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Giveaway: Autographed Brandon Jennings Jersey

Brandon Jennings

You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve heard the testimonials, but now it’s time to get in the game. Everyone’s been talking nonstop about Mission Court Grip since it dropped a few weeks ago, and if you’ve been holding out on getting a bottle, we’ve got you covered. Oh yeah, and how about an autographed Brandon Jennings jersey to go with it?

Thanks to our friends at Mission Court Grip, all you have to do is answer the following question:

What is your favorite Brandon Jennings basketball memory from his career so far?

The best answer will win, so make them as detailed as possible…

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  • Michael

    Without a doubt my favorite memory of BJennings career is watching him in the McDonalds all american game. I can remember seeing him rock the fresh prince/will smith/boosie fade and just dominating. I immediately went and watched all his youtube clips and told my friends hes going to be the next star PG. Since going into the league hes given me plenty of material to throw into my friend’s faces when they doubted me about his star potential.

  • Max

    Youngest Player to score 55 Points in an NBA game

  • Jay

    Double Nickel of course. It just came out of nowhere to have a rookie be able to do that. When Jennings was drafted, people weren’t even sure if he was NBA ready. Then 2 weeks into the season, he goes nuts. To do that with no points in the 1st Quarter is just nuts. That 3rd Quarter was the most incredibly shooting display I’ve ever seen. BJ was pulling up for 3’s, shooting floaters over the bigs and he couldn’t miss. The other team must have known he was going to put up the shot and they still couldn’t do anything about it. It was just one of those magical nights and it put him on the map and made him known to the entire world that he had arrived in the NBA.

  • Wahaj Mallick

    if anyone else puts anything besides his 55 point game on the 13th of November in his rookie season, surpassing Lebron as the youngest player to ever score 50 or more in 4 quarters, also breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s rookie franchise record, they wouldn’t be real fans. did I mention it was a come from behind win over the warriors? words cannot describe the hype this kid faced coming out of europe and after that game he has yet to live upto his potential.

  • Tommy Wu

    Many people might say that Brandon Jennings’ 55-point outburst back in his rookie season may have been the greatest feat of his career so far, but I believe that the entire rookie season of Brandon Jennings was indescribable. Jennings was brought in to the Bucks organization with the 10th pick, and from there on, was poised to be the centerpiece of that franchise for a long time to come. His determination and competitiveness ultimately allowed him to lead the Bucks to a birth in the playoffs as the 6th seed, and was even able to give the number-3 seed Atlanta Hawks a run for their money, pushing the series to a Game 7. As a rookie, there is a lot of pressure to perform how people expect you to perform, and many times, rookies tend to crumble a bit during the season. Brandon Jennings, however, was able to endure to ups and downs of an NBA season, and take his young Milwaukee Bucks team into the postseason. That, is the most memorable part of Brandon Jennings’ career to this point, and we may assume that we can expect a lot more from the rest of Jennings’ career.

  • http://twitter.com/eastonjonfaheem Kristopher Faheem

    My favorite and most memorable Brandon Jennings memory from his career so far would have to be when he crossover Stephen Curry and made him fall. Yes, I remember when he crossed the road to be the youngest player ever in the NBA to score 55 points in a game, but him crossing Stephen Curry and ACTUALLY making him FALL was it for me. That was the absolutely exceptional. It even reminded me of when Derrick Rose crossed Andre Miller. Crossovers like Brandon Jennings did are underrated…or am I just the only one that remembers that play?

  • beiber newz

    PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE! Be original, of course everyone will mention the 55 points. I am a true Jennings observer, and that game was bananas for him. But I am more impressed with his performance in the second half more so than the overall game (Points, half: 45, second half, vs. Golden State Warriors, November 14, 2009). ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? 45!!!?? IN A HALF? I was amazed and this man has so much potential. It doesn’t hurt that dude comes into games with funky hair styles and busts people’s asses.

  • Harry Ruiz

    Being able to see Brandon Jennings “hoop” at the streets of LA, watching him live is as spectacular as an NBA game, no other player gets as close to his fans and gives hope to other young “hoopers” to dream with going pro as they play 1 on 1 or 3 on 3 against and/or with him.

  • http://yourstrongestally.com/blog Matthew McFarline

    Wow, favorite B. Jennings moment would definitely have to be the Jennings vs. Selby matchup. You’ve got Selby who is extremely competitive, going toe to toe with Jennings. In the first matchup in Baltimore at the Melo League, you get Bj coming out firing 3’s and then Selby answering back. When Jennings starts approaching to the rack, Selby does the same. It was crazy! The game became a game of one on one with other guys just making space for the two to show off their talents. Even though Selby came out the victor in the first matchup, Jennings had one play where he’s going full speed down court, throws the ball off the backboard, and bangs it in for 2! It was great, even just watching the game speed the two were playing was great. Fast pace, full go basketball.

  • Chris Chandley

    In attempt to go away from the obvious (55 point game), I’d have to admit my favorite basketball memory of Brandon Jennings so far in his promising career would have to be throughout this entire lockout. Brandon has been doing exactly what he loves, and that’s play basketball, without having any financial motivations. He’s playing with friends, fans, and fellow ballers in environments that enable the everyday fans to witness in person without having to break the bank with $70 ticket prices. He is setting a great example for young basketball players around the nation that doing what you love is the best thing you can possibly do in life. He’s using his fame and talents to not only improve his own life, but also to assist the less fortunate with charities, appearances, and donations. Brandon, in my opinion, is representing what all professional athletes today should strive to be. A true hero for kids to look up to. Kudos to you, Mr. Jennings.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Ronzale Ronzale Powell

    November 14, 2009. We all know what happen, Golden State never had a chance. He even went scoreless in the 1st quarter, and the Warriors still didn’t have a chance. 2nd quarter: the warm up – he dropped 10 points on em’, just to let us know that it wouldn’t be a scoreless night. 3rd quarter: game time! – he took off for 29 points and he hit the buzzer beater at the end of the quarter! 4th quarter: lights out – tallied up another 14 points to secure the win. Game Bucks: 129 – 125. Broke Abdul-Jabbars franchise rookie record with, 55 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds.

  • http://twitter.com/loveBJ_ BJ

    Wow! My favorite Brandon Jennings memory will have to be his 55pt performance during his rookie season. (which he should have won R.O.Y but that’s for another post, HA!)Granted it was the no defense playing Warriors but 55 points as a rookie is an AMAZING accomplishment. Especially, when he didn’t score in the first quarter. Like, some players wouldn’t even have the confidence to go out and shoot. But he came out focused and went off. Soooo that has to definitely be one of my favorite B. Jennings memories. Oh and any time he plays against the Celtics!!! his swag always seems to come out when he’s playing the best teams in the league, got to LOVE a man with heart! #Respect

  • Jake

    10th row at McDonalds All-American game in Milwaukee. Seein Jennings walk out with the stunner shades and the old kid n play high top fade. Then see him throw down between the legs dunks in warm ups as a 6 ft guard AND THEN watchin him not care about scoring and wanting to set the assist record until the last few minutes when he started canning 3’s to bring his team back. Crazy game to be at and definitely my best Jennings experience!

  • Da man

    My favorite was him getting drafted period and not forgetting where he came from.

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    Before his 55 point game I didn’t even know who Brandon Jennings was, all I knew was that Michael Redd ran the show for the Bucks. that all changed after I watch him go BONKERS against Monte, Curry, and the rest of the Warriors. Not only was he hitting every shot he took but he made them all look effortless. He was driving in shlomo finishing with his right hand and once they took that away he came around and hit em with the reverse(mental note). You could tell just by how he ran back on defense that nothing or no one was stopping him that night. Jennings was coming off screens and pulling up from everywhere…nothing but net. He would dip his shoulder and throw up floaters and bang, 2 points. Why would anyone leave him open at the 3 point line is beyond me cause he was spotting up and wetting them panties from deep. His speed combined with a few hesitation moves and the fact that hes left handed made him the ultimate weapon that night. Whoever was in front of him he was gonna score, foul him if you want, guess what, AND 1 in your face. The crowd was going stupid, I was going stupid, Jennings was in the zone, by the middle of the 3rd quarter you could tell he was tired but had the “you cant phase me look” in his eyes and his swagger. At one point he forced up some garbage and even that hit the bank and went in. i love being entertained and there was nothing more entertaining than watching Brandon Jennings that night. Seeing basketball played at that level is always inspiring and trust and believe for that whole month whenever I threw up a shot I thought “Jennings”.

  • beiber newz

    wow, Chris Chandley’s post wreaks of ‘sucking up’

  • Toronto1

    As an NBA prospect entering the draft, you cannot wait until that moment your name is called by the commissioner and put on that draft cap. The call-up of your name, to put on that cap, to go up to stage to shake Stern’s hand, is the first sign of achievement within one’s NBA career. That moment came in 2009, tenth overall, a selection made by Milwaukee to select a point guard, in the name of Brandon Jennings. That was the defining moment; to walk up on stage to shake Stern’s hand (albeit unusual). Brandon Jennings is a game changer. He changed how the game is played, changed the whole “1-year-of-college draft process, changed how a small market team can be seen national wide. He even put a sports brand that is virtually unknown in the basketball community, leading it to be one of the rising competitors amongst the top monsters of Nike and adidas. Forget the stats, forget the achievements (or lack thereof, e.g. ROY was his btw, respects to ‘Reke still), let’s focus him on the level of being the game changer. He brings excitement, the confidence, the smiles, and the joy he’s brought to the basketball community. June 25th, 2009 NBA Draft, thank you for officially introducing Brandon Jennings to us.

    with love,
    p.s. – He even changed me, peep the pic. http://twitpic.com/72a1c1

  • evic

    My favorite basketball memory of Young Buck so far is his decision to skip college basketball and play in Italy for Lottomatica Roma so he could face NBA type talent. He didn’t have a great year there but it showed me his hunger to be the best he can be as he stuck it out!!! Now the Bucks got themselves a major talent and a beast for years to come! And my second favorite memory, as of right now, of him dropping 55 on the Warriors will be dropping quickly as he is only going to get better and his achievements are going to be many!!!

  • Toronto1

    Re: Toronto1
    faulty link! corrected – http://twitpic.com/72ai4h

  • Brett

    Brandons most memorable moment for me was when he opened his NBA career on Oct. 30th 2009 against the 76ers and had 1 assist and 1 rebound shy of a triple double, 17-9-9…that’s impressive for your 1st game in the league. Shows that even though he appears as just an overall scoring machine he can be an all around player and at that moment I knew he would be special in the NBA…best part is 1 year later on the same day he recorded his 1st ever triple double against the Bobcats with 20-10-10, I guess that’s his special day.

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    Best Jennings moment I’ve seen so far is the self alley oop pass and dunk. Straight filthy.


  • Youssef

    Hope is a word you don’t often hear around this team. One thing Jennings has done since entering the league is to give Milwaukee just that. Finally the fans had a brash competitor to get behind. There was something to cheer about again.

    Befitting his unique personality, Jennings took an unconventional route to the NBA. With the Stern-imposed age limit in place, there was no way for him to jump right into the league. But instead of going to college for a year, he decided to study abroad. Jennings certainly struggled in Italy, but I am confident his time with Lottomatica Roma prepared him to play professional basketball stateside.

    After all, he flew out of the gates in his rookie season. Earning the starting gig from day one, Jennings came up one rebound and one assist short of a triple double in his first regular season game. In his Bradley Center debut one night later, he dropped 24 points on 60 percent shooting. Exactly two weeks after that, the Golden State Warriors came to town. On that night, Jennings gave us quite possibly the most memorable Bucks moment of the last 20 years.

    All of a sudden, the Bucks were on SportsCenter. T-shirts plastered with Jennings’ face were printed. One 55-point game brought a palpable excitement to the Bucks. This was a feeling not felt around the team since the run to the Eastern Conference Finals. One 55-point game and all of a sudden Bucks fans had hope.

    We rode the Jennings rollercoaster for the rest of the season. One game he went for 18 points and five assists against the Pistons, only to follow that up with 7 and 3 against the Nets the very next game. But throughout the ride, we watched with rapt attention every time Jennings took the court.

    Then came the monocle celebration, the red mohawk, the cries of Fear the Deer and, finally, the playoffs. Jennings certainly didn’t do it alone, but no player on that team had his swagger. No player on that team held the fan’s attention like he did. With Bogut out, all eyes were on Jennings for the opening round against the Atlanta Hawks. Although they would inevitably bow out early, those three home playoff games seemingly reawakened the city of Milwaukee’s love for the Bucks. Jennings was at the center of it all.

    Maybe Jennings will never become the perfect point guard. Maybe he will be traded within the next couple of years. Maybe he will flame out completely. But maybe he will become an all star. Maybe he will team with Andrew Bogut to take the Bucks past the first round. Maybe he will be in Milwaukee for the rest of his career. With Jennings comes hope. And that is really all you can ask for as a Bucks fan these days.

    These are just some of the most memorable moments in Brandon Jennings’ career thus far, and many more to come.

    Watchout NBA.

  • beiber newz

    some of yall sound like professional brown nosers

  • Jim Park

    My favorite Brandon Jennings moment was his first game as a pro when he nearly had a triple double right out of the gates. Who could have seen that coming?? The sky seemed to be the limit after that.

  • bobby stew

    My favorite Brandon Jennings moment is when I found out when he was a rookie he drove a Ford EDGE! That really, really, impressed me. Most young guys would drink the Kool-Aid and buy a bunch of expensive cars. His explanation for this purchase was that he hadn’t made it yet. That act/purchase let me know that he was a true representation of what Under Armour is all about. “Stay Humble, Stay Hungry”

  • Sammy G.

    December 19, 2007. Moody Coliseum in Dallas, Texas. The first and only time I witnessed Brandon Jennings’ greatness in person. Oak Hill Academy came to Dallas to play my high school, Duncanville. We were 14-0 while Oak Hill was 13-2. Though it was a close game throughout, we led for the majority of it until Brandon Jennings took over. Our PG, Brian Talley would hit a three, only to have Brandon Jennings match it on the other end. They traded ‘threes’ throughout the game until we were dead even at the end of regulation. Overtime was coming and the last thing you want is to play Brandon Jennings in OT. Brandon Jennings was like a man amongst boys on the court. Pulling up for three’s with multiple defenders on him and taking it to the hole with little resistance. Duncanville was clinging to a 1 point lead in OT with under a minute to play. Brandon Jennings had the ball looking to give Oak Hill the lead until he was stripped by a Duncanville defender. Duncaville now had possession and all they needed to do was run out the clock and the victory would be theirs; that is until Brandon Jennings happened. He chased Brian Tally around the court until he managed to strip the ball from behind. After securing the ball, Brandon Jennings heaved a 3/4 court pass to his open teammate for, what would eventually be, the game-winning assist. He finished the game with 40 points, scoring in multiple ways, but the highlight for me was the last sequence of the game. Watching him furiously chase the ball-handler after being ripped and eventually coming up with the steal and game winning assist is what showed me his “I’m not letting my team lose” mentality. As a Duncaville fan, you can’t be mad when you lose to such a great competitor like Brandon Jennings.

  • Stefen Mckinney

    My favorite memory would have to be when he played for Oak Hill Academy his senior year in high school. I personally watched him lead his #1 nationally ranked Warriors over the #12 ranked Benedictine Cadets at the Robins Center (University of Richmond) as he scored 42 points and went 11-13 from 3point range. I automatically became a huge fan even though i went to the opposing school and began to follow his career as he went to play in Europe and then to the NBA.

  • Hunter

    My favorite Brandon Jennings memory isn’t one of him playing basketball. This past February, I went to one of the Bucks-Heat games and was able to go down on the court to meet Brandon. I was amazed that he was only about an inch taller and only a few years older than I am. But neither of those things were what was memorable about him. What stuck out to me was his character, the way he handled himself. When he introduced himself to me, it was with confidence and a firm handshake. He was friendly and genuine in everything he said to me. Even though he still had a boot on his broken foot, he didn’t once seem bothered or upset that he wasn’t able to help his boys go up against Wade, LeBron, Bosh and the rest of the Heat, he knew his team would give them a run for their money regardless. In the 20 minutes I spent getting to know Brandon, he inspired me to be an all around great man.

  • Marc Waterhouse

    My favorite memory of Young Money was when he tore up the Elite 24 @ Rucker. He dropped 19 points,7 boards and 23 assists and each one was a highlight. He was the quickest on the court and had court vision like no other, he blew me away. Then he was doing the Rafer Alston arm pump over the ball fake and Skip was teams coach!!! That’s respect. Yeah he scored 55 points his rookie season and it blew up the spot, it also seemed to cause a huge slump for the rest of the season, but my most memorable was seeing him with all the freedom of the blacktop in the mecca.

  • Tdot

    My favourite Brandon Jennings moment was when I won an autographed jersey of his from this amazing website called dimemag.com

  • Aaron wilson

    That’s an easy one: double nickle. Without a doubt, the best performance I have ever witnessed in person at the Bradley Center.

    Brandon was quiet the first half, but he wasn’t kidding anyone. The kid came out of half time firing. About half way through the third quarter and up until the end of the game, Jennings couldn’t miss. Every shot he put up seemed to fall. Every fan in the building stood up even before the ball was released from his hands. The BC was electric. We knew every shot was good.

    This was the beginning of FEAR THE DEAR!

  • Mitch

    being a warrior fan it has to be when he dropped 50 plus on us right out of the gates as a rookie..i remember all his mixtapes in high school, sophomore year to senior year..i was hopping the warriors would draft him and pissed when they passed him up..watching him drop 50 on us made me even more pissed that I’m a life long warriors fan..tough luck..help me out and hook up a brother with a Bjennings jersey!

  • Greg Eloge

    Everyone on here wants to write about one time they saw Brandon Jennings or the night he had 55 points how about we talk about what Brandon Jennings did for his TEAM his rookie year. In my opinion an NBA PG is like a QB in the NFL, everything goes through you on offense and you are without a doubt the teams leader/general on the floor. The bucks were a +12 in the win department from the season before. They went from being the 12th best team in the Eastern Conference to the 6th and took the Hawks to a game 7 in the first round of the playoffs. The Bucks went from a team that no one cared about to a team where people would tune into Sportscenter to see what Mr. Jennings did. Growing up a huge Allen Iverson fan I never thought I’d see a crossover like his (ala crossing MJ up as a rookie) but the first time I saw Jennings crossover I became a huge fan. It’s the meanest Crossover in the NBA and this is the whole reason I became a huge Brandon Jennings fan..

  • TheKid

    Being a kid from SouthCentral and pretty much idolizing my man BJ since i was in 4th grade and he was a sophomore my have moment of ALL TIME AND WILL ALWAYS BE is when at the 06 ABCD camp he challenged then top ranked senior O.J. Mayo and took it to him and everybody else at the camp and put his name on the radar.
    greatest conversation ever in a game.
    BJ: Why don’t you guard me?
    OJ: i was built to destroy homie
    BJ: ok we’ll see.
    (very next play OJ grabs ball and tries to blow by BJ and gets his ass knocked to the wood)
    BJ: YEA! built to get ya ass on the floor everytime.

  • Big Island

    Give the jersey to Beiber since every other name on here is either a) made up, or b) the same dude posting 15 times trying to get a jersey. Panchitooo is here too so flip a coin between those two. But the best Jennings moment was rocking the Gumby.

  • beiber newz

    ^I love you man..

  • Al

    My favorite Brandon Jennings moment was at “The Rucker” where he went assist crazy. That day I saw the best guard in NY come from LA. He was what the NY PG used to be, young and flashy! The crowd went sick and the train ride from Connecticut to Harlem was well worth it. I went there to see Love and Beasley, I went home happy as hell I saw Jennings. To see a junior in high school control an all-star game and drop 23 assists while doing it is a beautiful thang. Glad the kid has a jersey to give away.

  • Brazzle

    Probably last year when I went to the garden to watch the Knicks after they got Melo (my favorite player), anyways the Knicks were playing the Bucks and Jennings was unstoppable that night, he put up like 35 or 40. Needless to say that was a great game to witness in person.

    Also the 55 point explosion, but everyone’s gonna say that.

  • DC

    If we’re talking about his basketball career, I’m gonna go with his crazy performance at the Elite 24 Classic. First of all, that 2007 class was stacked with guards that ended up going to the league. They had Tyreke, DeRozan, Lance Stephenson, Jrue Holiday, and Kemba Walker. Brandon Jennings had one of the craziest stat lines with 19 points and 23 assists. Him and his Compton brother DeRozan were smashing on everyone. Jennings would throw no looks to him all day. Another memory is when he put the ball through Holiday’s legs. The crowd went nuts. The best thing about this performance is that it was done in the mecca of all basketball, Rucker Park.

  • Jazz Man


    Because Your Only As Good As Your Last Game…This Summer Is Speaking Volumes On His Maturity, Work Ethic And Loyalty To The Game. He Genuinely Loves The Game.

    I’ll Be Waiting For The Email To Say I’ve Won, So Thank You In Advanced!!!

  • THeU

    the 24 boost mobile elite game! he instantly became my favorite player. With the ball fakes and the flashy moves and just his whole game. That game he was taking it to everyone and outshining players that were more hyped than him. Brandon jennings will be a top 5 pg in the nba soon!

  • Ryan

    being one of the top 5 players of the summer leagues…

  • Syed Hussain

    When stephon curry was playing D on him and he completely crossed him over, and curry ended up falling. it was pretty amazing cuz im a huge fan of handles, and brandon jennings had nassssty handles!

  • richard m

    My favorite Brandon Jennings moment came at the 2009 NBA Draft in New York City. Somehow I had landed a ticket to get into the Garden, the world’s basketball Mecca, to not only see my Clippers take Blake Griffin with the #1 overall pick (a very wise choice looking back, even with the lost season), but also to see how a certain skinny kid from LA would fare out.

    To those who don’t know, Brandon Jennings is a legend here in LA. From his old school demeanor to his lightning quick first step to his infectious smile, the kid was everything LA hoops wanted in a prep star: marketable, magnetic and skilled well beyond his years. He was Allen Iverson 2.0 to us, except he loved to pass and make his teammates look even better than himself. When he left to Oak Hill all of SoCal’s hoop scene junkies were torn; on one hand Brandon would be leaving us and taking his show to the other side of the nation, but on the other hand the only school that could really make him a better player than Dominguez was Oak Hill, a basketball factory that only the best of the best were invited to play at. Oak Hill developed a side of Brandon’s game that we only saw in fleeting moments, but that would ultimately bring him into the national spotlight as a senior (and in the future as an NBA rookie): unstoppable scoring.

    The stat line for his senior year was astounding: roughly 38 points/7.5 assists/5 rebs per game. Not bad for a skinny kid from the mean streets of LA! Along with his stellar play came equally stellar awards: multiple player of the year honors, a #1 ranking in the country for his team and All-American honors. The kid had made us proud here in LA and was the #1 player in the country. He had his pick of schools, but ultimately chose to change the game and head to Europe for a year of professional basketball rather than attend the University of Arizona.

    Watching his progress in Europe was tough. They threw shackles on his game, and the questions about his draft status started to pop up. Here in LA though, we believed in the kid with the high top fade and ridiculous God given talent…the question was, would the NBA believe too?

    I’ll never forget the 2009 draft. After cheering the Griffin pick it was a crapshoot as to where Jennings would land. As name after name was picked and point guards named Rubio, Flynn and Curry had their hands shaken by David Stern Brandon’s name remained in the mix. Curiosity turned to nervousness as word spread throughout the crowd that Jennings was not even in attendance at the draft because he did not want to end up having a Rashard Lewis-esque stay in the green room.

    With the 10th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks selected Brandon Jennings, PG, Lottomatica Roma. It was an incredible moment for Brandon, his family and friends, and all of us who had watched the kid rise to glory from his years in Compton. Though he was not present that that moment, all of LA cheered for him, whether at the Draft, at home or abroad. When he strode out onto the stage following the 14th choice in the draft, and got the chance to shake Commissioner Stern’s hand and smile that megawatt smile we had all seen lighting up the court as a youth, I couldn’t help but beam with pride; Brandon was one of our own LA kids, and though he took the road less traveled (or in his case NEVER traveled) by playing in Europe, he still made it to the show as a lottery pick, and he ready to take the NBA by storm.

  • beiber newz

    so i guess people are still in the running for the jersey as i see guys are still posting. hmmm. i wonder if this is all trickery on dime’s part. like, how does the winner even know when they won?

  • Sean Sweeney

    ^ We’re announcing the winner tonight/tomorrow in Smack

  • beiber newz

    yessir. sounds good. i’m anxious in anticipation.

  • Sammy G.

    Ahh I can’t believe I won!! Thanks Dime

  • rafdawg

    draft day when he came out from the back before david stern announced his name. i was in the house. funny moment