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Kevin Garnett Slows Lockout Talks; Andrea Bargnani To Italy

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett (Photo. Gary Land)

You can thank Kevin Garnett for the lockout. No, he isn’t playing the same role he did in the last one when his newly-minted $126 million contract was seen as the albatross that the owners needed to kill and never allow to come back from the dead. Now he’s in another mode: old veteran looking for one more big pay day. From that angle, it’s cool that he came to NYC and pointed a finger at the owners and at his fellow players. No more concessions, he told his guys over and over. Things got nasty in the meetings – as they’re bound to do with someone like KG – and then progress was halted. In some cases, things went backwards. As one league official told Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski: “We were making progress, until Garnett [expletive] everything up.” Garnett undoubtedly hit the owners with his legendary scowls and intensity (as vets of many photoshoots with the future Hall of Famer, we can attest to that). Could we have gotten this whole thing fixed up before days started being canceled? Who knows? … The real issue for the players is how badly do they need the big stars? It builds a strong image if players like D-Wade, LeBron, KG and the rest show up for these meetings. But their perspective is completely different than the Union’s. Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter shouldn’t be fighting for them; They need to fight for everyone else … The Italian Job is off… for now. Kobe and his agent’s little game of cat and mouse finally caught up to them when their asking price became too high for Virtus Bologna to match and bring him over. So negotiations are off for the time being. We can see why the lockout is taking so long – should it really have taken these two sides this long to figure it out? It’s really not that difficult … Yesterday, we told you Shaquille O’Neal wants to one day own an NBA team. But that wasn’t the only interesting thing he got into. A few weeks ago, Bryant made a remark in Italy that was seen as a diss towards his old pal, saying: “I like players who workout. I used to do that six, seven hours per day. I cannot stand players who practice for 30 minutes. I need to say something to them.” Yesterday, O’Neal addressed it, saying he doesn’t need to work out, his numbers and MVPs speak for themselves. We can’t wait to hear these two at 65 still bickering and arguing like a pair of spurned lovers. Are they going to throw shots at each other over stuff like this forever? … Chris Broussard reports that Kevin Durant is in Akron for a few days working out with LeBron James. We wonder what they’re working on? … Andrea Bargnani will play for infidelity. A website called ashleymadison.com, which bills itself as “the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters,” is doing whatever is necessary to bring Il Mago over to play for a team in Italy that’ll be known as Ashley Madison Roma for it’s sponsor. It’s always a good thing when you combine star athletes with cheating websites (not). Great idea, but poor execution … Remember Pitt standout Chris Taft? He’s on the comeback trail, and is throwing his name in the NBDL draft pool … Philly is gonna Get Jiggy With It. New York-based leveraged buyout specialist Joshua Harris and eight others completed the deal to buy the 76ers from Comcast-Spectacor. They’ve already made management moves, but most importantly, they brought star power to a franchise sick of waiting on someone to bring the excitement back: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Will got in as a a minority shareholder, which is similar to Jay-Z in New Jersey. Great move. We figure in between every one of his $20 million roles, he can stop by to give the team some pointers on how to succeed. Our question is are they going to be able to play “Miami” in warmups? Or is that out of line? Tough decisions. And we all know that L.A. and Philly stay jiggy … We got on Drake for getting into an argument with MJ. Then, we wanted to slap him after he told Brian Wilson the Miami Heat could take the ’86 C’s. But now he wants to argue with the champ, Mark Cuban. Drake’s definitely not making us proud right now … We’re out like Shia LaBeouf in a fight.

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  • beiber newz

    Actually Kobe is still being pursued by Virtus Bologna. Their plans are for him to show up some time in November.

  • beiber newz

    and man…i haaaave to comment on that espn list.

    (i love dirk’s game for the record. i’m not saying he’s bad, he’s a hall of famer, deserving of a top nod and worthy of elite status)

    THE ONLY REASON kobe is ranked so low is a mixture of his age/not winning a championship. How many people were forgetting about dirk before his amazing playoff run? How many analysts wrote off dirk and co. every round they were in?? The only reason he is sooo big now, honestly, is 1-because he won a ring and 2-he defeated the “bad guys”. America was rooting for the mavs and since they won, he is essentially (and y’all can’t deny this) a HERO. He elevated his status in the basketball world to a point where ppl are getting carried away. i’m from the bx and you guys are familiar with when someone hits a tough shot they yell “KOBE!!” or “JORDAN!!”. Well, the very next week or so after Dallas won, I heard some kid yell “DIRK!!!” after hitting a tough shot. I stopped in my tracks. It was a name I never thought I’d hear in the hood. wow. Dirk has made himself a rock star and the way kobe and the lakers got swept gave kobe such a baaaad look. He is appearing to ppl as a washed up version of himself. How many years have ppl been saying that though about him? KOBE IS NOT WASHED UP!! The level he’s at now, nba’ers would kill to have his skills now. 25ppg in less than 35 minutes a night. Just think about that for a minute. That’s 25 ppg in 3 quarters of work at his age. Kobe being ranked under dirk is such a joke. Think about this. If you guys were gm’s and there was a re-draft of every player, would you in your right mind put dirk on your team ahead of kobe bryant? Like, that’s so incomprehensible. Had dirk lost in the first round, would he be a different player? No. He’d just be a first round loser. Like Kobe. He just got more notoriety now and the shots he was hitting were ridiculous. He appeared invincible and unstoppable. I’m not shocked that ESPN got carried away and made him top 5 but me not being surprised doesn’t mean it’s right.

    *Side note* Kobe has more rings than than everyone in the top 5 COMBINED. I never liked rankings. too hard. That’s why I always hate when girls tell me, “Rate Me”. There’s only one right answer, ‘shawty you’s a 10’….

  • Big Island

    Beib – The correct answer is 8.4 when a girl asks.

    ESPN can eat a dick.

  • beiber newz

    for you guys who’ve been on the owner’s side, you should take a look at this


  • beiber newz

    lol @ B.I.
    how in the hell did you come to that #?
    that’s just asking for a “so you think she’s prettier than me?” response.

  • Steve

    I was thinking more along the lines of “SWITCH” by Will Smith every time the 76er’s get beat by their man on D

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    With Will Smith in Philly, can someone complete a team-celebrity match? Here is what my brain can remember at this time.

    Atlanta – Chris Tucker
    Boston – Mark Wahlberg
    Charlotte – Nelly
    Chicago Bulls – Eddie Vedder
    Dallas – David Hasselhoff
    Detroit – Kid Rock
    LA Clippers – Billy Crystal
    LA Lakers – Jack Nicholson
    Miami Heat – Enrique Iglesias
    New Jersey – Jay-Z
    New York – Spike Lee
    Philadelphia – Will Smith
    Toronto – Vanilla Ice (?) (Yuck, if I am correct)

    I am Jazz fan and for the life of me, I cannot even remember any celebrity associated with the team. Lil Wayne was the closest when Deron Williams was still with the team.

    And if you are keeping score, Smack scored a 60 today.

  • K Dizzle

    “O’Neal addressed it, saying he doesn’t need to work out, his numbers and MVPs speak for themselves”

    and the numbers shoulda been more, cuz Kobe’s about to pass Shaq in scoring. Had dude cared about his body n worked on his free throws, his ass is easily the leading scorer all-time n 6 rings would be reality.

  • beiber newz

    @ alf. I believe the performer Usher is associated with Cleveland.

  • beiber newz

    Also alf, that scoring system is realistically unfeasible. Its scoring system is based entirely on opinion. What if I think Scola is a star? Then I’d give him more points compared to someone who thinks Scola is nothing more than a role player. Our Dime Smack totals would be varying. So sorry, that scoring system is logically an inconsistent measure rendering it nothing more than a playful gag and not the quite the structured system it was engineered to be.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ beiber newz

    Usher associated with Cleveland? That sucks. Good artist. I like some of his works. Hope he stays loyal even in bad times.

    Yup. That scoring system is a work in progress. But the players are the one tangible thing on Smack. And they can be quantified.

  • http://www.nbadunks.org/nba-workouts/ NBA Workouts

    Absolute Classic: Bulls @ Lakers, 1998, Bryant vs. Jordan (FULL GAME):


  • That’s What’s Up

    Eddie Vedder should be with the Sonics/Thunder

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ alf
    Vanilla Ice for Toronto? WTF? Lol. Why? At least give us Nelly Furtado who lived here for 5 years. I’d even take Prince over Vanilla Ice – here’s lived here for the last decade. Give me Drake, Jeff Healey, Little X, Russell Peters, Mike Myers, or Jim Carrey. And btw, I thought Vanilla Ice was from Houston. Fix that list. He can rep the Rockets. We don’t want that dude here.

  • First & Foremost

    The Weeknd for Toronto

  • Big Island

    Beib – Saying she’s a 10 is too easy, and she knows you’re just buttering her up. Give her an 8.4 and she’ll be like WTF?!?! Then try to earn those last couple of points all night. Like if I told you you couldn’t hit 84 out of 100 free throws, I promise for the next 45 minutes you are gonna be shooting free throws with me.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ JAY

    That is why I placed a question mark there. I am not really that sure with Vanilla Ice and Toronto.

    I hated his music. It was garbage.

    I think it was Ice Cube who said it best back then when Vanilla Ice claimed he was from the streets.

    “What street is he from? Sesame Street?”

  • Cha-Ching

    Watched some of that LA – Bulls game. Thanks NBA Workouts. Its a trip watching how Kobe evolved from 1998 till now. The fade aways started to drop and so on. Jordan was schooling him but Kobe took good notes. Phil instead of Del Harris was better to.

    Never bothered to read that ESPN list. I knew they were making a debatable piece. Common media tactics. Draw you in, then go and argue at the water cooler.

  • beiber newz

    **ANOTHER video to look at for the guys on the owners’ side.


  • beiber newz

    bi..great explanation! but i would say a ‘9’ is a little more accurate if you want a girl to NOT think you’re just gassing her head but also super sexy. you know that feeling you get when you get an 89 on a test? you’re like ‘shit!! round that up to a 90 please!’ or worse, getting a 99. you’re itching to get that 1 little point to make it right. somethin bout a 9 that does that psychologically to our brains. so tellin a girl she a 9 will motivate her to be that dirty little girl to change your mind.

  • beiber newz
  • Big Island

    Beib – I’d give that girl a 7.6 for two reasons.

    1) Her eyebrows.
    2) I am pretty sure she has “Chicagorilla” tattooed on her arm.

    The only other way I could give her 9 to her face would be to hit her 3 times on the cheek with my dick.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    LMFAO@ Big Is

    you stupid lol.

    I don’t know why anyone would let KG into a meeting. He clearly is not the type to win a debate with.


    I’m pretty sure Shaq was referring to his 3 finals MVP plus the REG season MVP.

  • Big Island

    Chicagorilla – I am dead searious. I might need to get some sort of graphic enhancement program for something admissible in court, but she has your name tattooed on her arm.

    As for KG, his personal team changed his contract so he is getting paid now, he probably wants a 30 game season so his knees hold up, and he wants one more payday that he won’t get if he breaks down. Add to those things the fact that he is a lunatic spaz who barely qualified for a college that he never went to, he is probably not the guy who should be representing you if you’re a player.

  • Big Island

    And spelling “serious” incorrectly is probably not the best move right before making fun of KG’s lack of a formal education. I am so awesome.

  • beiber newz

    HAAAAAAA too funny

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is,

    If thats true, then i need to find her asap!