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Charles Barkley Says The Players Should Expect Changes

Lou Williams

Lou Williams (photo. RoyalRae Productions)

After recently saying this lockout is a direct cause of all the NBA’s stars running to team up in major markets, Charles Barkley also sat down with azcentral.com to talk hoops and the current lockout. When asked about his thoughts on the owners and NBA commissioner David Stern, Barkley said that Stern was the best commissioner in sports and would do whatever is best for the small market teams. In regards to Amar’e and ‘Melo‘s statements about starting their own league, Barkley said that it was one of the stupidest things he’s ever heard. Right up there with New Coke. When asked about Stern’s priorities with the lockout, Barkley had this to say: “No. 1, have a hard cap. Secondly, have better revenue sharing. Or get the owners 50-50 (BRI split). It’s going to be one of those three ways to be honest with you. They can forget the way things are going now, that they’re going to let all these stars play and kill these small-market teams. I can promise you that or they’re not going to play at all.” … To make matters worse, JaVale McGee told Mark Medina of The L.A. Times that 25-30 players attended the most recent meeting, and that he left the meeting feeling “disappointed,” saying that several players present were ready to fold. You can guess how most on his side responded: Other players were either extremely pissed, denied it or flat out said McGee is a nobody in this situation. The more games that Stern decides to cancel, the more leverage the players lose. Besides the percentage of players who have more money than they know what to do with, the rest may start to feel the pressure. A lot of these guys need that money to support their family and close friends. The longer this lockout stretches, the louder they’ll be chirping … Dwyane Wade told the Associated Press that the players have not done a good enough job “complaining” while the owners have done an “amazing job” getting their message out to the fans during the lockout. When you think about it, the media really has, whether they meant to or not, painted a picture of the players as the stubborn athletes who started out asking for too much and now just refuse any and all further offers. The owners have, just like Wade said, communicated more with media outlets, and thus have come out like the more understanding of the two sides. It also doesn’t hurt to know what you’re doing. The players have dug their own graves with failed attempts to rationalize the lockout with pissed off fans … Hakim Warrick can now say “I told you so.” Earlier this summer after his Team Philly squad beat a lineup led by LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, Warrick proclaimed them the kings of the offseason. This weekend, they backed up that tough talk again, beating the Goodman League 174-167 in a game that wasn’t nearly that close for much of the night. John Wall arrived late (travel problems) and Goodman fell behind by 20 before making a late comeback to make it close. Lou Williams (53 points) and Kevin Durant (56 points) went crazy, but the real wild numbers were their trey attempts: KD took 19 and Williams took 18 of them … Derrick Rose had a big weekend mingling with fans to promote the release of his newest signature sneaker, the adiZero Rose 2. At the Jordan Boys & Girls Club for the “Run with D Rose” event, the MVP went three-on-three with a few of his luckiest fans. Also at the event: Common. He kicked a freestyle too (seemed like it was an actual freestyle). A few people have hit us up saying it sucked, but there aren’t too many MCs anymore who have the balls to put themselves out there like that … We’re out like McGee’s head.

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  • b

    @dime “A lot of these guys need that money to support their family and close friends” lmao

    in australia we have a sport called rugby league. these players only make 27% of related income and aren’t allowed to make endorsements! its also capped fairly strictly and the competition is so close, that no team has repeated for almost 20 years.

    i understand its a much smaller market (even in our own country other sports make more $$$) and alot of the fans believe our players don’t make enough. but the players don’t bitch about the money or the lack of endorsements because of the rulings (the endorsement rules are in place to protect the “smaller market” teams). the max salary here is $500k and the team cap is about $4 million, and there are 16 players on each team – do the math.

    i love basketball and something needs to happen, but i gotta agree with sir charles. even what the jet said about having a deal with incentives much like some current player contracts…. just get it done.

  • That’s What’s Up

    don’t give a fuck about rugby…

    but your last line sums it up

  • beiber newz

    Just want to get this out the way first: HAHAHA I knew Warrick is the type of player to succeed in games like this. Some guys are willing to call this man a scrub without any scouting report on how he actually plays. Jumping to the conclusion that he is worthless because he doesn’t gets MAAAAAD minutes is closed minded. This man is a scorer. Minutes don’t change someone’s game. It just changes stats. Period. (Hakim Warrick scored 32 points in Team Philly’s 174-167 win over Team DC at Calvin Coolidge High School on Saturday)

    Anywaaaay…here’s an excerpt I wish to comment on.

    —the players have not done a good enough job “complaining” while the owners have done an “amazing job” getting their message out to the fans during the lockout…the media really has painted a picture of the players as the stubborn athletes…The owners have communicated more with media outlets, and thus have come out like the more understanding of the two sides… The players have dug their own graves with failed attempts to rationalize the lockout with pissed off fans


    Honestly, I don’t care what it looks like. Frankly, it could look like an excuse for them all to get behind closed doors to hold secret cult meetings. I really don’t givvafuk. What I do care about is watching the players run up and down the court putting the ball in the hoop. That’s it. I keep hearing on sportscenter or the internet or by word of mouth about who looks selfish and what not. How the situation LOOKS won’t put a contract together. What puts a new CBA in effect is an actual tangible CBA. In the end, you get judged in whatever you do. Judgment can’t be avoided. So stop worrying about what people think. Just focus the attention on getting the CBAAAAAAAAAA. Why is Stern doing soooo many radio interviews? Posturing? To look good for the fans? The only way to look good is to do what your business calls for..bringing professional basketball entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind an interview because I want to know what the hell is going on from the horse’s mouth. But when you go on interview TOURS, bad mouthing one side just to have the other side think how to retaliate it becomes more political and more aggravating.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    A billion have nine zeroes. A million have six zeroes. Do the math on who will cave in first.

    Here is a suggestion. Let us, NBA fans, approach people from Occupy Wall Street and ask them to knock some senses to the NBPA and the team owners. The lockout is a clear example of all that is wrong with capitalism.

  • beiber newz

    Team Philly v Team DC.

    found some highlights if any1’s curious 2 see some footage.


  • K Dizzle

    Lol There’s always one player who says some shit to piss off everybody else in the Union. I don’t remember who it was last time, but dude said the players should cave n he got LIT UP by the union lol
    Congratulations, McGee!

  • yoda

    as much as love basketball, i’m on the owners side. players kept asking for too much for years, without any obligation to give something back in terms of doing everything they can to be at 100%. on one hand, you have players like kobe who work on their shape/game and i don’t mind that he’s paid 20 mil per. but on other hand, you have jerome james’ who get millions for eating hot dogs whole day. plus, with players asking for more and more money, owners have to raise prices on tickets etc. that at the end, fans have to pay. prices are already outrageous, and i don’t see them coming down. plus, it’s understandable what mcgee said. it’s easy for wade to strike, with millions he made so far. what can mid level player do? support those who make four times as much as him in season? don’t think so

  • First & Foremost

    LOL – Beiber, you still talking about Hakim’s scoring prowess, quick tell me what he actually did in this game? He is the frontman for the team but he isn’t the one lighting up the other squad. That is like saying Mike Miller was the key to the Heat reaching the finals. Yeah he was on the team but what did he really do? Catching lobs and 3 on nothing fastbreaks doesn’t mean a guy is great on offense, it just means he has enough coordination to jump, catch the ball, cock it back, and forcefully guide the ball through the rim, with no defenders in sight. His team have won the games, but Hakim is not a scorer.

    Moving on… Should Joe Johnson call a press conference using the fold out media table in the back of his oversized tonka truck and point out the players do have a legit complaint? Even if no name players were to talk to the media, who would listen? The players don’t have a sympathy card to play. More people will side with a business man who is asking the top 1% of the salary makers in his company to take a pay cut so he may continue to employee the other 99%. This is crazy at how well the owners have helped the players dig their own grave. Something equally as crazy – it has been 4 months since we heard from a guy named Sporty-J, not like I’m keeping count or anything. If Marc Cuban goes onto some radio station and says, “Even the World Champion Dallas Mavericks make too much money. 13 guy splitting almost 90M, the system needs to change.” People would respect that even though he was an owner that gladly gives that money out without flinching.

    C’mon Wade, what players are you talking about, that need to do a better job complaining? It sure can’t be none of the players flying all over the coutnry doing games for free? Does Omar Asik need to bumrush Hot97 and complain? Should Ron Artest call into Limbaugh and get the player’s story out to the world? Nothing says, grown-azz-man like going on record crying like a little ‘girl’ that you aren’t getting your way. I’m out like Hakim’s pull up jumper.

  • First & Foremost

    I’m back in like uncontested lay ups…
    @Yoda, even if the owners get a favorable split, that doesn’t mean ticket prices will come down. Enough fans have shown they are willing to pay the annual increases. If anything, they will credit the increase prices to inflation. The Heat sold out every away game but the concessions, parking, bathroom exit fees didn’t go down. They even charged to stand up the entire time to watch some of the games.

    The only way players can get fans back on their side would be to insist that ticket prices come down by the same portion the player’s BRI comes down. If your biggest expense decreases shouldn’t the ticket prices come down as well? If not, the owners would be veiwed as greedy CEOs. Not a good look right now.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    As I just accidently posted in yesterdays smackI’m not buying this BS about small market teams.

    Thats a very smart way of the owners trying to get the fans on their sides. Make it seem like they are scrapping for the underdog. Any one who believes that should just look at the facts.

    Did the NBA oppose KG being sent to Boston for peanuts? What about Pau Gasol to the Lakers? How about Melo to NY? Point being is that if the NBA actually gave a flying fluck about small market profitability then they would have stopped those trades from happening. All those guys left small markets to play in bigger markets and change the face of that franchise.

    Also there are plenty of small market teams who know what the fluck they are doing. The Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Spurs, and OKC. Teams like Sacramento, GState, the New Orleans, Milwaukee, and Minnesota who are clueless when it comes to drafting, trading, and placing value on a player.

    thats the nature of the game. The same shit happens with big market teams. Or did you guys forget that Chicago sucked balls for several years after MJ and Pip left in 98. Or that we didn’t have another all-star until 2009 when Derrick finally made the ASG? The NY Knicks were also in the same boat as Chicago. There was also a time when Boston fell completely off, came back, then fell off again, then made a magical trade for KG and returned to greatness.
    The lack of parity in the NBA is due to idiot owners (the Maloofs and Donald Sterling) terrible GMs (Kevin Mchale), bad coaching (Mike Dunleavy), lazy players (Eddy Curry & Jerome James), and sometimes bad luck (Grant Hill and Greg Oden). It has nothing to do with the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the oce…. oh wait my bad. Thought i was talking to my girl again lol.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Also Shouts out to Common for that sick FREESTYLE. That shit was on point and whoever claims it was weak must not have any idea what a REAL FREESTYLE sounds like. It’s not spitting some pre-written material over a hot beat. Who started that BS anyway? i think it was the Roca-Fella crew back when Beans and Free used to be on the radio spittin writtens or maybe it was RapCity and the Basement freestyles. I think thats when it all started with popular MCs. Because up until then, guys used to spit off the top. Thats the era that guys like Mos Def, Kweli, Snoop, and Common came from. Thats why you still hear them spitting freestyles off the dome.

    I especially liked the line about the lockout. That was clever for a freestyle.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    The other thing that maybe people should look at is this.

    Is David Stern really doing his job? If so why has there been two lockouts under his reign as CEO or HNIC or whatever his title is. Seems to me that he should be saving the league from itself. You know, like not allowing bogus ass trades, over paying for players, the constant recycling of failed coaches or hiring of unqualified coaches, the drafting of toddlers from pre-school and foreign guys who dont produce and the other foolishness from idiot owners/GMs.

    Seems like there is a way he could help out in these areas. Put some rules in place that will help regulate that foolishness. Maybe start utilizing the D-League more than just pick up games or punishment for under achieving rookies.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Warrick ain’t no scorer. He may have dropped 32, but his team scored 174. That’s 18% of the total output. In NBA terms, that means he scored 18 out of 100pts, but unlike the NBA, there is no semblance of help defense whatsoever in summer leagues. So basically, Warrick scored 18 pts out of 100 in a game where the guy guarding him was trying to stop him, but there were no second defenders rotating.

    I don’t understand how anyone can argue that he’s a scorer. He has one move – jump higher than everyone else so his shot can’t get blocked. If he has anything else in his arsenal, please let me know what it is.

  • karmatic

    The lockout is about the control of money. It doesn’t really matter how much money the owners really lost last year, or how much richer the TV revenues are gonna be over the next 10 years (A LOT). The owners are largely billionaires, and they seem perfectly willing to lose a whole season to get a deal they like; they only have to look at the recent shining example of the NHL season-long lockout, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in salaries, and restoration of profitability. The sooner the players get their situation in front of a judge, the less money, and playing time,they are going to lose.

  • First & Foremost

    EXACTLY JAY, I’m not arguing that he can’t dunk in a lay-up line. Me and Beiber established he was not some sort of scoring assassin but I’d go as far to say he isn’t even a scoring apprentice or intern. He is an opportunistic hustle man. I’d be willing to bet most of his points came from standing 5 feet from the basket and a guard made a no-look pass to another guard who made a behind the back pass around Hakim’s man which led to a dunk. His other 10 points would be from curling on the wing, taking one dribble as everyone clears the lane for a tomahawk dunk. This is the last time I will discuss this issue.

    Common is nice with his. The problems I have with him is that nasty beard and an album that had 9 tracks on it. 38 minutes doesn’t even cover my daily commute to work.

  • beiber newz

    look out for the next big exhibition game — DURANT VS BLAKE GRIFFIN featuring other all stars. let’s get it. .

  • Big Island

    Chicagorilla – First off, congrats on the Bears. Secondly, the size of the market is tricky. Sterling does well business wise with the Clippers because he is in a big market, cheap deal on the building, and he doesn’t spend. But they sell tickets because there are millions of people nearby. Put him in a small market and they have only 20% of the people that LA does and they don’t sell tickets. Or put the OKC or Portland owners in charge of the Clippers. The franchise would double in value because they do a good job and now there are twice as many people to buy their stuff. A small market will cripple a bad owner/management. A large market will float a bad owner.

  • beiber newz

    First and Foremost..i wasn’t going to comment further on Warrick but it’s so damn tempting. I want to put it put there that I am RESPECTFULLY disagreeing with you, no animosity here, just civilized bantering. Okay…now Hakim Warrick is without a doubt a scorer. Jay said this:

    “I don’t understand how anyone can argue that he’s a scorer. He has one move – jump higher than everyone else so his shot can’t get blocked. If he has anything else in his arsenal, please let me know what it is.”

    Technically, you don’t need a zillion moves to be a SCORER. You just have to have the MENTALITY to want to do that same move every time you touch the ball. That is what a scorer is. Someone who wants to SCORE. Not someone with an assortment of moves. How do you separate an incredible H.O.R.S.E player from a scorer with that theory JAY? Horse players have moves out the ass. Does that mean they are better scorers than Ginobli because they can do 360, catapult, over the head reverse 360 dunks? No.

    I promise you, I didn’t think much of Warrick’s game 4 years ago. But I am educated enough not to judge players by minutes. Minutes do not determine how someone plays dude. You give Kobe 20 minutes a night (never happening) he is gonna have a considerable drop in stats. When warrick gets his minutes, ask yourself, what is he trying to do? Scoreeee. Trust me. I don’t blame y’all for not knowing his game, but don’t shut it down that he’s a scorer without doing any research first. Google Warrick’s name and SCORER and I guarantee you’ll find connections easily from scouts or other ppl. You are a casual fan judging him on the same level you’d judge a Westbrook or a Harden when those guys get the minutes needed to produce. I am not saying Warrick is a star. I am not saying his is an effective scorer neither. I am simply saying that what the man goes on the floor to do is score score score. I am not saying his game translates to wins. I am not saying give the boy more minutes. I am simply saying he want to shoot shoot shoot.

    Nate Robinson was buried on the Thunder bench. WHOA. I guesS that means Nate lost his scoring mentality huh? Or i guess that means he lost all his scoring abilities to the MONSTARS.

    Open your minds. Google Warrick andd scorer and end this debate. Paid scouts have more here-say than me. Maybe after reading a few excepts from them I can stop defending such a non factor NBA player.

  • beiber newz
  • beiber newz

    yooooo watch what the hell you say/do at a mcdonald’s or this can be you.

    that employee is AN IDIOT. WOW talk about excessive force. dude was down already SMFH!

    It got scary to watch hearing some lady scream i nthe background. sheeshhhhh.


  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Beib: “Technically, you don’t need a zillion moves to be a SCORER. You just have to have the MENTALITY to want to do that same move every time you touch the ball. That is what a scorer is. Someone who wants to SCORE.”

    A couple of things.
    First… Fair enough. You don’t need a zillion moves to be a scorer. You do need at least one “go to”.
    Second…. I disagree with your definition of a scorer – someone who wants to score. If you ask everyone in the NBA if they want to score, I’m pretty sure 90-100% of them will say “Fuck yeah”… then they’ll probably acknowledge that ‘scoring’ isn’t their role. My point is everyone wants to score.
    My definition of a scorer is someone who has the ability to create their own shots and the knack of putting the ball in the basket. To me, Warrick isn’t that dude. I our difference of opinion is based on our differing definitions of a scorer. I think that’s where it begins and ends.

    Regardless of your stance, this is the bottomline… we are arguing whether or not Hakim fuckin’ Warrick is a scorer; WE NEED BASKETBALL…
    The collegiate season is around the corner and I’m trying to find previews on different sites while on here at work but there is nothing!! Does anyone know of any sites where I can get my preview fix? I’ve seen one or two previews here at DIME, and that’s it. Anyone?? Help please….

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY


    @ DIME
    Someone please answer this… why on earth are you guys wasting time putting up Fantasy Analysis for all the NBA teams??? There’s NO SEASON! Not only is there no season – there is no sight to the end of this lockout. Why don’t you guys take that wasted energy and put it into writing about the top 25 NCAA teams. Seriously guys. Nobody is commenting on those stories, because nobody cares right now.

  • beiber newz

    “our difference of opinion is based on our differing definitions of a scorer.”
    you nailed it on the head. scorers come in different shapes and sizes. you have your efficient scorers (ray allen) you have your high volume shooter scorers (b. jennings) and you have your boring scorers (al harrington, warrick, tyler hansbrough, delfino). those guys don’t possess a ‘melo’ arsenal. but are looked at by coaches to put the ball in the hole with whatever means necessary. remember, warrick was chosen to replace amare fuking stoudemire.

    jay: “Regardless of your stance, this is the bottomline… we are arguing whether or not Hakim fuckin’ Warrick is a scorer”

    ahahaha JAY werd. like i always say, i will defend guys who are not getting due credit. as a laker fan, i’ve defended celtics players. as a knick fan i’ve defended isaish thomas (to some degree). warrick is not worth my typing energy, but i just don’t like when people call ducks cows. if a duck is a duck, call it a duck. i believe warricks mentality is to want to score. and that’s what he goes out to do. so i believe that make him a scoring type player. that is what you’ll get when you put him on the floor.

    i posted the following numbers a while back when discussing warrick. you claim he is a lob, fast break dunker/athletic freak. u don’t see him as a scorer. but would someone who is just pure athleticism with no scoring feel for the game put up numbers like this and not surprise his coach?

    Apr 6 @ MIN
    29:02 minutes and 17 points

    Apr 1 @ LAC
    26:12 minutes and 17 points

    Mar 8 @ HOU
    40:10 minutes and 32 points

    Feb 28 @ NJN
    24:02 minutes and 16 points

    Feb 11 @ UTH
    21:45 minutes and 16 points

    Dec 17 @ DAL
    27:36 minutes and 15 points (14 boards)

    Dec 5 @ WAS
    28:47 minutes and 26 points

    Nov 26 @ LAC
    36:50 minutes and 25 points

    Nov 24 @ CHI
    36:08 minutes and 23 points

    Nov 15 @ DEN
    25:54 minutes and 21 points

    Nov 12 @ SAC
    22:59 minutes and 18 points

    Nov 8 @ MEM
    34:36 minutes and 16 points

    Nov 5 @ MEM
    37:56 minutes and 15 points

    Nov 3 @ SAS
    31:20 minutes and 19 points

    Oct 28 @ UTH
    26:23 minutes and 18 points

    you don’t have to respond to this. i know u said u didn’t want to. i don’t like talking bout scrubs but i like making sure guys get their due credit.

  • Big Island

    The leading scorer in the history of the league had one move.

    That is all I will say on the matter since I don’t want to get roped into what kind of player Hakim Warrick is. I don’t want to point out that he has had a similar career to such great players like Chris Gatling, Jan Van Breda Kolff, Stromile Swift, Ken Norman and Ollie Johnson.

  • Nyeme

    I been a Hakim supporter since ‘Cuse (and cause he Philly). He is a scorer, and when he gets minutes, he produces. When he was starting for injured Gasol, he was putting up numbers.

  • beiber newz

    o my goodness THANK YOU GUYS. some reasoning. breath of fresh air.

  • George W Kush Sr

    @beiber newz:

    about the youtube clip, I disagree, I’d a kept whooping his monkey ass if that were me. Dude jumped over the counter like he some kinda superthug and only had one intent, then he got the surprise of his life. McDonalds is a franchise, it has managers and customer complaint processes. A customer has outlets, when he jumps over the counter he’s asking for a beat down. Good for the McDonalds employee.

  • beiber newz

    Yea but guess what? Dude got fired for one. Two, the employee has been arraigned on assault charges. Three, the item he used on the guy will be considered a weapon so he’s facing a weapon possession charge. Four, now he’s locked in jail with a damn $40,000 bond on his head. Still worth it?