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NHL Player Tells NBA Players: ‘It’s Not Worth It’

When we talk about the players just “man-ing” up, accepting a deal and getting on with the game, it doesn’t come out right. We seem like bitter fans – selfish fans – who just want our game back. We don’t truly care about the business aspect of it, don’t really care about the players’ lifestyles. We just want to see the NBA again. So we can’t blame the players for not listening to us. But when an NHL player says it, it holds more weight. Why? The league canceled their entire 2004-05 season because of a lockout, and former Dallas Stars forward Bill Guerin is trying to save the NBA players from themselves. Guerin was one of the biggest supporters of the union’s fight during the NHL lockout, but now says he’s learned a big lesson. He told the Star-Telegram the fight wasn’t worth it and that it’s not a partnership. It’s the owners’ league. For an NHL player to admit all of that is big. It shows the regret he has. Despite the fact that the two situations are entirely different – the NHL really did need a complete overhaul – this advice should hit home. For a professional athlete, we all know the stories and stats. They don’t have much time to make their money. Even though the players say they’re fighting for those who come after them, to waste an entire year arguing in a hotel meeting room is just stupid … Carmelo Anthony didn’t say anything out of the ordinary. He just confirmed what we already know: he wants Chris Paul in a Knicks uniform. The New York Post reports that Anthony became much closer to CP over this lockout as the two have spent long hours talking and working out together. They spoke about a lot of things, just not whether being teammates in the future would be cool. Either way, ‘Melo admits he wants it to happen. But at this point, there’s really no way of knowing if it’ll ever happen. No CBA means no one can be sure just how much money New York will have to spend. But imagine CP playing for Mike D’Antoni. Would he do things even Steve Nash didn’t do? … Speaking of ‘Melo, did you catch how his new sneaker was unveiled? Ridiculous stuff … Some great submissions in our Brandon Jennings autographed jersey contest. But we had to pick a winner. Congrats, to the 26th submission: Sammy G … Remember how the Lakers were saying one of the main reasons Mike Brown got the head coaching gig was because he was so impressive in the interview? Now we know why. Dude has been yearning for this job for a while. He had probably practiced that interview over and over again in his mind. From the minute he heard Zen was bouncing, Brown was intrigued, and admits he watched them closer than any other team. He wanted to see what he could do with those big boys outside of the triangle, wanted to see if he could become Kobe‘s boy like he never could with LeBron. He’s also saying he doesn’t believe anything needs to drastically change for the Lakers to get back on top. They just need to get back to basics and take care of the details. Improving the practice routines are something Brown expects to do. We agree the team needs a mental makeover, but we just can’t see them winning any more titles with the current squad. Every year they get older. Every year, the championship fades further away. They weren’t close to a ring this year. What makes them think another year on the clock will get them closer to Dallas, Miami, Chicago or Oklahoma City? … “I want everyone to know that I’m not this monster that they perceive. I’m a really nice guy.” The words of Michael Beasley. It is a little ridiculous that B-Easy has to try to put himself through some image makeover because the stuff he’s gotten in trouble for really isn’t all that ridiculous. He’s a young dude doing young person things. But are yoga, karate and… ballet young people things? We don’t think so. Beasley’s doing them all this summer in an effort to slim down (he’s dropped 15 pounds down to 225) and improve his flexibility. Minnesota’s Black Swan … And we’ve found our new favorite player: Danny Granger. Not only is he taking out all of his Pacer employee boys out to eat, not only does he have a secret special handshake with the dude who sits outside of the Pacers’ bathroom, but he’s also promising to finish his Batcave. If you didn’t know, Granger had long ago planned to build something “based on the Batcave from the first set of Batman movies — starting with Michael Keaton. It will have a few aspects from the Christian Bale movies.” If that’s not funny enough, he’s building the drive-in pathway that lights up, and a circle that spins so you never have to back out. Last but not least, he is building an elevator to bring his “Batmobile” into his house, where it will sit in a clear glass area next to his gaming room. Are. You. Serious? Dopest thing we’ve heard in a minute. If you had loot like this, what would you do with it? … We’re out like Beasley’s leotard.

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    Save your money Danny Granger, ask the likes of Coleman and Sprewell.

  • chanlo

    Danny Granger is the reason we have a lockout!
    Too much money being paid to an underachieving player! (He had one good year, and is not an all round player!)
    A Bat Cave? Seriously? How about he be happy with a few million a year and let the Pacers invest in some decent talent to go next to him instead of likes of T J Ford!

  • Da man

    Danny granger have money 2 blow

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Danny Granger is the reason we have a lockout? wtf? do you even watch basketball? The guy is a very good player, an all-star player. Just because he is telling you how he’s spending his money doesn’t mean he’s a shit player. Not only that, but Granger also STAYED IN A SMALL MARKET FRANCHISE instead of bolting to a major market team as a free agent.

    That batcave shit sounds dope. Danny is a smart dude so im sure he has his money set.

    I didn’t see anyone post about the Bryant Gumble/ David Stern beef. Gumble saying Stern is acting like “plantation owner” pretty much sums up everything i been spitting about Stern since the Malice at the Palace.

    The NHL is at the bottom of the barrell when it comes to American sports. The owners probably had a better argument for that lockout. NHL teams carry a ton of players and play in the same size buildings as NBA teams who carry the least amount of players for major pro-sports.
    The NBA, unlike the NHL, is coming off one of the most profitable seasons in its history…DURING A RECESSION!!!! So i have a hard time believing they are struggling like they claim to be and I’m sure the Players union feels the same way.
    Bottom line is, make better decisions this time around when you are picking your GMS/players/coaches.

  • Big Island

    Come on Dime. You see the same dudes posting on here every day. There are a dozen or so guys who come here and talk about love and basketball and you give a jersey to SammyG?! Are you kidding me??!! Beiber, Chicagorilla, JAY, F&F… One of those dudes deserves a jersey more than SammyG.

    I can’t wait to see how the players try to spin it when they take so much less than what they are holding out for.

    As for Melo, yeah. I bet he wants to play with CP. Maybe Dwight can come there too. As much as the lockout has made me hate the NBA, this whole “I want to play in ____ with ____ is just as bad. Isn’t anyone even halfway competitive anymore? As much as I hate Kobe, at least he says “F*^$ you, I’ll do this shit alone”. Not sure why I censored the f word and not the s word there.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Yeh I feel you about the giveaways. But maybe thats their way of attracting new fans to the site or something.

    Didn’t the Knicks just re-up with Chauncy Billups for two years? If so, then Melo is dissing the shit outta his PG by begging for CP3 lol. I smell beef coming on in NY.

    Kobe didn’t elect to play by himself. Did you not see his interviews where he was bagging on Kwame and Smush? He even tried to get rid of Andrew Bynum. Kobe wanted to play with guys who would bow down to him. Not thats why very good players like Caron Butler and Shaq were traded away.
    Also didn’t Kobe try and get Garnett to come to LA? And we’re hearing rumors of Dwight, Kevin Love, BJennings, Westbrook, and Blake Griffin going to the Lakers when their contracts are up.

    You actually could have said your boy Dirk did it alone.
    Because he never whined or complained about his team as far as i know. He just played ball and Cuban surrounded him with the perfect mix of talent to compliment his game (Chandler/Kidd/Matrix/Butler).

  • 2cents

    @chanlo well said. i couldn’t agree more with you. although i do think granger is an above average player, i just think the fact your economy is in a tail spin and you have some spoilt athlete building a batcave?!?!?

    if the NHL players are saying its not a partnership (and it never was to begin with), then i wonder what it will take them to take their head out of their a$$e$

  • Big Island

    Chicagorilla – Nobody does it alone obviously, but there is something to be said for being the man on your team. And I consider the Lakers a different animal than most teams so it doesn’t surprise me that guys want to go there. Love played college ball in LA, so did Westbrook so that’s where those probably come from. Blake is the new king of LA, just the Laker fans don’t really like to admit it. Trust me on that one. Everyone out here gives Kobe his love, but EVERYONE is on Blake’s nuts. Dwight wants to be Hollywood. I get wanting to go to a good team if your team isn’t even trying to do well, as most of those guys are. Westbrook and Dwight are the only ones in good situations.

    And as much as I love Dirk, his team won. The league would be better off if they had all of the stars on different teams. And the players themselves would be better off if they could win a ring without another big name. If Miami wins, it doesn’t really make me too impressed with Lebron or Wade. If OKC wins, Durant is the man. If NY wins, I know, this is all hypothetical, are Amare and Melo really that good or are they stacking their team? If the league contracted a few teams, then you almost have to have a couple of big names. But Melo didn’t win in Denver because he isn’t a winner. Amare isn’t a winner. CP is, and that’s probably why they want him. Rose is a winner and he is the man on that team. It’s like porn, I know it when I see it, and some of those dudes don’t have it.

    I don’t know why I had that rant, but it pisses me off that guys want to run the NBA like one of their pick up games. I get it that there are some bad teams that you don’t want to play on, but the only thing I really want when the NBA comes back is for Miami to lose. I am sure most of the guys here wanted to play against the best guys, even if they lost, more than playing on a team with all of the best guys and winning. If you wound up on a stacked squad, you couldn’t talk afterwards because you were on a stacked squad!! If you and 4 scrubs beat your buddy and 4 scrubs, you could talk shit for days.

  • kdog78

    Thanks for continuing to post Dime, though there hasn’t been much to report. All I can say is…give me back my basketball. I am a viewing, excited, and paying fan even though my hometown team (Pistons) have gone from the heights to the bottom in my time, which is a good 23 years of viewership. You know how I have been biding my time? You Tube. Sad to say, but there is actually some exciting basketball past on there, and even though I know the outcome, the getting there is still entertainment. Isn’t THAT the bottom line? I know idealism doesn’t fit in the business world but hey…I can at least give a damn about being able to see some of the best athletes in the world play a game I know and love. By the way, want some fun? Watch game 4 and 5 of the 1996 finals. Sean Kemp beasting the Bulls…the NBA, it’s faaaaaantastic! Just don’t forget about the ”business” of fans.

  • 2cents

    @Big Island. ahmen to that.

    i think durant said it best, when he called out LBJ for joining miami instead of WANTING to play against great competition. it goes to prove LBJ is all hype and isn’t as great as everyone says he is.

    bring back the rivalries. bring back the competition. if you want to join up on one team, fine, but you don’t get max dollars to be a third string option.

    beat the heat.

  • Bear

    @Chicagorilla – Hey man, the Knicks took the team option on Billups for just this year ($14 mil), so this year it gives them the flexibility of a (Expiring contract)trade chip for Paul, and if no trade happens, a solid point to make them competitive and it free’s up cap space to possibly sign Paul at the end of the season (If there is one).

    I just need ball…. Everyday i’ve been looking on here, hoping that the struggles between millionaires and billionaires is resolved…………………

  • beiber newz

    i don’t think the nhl guy should be expressing his true feelings. a cba doesn’t last forever and now the owners know they got to the players. watever tho, advice is advice. sammy g? big island..i feel u. i kinda wished they explained y they chose…sammy g.

  • K Dizzle

    ” We agree the team needs a mental makeover, but we just can’t see them winning any more titles with the current squad. Every year they get older. Every year, the championship fades further away. They weren’t close to a ring this year. What makes them think another year on the clock will get them closer to Dallas, Miami, Chicago or Oklahoma City? …”

    Might be the most ridiculous junk I’ve ever read on a hoopscentric site. It’s common knowledge that if Gasol plays at a level even close to expectations, the playoffs end differently. Try to remember the uncharacteristic shit like Gasol foulin Dirk at the end of the game by halfcourt to send the Lakers spiralling; Steve Blake(a 40% career 3pt shooter) not even hittin a shot in 5 outta 10 playoff games.

    Skip ahead: No other team has 4 better players than Kobe, Odom, Gasol n Bynum. After 3 straight Finals and and an Olympics, believe it on not, even pros get tired. If the lockout ends soon, Lakers get a shortened season to put in work. There’s a reason Mavs fan were still sweatin even up 2-0, 3-0.
    Damn. Massive fail on that analysis. Never thought I’d say this but bring back Austin Burton for Smack…

  • yoda

    how players can expect fans to be on theirs side when they complaining about the money and at the same time you hear about danny’s batcave! and why we are selfish, if we wan’t to see game even with overpriced tickets and players who get 15 mill a year are not selfish when they ask for more? especially now when whole world economy is in limbo

  • beiber newz

    Allen Iverson is expected back on American hardwood to play with top talent. He plans to host a tournament in Las Vegas on Nov. 12-13. There will be four teams with captains who’ll recruit players for their teams. Iverson is expected to announce the participants for all four teams next week. Players expected to attend include Stoudemire, Pierce and even Durant. This event should give fans and professionals the chance to gauge where AI’s competitive aptitude still stands. It should provide insight to some extent as to whether we’ll one day see Iverson back in an NBA game.

  • beiber newz

    and @ k dizzle…interesting to see a laker fan complain about their offensive struggles. i had the same concerns. to many ppl were inconsistent outside of kobe and it doomed the team. can u imagine if we had some scoring consistency at the 3 spot to help kobe on the wing end? like a rudy gay. he’d b the perfect pippen or even a danny granger. ugh. the possibilities.

  • That’s What’s Up

    A batcave and an elevator for your car? Sheeiiittt…….. I just park mine in the garage and drop the garage door down.

    Did anyone fact check Sammy G’s story on Brandon Jennings?
    I’m pretty sure Jennings spent that entire week in Louisiana and was nowhere near Dallas

  • beiber newz
  • jzsmoove

    i wonder if Granger will be hosting dinner in the batcave?

    Melo asking for CP, isnt that tampering? or is that off for now cuz NBA head office types are not allowed to talk or even suspend players?

  • Sammy G.

    Sorry guys, I was off on the exact amount of points BJ had by like 4 (his points weren’t what I used as the main thing in my submisson) but everything else is legit. No, he wasn’t in Louisiana that week, he was in Dallas. I saw him play my high school at SMU’s basketball stadium.

  • sh!tfaced

    Beasley needs to do a Granger if he really wants a real image makeover.
    …rather blow it all building a batcave than spend it on effin ballet, yoga and karate.

    And if there’s any kind of event happening at the batcave, I’ll be wearin a purple tux…

  • Big Island

    I don’t know why I picture That’s What’s Up reading Sammy’s comment today, squinting at the screen for a second, then going “nope, that dude was in Louisiana”.

    Beas apparently got a little nervous when they drafted dude from Arizona because he’s actually working on stuff.

  • yooo

    cant wait til the knicks get CP3 so the media can talk about how hes the worst defender in the league all of a sudden

  • K Dizzle

    @ Beib – Shoot, I’d even take Shane Battier at the 3 spot right now. Creating your own shot is nice, but with the attention Kobe, LO, AB and Pau get, havin a dead-eye shooter who locks down wings is all we really need.
    It’s too bad Ariza got away…

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    @K Dizzle: I agree 100% I dont know how people can be so quick to write of the Lakers with all the weapons they have. If Gasol was off the rag the playoffs could’ve ended very different last season

  • beiber newz

    gasol was a damn ghost..good players always respond well though. that’s why when gasol got bitched by kg when the celtics beat them in ’08, he came back much better and played well enough to win the next two championships. somewhere along the way after that, he got too comfortable. disappeared. kobe was playing hurt this post season, and the fact no one helped him out, did them in during the post season.

  • sh!tfaced

    nah, it was shannon brown who got too comfortable

    ….with gasol’s girl

    that’s why

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    The fact that LA fans even complain about needing another player sends me into basketball rage lol. I mean come on, they are almost worse than the Yankees. You can’t have every single player in the League on your team.
    The Lakers have had the best talent in the NBA for 3-4 years now. Only team that could compete talent wise is Boston in that same time period.

    So when LA fans start complaining about needing shooters and PGs and back up bigs it falls on def ears with me.
    Compare them to Chicago. We have one player who would crack the Lakers starting lineup and that’s Derrick Rose. That’s crazy!!!!

    The Lakers lost this years playoffs because Kobe. Not because Kobe didn’t perform well, but because Kobe went back to his old ways and wouldn’t allow his teammates to play ball. Pau Gasol especially, had a mis match with Dirk checking him. Pau should have put in 30ppg in that series with ease. Pau is the same guy that was coming at KGs (one of the best defensive bigs in the NBA) dome in the previous finals, yet all of a sudden he falls off? The offense should have been ran through him until he was forced to shoot. Kobe wasn’t having that. If Pau passed out, he wasn’t going to see the ball again because like Kobe did with Shaq, he had to take over.
    Could be that Kobe doesn’t respect Pau like he did early on. Maybe he has a short memory and can’t remember how it was to play with Kwame and Mihm. Or maybe it’s that he already proved he could win a ring on his own, now he’s trying to up his stats.

    Kobe has always been this way and he will never change. The same as Iverson. The only difference is, Kobe is more willing to work during the off season and has a better basketball package than AI.

    @Big Is
    You have to look back on past champions. Bird, Magic, Kareem, Oscar, Wilt, Russell, West, Dr. J, Zeke, Robinson, Shaq, Kobe, Hakeem (95), Jordan (96-98), KG, Dirk and the list goes on.

    They all needed another all-star to win a championship and they all looked outside of their team to get one. Many of them played with multiple all-stars and HOFers.
    There are a few who’s team came through the draft and they built those guys into all-stars like
    Jordan (91-93), Hakeem (94), Duncan. But that is rare.

    Lebron being overhyped has played a major part in the hate he is getting from that decision. The guy just isn’t likeable. But teamming up with great players is far from abnormal.

    -Durant was able to get Westbrook and Harden through the draft. WB is an all-star and Harden could very well make it himself. If they manage to win a chip, Durant wouldn’t have done it alone.
    -Rose has no shot at getting out of the east, let alone winning a title with the team he has. He will need a legit all-star big next to him. Not the guys who are overhyped.
    – Dwight has two things holding him back. His coach and his organization. Dwight works to get better in the off season in order to win a chip, his team decides to over-haul the starting line up for no reason. Dwight is a dominant force right now, he may need an all-star teammate the least out of all the guys. Sorta like Dirk, he just needs the right pieces and the Right coach around him.

  • sh!tfaced

    the Lakers could use Deng… prolly be a good fit too.

    looking at Orlando, Dwight also needs a new GM.
    refusing to trade jameer, overpaying redick, let go of hedo, only to get him back as damaged goods, bass, vince, duhon, arenas…
    not to mention lousy drafting…

    since their finals appearance, that team has just gotten worse and worse…

  • Rainman

    “could he do things even Steve Nash couldnt do?”

    The New York Knicks of today are completely different than the Seven Seconds or Less Phoenix Suns, And Paul And Nash are two different players, on offense too. You can argue Paul is a better scorer, but Nash is a much much better shooter. So long story short, No.

  • Sam

    NBA players are so busy thinking of the guys they are going to be playing with in the future that they don’t pay much attention to the ones they play with now.

  • beiber newz

    @ chicogorrilla, i don’t think it’s that lakers fans want MORE players as much as it’s that lakers fans want more effective/dependable players possible though swapping the players on the current lakers roster

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    You are really disrespecting Chris Paul.
    The guy is a career 47% FG 35% 3pt 85% FT shooter.
    not to far off from 49% Fg 43% 3pt 90% FT that Nash is for his career.

    If Chris Paul was put in that 7 seconds or less offense he’d match Nash stat for stat. Nash was smarter but Paul has the IQ and the athleticism to make up for the slight points he’d lose in IQ vs Nash. Add to that, CP3s defense and He’d definitely outplay Nash (from the 7 sec offense days).

    Chris Pauls best year
    23ppg 11ast 5.5reb 2.8 stls 3TOs per in 38min
    50%-FG 36%-3pt 87%-FT

    Those are legendary stats that no other PG in the game could pull off right now.
    and his stats don’t lie. The guy is really THAT good.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    I get that part, but there is no way its always the acquired players fault as to why they can’t perform. If they played very well on previous teams and fail to do that in LA, it could be the pressure, could be the coaching…but i honestly believe it’s Kobe. He doesn’t allow them to do the things they did with other teams that made LA want them in the first place.

  • http://dimemag.com panchitooo

    i had a feeling Sammy G was going to win…yall could at least shoot us down with some of that court grip stuff though…

  • beiber newz

    chicagorrilla, no analyst would say what you said about kobe. kobe is def not holding any1 back. in fact, he has made guys better players. odom’s even quoted to saying that if kobe wanted to be the best PG in the league that he could do it. that’s just a testament to kobe’s willingness to involve teammates. he didn’t always have it but he didn’t always have good players post shaq. many of his 1st quarters he is looking to get his team involved passing more than he is shooting. it’s his way of seeing who is engaged and who is going to play like a bitch. times when the offense gets sluggish is when kobe takes over. phil jackson is quoted to saying that if kobe sees his teammates playing timid that he looks to take over the offense to keep the team afloat. kobe def has his moments where he looks to carry the load. but i don’t think it’s an issue where he is a headcase huring the team by shooting too much. i haven’t heard that since the shaq fued.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    You are on crack lol. Come on man. Kobe ballhogs for no reason almost half the time. The team he has had the last 3-4 years is doesn’t start slow. They are all gamers. Lamar Odoms game has DECLINED since playing in LA. When he was in MIA he was just coming into his own as a leader. Why the hell do you think they were able to trade him for Shaq? Because he was very good.

    Anyway, I went to google quotes from a specific game of Phil Jackson talking about Kobe fucking off the game because he was trying to eclipse some scoring record (i think he was trying to pass Jerry West or something) vs the Grizzlies. I found the clip

    this was Phil not being able to hide his feelings like he usually does with Kobe. Tex Winter also has lost his shit about Kobe before too.

    Honestly the best argument i can see for the players getting worse while playing with Bryant is because of the triangle offense that they use/used. I can see that hurting some of the players who aren’t….well smart IQ wise.

    Someone mentioned trading Deng to the Lakers. Not that they actually need him in LA with Artest, Odom, and Matt Barnes being there, but I’d take that trade as long as we get Andrew Bynum in return.

  • beiber newz

    haha. for all the negativity ppl shed on kobe’s game…he is 33 and is the only guy over 30 in the top 5 of scoring this past season. i think kobe’s acolades will never speak for themselves because ppl will always find a reson to nitpick. he led his team to two straight championships. and he is in the best shape in the entire league. fuck rip hamilton. kobe’s able to produce on a high level. people wrote him off during the thunder lakers series until kobe exploded for 40 point games. kobe’s game will lead the lakers to the championship this season. book it.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    lol people didn’t write off Kobe. Not in the sense that he can’t win a chip. As long as he has the team he’ll be in the race. The Lakers will not win a chip this year though, Mike Brown is horrible. If you expect him to be able to control Kobe “I’m focused on my legacy” Bryant, then you haven’t watched much basketball.

  • beiber newz

    hhahahha the fact that you think kobe with all his i.q plays with a game that would hurt his team..smh. wow. that’s just calling kobe dumb basically. which is not smart on your part.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    No, its calling Kobe selfish. And im not the only one who thinks so.

  • beiber newz

    he got 5 rings lol looks like being “selfish” helped his teams

  • Peter

    Kobe and the rest of the star players are massively selfish: THEY are the reason for the lockout, not the owners, not the average players.

    My take on what the owners really want from this new deal: preventing all of the star players from teaming up in major markets (note the Melo-CP3 sweet little best-buddies story above. They understand each other so well…)
    – The soft salary cap enables it.
    – The star players clearly want it to continue. That’s one reason you don’t see Kobe, Chris Paul, etc., fighting like Jordan did in ’99. Kobe wants Dwight Howard to come to LA and play with him and Pau in front of Jack Nicholson & crew. Chris Paul wants to go ball with Carmello and Amare in Madison Square Garden. You have to wonder how eager Kevin Durant is to play in Okey-City for his entire career: he has to think about taking his talents to South Beach, too.
    – There is no way that the owners will take a deal that keeps this completely broken system going: the ~20 small market teams will never have a chance to compete or to even draw fans. What fan will pay an NBA ticket price, more importantly what business will pay an NBA luxury suite price, what local network will pay an NBA-level contract, for the warmed-over CBA talent? The small-market owners are united, they have the majority of the votes, and they will not back down.
    – The alternative, keeping the soft-cap, can be supported if the league contracts and eliminates some small market teams. The players union isn’t stupid: every franchise lost means 15 jobs lost. Lose Memphis and New Orleans: lose 30 NBA jobs.

    The unreasonable party here is the star players. They should be happy with their bat caves and their $25M per year and not bitch so much about where they’re earning it or who they’re earning it with. That change of attitude would support balance, competition, and the maximum possible number of player jobs in the league.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    You do know there is no salaray cap in baseball right? Who’s in the world series right now? Tex and St. Louis. Not very big market teams are they?

    As a matter of fact, the Final four of the playoffs were
    Detroit (small market and nearly bankrupt city)
    Milwaukee (small market)
    St. louis (small market)
    Texas (small market)

    It has nothing to do with small vs big. It’s about the management and thats the bottom line