have some kind of ink.. maybe not landscaped across their whole body, but tons of ink across the atlantic…

  • JDish

    And to think that Kevin Durant would stay away from inking up some part of his body. I thought you would be able resist the peer presure to get a tat KD. Staying tatoo free is cool too you know.

  • brian dead

    damn i never heard of this guy and i stay in jboro

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Love the MD rep

  • Rachel M.

    KD’s just reppin the best state ever…

  • MTX

    Im sure you’ve never seen KD’s chest and belly…


    Why are people still so prejudiced against tattoos?

    LOL @ “hit the beaches in Europe” as a blanket statement.

    I didn’t even really know that KD was from Maryland, I’d never even thought about where he was from.

  • Brian

    ew, this is the ugliest tattoo i’ve ever seen!!!!!! it looks like he got shot all across his back. or that he has some kind of disease that give your skin huge texural hives. money cant buy you class. this proves it.

  • flavur

    BMORE all day way to represent MD

  • Ismael

    Is it just me or is that tattoo butt ugly. damn KD! your a freakin multimillionaire, at least get the best tattoo artist out there, Geez! the hands are weird and aren’t proportioned, the clouds background is ugly, the angel wings are ugly, even the ball isnt even a perfect circle. WEAK! I love KD but this is WEAK!