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Second-Round Picks Are The Real Losers Of The Lockout; Carmelo Anthony Had Secret Knee Surgery

Josh Selby

Josh Selby (photo. Aurelien Menuier)

We tend to highlight the Rashard Lewises and Eddy Currys whose contracts, concocted largely in part by NBA front offices, lead to pro ball purgatory (i.e. the NBA Lockout). However we often lose sight of the other end of the spectrum on the road to a new CBA: second round draft picks. USA Today published a piece on second round rookies like Travis Leslie, Isaiah Thomas and Josh Selby and how they’ve managed their finances, or relative lack thereof, until play resumes. They’re far from struggling but it’s evident the negotiations serve as a roadblock to them getting a shot at a contract. Second round picks, as you already know, don’t get guaranteed roster spots like their first round counterparts. So their basketball futures are hanging in the balance while the league’s in hibernation. Josh Selby shared some insight on what he’s done to make ends meet: “My uncle, who’s my manager and Carmelo’s Anthony‘s adviser, he’s been putting me in situations where I can get some pocket change, going to certain games, playing in money tournaments.. That’s what I have to do to get paid right now. It’s the hard way. It keeps you on your toes. It keeps you humble.” … Maybe it was just us, but watching Carmelo Anthony play in some of these summer league games just hasn’t looked right. He’s looked out of shape, a little soft and without any explosion. In a way, the news that he had double surgeries in May on his elbow and knee actually works out well. At least now we know why he looked the way he did. The elbow surgery was relatively minor, while the knee procedure was only an arthroscopic surgery used to clear out some irritation. It’s nothing that should affect him long-term or even next year. Then again, Carmelo also told Newsday’s Alan Hahn that if training camp started on time, he’d come in lighter than he’s ever been as a Knick at 230 pounds so maybe our eyes are deceiving us … While Baron Davis is busy telling the world that he can’t wait to take him under his wing, the 2011 No. 1 selection Kyrie Irving had a few words with the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Tom Reed on his offseason plans. Cleveland’s new pride and joy’s keeping it relatively low-key all while sneaking a few classes in towards his degree. “I’m going to try and stay in school as long as possible until the lockout is over… My dad still stresses education in my life. Me finishing up my sophomore year would be great, but me being able to play in an NBA game would be better.” Plus he’s not interested in playing overseas since he’s got a deal and doesn’t want to “risk injury”, a wise move considering his foot ailment at Duke … Steve Blake is at work this summer to try to come back next season with more arc on his shot and an understanding of Mike Brown‘s new system. He also says that the Lakers had unbelievable chemistry off the court, which is always interesting to hear out of Hollywood. Blake says no one is easier to play for than the Zen Master, and that it’s amazing playing next to Kobe and D-Fish. We think it’s kind of funny how so many people (Bill Simmons) constantly try to scheme up ways to show that Kobe’s teammates hate playing with him when pretty much everyone outside of Smush Parker recently have said what Blake did … NBA 2K12’s a week away and we’ve got our consoles ready. Everyone in the office is talking junk. 2K Sports’ Development Insights run the gamut chronicling all the new animations, features and changes done to this year’s game. Nevertheless, the game won’t ship with any rookies and won’t yet have the dynamic player ratings since there’s no season. Some people have to have their basketball at any capacity. Does a game without rookies dead that excitement? Are you still going to get it on release day? … And recruiting analyst Dave Telep tweeted this yesterday: Gym scuttlebutt over the weekend says that Anthony Davis at UK is 20 pounds heavier. Lining up to be freshman monster. That’s a scary thought for college basketball … We’re out like Rudy Fernandez.

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  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    NBA 2K12 is going to be awesome!!

    With the lockout on, my friends and I will be enjoying the plethora of old school teams the game provides!!!

    Genius marketing on 2Ks part.

  • beiber newz

    “We think it’s kind of funny how so many people (Bill Simmons) constantly try to scheme up ways to show that Kobe’s teammates hate playing with him when pretty much everyone outside of Smush Parker recently have said what Blake did …”

    kobe is establishing his legacy by the day. i can’t wait to watch a sports illustrated special on kobe’s career when he retires. his life and journey during his time in the league……o wait. i CAN wait. lol i want to see kobe play forever.

  • beiber newz

    and haha..i found old raps in this comment section.


    pretty funny stuff when u read them later

  • Cha-Ching

    Dime, please stop mentioning Smush Parker. Gives us Laker fans the shakes. Blake better be working on that 3 cause that shit hurt LA. Shannon was hitting threes till Monica put that thang on him. Fish and Blake was just broke late in the season. You need a John Paxson to win some times. Shocked Beiber no first today. Bears on that bull, ready to kick Cutlers ass. Sports are fucked up in Chicago right now. Sox and Cubs suck. Bulls ain’t playing. My Lakers ain’t playing. When does college b-bal start?

  • beiber newz

    ^werd. College bball gon be on deck cuz of the lockout. A lot of interesting freshman.

    Austin rivers
    Anthony Davis
    Michael Gilchrist
    marquis Teague
    Andre Drummond

    With a good amount of returning sophomores and juniors, it should make out to be an interesting 2012 season run for NCAA hoops. This serves as a minor solution to the NBA lockout for fans sake.

  • beiber newz

    OH I think this site showed a highlight reel of that Philly game. But if any of y’all are interested, I found a Top 10 Plays of that game video.

    Philly Vs. Melo League Top 10 Plays:

  • beiber newz

    Also, if you are curious, Rihanna looking HOT HOT HOT here. Only if you’re man enough. It’s a decent picture. Nothing to over the top. But, it is SEXY. Only if you’re comfortable looking at beautiful women. Don’t click if you will complain later.


  • beiber newz

    LOOK @ NICKI MINAJ’S NEW CHAIN. IT’S A DAMN CHICKEN WING. YEA I SAID IT, SHE GOT A CHICKEN WING CHAIN. http://cdn.rtny.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/nicki11.jpg

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla [From yesterday]
    My 2012 team would be minor roster changes to the World Championships team last year.

    Gordon/O.J. Mayo – Mayo really really needs this in his life.
    Durant-Gay-Daye – Granger if he decides to play defense. Dude is good on that end of the floor he just didn’t show it in the last tournament.
    LMA-Love-Blake – Let Millsap go to work.
    Mcgee-Monroe but Chandler gets an automatic bid if he so chooses. If Mcgee & Monroe don’t seem good enough, bring Okafor. Okafor even though a vet, is a solid player that would fit nicely on this team.

  • jdizzle

    Hopefully Josh Selby can maintain that humble attitude once the season starts. Dude was killin it this summer.

    @Cha-Ching another Chi-Town Lakers fan? DAMMIT lol. But yeah our sports teams kinda suck right now. Was there any GOOD reason why we traded Greg Olsen? And its not all Cutler’s fault. The O-line is playing like ass cheeks right now and the running game is non-existent. Forte spending more time catching passes than running the ball. Our halfback should NOT be our leading receiver. And I just heard the Sox let go of cussin ass Ozzie Guillen smh. Way to go Kenny…let go of the only manager to bring a World Series title to Chicago since prohibition…real smart. But this town is all about ”What have you done for me lately?”, which makes me wonder why Lovie hasn’t been fired yet. Let’s see: Cubs and Sox suck, Bears stinkin it up right now, AND there’s an NBA lockout? Yup, this gonna be one miserable ass Fall/Winter. Sorry bout the rant.

  • Cha-Ching

    I feel you @jdizzle. I was born in LA and was raised on Showtime Lakers. Bears and Sox fan since fam moved to Chi-Town. Its time for Ozzie to leave. Its been a minute since winning the chip. No playoffs this year; yeh it was a wrap. Bears were suppose to be a running team this year. Where’s Barber? Cutler be shutting down when he gets popped. He throws the ball when he see people are open for the moment instead of anticipating when a player will be open. Cutler like Friday Night Lights, “coach, they big, fast, dirty, plus they’re fast”.

    Out like forcing Devin Hester to be a star receiver. Need to start J Knox.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    RE: Melo coming to camp lighter.
    Muscle weighs more than fat.

  • Big Island

    jdizzle – At least you have a football team. LA has none. You have a couple of baseball teams, you like the Sox. I have the Dodgers. You now, where the owner ran the team into the ground and baseball is trying to take it from him while his wife bangs valet guys? The Angels are in Orange County which is basically another world. And I have to choose between the Lakers and the Clippers. I can’t go Lakers because it’s bandwagon, and the Clippers, where I actually like players, really like Griffin and Gordon, are owned by a racist nutbag… So my friends had a NFL team lottery for my favorite team and I get the Redskins. Fine. Then they hire Shanahan. I hate Shanahan. My basketball team(s) tend to be the guy that I like the most (Dirk) and after 11 years of having his jersey, taking all kinds of shit from my Laker fan buddies, he finally has a championship, which ended the “come see me when he has a ring” crap they used to give me, and I can’t even enjoy that because of the lockout. I boycotted the Dodgers until McCourt is gone. So complain about Chicago sports all you want, but it’s falling on deaf ears here.

    I have an actual question that I need input on, completely unrelated to sports. I have a monster 74 K5 Chevy blazer. There is a guy who has a 1963 Chevy panel truck, and he wants to trade straight up. But I have to put a grand into it. There is also a guy with a 1965 Chevy wagon. And I have a dude who wants to buy the K5. If I sell the K5, I can buy the wagon and have a couple grand left over, or I might be able to buy the panel truck, but maybe not. I love the panel truck, but I don’t want to start building another vehicle. I really like the wagon, but I might kick myself for not getting the panel. Do I go all in, over the cap, and try for the ring with the panel, or do I be smart about the cap, get the wagon, and hopefully contend for the ring?

  • K Dizzle

    Since nuthin happened in hoops this weekend, can we discuss how badly the Bears got screwed on that return vs the Packers? Best play I’ve ever seen….then the ref showed his ass…


  • Big Island

    KDizzle – Yeah, I still don’t know why a flag was thrown.

    What I do know is that I want to hang out with Steve Nash and get into Hope Solo’s pants. I don’t know which one I want to do more. I really like Hope Solo, but Steve Nash is so f’n cool.


  • jdizzle

    @Cha-Ching oh ok well thats different. Born in LA then moved to the Chi=you get a pass. I think Barber might still be injured but Im not sure tho. And knowing the Bears they might cut Hester and sign RW McQuarters again.

    @Big I yeah that does suck ass. Thats like bangin the baddest chick in school but you cant tell anybody cuz you’re suspended (F&F feel free to improve this analogy). I dont exactly like the Sox, Im a fan of whoever is winning at the time, which is WAY worse than saying you’re a fan of either or where I’m from. As far as what hoop squad to support I say go with the youth movement. I mean Donald Sterling can’t be a racist fuck up forever right? Right…???

  • Big Island

    JDizzle – regarding your Sterling question.


  • Big Island

    Confession time. I had a chance when I was leaving HS to bang the chick I fiended over since like 6th grade. So we are all out at the beach about a week after we graduated, probably 20 or so of us, and it’s all gravy. Well she comes up, probably knew I was leaving for college so it would have been a pity fuck which is fine by me, and gets all flirty, touchy and stuff. Telling me how she hasn’t fucked in so long she almost considers herself a virgin again. Well I didn’t smash. I didn’t even get on base. I like to think it’s because I am a gentleman, but god dammit, our 20 year reunion is coming up and I still wish I had smashed that. Granted, I would have nutted in about 2 seconds, and I knew nothing about the art of going down on a girl, which when you are working with a tiny pecker is a MUST. Seriously, I thought I was gay for about 8 months. There was no other explanation for it. None. Unacceptable. So to relate to not being able to tell anyone because you are suspended, at least you get to sleep knowing you hit it. I didn’t even have that. Fuck.