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Report: NBA Wants A Third Round In The Draft

NBA Draft

With labor talks between the NBA owners and players slated to resume today, there is one topic besides money that’s on the table: the NBA Draft. And while I’m all for looking to the past for new ideas – this coming from a fan of snapbacks – David Stern has apparently hopped in his time machine and set the dial for June 28, 1988.

What’s so special about that day? Well, that’s the last time the NBA Draft had three rounds. Yes, according to Chris Sheridan, the NBA owners have proposed re-adding a third round to the draft to address the owners’ desire for more competitive balance. As you can imagine, this is a proposal that the players’ union isn’t really a fan of.

From SheridanHoops.com:

According to sources involved in the league’s collective bargaining discussions, the union has proposed various changes to the draft:

– Under one proposal, the 15 teams with the worst records would continue to pick 1st through 15th, but then would also have the 16th through 30th picks. The teams with the top 15 records would have the first 15 picks of the second round, then would have the 44th through 60th picks, too. Under this proposal, the Chicago Bulls (whose 62-20 record was the league’s best last season) would have the 45th and 60th picks instead of the 30th and 60th picks. The Minnesota Timberwolves, who had the NBA’s worst record (17-65), would have their lottery pick and the 16th pick, but would no longer have the first pick of the second round — No. 31 overall.

– Under another proposal, the teams with the eight worst records would get an additional first-round pick, beginning with selection No. 22, and the teams with the eight best records would have no first-round picks but would select at the top of the second round (picks 31 through 38), then also would get the final eight picks of the second round.

Now let me be clear: These proposed changes are a bad idea. And all I need to do is mention David Robinson for you to know what I’m talking about. If your star player gets hurt and your season goes out the window, these new proposals would set your franchise up for dynasty mode. While I’m all for “competitive balance,” this system could potentially make the league inherently unstable from top to bottom. Rather than battling for a playoff spot at the end of the season, the incentive is there to lose those games instead.

But if I had to guess exactly why the NBA is looking to expand the draft, look no further than the D-League. To turn the D-League into the NBA’s true minor league system, they need talent to stock it with and invest in. By adding 30 more players to the pool with NBA aspirations they can begin to do just that.

What do you think?

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  • beiber newz


    SOOOO CRAZY!! Cuz I thought about this like 2 weeks ago!!!
    Outta the blue and I googled NBA 3rd round to see the news around the web on it and now I hear this news?! That’s so freakishly freaky in a twilight zone kinda way.

  • beiber newz

    Actually it was like a month ago…that’s so weird for me. I think me and David Stern have some sort of telepathy going on.

  • derik

    more like u and David Stern have some sort of gay relationship together

  • Susej

    @derik – good one!!! ROFL



    More like somebody had an erection…


    Third Round Draft AKA white leftovers

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Ummm… I read the proposals and maybe i’m completely lost, but it only mentions tweaking the order of the 1st and 2nd rounds… not adding a 3rd round. Where does it say “add another round of picks after the currently existing 2nd round, for a total of 3 rounds”?? or something to that effect. Unless there’s some ‘new math’ this geezer hasn’t learned yet, I’m pretty sure 60 picks divided by 30 teams, equals 2 rounds.

    If they really want to do something with the draft to help with parity, they don’t have to make it so complicated… it’s quite simple, they should just drop ‘snaking’ the order, and that’s it. The worst-to-best teams pick 1-30… then the worst-to-best teams pick from 31 to 60 again. All that stuff mentioned above is fucking ridiculous. Didn’t Stern say they dropped the illegal defence because the NBA felt it was too confusing to fans?? And does he think these draft proposals are simple?? Dumphuk.

    @Aron: How many times has a ‘David Robinson-like’ scenario popped up, other than the David Robinson scenario? I’m not saying it will never happen, but it’s unlikely.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    And for the record, It’s not needed but I’m all for adding a 3rd round.

    I’ve been a part of a few bargaining meetings between unions and management so I understand that you gotta give something up in order to get something…. If the league wants to add a 3rd round, then players should demand that the teams aren’t allowed to invite no drafted players to camp, like it currently is. That way the drafted players can protect their jobs. In other words, if your name ain’t called, it’s europe or a day job. No more “walk-ons”.

  • ctkennedy

    they need to get rid of teams n not add players …if u do ..do this dumb idea then they must stay in school 3yrs ..so u can actually get a talent pool to choose from

  • Fresh Behavior

    I would welcome a 3rd round. The NBA needs to become more competitive, unless you are a top player on a team your job should be on the table. I’m tired of seeing guys get fat paychecks and then stink it up on the court. The NBA needs them NFL contracts, if you ain’t performing then you gots to go! I’m talking season to season contracts, franchising players so no more of this Lebron James jump ship crap, and incentives! Also the NBDL needs some more love, right now it’s an over hyped rec league. This is what makes the NFL so much better, everybody out there plays like their lives depend on it. NBA players know they getting a check regardless, they getting lazy out there.

  • http://www.jaypiiradio.com Jay-Pii

    I like the idea. this structure is not to solid though.

  • beiber newz

    hi en fuego. i come in peace.

  • beiber newz

    @ en fuego

    but i usually come in peace in general. u always seem to be the one to start trouble. what’s your excuse now? cyber bully.

  • north

    somewhere Gerry McNamara is crying.

  • sh!tfaced

    if the new york crowd wasn’t rowdy enough in the 2nd round… lol

    but hey, if george gervin and bill laimbeer are 3rd round picks, then hell yeah…



    90% of teams don’t even give their 1st round picks a decent shot at becoming starters… don’t even get me started on 2nd rounders.

    I’ve said for ages that NBA teams don’t make it a priority to develop young talent, look at Hasheem Thabeet. If some going nowhere team had taken the time to be patient with him, let him learn the game and give him playing time consistently, they’d have been rewarded. Nope, he’s labeled a bust a month into his professional career because he wasn’t Dikembe Mutombo right out of the gate, even though he’s only been playing ball since he was 15.

    If you aren’t a lottery pick, you barely get a chance. Unless you get picked up by a good team like San Antonio.

    Chukwudiebere Maduabum a player who average 0.7 points in the D-League got drafted before: Isaiah Thomas, Jacob Pullen, David Lighty and Scotty Hopson. Most of these GM’s are terrible, who get way too much credit for having blue chip talent thrown at them and having like a 60/40 success rate.

  • beiber newz

    I agree with you on the GM’s icarnacki but do you think you would have a better eye for talent?


    Realistically, I do. I pay a lot of attention to College Football/Basketball and in terms of who I would’ve picked VS. Who GM’s actually pick, I hit on WAY MORE of my draft picks than they do.

    I know its more complicated than that but, I think I have a genuine eye for talent. I think a lot of GMs are trying too hard to look like the smartest man in the room by unearthing hidden gems or trying to appease the fan base by picking media darlings, whereas I think hitting a solid double on every draft pick, rather than swinging for the fences or bowing to fan pressure, is the better strategy.

  • beiber newz

    icarnacki, you have a point, which is why we will continue to have good rookies fall through the 1st round cracks.

  • beiber newz

    however realize that most gm’s do not pick the “safe” choice because they may be looking to fill a need. ala durant oden saga. the blazers felt roy had the wing locked up and they wanted their franchise player to play with twin towers so they drafted oden to play alongside aldridge. little did they know roy would struggle mightily and lamarcus aldredge will be the guy who needs space to shine. if that made any sense. but the point is, the blazers did not take the dynamic wing player because they had a rising shooting guard. will roy every be an all star again? i wonder if evan turner will have a better career

  • Arno

    Are there really more than 60 good players that can make a career in the League every year ?
    If there are 15 players on a roster and 30 teams, there are 450 NBA players. A career being about 12 years long, you have an average of 38 players every year starting a career in the NBA. So a 60 players draft is enough to feed the teams.
    When it comes to giving better draft numbers for the bad teams, it makes sense if the idea is for the players to convince the small market teams to drop the hard cap proposal.


    @ Beiber Newz

    I stand by Portland picking Greg Oden. It was the right pick to make, like you said they had Roy as their wing scorer of the future. It isn’t their fault that Oden & Roy have since had massive injury problems. Oden & Durant were very even in terms of prospects, I’d have picked Greg Oden in their position 10 times out of 10. Oden is still only 23, say he turns it around now and plays 70+ games the next 7 seasons. Nobody would bat an eyelid that he was picked before Durant. Talent has never been a question with him, if he stays healthy he’ll be a top 3 center in the league. Portland these last few years have actually been one of the better teams at drafting, they are stacked with homegrown players… maybe a little too stacked if there is such a thing. I loved their draft this season getting Nolan Smith & Raymond Felton, if Oden is healthy (Or if they get a starting center should they let him go) they’ll easily make the WCF.

  • beiber newz

    Speaking of their drafting brilliance, I hope Nic Batum becomes their durant. Impossible or in other words, highly unlikely but he def has the tools. He looks like who the blazers are turning to tho as roy seems to not produce as they want. But I am one of those guys who believes in Oden. I give him the B.O.D to become a good player. I don’t put too much stock in injuries, because that’s temporary.