Dime Training, NBA, Video / Sep 9, 2011 / 3:30 pm

Rajon Rondo’s Dynamic Passing Drills & Workout

Despite what you may think, most NBA players don’t set sail for the Caribbean once the season ends; many decide to live in the gym. And after making his second consecutive All-Star Game, this is definitely the case for Rajon Rondo. With that, check out Rondo’s dynamic passing workout presented by Nike Basketball. In four one-minute videos, you’ll see everything from the correct technique for post entry pass to creating scoring options off the pick and roll.

What do you think?

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  • Andrew

    Rondo needs a dynamic shooting workout, not a passing one…

  • yentron

    lets see his dynamic freethrow drills

  • SayItAintSo

    Hate. All day. Hate.

    Rondo does his thing with a mediocre/below average jumper. We all know. That being said, you can’t deny the cat is a great basketball player – in fact, he is an ALL STAR. You can’t bring this garbage saying he is only good because he plays with future HOFers anymore either. Ray, Paul and Kevin are damn near a liability at this point in their careers. Rondo is the best player on that team and the fact that he is so successful without a jumper is just that much more impressive.

  • yentron

    put rondo on the hornets and see the worst record in the league

  • Big Island

    I came in here to make a joke about his shot, but I see you guys have it covered. Keep it up, I’ll check back in later.

  • SayItAintSo


    1) I just flat out disagree. You put Rondo on the hornets, and yes there is a significant drop off from Paul but not to being the worst squad in the L.

    2) You put Rondo on 90% of the other squads in the league and it’s a definite upgrade! He knows is weakness and mitigates it by being incredibly efficient and doing everything else exceptionally well.

    So, I don’t see what your point is…

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo


    i agreed with you totally until you said that Ray, Paul, and KG are liabilities. if those guys all got hurt and didnt play the whole season i see the Celtics struggling to stay over .500, especially with all the stacked teams now in the East. Rondo is an all-star passer and defender but without Ray, Paul, and KG backing him up he really aint as great, still great but not as much.

    i would take 5 ray allens versus 5 rondos on any given day…

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    @you put rondo on 90% of the other teams and its a definite upgrade

    Rondo for Steve Nash=downgrade
    Rondo for D Rose=downgrade
    Rondo for CP3=downgrade
    Rondo for J Kidd=downgrade
    Rondo for Billups=downgrade
    Rondo for Curry=equal
    Rondo for Collison=equal
    Rondo for Westbrook=equal
    Rondo for B Jennings=equal
    Rondo for B Roy=equal
    Rondo for Tyreke Evans=downgrade
    Rondo for Tony Parker=downgrade
    Rondo for Deron Williams=downgrade

    90% of the league? at least be truthful with your statements. you trade Rondo for any of the guys i named above and the team either stays the same or gets worse…

  • SayItAintSo

    I’d say my statements are easily as truthful as yours if you consider B-Roy a point guard.

    Roy is my boy but with his busted knees I’d still take Rondo if we’re looking for B-Roy to run point guard. Reke is a stretch as a one but I’ll concede he is the better ‘guard’ though he still has a lot to prove.

    All that being said, you just straight up don’t know basketball if you consider Collison and Billups (at this point in his career) as equal to Rondo.

  • control

    I got here late for the hatefest, god damn. As others said, he needs to work on his shooting…he is literally the worst shooting point guard in HISTORY…

    He’d be a massive downgrade for most teams. He needs to be in a PERFECT system to cover his weaknesses. He is really only good at defense (when someone is behind him to cover his gambles) and passing (which he does TOO much sometimes).

    I could see this guy pulling a Chris Tucker in Dead Presidents thing during the lockout…he really does look like he’s strung out on heron, and the way he runs his yap, he almost proves it.

  • simeon

    that list about three posts above is a joke. only 4 teams I can think of that he would be a downgrade for. seriously. hate hate all day. for no reason. that’s all I see. celtics are no where near the perfect team. the are at this time in their careers individually liabilities on some end. if rondo was playing with all three players in their primes..then the argument that they are making him look good would somehow make sense. but when they struggle he can definitely take over and has shown this.

    back to topic, these videos show that is is probably one of the most creative passers in the league and highlight his bbiq. those are the things I would want from my pg. I wouldn’t build around a pg (not the best choice IMO), so he need not be the main scorer. thanks.

  • http://msn.com belinda

    I challenge everybody that talks about Rajon Rondo’s jumpshot to refer to him correctly, 2x all-star, champion, superstar point guard of the boston celtics (one of the best franchise’s in the nba) with a suspect jumpshot, who due to injury, got knocked out of the playoffs and the HOF on his team couldn’t go on without him. It such make you feel stupid when you say it this way. It’s not a team in the nba that does not feel threaten when this kid steps foot on the court, I dont care what anybody says.

  • douglalr

    wow…Steve Nash shoots so good he’s no longer a liability on defense? rember Amare made Felton look like a stud/all star…yet one of the best defenders and ball movers in the game is now a liability. Everyone says put Rondo on another team and he goes no where…that’s a guess…put Ray Allen’s been on other teams and he went no where, KG went to the conference finals once in his career, Pierce went to the conference finals once…that is, until they started carrying that bum Rondo…smh…and yet they’re considered 1st ballot HoFs…when his team needs him Rondo comes up big now…not back in the day like the other pgs mentioned above…the same thing was being said about TP and it took TD getting old to quiet that noise