• mike

    I got two things to say:
    1 the “curitsy” wash definitely counts as washing your hands
    2 whoever wrote this article is a pathological liar & a lame, why lie about stupid insuggnificant shit?

  • Sean Sweeney

    Thank you for explaining the whole Sidney vs. Billy thing. Vivid description and imagery.

  • First & Foremost

    Not washing your hands is fine by me… as long as you are in your own home. If you are out, lets say bowling, and you leave the bathroom with pissy hands and then proceed to high five everyone each time you don’t bowl a gutter, that is gross. Have you ever knowningly wanted to touch another person’s pee, regardless of how sterile it is? Why would you be more inclined to unknowingly do it?

    On the flipside, if you showered that day it should still be clean. You don’t wash your hand after drinking out of a cup unless you have poor motor skills and dribble all over your hands. [Yes, I said hands because you clearly must be drinking it sippy cup style] So as long as you pee without getting any on your hands, why would you then waste water cleaning already clean hands? You don’t stop a basketball game to wash your hands when you wipe sweat off your forehead. That’s a bodily fluid.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @mike – start your own website, don’t eat or drink til you get 100 hits.