Smack / Sep 25, 2011 / 3:00 am

Ray Allen Prepared To Lose The NBA Season

Ray Allen

Ray Allen covers Dime #11

With the NBA lockout raging on, Jesus Shuttlesworth has been getting a lot more pub than Ray Allen has around these parts. But that’s about to change. Allen recently said he’s prepared to give up the entire year if that what it means to get a fair deal done. He said it’s his responsibility to his team and to the league to see this thing through to the end. Not exactly what we’d like to hear, but at least he’s committed. Allen is one of the few players that probably wouldn’t miss a beat even if they lost a whole year. Dude is almost obsessed with keeping himself in tip-top shape. He also spoke on the idea of UConn bouncing right the Big East. Allen thinks UConn is the standard for college hoops, and that while leaving the Big East would be tough, matching up with teams like Duke and North Carolina on the regular would be interesting … Who saw our girl Cappie Pondexter putting in work against Sebastian Telfair in the Impact League? Check this video out for a nice little duel between the two. They match each other jump shot for jump shot and even though Telfair isn’t going all that hard, it’s still funny to see Pondexter raining buckets (she even took him to the cup once). We’re assuming that’s a men’s ball. This will probably spawn 30 different Telfair jokes that will last for a long time … Rudy Fernandez plans to make a big splash in Dallas once the lockout ends. But even he agrees that DeShawn Stevenson should be brought back. Fernandez will probably fit in better with the Mavs than he did in Portland, but do you think he’s going to make a big difference? The talent seems like it’s there, but he hasn’t been able to put it together consistently. You can put some of the blame on his inconsistent minutes. Even if you don’t read it, check out Fernandez’s hair … And count Hedo Turkoglu among the small percentage of players who say there is no chance they sign anywhere outside of the NBA. Turkoglu is saying he’s been keeping up with the lockout business closely, and instead of playing somewhere else he wants to use this extra time to do things with his family … Red Bull’s King of the Rock 1-on-1 tournament championship was held last night. On Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, the man you know as Baby Shaq (a.k.a. Hugh Jones) from AND 1 mixtape fame took the $10,000 grand prize over a field of 63 other competitors. Baby Shaq was not playing around. If you were hoping to see fancy crossovers and other playground tricks, you were out of luck. With that kind of money on the line, Jones was going for blood; he grinded out every win with a relentless series of buckets in the paint that he created by backing down his man and inflicting more bruises than highlights. Baby Shaq left with the money, the trophy, the ring (presented to him by Rajon Rondo), six other guys’ lunches, and high praise from Rondo that he could see Jones in the NBA someday … We’re out like Rudy’s hair.

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  • June

    Rudy Fernandez is so dreamy …

  • beiber newz

    Damn I feel sorry for the OLD veterans who have no more than 2 seasons left before they may retire. Losing an entire year for those guys may mean never seeing them again. Shaq was proactive. He left early. Ray Allen has what, another 2 seasons of respectability before he embarks on his last or couple final NBA seasons. Guys like Kyrie Irvin, who still needs 3 months rehab for his toe can benefit from time off especially if he heeds the Cavs suggestion to take things easy during the lockout. Many rookies should use this time to play summer ball with experienced NBA talent. It will only help. The older players need to keep their conditioning intact or it will be much harder later on to be season-ready. One rookie I am COMPLETELY enamored to see is Iman Shumpert. Dude is a FREAK. This is a scouting report video of him displaying his strengths and weaknesses. It offers a balanced perspective (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezNtkaz3AV0&feature=player_embedded). Overall though, I can be safe putting my name on the line by proclaiming Shumpert WILL be an all star sometime by, or during his 4th season (especially in the fast paced system he’ll play in). I can’t wait. I’m a Lakers fan from NY. It’s about time I get to see a great Knicks team (I like em both). Sucks though that as soon as my Knicks get nice, a lockout will keep them distant from me. Get this though, the crazy thing is if the season starts late, say February or March, the 3 year extension Melo signed will have counted as a year even though they would have played a total of 3-4 months (if they were to make the finals). That leaving us Knicks fans with just 2 more years of Melo under his current Knick deal.

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    peek here to see a fine latina goddess: http://cdn.rtny.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/a32-e1316912881854.jpg

  • beiber newz

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  • http://deleted dagwaller

    BN – I know you’re committed to posting on Dime, but getting wasted, putting your phone on the bar and using it as a pillow is not necessary.

  • beiber newz

    sorry..don’t hate me. i apologize.

  • jzsmoove

    ftw? today’s Smack is recycled Smack from yesterday. Dime dropped the ball today. Whoever penned Sunday’s Smack Shame on you!

    the only notable hilite was King of the rock info cuz nobody gives a flying fuck about Hedo no more.

  • JBaller

    Yeah, Hedo should go ballin’ elsewhere -Turkish Jordan my ass. He’s too lazy and spoiled on NBA money to go play for peanuts back home.

  • mike

    ray allen prepared to LOSE HIS HAIR in the picture

  • Big Island

    Guys, nothing happened that was basketball related. Go easy on Dime. No mention of the UFC fight, you know, the one that they had the banner on both side of the screen for the past 3 weeks. And now I am staring at a Pottery Barn ad. WTF.

    Yeah, so basketball is slow, Beib is a sketch artist of some sort ( I guess a simple : ) or a 8===D just won’t cut it anymore), and I am simply waiting until everything in my body wants to be out of it. Here’s the issue: Last night we had some people over. My gf’s friend, her mom, and her 13 year old son. He spent the the night playing with her hair. His mom’s. Hair.

  • D-NICE

    I just hope that whenever the season starts that we see some gotdamn inspired basketball being played. All the players nursing injuries should have enough time to rehab plus the veteran superstars(KG,Ray,Pierce,Baron Davis,Kobe,Nash, etc.) and the players in need of a bounce back season(Arenas, Artest, Ben Gordon, etc.) or trying to build upon a bounce back season(T-MAC, Shaun Livingston, etc.) should come back recharged and motivated. But mostly importantly, the TRUE love of the game should be restored in all players after losing a part of the season arguing over money. Just hearing about the possibility that there could be no season has made me appreciate the game so much more and has re-lit my love of the game to all time highs

  • s.bucketz

    yooo i heard si.com is streaming that game today…whers it at??any1 got a link??