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NBA Lockout Talks Put On Hold; Kobe Bryant Disses Kwame Brown

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Remember how David Stern said that if a deal wasn’t reached by Monday that the first two weeks of the regular season would be cancelled? Well, we’re pretty much there. CBSSports.com reported yesterday that the players reached out about a meeting Monday, but the NBA refused because the players would not prematurely agree on a 50/50 split of the basketball related income. A union source told Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski: “This just confirms what we suspected all along: The NBA was never serious about negotiating until guys missed checks.” So now we’re at a stalemate: Both sides know what they want, and yet neither one will cross that line in the sand. Someone needs to make the first move. The lockout went from being mildly annoying to now we are legitimately pissed. The first two weeks of the season are nearly 100 percent gone. If someone doesn’t make a move soon, then we will be looking at a repeat of 1999 (at best). But we guess we all should’ve seen this coming … Derrick Rose and John Calipari are still paying for their one year together at Memphis. Why? In order to avoid a potential lawsuit from three attorneys who claim to represent “certain ticket holders,” the coach and star player agreed at some point last year to pay a settlement total of $100,000. Calipari also agreed to donate his bonus ($232,000) to the U of M scholarship fund while Rose is set to make some sort of charitable donation as well. The attorneys, representing the ticket holders, claim that because of the NCAA violations that season, their tickets are no longer as valuable as they should be … If you like watching Skylar Diggins (and we know you do), then let us show you how she works outKobe Bryant does not do well with hidden cameras. Back in the day, the “parking lot” video nearly took over a whole offseason. Now, Bryant’s gone off on another teammate. This time it’s Kwame Brown. The one redeeming thing about the video is nothing Bryant really says is false. It’s all true, and Kobe even admits this is all stuff he’d say right to Brown’s face. But still, you make fun of one of your former teammates because he can’t catch the ball? Pretty low, and Kobe is legit laughing at him. The stuff he says about Brown, if true, is kinda sad. Bryant told a story from just before the Pau Gasol trade. Kwame knew he was open in a game against Detroit, wide open, and yet in the huddle, he was asking Bryant not to pass to him. Huh? This is the same guy who was once a No. 1 overall pick and he didn’t even believe he could catch a pass? That’s bad. Confidence is a fickle thing. But for Brown, there had to be something much more intense going on inside of him to fall apart mentally like that. Michael Jordan may still haunt his dreams … Adam Morrison is an easy target: big-time college player who basically became a bust in the NBA, the weird hair and the eccentric 1970s psychedelic personality, and the whole crying incident. So while it’s not breaking news to see Morrison get tossed from a game with his Serbian team, Red Star Belgrade, it’s still funny to watch. In one frame, Morrison looks like either Conan the Barbarian or Luis Scola. In the next, he’s crying. Some things never change … Are you ready for the game at FIU tonight? Nine All-Stars will be going at it. We’ll see Dwyane Wade and LeBron James go head-to-head. The game is sold out, and even CBS is televising it to the local crowd. Other than that, it’s just another stop on an offseason circuit where we’ve seen standout performances all over the countryWho wants a free copy of NBA 2K12? We have you covered … Damon Jones told InsideHoops.com that he’s serious about making an NBA comeback. Do you think he has anything left? … And the Minnesota Lynx won their sixth consecutive postseason game, this one ending in a WNBA championship. In their 73-67 title-clinching win over the Atlanta Dream, Seimone Augustus had 16 and Maya Moore added 15 as Atlanta was swept in the Finals for the second consecutive season … We’re out like Blake Griffin wearing thongs.

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  • beiber newz

    Ode To The Lockout…

    Boy, this lockout really got me in a crapped out mood
    I feeling trapped, I guess it’s time rap some tunes
    I’m gonna miss Kobe Bryant in his low top shoes
    Or hearing Charles Barkely call his co-hosts fools
    I’m gonna miss Melo scoring whether threes or twos
    and the feeling I get when I see the Celtics lose
    I’m gonna miss Miami’s road trips and all their boos
    When’s the next time we’ll see Durant with his Thunder crew?
    Or the next time we’ll say “Damn, Blake Griffin flew.”?
    Everytime Amare played he raised some youtube views
    And each time D. Rose dunked he made the evening news
    Fighting over money in God’s eyes is just nothing but evil
    So in the meantime people watch the new season preview
    NBA Superstars 2012 Season Preview


    Of course, the self proclaimed best shooter in the world……

  • http://Pleasedontdoubleteamme.com Rw

    Hows the crowd in the Morrison vid

  • Joe

    This explains why Kwame was a failure.

    Good stuff, this is why Kobe is the man.

  • Joe

    I just saw the Morrison video. The announcer says that he’s known as a ‘weird guy’ around the club, and that he will be remembered as being kicked out of his first significant game with Red Star. But after he walks off the court, the crowd seems to have his back, and the arena goes crazy. The announcer then mentions his strong contribution of 17 points and 6 boards. The crowd boos the other guy in the fight off the court.

  • deeds

    @ Joe Really? This is why Kobe is the man? Because he is destroying an ex teammate for no reason in front of a bunch of press?

    They probably could have showed a snuff video featuring Kobe and you would say “AW YE KOBE that’s my boy! You da man!”

  • Cha-Ching

    I’m over the NBA lockout now. Waiting on college ball to start. My son made his grammer school team. We in Chicago, he thinks he is D Rose. So, I got some b-ball to watch.

    I remember when they asked D Rose if he took the SAT. He said yes. The question mark was if the one he took was the one turned in. The Chicago papers were funny to. “A Memphis freshman player who we can’t name but has been confirmed to be the one who only played one year has….” We knew it was Rose. But just like the Cam Newton thing, who cares when you are making millions.

    Skylar Diggins could get it. Seimone Augustus, well it would take a whole lot of Hennesy.

    Kwame has small weak hands. That was no secret. I like when Kobe says that he won’t even go into the issues he had with Smush.

    Will not be getting the Blake Griffin ESPN mag. Don’t need the old lady giving me evil side-eyes.

    Out like Augustus on a strip pole.

  • Big Island

    Man, the lockout’s got Beiber singing the blues
    come on NBA, you’ve got the poor guy confused
    he watches all the games, he’s clearly paid his dues
    and now he’s out of options for what sports to choose
    college football, NFL, baseball playoffs to name a few
    He could go to the mall, buy a new pair of shoes
    but that’s a temporary patch to the pain he’s going through
    I can’t blame him though, I’m in the same boat too
    If we miss a whole season I don’t know what I will do
    I can’t wear my Dirk jersey and brag to my crew
    I can’t laugh at the Pistons going 30 and 52
    So if I come back as a fan, and this is true
    it’ll be with middle fingers NBA, FUCK YOU.

  • K Dizzle

    “But we guess we all should’ve seen this coming …”

    For a major publication, your denial stuns me. Media heads were actin like there was a gonna be a done deal this weekend. Pfft. Take a deep breath n get to work on a comprehensive college hoops preview…

    And I don’t know why Kobe shittin on Kwame is news, every knowledgable hoopshead does it whenever his name is brought up…

  • beiber newz

    me and big island got the right ideas

  • Joe


    Yea, that’s what a winner can do. He can destroy a former teammate because he’s a championship winner.

  • wilkes

    kwame aint about it and never was

  • beiber newz

    south florida classic. if u catch my post in time…


  • Knicks86

    Thanks for the link – it was fun to watch.

  • beiber newz

    yup no prob. carmelo anthony definetly saved the day with that clutch 3 in the 4th.


    Yeah well #1 draft picks have such high expectations heaped on them but Kwame was a complete let down imagine if DR1 or LJ6/23 turned out to be duds after such decorated highschool and uni in Rose’s case years what the up roar would have been like I think MJ23 thought he was thinking out side the box drafting Kwame as many a good big man haven’t quite cut it in the L after good HS & U years. DW3 vs LJ6 should be a great game I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wade absolutely dominate and possibly make LJ sob if he can’t produce for 4 quarters instead of 1 and if that does happen you know LJ is going to have nightmares about Dirk tonight